National Institute for Cannabis Investors – Scam or Legit? [Review]

First Published: March 21, 2019

Welcome to my review of National Institute for Cannabis Investors.

This is a cannabis investing news service that claims to help you make money by investing in pot stocks. Apparently, it’s “the most powerful cannabis-investing tool available”.

Sounds cool, but is it legit or some type of scam?

Read on…

National Institute for Cannabis Investors Review

I first came across the National Institute for Cannabis Investors (NICI) via the American Cannabis Summit, which is a video presentation about investing in the cannabis industry…

American Cannabis Summit Website

The presentation is hosted by Mike Ward, John Boehner and Danny Brody.

Mike Ward is the publisher of Money Map Press, Money Morning and co-founder of NICI. John Boehner is a former US politician and advisor to Acreage Holdings Inc, a US based cannabis company. Danny Brody is VP of Canadian marijuana company, The Green Organic Dutchman.

Together, these guys know a thing or two about the cannabis industry.

So the ‘conversation’ they had within the video was interesting and informative. They discuss the state of the cannabis industry, legalization and of course, investment prospects.

Needless to say, the cannabis industry is seeing unprecedented growth throughout the US, Canada and the world. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry, one many are calling the “green rush”.

So there’s little wonder why many people are interested in pot stocks. The potential is huge. Especially as more states within the US legalize cannabis and the industry as a whole expands.

Anyways, at the end of the video, there’s a link to another page.

Which is essentially a sales pitch for you to become a member, by purchasing the yearly investment subscription for between $39 to $129.

The video presentation does contain some useful information, so it’s worth watching in and of itself. But let’s be real- the primary purpose here is to sell you something.

I’ve seen this style of marketing before on sites like Federal Rent Checks and Congressional Checks for example. Where it seems like a ‘news report’ of sorts, when it’s really just a pitch.

What Is National Institute for Cannabis Investors (NICI)?

The National Institute for Cannabis Investors is a cannabis-investing news service.

The NICI website ( launched in September 2018, and is headed up by co-founder and publisher Mike Ward. Mike is a publisher on numerous other financial sites too, such as Money Map Press and Money Morning.

According to the NICI website, the institute “brings together the smartest minds and most credible experts” to help would be cannabis investors become wealthy.

And NICI shares this wisdom through its various yearly subscription services, which apparently outline the best pot stocks and cannabis investment opportunities going.

NICI is the most powerful cannabis-investing tool available to investors who want to achieve their dreams of financial freedom. –

Bold claim.

There’s no doubt that Mike and the team at NICI know what they’re doing though. They have decades of investing experience between them and a solid track record of success.

And they are sharing their insights with you, the subscriber, so there is potential to make money here. However, as with all investing, it’s not going to be as easy as signing up, investing and becoming a millionaire.

You will need to do your due diligence, study the industry, keep up with the latest news and so forth, if you want to be successful. And even then, there is definitely risk involved.

Read on to learn more about how NICI works before buying.

How Does NICI Work?

The way NICI works is by providing you with actionable insight into investing in the cannabis industry, through various ‘yearly newsletter subscription services’.

As of writing this, there are four main publications:

  • Cannabis Profits Daily- free email newsletter
  • Cannabis Investor’s Report/ NICI membership- $39, $79 or $129
  • The Cannabis IPO Insider- $1,950
  • The Cannabis Venture Syndicate- $4,950

You can also find a lot of useful information on the NICI website itself, for free, without ever joining a newsletter. But the idea behind this is that eventually, a percentage of people will at least subscribe to the free Cannabis Profits Daily newsletter.

In the following sections, I’ll show you what each subscription is all about.

Cannabis Profits Daily- Free

This is a free newsletter that is sent to subscribers daily.

The content relates to industry news, movements in the market and general content that cannabis enthusiasts and investors will find interesting. Naturally, you’ll also see pitches on joining the following ‘paid’ subscriptions within these daily newsletters.

Cannabis Investor’s Report/ NICI Membership- $39 to $129 per year

The Cannabis Investor’s Report is exactly the same as purchasing a yearly subscription to NICI.

As a member, you get access to research and monthly reports that detail the state of the industry. Which typically contain ‘buy alerts’, an indication of when to buy a given stock.

You also get access to the current portfolio of stock recommendations, including the current stock price and monthly percentage gains. So you can see how well their recommendations are going on a monthly basis, and keep track of your own stocks.

Here’s a sneak peek of the members area so you know what to expect…

National Institute for Cannabis Investors Members Area

The members area is definitely chock full of information and tools you can use, so I think it was money well spent. Thankfully it is easy to navigate though, even for complete newbies.

Here’s a breakdown of the pricing tiers of this subscription:

  • Gold Level- 1 year subscription for $39
  • Diamond Level- 2 year subscription for $79 plus 3 ‘diamond level reports’
  • Platinum Level- 2 year subscription for $129 plus 3 ‘platinum level reports’

Regardless of which membership option you choose, you also get access to several ‘special reports’ that discuss topics related to cannabis and CBD investing.

Also worth mentioning is that immediately after buying there’s a couple upsells. The first one is a lifetime membership of this subscription for $495 and the second is for the following subscription- Cannabis IPO Insider.

The Cannabis IPO Insider- $1,950 per year

This is all about investing in IPOs (initial public offerings).

An IPO is essentially when a private company decides to ‘go public’ and launches their stock on the stock market.  As a member of Cannabis IPO Insider, you apparently get ‘inside’ information about which companies, that are about to go public, are worth investing in.

According to the NICI website, members are seeing big gains from this.

And there are examples of how certain IPO opportunities got investors between 231 – 1,947% gains within a very short period of time. Something that is relatively unique to cannabis stocks, given how rapidly the industry is growing.

The Cannabis Venture Syndicate- $4,950 per year

This is all about becoming a private investor in cannabis companies.

So instead of investing in the regular stock market, you find private companies that are worth investing in.

As a Cannabis Venture Syndicate member, you receive 4-6 private investment deals within a 12 month period. And apparently, each deal has the potential to give you 1,000 – 100,000% returns. Which is a little hard to believe, but at the same time possible.

Obviously, if the information you are receiving about which companies to invest in holds up, a small investment could net you some serious cash.

Still, at $4,950 you are placing a lot of trust in these guys, so perhaps starting at the lower level options is the way to go. This way you can see if they are standing by their word on the lesser expensive membership options before going ‘all in’.

Is National Institute for Cannabis Investors a Scam?

The National Institute for Cannabis Investors is not a scam in my opinion.

This is a real company, run by real industry experts, that provides you with useful information about investing in the cannabis industry.

If all you do is read the blog and subscribe to the free email newsletter, you are going to gain insight into both the industry and investing in cannabis.

The paid subscriptions build on this, offering more insight into various investment strategies. Along with tools you can use to help you invest in the right pot stocks, at the right time.

And considering a NICI membership is only $39 per year, I think it’s worth it.

The higher level subscriptions are a lot more expensive though, and I chose not to purchase these. You would think costing roughly $2-$5k a pop, they must be packing some seriously value though. And from what I’ve seen so far, I have no reason to think otherwise.

I also did some digging on the companies BBB profile and other sites, to see what others are saying. And so far, there aren’t many complaints or negative reviews at all, which is a good sign.

What didn’t I like?

I personally found the ‘American Cannabis Summit’ video to be a bit disingenuous. As in, sitting in a newsroom delivering what appears to be some sort of ‘report’, when in reality it’s just a sales pitch. I’m not a huge fan of this style of marketing in general.

To be fair though, I’ve seen a LOT worse in this space.

For example, a similar investment company launched a campaign called Freedom Checks. Which essentially told people they could start ‘collecting checks’ and that it was “like winning the lottery”. When in reality, the company was just selling an investment newsletter.

Thankfully, NICI isn’t resorting to this kind of hype which is a plus in my books.


The National Institute for Cannabis Investors provides regular folks with lots of great information for zero cost, about investing in the rapidly expanding cannabis industry.

Then there are the paid subscription services which range from $39 to $4,950. The NICI subscription I bought was worth the money, and definitely not a scam. And given the people involved in this, along with the sheer potential within this industry, the higher-level subscriptions look promising too.

If you are going to buy, I recommend starting at the lower end, seeing if you get value from the material, and then consider upgrading over time.

Either way, there’s always a risk involved with any investment strategy.

You are not going to signup and start making ridiculous amounts of money overnight. So I think it goes without saying that you want to invest sensibly, and only what you can afford to lose.

Whatever you decide, I hope you found this review helpful.

51 thoughts on “National Institute for Cannabis Investors – Scam or Legit? [Review]”

  1. I agree, I dont believe they set out to scam anyone, it sounds like they over estimated a lot, and their timing was very off, if the pandemic hadnt taken place, and distracted the government, they have had much more important issues that needed to be dealt with asap. If it wasnt for that, I believe Fed marijuana laws would be much farther along, its making others hold off on investing in this right now. Thats why investing advisors need to remind investors nobody knows what can happen a week from now, let alone a year or 3.

    If it wasnt for the severity of this virus, and the length of the pandemic that just keeps stretching this shit out, I think the pot companies would be seeing much more gains, than losses at this point, NICI couldnt have foreseen the havic the pandemic would have on so many stabile and longterm profiting companies, let alone marijuana start ups, and struggling ones, they all took a hit, difference is, other companies are neccessary by people’s standard’s, and investing in new pot start ups seems extremely risky in this crazy up and down market. I had to stop watching my investments, 2 last week took a dive for no reason anyone can see.

    If others are fearful to invest, and the Fed laws are moving slower than predicted because of all the other changes taking place, like green energy, 5G, and the blockchain, and EV, their are so many other small companies with the products to support these changes ready to take off, and make investors a lot of money right now, that marijuana companies have kinda gotten lost in all thats taking place right now, and a more sure thing at the moment.

    I agree that the pot industry will take off and be a giant money maker, its just taken a temporary side line to some bigger money makers at the moment, I also believe if you hang in there, and hold on to the stock you’ve got, chances are your gonna eventually benefit from being ahead of the crowd. The rest of us investor’s are watching and waiting for that right moment, but your gonna see the rewards for being the one in position already.

    Ive got my eye on Planet 13, the worlds largest dispensary, they just opened another in Calif, and are opening another in Chicago, but even they weathered a rough year 2020, though at 70 mil you wouldnt think so, but closing for months hurt them too. They’ ve bounced back and made 9.7 mil in march 2021, and 23.8 mil in Q1, try not to stress I think your all in position to see the revenue you want. Even so one of the 1st things I learned about investing was not to put all your eggs in 1 basket, the more diversified you are the less likely you are to take a hit, and seriously their are so many small companies in tech needed to support 5G, and EV, and and even in bio pharma, AI is another, and will run everything soon, look into other investments to round out your portfolio’s in the meantime. Good luck!

    • Yeah, the way it was pitched I never expected it to turn out like this. I lost a considerable amount of money following their recommendations. But I’m still holding some stocks they recommended, along with others I chose myself, so who knows. Either way, it was a major lesson learned.

      Not just to be careful of following other people’s advice without doing my homework properly, but also about not buying the top out of FOMO.

      At the end of the day, I don’t think NICI is a scam. But as you say – they probably overestimated things and the timing wasn’t great.

      Who knows what happens going forward. I think the pot industry has huge potential. No idea what’ll happen to the individual companies. I don’t really follow the space that closely, just bag hold the stocks I still have and will wait to see what happens.

      Thanks for commenting.

      P.S. I added some spaces in your comment to chunk it down into more readable paragraphs. Otherwise it’d be too hard for people to read. Hope you don’t mind.

      • Today is April 28th and like 100’s of subscribers I was shocked with NICI shut down. If you haven’t seen it this is their B.S. recommendation.
        • Sell AdvisorShares Psychedelics ETF (PSIL) at market.
        • Sell AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF (MSOS) at market.
        • Sell Agrify Corp. (AGFY) at market.
        • Sell Ascend Wellness Holdings Inc. (AAWH) at market.
        • Sell Ayr Strategies Inc. (AYRWF) at market.
        • Sell Greenlane Holdings Inc. (GNLN) at market.
        • Sell GrowGeneration Corp.(GRWG) at market.
        • Sell Hydrofarm Holdings Group Inc. (HYFM) at market.
        • Sell Lowell Farms Inc. (LOWLF) at market.
        • Place a 25% trailing stop on all remaining positions.
        • Place a 100% profit target on all remaining positions.
        I’ve been a loyal subscriber since 2018 a feel like I’ve been fleeced once again. This time by Don Yocham, Banny Brody and others of the NICI. You expect an organization associated with Money Map Press to be more professional

  2. The comments posted have validated my own pros & cons about NICI. I am a newbie myself and believe the basic entry for $39 is the way to go to garner knowledge. Whenever I invest I do it for for the long term & I do believe this industry WILL become profitable. It’s in the growing pains stage at the moment. Thank you Tim for providing the forum.

  3. Nothing much will improve in the cannabis marijuana industry until the US Federal government legalises it.
    That is where NICI should put all its efforts in. John Boehner, as former Speaker of the House, may have tried but hasn’t yet succeeded in influencing his Republican colleagues to vote to legalise. If and when that happens the industry will get restored and then march ahead. Ray the Kay

  4. I have been an NICI member since October 2018, and having been an investor in the stock market for many years, I know for a fact , NICI does not control the market. I have lost money like others, but I don’t blame NICI. They only provide information, you decide if you want to invest. Don’t blame them for your shortcomings, you made the decision to drop thousands not them. Sometimes greed can get in the way of making reasonable and logical decisions. I believe that things will turn around soon and many will profit if you can be patient.

  5. Scam or not, investing is risky and I can’t expect anyone’s investing recommendations to pan out. I recently paid the subscription and was told I was a founding member. BS! Luckily I didn’t invest any money in their recommendations. But be prepared for tons of unsolicited crap getting sent to you in the mail. And I hope you don’t actually want a response when contacting customer service. I have tried about a dozen times with zero response! All I want is for them to stop sending my crap in the mail and to make sure they aren’t going to keep auto-renewing my subscription since there’s no option to remove your credit card info or cancel auto-renewal. maybe now I’ll have to cancel that credit card. I say stay away and stick to tried and true investing methods. I recommend looking into Dave Ramsey.

  6. I am a founding member of NICI. In early 2018 I slowly started transferring my 401 assets into Pot Stocks. Stocks that were referred by Greg Miller and Danny Brodie – vetted and approved stocks – or so I thought. 2018 had a tremendous amount of excitement in the pot industry. Canada was going legal Oct. 2018. NICI sold this as a sign that the rest of the world – including the US – would soon go legal and open the floodgates of huge profits: The Marijuana Millionaires!

    Two years later – and in the mist of the Coronavirus meltdown – I’m just over $200,000.00 in losses. Money I now know will never come back around. All the stocks that were recommended by NICI are 60, 70, 80 and over 90 percent in the RED!

    I have no one to blame but myself! I was a fool! I took the bait – hook, sinker and line!

    My advise: Stay away from NICI unless you like losing tons of money!

    • I, and I assume many others, truly feel your pain. I became a Founding Member back in Jan’19. I’d recently retired and had done well with my investments throughout the years. After buying our home and settling in to our retirement lifestyle, I had some monies left over that I thought I would invest. I fell for the NICI hype and bought twelve of their recommended portfolio cannabis stocks and within a matter of months saw ALL of them go well into the Red. To date (4/29/20) none of these stocks have recovered, many with an average loss of 70% or greater (aprox. $100K). Initially I’d given myself a three year window to ride these investments out, but I’ve got this sick feeling in my stomach that I will never recoup my initial investment. In the meantime all I can do is to not panic, ride this situation out and hope that some of the stocks eventually go into the Green and minimize my losses. By the way, If my wife were to find out about this she would kill me. In hind sight I wish I had never heard of NICI.

  7. I am a NINC foundation start-up member with even larger input for “special new” leads. That investment is very considerable before buying anything. Thus far, deep into a five -figure investment, I am losing consistently and deeply. Virtually nothing performs as suggested, I have many strongly recommended stocks and the vast majority have performed from badly to miserably. At this point, I don’t know how much longer I can stay invested at all in this woeful area.

    The literature and prospectives put out continue to ignore the fundamental realities: A) This far, tips, evaluations, prognosis, advice are generally terrible b) A majority are unhappy about their engagement if you red the feedback, which on their website is ignored in terms of response.

  8. Just watched NICI’s Feb 25th sales pitch w/various guests, but JOE MONTANA was the main one. Really want to trust Joe, but found your blog here w/comments. I’m a total newbie and definitely need help/guidance….not just newsletter articles & lists of companies to research & decide on by myself. That said, should I even sign up with NICI for their first/least $ subscription level?

    I DO think cannabis industry WILL grow with upside…just don’t know enough to know who/what/when to bet on.

  9. I invested in NICI a year ago and I have not made ONE DOLLAR off of any recommended investment. In fact, every one of them is down at least 50% on up to 80%. Many of the stock lost so much the are now “penny stocks” that are not even worth selling now. I hold on to them with the hope that they will go up at least into the $1.00 range.

    The ONLY people who benefit from the SCAM are the owners. Just look at the MJ market and how it has gone down in the last year. I don’t blame NICI for this but selling “advice” for MJ stocks at $1700 is total Rip Off BS.

    This market is too new and the only people who should invest are those who have nothing better to do than lose money. The Whole market has lost 50%-70% but they are going to make you a millionaire? Got some Ocean front property in Utah…

  10. These guys are salesmen, I’d say. BIG promises, weak results. Yes, the Executive Director GREG MILLER got booted, looks like. See the red ink on many of these picks, you can see why. Of 19 picks since inception, two are down 90% plus, two are down 70%, two are down 50% plus, three are down 40% plus, three are down $30 plus….One single pick is up, and that’s Planet 13 Holdings (up .55%) as of Feb. 1 or so. I think they are down more than you’d be if you grabbed some ETF shares.

    Newsletter sales agents are by and large doing this because they actually are NOT good at picking winners..if they did, they wouldn’t be putting the time into writing copy, and filming informercials, and such.

    I wonder where Miller will land next..Will he be hyping cryptos? Is he busy right now looking for the next trend he can help hype, with alluring newsletter copy?

    • I have not had ONE stock that went up but I have many that are now “penny stocks” due to the severe losses I suffered believing in this SCAM

  11. I’m a member for about a year and paid well for my education. I will spare you from my losses but would like to offer my opinion of NICI. Joining their service is very valuable at the lower levels. I’d say no more than a lifetime membership. This will give you access to what they call the “NICILytics”, which is a listing of over two hundred (for now) stocks which the NICI team have vested for us. I can do my initial studies with the Lytics, to find an interesting cannabis company, then branch out to the web for more in depth investigations. Each company has a web site that is chocked full of information to wade through.

    NICI will bombard you with sales pitches to upgrade to another exclusive part of the service. They are good salesmen for sure. They will tell you about new companies going public (IPO) so you can be ready to lay your money down early, when they do. It sounds good, but the majority of the NICI Lytics companies that IPOed this past year have tanked to penny stock status. No profit there yet. They will also upgrade you to the Venture Capital slot where you will be given a heads up on private companies who need money. You can invest many thousand dollars with the private companies, who will in turn issue your stocks when they go public. Could be years until they IPO and even then the stock might tank or take off.

    One last thing. Just recently, one of the Founding Fathers and Executive Director has left the building. This strikes me as being odd to say the least. He was; after all, the face that the members saw most of on a regular basis. I could get no information other than “he no longer works here”. Personally, I think that there is turmoil in the ranks of NICI.

  12. I listened to the entire talk. Found it to be very misleading. Nothing more than a sales pitch. All of the information he talked about is available for free. Do not waste your money.
    I’ve invested in the cannabis industry and did very well so far, and found out the same information online educated myself all for free. Don’t waste your money. Do your homework instead.

  13. So glad to see some real investors who admit they lost money following NICI stock advice. I am adding my name to the list. I joined in late 2018 as a complete newbie to stock investing, figuring some experienced stock advice was better than trying to figure it out all by myself. I purchased about 15 of the NICI picks, through an ordinary Fidelity account. I lost most of my principal on every one of them. As of this day (12/04/2019) my average loss is over 65%. MOST of the emails I get from NICI are sales pitches, nagging me to purchase pricey upgrades for this that and the other, or learn about “cannabis lots” (options trading). No thanks.

    • I am in the same boat unfortunately. I made some money when I chose to sell half of one of my holdings when it was up over 60%. It still doesn’t pay for all the others that i’ve invested in and are totally underwater. My plan is to hold onto them and wait for the industry to grow up a little.

  14. I dont think its a scam but every stock they recommended and i bought is way down. So far i have only sold one for a loss but i am down 50$. Its speculation money that i can afford to lose but it looks like it could take several years to get back to even. Maybe one of the stocks will pop.

    • In the email i just got from them, they claim to offer (100%) money back if at least 5 of the opportunities they present don’t make 10x return over the next 12 months.
      The other guarantee they mentioned was that if you weren’t “blown away” after a 60 day test drive, their team would instantly refund your full subscription.
      I’ve just read where several of the new members have watched the “suggested picks” go downhill. Did any of you take advantage of these guarantees?
      I was just “about ready” to go for the $39 membership but think I’m gonna hold back for a little longer!

  15. Thanks for a legitimate review site and honestly sharing your first hand experience with nici . To many so called review sites actually are another sales site for what you want real reviews on. From you’re review and others postings I know to get their 39$ package for education purposes and take their recommendations very lightly. Doing my own due diligence .

  16. Don’t do it the recommendations are all red and their staff says Brody says to hold them even after loosing more than $5,000.00 on one stock recommendation.

    Do not listen to them get out as fast as you can do not do this! I am so sorry I listened to this I lost so much I cannot even tell you. Bow they keep telling you to buy more oh my what a shame!

    John Boehner should be ashamed of himself for sucking us all in! I don’t know how he sleeps at night.

    • If you would invest in the company he is on the board(John Boehner) , you would of gained 22% today and growing. The company is Acreage(ACRGF)

      • True. But let’s not leave out the part that those who invested invested in this stock (ACRGF) roughly 6 months ago, like I did, when I first joined NICI, have seen it go from $20 odd to $5 odd as of writing this. Which is a 75% loss.

        Which is a similar story to most of the pot stocks they’ve recommended. Like Canopy Growth (CGC) for example, which was roughly $40 when I invested in it, now it’s roughly $17.

        So it’s nice to see today’s bounce back, but it’s coming off the back of huge losses, and I think that is something people should know.

        Personally, I don’t care about the short term ups and downs, because I am in this for the long haul.

        If it takes 5-10 years to make a decent profit, so be it. The way I see it, cannabis stocks has bottomed out so bad there’s not much point in selling now lol. Might as well hold if you believe in the companies you’ve invested in, which I do.

        Anyway, thank you for commenting and all the best.

  17. Now that I’ve had a year under my belt as a “founding member” of NICI, I can say I agree with several people who have stated they have made no money or are “in the red” based on the recommendations provided by NICI. Granted the overall cannabis stocks in the market are down, and as always, NICI makes no gain guarantees to ANY of their recommended stocks, reminding you that the RISK is entirely yours. What concerns me is the IMPLIED gains you will make, if you buy into the various stock picking methods or tools they constantly push heavily. If these trading tools are so good, wouldn’t you think the founders of NICI would be putting THEIR MONEY WHERE THEIR MOUTH IS??

    I have yet to see ANY AUTHENTICATED investor gains from anyone who utilize these tools, or invested in the stock recommendations made by NICI. If you have the money to pour into these tools, each costing thousands of dollars, then I suspect you must be a day trader, who has done quite well. Most “everyday folks” I know who are looking to make money in the cannabis stock market aren’t in such a position, and will be lucky to find worthwhile stocks to invest in and hang on to for some decent gain, just like any other stock you might be willing to put your hard earned money into. Regardless of whose investment advice you might follow, it always pays to listen to the voice inside you that generally helps you from becoming gullible or greedy.

    • Short their picks or buy put options as insurance. Maybe they should show us their buys, on their trading accounts, one should just use funds they can lose, this pot stuff will go go when the feds step aside and it becomes legal. I’m in AZ it’s on the ballot this election for recreational use which has a good chance of passing, I bought call options on a lot of pot stocks ouch lol. Bought puts on Aurora only bucks I’ve made so far, good luck.

  18. Thank you for your insight into NICI and the market in general. Gotta remember it is always a gamble with investing. We dream of the big hero stocks and that sticks in our minds thinking it is going to be us but the reality is we are going to take some hard knocks along the way everyone does. ITS A GAMBLE

      • I’m also a member from the first couple of months this institute started, and received some weird gifts from the school! Come on guys, at least a Calendar or Disney tickets. Since March 18, 2020 with the Coronavirus pandemic and now, I been buying JUST 2 or 3 of some of the best rated, and researched stocks rated on NICI. I’m in the red but with over 50 stocks in the profit zones so that’s a plus. This pandemic gave a hit to this industry, but now the Cannabis industry is an Essential so shop open. Hopefully, rated stocks delivery service is excellent too,…. we want to be sleeping while big money being made!

        So please guys, don’t get high on your supplies and ruin our Billion Dollar Stimulus Faith in this institute. Excellent financial calculations should be something big for this Institute because we are in a volatile market. I also hope this is really the best institute for cannabis investors and ultimately I’m hoping abundance of magic happen for us all who is trying to cash all in on these given truths from our leaders. Honestly too, I think power trader price should be better than what it is because we all need to make money fast in these times and probably get High later with no apologies. Now is the time for deal breakers my friends . Peace, Love , and Abundance of blessings to everyone!

    • I think the best bet would be to log into your account and at the very top of the members area, there’s a phone number and link to email them for support.

  19. I just want to say thank you to Tim for this review. I watched the video presentation and spent $35.00 for the newsletter. This is all new to me and I appreciate your knowledge and comments.

    • Two days ago Greg Miller issued a sell order on Kosh symbol KSHB. He had recommended buying it several times but it always seemed like a poor choice to me as they made containers for pot which seemed something anyone could do.. THE STOCK NEVER WENT UP OR DOWN much and always hovered around 5.40 a share. Then he issued another buy order. i stupidly finally bought a lot and it promptly started to go down. At $1,50 he says to sell it. I checked today to see if even that advice was correct and it finally went up to $1,71 in one day . something seems fishy like one big scan I wish i’d never heard of. Thanks John Boehner ex- House leader for sucking us all in.

  20. I’m a Cannabis Investor member for the $79. This gives me access to the model portfolio, which is bleeding red now due to the overall market downturn. I have confidence in Greg Miller, the executive who picks the stocks and believe the stocks are all well-vetted and worthy. You could even make the case that the dip presents a good buying opportunity. The IPO insider costs about $2,000 and has a separate portfolio selected by Danny Brody (and perhaps also Greg).

    I don’t have access to this. When Thomas commented that he’s a lifetime member, it gives him access to “The Vault” of all cannabis stocks that are rated, but I don’t believe he has the IPO Insider portfolio either. You’d have to pick on your own if you want to purchase extra stocks. However, if my core portfolio is down and already spread out among 15 or so picks, I don’t WANT any more!

    With IPO’s there’s the chance to make a quick buck with a “pump and dump” since the insiders are always going to sell within a short time to take profits. After the initial blast off and subsequent crash, you might be able to then grab shares, assuming you think the stock is worth having long-term!

    FYI, they did leak the names of a couple of the IPO Insider portfolio in newsletters: Cresco Labs, CuraLeaf Holdings, MariMed, HEXO, and Green Thumb might be in there, too. With the recent legalizing of rec weed in Illinois, it does to me look like Cresco and Green Thumb will benefit! Good luck to us both.

    • Thanks for the comment Lee. I hope you don’t mind but I added some spaces in your comment to make it easier for people to read.

  21. Hello, I also joined NICI when I received a small inheritance, I knew Boehner and admired his service in Congress. Researched others and desided to join and give it a try. I couldn’t do any worse than I did with my first inheritance. I had never got to use the Jewelry School knowledge earned at 17, so I started doing that at 50 yrs old in 2006, on the side from my County Job. I was doing very well traveling to do Bead, Gem, and Jewelry Shows around the southern states. That is until November 2008 stock market crash, then in April 2009 here on the Gulf of Mexico we had the BP Oil Spill. People quit buying luxury items. I have a question for previous Commentor Thomas E Reynolds did you join to the level to receive the actual names of IPO’s or a lower level where you have to dig deeper to come up with your investments?

  22. I like your read. I am a lifetime member, small investor. Almost all investments have been flat or in the red.
    IF I invest to lose, . I win. I am holding on in hopes that in the long run I will at least be able to pay off my broker.

  23. Thank you for your in site and information . I found it very helpful in making a decision on whether or not to purchase the subscription. Ok

      • So as a newbie does that mean they only provide information.
        How do we actually make the investments with they give information on?

        • Hi Charles,

          Yeah you are basically getting useful content about investing in cannabis for the most part. And a list of their recommended pot stocks that you can purchase wherever you want.

          There is some training in the members area about creating your accounts with trading platforms to buy their recommend stocks (or whatever stocks you want), which is helpful.

          • Charles, I am a member of the Elite at NICI. I receive specific instructions on how to place a trade and how to get out. I am even learning how to do “PUTS, STOPS & CALENDAR VERTICAL” The information is and can be overwhelming but if I have questions the team at NICI answers my questions in a language I understand. That may be cuz I always tell the person on the phone I am a newbie…

            I have access to the “vault” and what I have invested in has its up & downs. I’m in this for the long haul and believe that CBD & THC will do well. I have invested in as many as 20 different companies and yes I lost $$$ but I am not in the red all the time. Many stocks are starting to show their potential and by 2020 I can only pray that my gut feelings and study will pay off.

    • This is a scam I am way in the hole on every recommendation they have made. wish I had never heard of them. they wiped out all gains i made on traditional stocks and i’m way in the hole overall. thank God everything wasn’t under their rec. all the while they keep posting that people have made millions – yes _ONLY ITS THEM AT YOUR COST

      • I feel your pain, I am in the hole myself from both their recommendations and pot stocks I chose myself.

        But I personally don’t think that makes NICI a scam. Because almost every pot stock is seeing losses right now so any cannabis stock anyone has recommended is losing at the moment. It’s a risky market at this point and it could be awhile before these stocks start performing. I am bullish longterm though.

        In any case, what would make it a scam, is if the stocks themselves were scams. Which (for the most part) I don’t believe they are. Companies like Canopy Growth, Charlotte’s Web and Origin House are all legit companies that they recommend.

        However, there are some companies they recommended that I have lost trust in. For example, KushCo Holdings Inc. was a bad recommendation. From what I understand, this company recently tanked their own share price and lost a lot of people money, including me. Either way this clearly wasn’t the best recommendation. They did recommended selling this stock in the last 24 hours or so, but too little too late.

        So I can see your frustration, and maybe you’re right to some extent.

        I just don’t think that generally declining cannabis stocks makes NICI itself a scam. And to be clear, when I say this, I am referring only to the basic NICI membership I bought, not the higher priced memberships. That’s another story.


          • Yeah it appears to have been shut down, Ronnie.

            The old NICI site now redirects to and I think that Money Morning is the company behind NICI. So it might be worth contacting their customer service people to see what they can do:

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