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What Are Steve Sjuggerud’s “Oil Boom Portfolio” Picks?

Today I’m looking into a new Stansberry Research presentation featuring Steve Sjuggerud and his lead analyst, Brett Eversole, focused on the oil sector. In short, both Sjuggerud and Eversole are predicting higher oil prices for several different reasons, and Stansberry has put together a “brand-new model oil and gas portfolio” to give readers the “chance to profit” from this “situation.” I actually thought this was one of the more intelligent presentations I’ve come across. Instead of being filled with “get

Steve Sjuggerud during a video presentation on the Stansberry Research website about his 2022 Melt Up prediction.

Steve Sjuggerud’s Latest Prediction: 2022 Melt Up Blueprint

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud of Stansberry Research just released a video about his latest 2022 prediction, and it centers around the idea of a “Melt Up.” In short, Sjuggerud believes that while a crash is coming, there could be a year or two of significant gains in store for those who invest now rather than sitting on the sidelines. In other words, there could be one last rally before it all ends with a bang. And he has a specific set