Steve Sjuggerud’s Latest Prediction: 2022 Melt Up Blueprint

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud of Stansberry Research just released a video about his latest 2022 prediction, and it centers around the idea of a “Melt Up.”

In short, Sjuggerud believes that while a crash is coming, there could be a year or two of significant gains in store for those who invest now rather than sitting on the sidelines. In other words, there could be one last rally before it all ends with a bang.

And he has a specific set of recommendations on how to play it.

In this post, I’ll walk you through Sjuggerud’s “Melt Up” prediction in more detail, show you what stock he’s teasing, and give you an overview of his “2022 Melt Up Blueprint” report.

I’ll also show you what Sjuggerud’s True Wealth advisory service is all about since the only way to access the above report is to join this service for $49.

So with that said, let’s get started.

Steve Sjuggerud’s 2022 “Melt Up” Prediction (All You Need to Know)

According to Steve Sjuggerud, we are in the middle of the “greatest stock market bubble in history,” which could devastate many people when it bursts.

However, what might seem strange is that he also believes we’re in a bull market and that this could continue throughout 2022 and maybe even 2023.

“Right now, we’re sitting smack in the middle of the greatest stock market bubble in history.

And when it bursts – it could devastate the financial futures of millions of Americans.”


“But the reality is, as we sit here in 2022, we’re STILL in a bull market.

And my research indicates it’s NOT ending yet.”


“My research still strongly indicates we’ve got plenty of upside potential in 2022… perhaps even into 2023 as well.”

It’s no secret that many people are concerned that, with everything going on in the world, we could see a bear market in 2022. And many experts have warned that caution is needed.

But not Steve Sjuggerud. Instead, he seems to think that the party is just getting started. In the presentation, he likens the current market to a Fourth of July fireworks show where the fireworks keep getting louder and bigger until the point at which it ends abruptly.

“Think of it like a Fourth of July fireworks show…

As the show goes on, do the explosions get smaller and softer?

Of course not. They keep getting bigger and louder… all the way up to the final moments when you get the biggest, loudest booms of all to close things out.

That’s where I believe we are right now with this bull market.

The ‘grand finale’… with huge gain after huge gain popping off across the market constantly.”

In a nutshell, he states that while “this bull market can’t and won’t last forever,” there is still an opportunity to “collect some game-changing profits before it’s over.”

And he predicts that with the help of his report, “The 2022 Melt Up Blueprint,” you could potentially double or triple the size of your retirement account.

“With the 2022 Melt Up Blueprint by your side, I’m confident you’ll be able to take advantage of this bull market’s grand finale.

Just the trade recommendations you’ll receive inside could help double, or even triple, your retirement account.”

I’ll discuss that in more detail shortly.

But first I want to discuss what a “Melt Up” actually is.

Steve Sjuggerud didn’t come up with the concept of a melt-up; it’s a financial term used to describe sudden and persistent price rises in the market due to investors “FOMO’ing” into stocks. In other words, a melt-up describes an epic, unsustainable price rally.

Sjuggerud describes a melt-up as the “final, furious stage of a bull market” and points out that these have happened numerous times throughout history.

For example, a melt-up occurred during the Tulip craze in the 1600s, between 1922 and 1929 before the Great Depression, and in the lead up to the dot-com crash in 2000.

And as Sjuggerud points out, many past bubbles have ended the same way – with a melt-up and a huge crash, with the biggest gains typically occurring in the final year or so.

Long story short, he suggests that if you could time the market right, you could benefit immensely from a so-called melt-up.

How can he be so sure the market will keep rallying higher?

Well, first and foremost, nobody can be sure of anything in the market. So it’s entirely possible Sjuggerud’s prediction is wrong because nobody has a crystal ball.

But he does make a compelling argument.

In the presentation, Sjuggerud talked about how broad indexes like the S&P 500 had a stellar year in 2021, yet there is still a lot of bearish sentiment in the market. As such, he suggests that the market isn’t being driven by wild speculation but instead on strong fundamentals.

“And some of the smartest, most successful investors out there – I’m talking the professionals – have gotten downright bearish… even though there’s been hundreds of other stocks rocketing higher since then.”


“So, then why does that mean that the Melt Down ISN’T right around the corner?

Because this is not what you’d expect to see at the peak of a Melt Up… right before a devastating bear market takes hold.

And look, I’m a contrarian. So, to me that’s incredibly telling.

It means that this bull market ISN’T being driven by wild speculation.

There isn’t some irrational catalyst like what we saw a year ago with a bunch of kids pouring money into GameStop and AMC.

That mania has worn off.

Right now, stocks are soaring the old-fashioned way – on strong fundamentals.”

He also talked about how interest rate hikes, which many consider a bearish signal, could mark the beginning of a melt-up rather than a crash (if history is anything to go by).

“The start of previous rate-hike frenzies has led to fantastic gains… not horrific crashes.”

Sjuggerud points out that the Federal Reserve began raising rates in June 1999 and raised them five more times before the dot-com crash in August of 2000.

And he cited the example of how the S&P “flew up” 46% after 17 rate hikes between 2004 to mid-2006 before peaking in late 2007.

So, to sum it up… Sjuggerud is predicting the market will rally from here despite bearish sentiment, high inflation, and interest rate hikes.

He doesn’t suggest buying random stocks, though.

Instead, he states that now is the time to make “smart investments.” And he suggests that this involves investing in stocks that aren’t overvalued, that will position you to make money now and in a downturn, and that could “pick right back up” in the next bull market.

How do you access his stock picks?

According to Steve Sjuggerud, the trade recommendations inside his “2022 Melt Up Blueprint” meet all three of the above criteria. And he’s projecting “potential gains of 250% for each of them over the next 12 months.”

The “blueprint” also contains Steve Sjuggerud’s prediction of exactly when the market could start to see a melt-down.

I do have a precise prediction of where I believe the market could hit its peak and end this Melt Up.

Based on the history I just laid out for you… when the market hits this number, I would 100% recommend you sell and get out quickly.

That prediction, and my detailed analysis behind it, can be found inside my 2022 Melt Up Blueprint… which I’ll tell you how to get in just a moment.

The only “catch” is that to access the report; you need to join Sjuggerud’s True Wealth advisory service. But he does share one of his picks for free.

So, let’s look at what stock he’s teasing. Then, I’ll show you what the True Wealth service involves to help you decide if it’s worth it or not.

What “Melt Up” Stock Is Steve Sjuggerud Teasing?

During the presentation, Steve Sjuggerud shares one stock pick for free that he says he’s “very bullish on right now” called Gilead Sciences (ticker: GILD).

Gilead Sciences is a California-based biopharmaceutical company that specializes in researching and developing antiviral drugs.

The company was founded in 1987 under the name Oligogen, and according to the company website, its mission is to create a healthier world for everyone.

Why is Sjuggerud so bullish on this company?

There appear to be at least two primary reasons he’s bullish on Gilead.

The first has to do with how the biotech sector has performed during past melt-ups. During the presentation, Sjuggerud talked about the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index rallied almost 500% during the 1990s melt-up before the dot-com crash.

“But when biotech booms, it really booms. And that’s exactly what happened during the late ‘90s Melt Up.

The Nasdaq Biotechnology Index soared an astounding 494%… far outpacing the overall market.”

So, the first reason he’s bullish on Gilead is that he’s betting the biotech sector will do well.

And the second reason has to do with the company itself.

According to Steve Sjuggerud, Gilead is a “rock-solid industry leader.” And he points out that it has outperformed the Nasdaq Biotech Index by 25% over the last year.

“Over the last year, Gilead has outperformed the Nasdaq Biotech Index by 25 percentage points.

It’s a rock-solid industry leader that’s been around for 35 years and its stock has shown continuous growth ever since going public in 1992.”

Sjuggerud doesn’t elaborate much beyond that, but he does say that he thinks “Gilead’s potential for triple-digit gains here is clear.”

That’s only one of his picks, though. As mentioned, Sjuggerud shares numerous other picks he thinks could benefit from the so-called melt-up in “The 2022 Melt Up Blueprint,” which comes as a bonus for joining his True Wealth advisory for $49.

So, let’s look at what this service entails.

Overview of Steve Sjuggerud’s True Wealth Service

True Wealth is the name of an investment advisory service edited by Dr. Steve Sjuggerud of Stansberry Research focused on value investments.

The core idea behind the service is to help subscribers find assets that represent great value (AKA quality stocks trading at a discount) and sell when the price has rallied higher.

Here’s how the Stansberry Research website puts it:

“The investment philosophy of True Wealth is simple: Buy assets of great value when no one else wants them… and sell when others will pay any price.”

According to Steve Sjuggerud, not only can this service help you maximize profit during the “Melt Up” he’s predicting, but it could also prepare you for what comes next.

“But becoming a subscriber to True Wealth today won’t just help you maximize your profit potential during this current Melt Up.

It’ll prepare you for what comes AFTER the Melt Up.”

Of course, anyone can say nice things about their own service.

So the question is, does the True Wealth service live up to the hype?

I wouldn’t expect it to help you double or triple your retirement account in 12-to-18 months (as the presentation suggests). This might happen, but there’s no guarantee.

However, True Wealth is a legitimate and long-running service. Steve Sjuggerud, an expert investor with decades of experience, started the service in 2002.

And it has developed a strong track record in that time.

According to Steve Sjuggerud, he and his team have closed out 153 winning trade recommendations since 2002. And numerous stocks he’s recommended have seen double or triple-digit gains over the past two decades.

That doesn’t mean his “Melt Up” prediction is right or that you’ll make money following his stock picks, but the service is legitimate, and it does have a good track record.

It has a lot of positive feedback from subscribers on third-party finance sites, too, which is pretty rare in the stock advisory space.

What do you get if you join?

The main part of the True Wealth service is the monthly newsletters. Each issue contains Steve Sjuggerud’s latest recommendations, market analysis, and updates on any changes to the current model portfolio.

Aside from that, you get access to the following research reports:

  • “The 2022 Melt Up Blueprint.” This report gives you access to Sjuggerud’s melt-up trade recommendations that he believes could see 250% gains over the coming year.
  • “Two Triple Digit Opportunities from the Oil and Commodity Booms.” This report covers two stocks, one that Sjuggerud says could help you capitalize on the “red-hot oil market” and another commodity-related recommendation.
  • “The Secret Currency: How to Make 500% from the U.S. Government’s Second Currency.” According to Steve Sjuggerud, this report details a “form of gold and silver that has nothing to do with mining stocks, mutual funds, options, futures, or bullion.”

Unfortunately, he doesn’t provide many clues (at all) about what the above picks could be, so the only way to find out is to join True Wealth.

The good news is that it only costs $49 to join for the first year ($199 after that), and it comes with a 30-day refund policy. So there’s not a huge risk in giving it a try.

And it could be worth checking out even if you don’t want to invest in any of his melt-up picks because Sjuggerud is always on the lookout for new stock ideas.

Is Dr. Steve Sjuggerud the Real Deal?

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud is a former Wall Street hedge fund manager and stockbroker who holds a doctorate in finance. In 2001, he joined Stansberry Research and began sharing his research and stock picks with subscribers of the different advisories he runs.

His flagship service is True Wealth, but he also runs several higher-end services, including True Wealth Systems, True Wealth Opportunities: China, and True Wealth Real Estate.

One of his best picks over the years included recommending gold at around $320 an ounce, and he has recommended many double and triple-digit stocks since 2001.

He’s also been writing about the melt-up since 2015, and he seems to have made numerous calls related to market moves.

For example, Steve Sjuggerud’s Stansberry Research profile states that he called the “Bernanke Asset Bubble” in 2008 and the “bottom and recovery in the housing market.” And the presentation suggests that he announced “the Melt Up is back” in June 2020.

None of that means his predictions or stock picks will help you make money now or in the future, but Steve Sjuggerud is a genuine investment expert.

He seems to be one of the more conservative investment gurus out there too, which is why I was surprised that he’s suggesting investors “should be ‘all-in’ on the markets in 2022.”

It’s a bold prediction, and if nothing else, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out over the next year or so.

Bottom Line

Steve Sjuggerud’s “Melt Up” prediction centers around his belief that the market will keep rallying higher from here and potentially as we head into 2023.

He does share one of his picks in the presentation, Gilead Sciences, but he details several other recommendations in “The 2022 Melt Up Blueprint” report and two other reports that come with a True Wealth subscription.

At the end of the day, nobody knows what will happen in the markets in the future, so it’s possible you could lose money by jumping in now instead of “playing it safe.”

But Steve Sjuggerud makes a compelling case as to why his prediction could happen, which seems to be largely based on what has taken place during past market tops.

I have no idea if he’s right; there are SO many opinions out there from different stock pickers that it can be difficult to know what the right approach is given all the variables at play.

For instance, I recently wrote about Dave Forest’s “Crack-Up Boom” prediction, which talked about a similar theme, but in a very different (inflation-centered) context. And it shows you how there are so many varied opinions on what could happen next.

In any case, if you were going to throw your hat in the ring and try to time the top, which could prove very risky, Steve Sjuggerud may be one of the better “gurus” to follow.

What do you think? Will the market trend lower from here? Or is Sjuggerud’s “melt-up” prediction spot on? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Halloween now; go look at what GILD just did; kinda speaks for itself and I have zero involvement/investment in any of it…I’m a silver guy.

  2. You don’t mention his big losses neither does he. I lost $20,000 of a $62,00 investment in 9 stocks he guaranteed would double. They all stopped out, 25% loss in about a year. He promised money back. All I got was another free year of his letter.

  3. thank you so much for these reviews! one thing i hat the most is these video presentations by these groups, Thanks for liking them 🙂


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