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Matt McCall in the V-Toll Air Taxi presentation on the Stansberry Research website.

Revealed: Matt McCall’s “V-Toll” (Air Taxi) Stock Picks

I received an email from Stansberry Research today about Matt McCall’s latest stock teaser, which centers around two “v-toll” (AKA air taxi) companies he’s tracking. The presentation likens “v-tolling” technology to “investing in Apple when they released the first Personal Computer,” “investing in Amazon when they sold their first book over the internet,” and “getting in on Tesla in 2014.” At one point, he even said it could become a “$19 trillion market opportunity,” representing potential “3,800x growth” for investors.

What Is Matt McCall’s V2G Technology Stock Pick? (Revealed)

Today I’m looking into a presentation by Matt McCall centered around V2G technology, a new tech innovation that he believes could determine the success of electric vehicles. “The success of EVs… could hinge on one brand-new tech innovation… called ‘V2G.’” And he states that one V2G company he’s bullish on “could soar 1,000% or higher.” What is V2G technology? And what stock is Matt McCall teasing? Matt McCall shares all the details in a report called “The 10X Hidden EV

Steve Sjuggerud during a video presentation on the Stansberry Research website about his 2022 Melt Up prediction.

Steve Sjuggerud’s Latest Prediction: 2022 Melt Up Blueprint

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud of Stansberry Research just released a video about his latest 2022 prediction, and it centers around the idea of a “Melt Up.” In short, Sjuggerud believes that while a crash is coming, there could be a year or two of significant gains in store for those who invest now rather than sitting on the sidelines. In other words, there could be one last rally before it all ends with a bang. And he has a specific set

Bill Shaw discussing his number one gold stock pick during a Stansberry Research presentation.

What Is Bill Shaw’s #1 Gold Stock for 2022? (Revealed)

In a Stansberry Research presentation titled “The #1 Gold Play for 2022,” Bill Shaw claims that there’s a “virtually unknown” $6 gold investment you could use to make “substantial gains” as gold soars higher. According to Bill Shaw, it’s “by far the #1 way to get rich in gold today.” At first, I thought he might’ve been teasing a gold mining stock. But as the presentation continued, he said his pick “has nothing to do with bullion, ETFs, or mining

Extreme Value Review (Legit Dan Ferris Advisory?)

Hi, and welcome to my review of Dan Ferris’ Extreme Value service. I decided to look into this service after stumbling across a recent Stansberry Research presentation centered around Dan Ferris’ 10-Stock Inflation Protection Portfolio. In short, I wanted to know more before shelling out almost $1,500 for stock tips. And in this post, I’ll show you everything I learned about the service, including how it works, who Dan Ferris is, and what you get if you decide to join.

Dan Ferris during a Stansberry Research presentation about the 10-Stock Inflation Protection Portfolio.

What Is Dan Ferris’ 10-Stock Inflation Protection Portfolio?

Today I’m looking into a presentation on the Stansberry Research website featuring host Daniela Cambone and investment guru Dan Ferris dubbed “The Next Great Crash Has Likely Already Begun.” The presentation centered around Dan Ferris’ thesis that the market could be about to crash due to speculative “mania” and how inflation poses a significant risk to investors. The solution, according to the presentation, is Dan Ferris’ 10-Stock Inflation Protection Portfolio, a list of ten stocks he believes can help you protect

What Are Matt McCall’s 2022 Predictions? (#1 Stock Revealed)

Investment guru Matt McCall recently released a Stansberry Research presentation about his latest predictions and stock picks for 2022. McCall has made some noteworthy predictions over the past ten years, so getting his take on where the market might be headed was interesting. And I thought I’d summarise what I found here. So, what’s he predicting? Matt McCall made numerous predictions about emerging technologies like electric vehicles, 3D printing, flying cars, and more during the presentation. He also said that

What Is Stansberry’s Capital Portfolio? (2022 Review)

I recently came across a presentation on the Stansberry Research website featuring host Amy Gamper and investment gurus Steve Sjuggerud, David Eifrig, and Matt Weinschenk. The presentation centered around Stansberry’s Capital Portfolio, a $3,000 service that gives subscribers access to 20-30 investment recommendations taken from ten of Stansberry Research’s individual advisories. Put differently; it’s a “best of” model portfolio. And according to the presentation, it has outperformed the S&P 500 since its inception in 2017. $3,000 is a lot of

Is Greg Diamond’s “Crash 2022” Prediction Legit?

Stansberry Research’s Greg Diamond recently released a presentation where he predicted that in 2022 we could see the start of a massive stock market crash. According to Diamond, this “could lead to the longest bear market since the 2008 financial crisis” OR “help you realistically double your money 10 different times,” depending on how you play it. However, as you might expect, if you want to avoid the “crash” Diamond sees coming and potentially profit from it, you’ll need to

Is Mike Barrett’s 10X Investor Service Legit? (Review)

I recently stumbled upon a Stansberry Research presentation featuring Mike Barrett, who talked about a “ten-bagger” stock he’s interested in, which he shares with members of 10X Investor. It was an interesting presentation, and I was curious about whether or not the service was worth joining. So I took a closer look, and in this review, I’ll show you what I learned. What Is 10X Investor and How Does It Work? 10X Investor is an investment advisory service edited by

The McCall Report: Legit Stansberry Research Advisory?

Hi, and welcome to my review of The McCall Report. I stumbled across this service while browsing the Stansberry Research website. I noticed it’s a brand new stock advisory run by Matt McCall and decided to research it because I wanted to know if it was a legitimate and worthwhile newsletter before signing up. So, is it legit? Yes, The McCall Report is a legitimate Stansberry Research advisory; I found nothing to suggest it’s a scam during my research. The

Will Dr. Eifrig’s New Era Playbook Help You Beat Inflation?

In a recent Stansberry Research presentation, Dr. David Eifrig states that America is about to experience one of its most significant inflationary periods in history. And according to Dr. Eifrig, “The New Era Playbook” can help. In short, it’s a report that he and his team have put together on how they believe this “new inflationary era” is likely to play out, and it’s aimed at helping you protect and grow your wealth. In this article, I’ll discuss why Dr.