Keith Kohl’s “On-Demand Everything” (Delivery Robot) Stocks?

A stock teaser about “On-Demand Everything,” or delivery robotics, by Angel Publishing’s Keith Kohl has been doing the rounds lately.

According to the presentation, a “furious tech battle” is unfolding across America involving on-demand delivery robots that could “offer early investors an enormous windfall.”

Keith Kohl teased several “lightning-fast delivery stocks” in the video, which are each tied to a different investment research report he’s put together.

The trouble is, the only way to access those reports is to join his flagship advisory service, Technology and Opportunity, for $99.

So, I decided to look into his claims to see what I could dig up.

And in this post, I’ll show you what his picks are, including one company he says “holds the key to the ‘On-Demand Everything’ revolution.”

The “On-Demand Everything” Teaser

As with most stock teaser presentations I look into, there was no shortage of mystery surrounding Keith Kohl’s prediction and speculation about the potential for investors.

Long story short… the presentation states that there are “six white buildings” at the heart of a “$75.6 billion tech war” in America that could “alter $7 out of every $10 you spend.” And the punch line is that it “could lead to generational levels of wealth.”

But to cut through the hype and boil it down – the presentation was about robots that are delivering products to Americans, on-demand. In other words, robots are being developed to deliver stuff to consumers within minutes or as soon as needed.

Marketing hype aside, what’s happening is actually pretty incredible.

As Kohl explained in the presentation, different types of robots are already being used to deliver many different products in various states across the U.S.

For example, land-based robots and autonomous vehicles are delivering food, medicine, and parcels. Meanwhile, drones are literally dropping packages off from the sky.

And during the presentation, Keith Kohl predicted that this trend would only continue as more companies strive to deliver products faster and more efficiently.

This makes sense, too. Because not only can automated bots reduce costs for companies like Amazon, Walmart, and many others, but who doesn’t want products delivered faster?

And as Kohl points out in the presentation, robotic delivery is making this sort of thing possible and economical for businesses because drones don’t collect an hourly wage.

“You see, the average delivery driver costs $21.35 to make 20–30 deliveries every hour.

At $21.35 an hour, there’s no way these companies can afford to pay a driver 20 minutes to get back to the warehouse… and another 20 minutes getting to you…

All to deliver a $7 order of dog treats.

The numbers just don’t add up.”

So advancements in autonomous delivery technology could be the tipping point where virtually everything is ordered online because it’s faster and cheaper.

These types of robots have been around for a while, though.

So it’s not as if this technology is entirely new.

But Keith Kohl suggests that “the scale we currently see and the scale that’s coming” is being made possible due to Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology, a tech that helps autonomous vehicles (and apparently delivery robots) navigate.

And during the presentation, he showed a “strange black box” about the size of a deck of cards, which is a LiDAR sensor that he claims is playing a “vital role in enabling delivery robotics.”


In short, because of its size and cost.

“Yet for years, access to this vital technology has also completely hamstrung delivery robotics.

Because a single sensor cost upward of $75,000!”


“And at nearly twice the cost of a delivery driver’s salary for a single sensor… it made the age of delivery robotics virtually impossible.

But now, one company has revolutionized LiDAR technology and lowered costs by a staggering 99.8%.

Because this black box does it all for just $100.

And this drastic leap in price reduction has swung open the floodgates of ‘On-Demand Everything’ here in the United States.”

So, that about sums up Keith Kohl’s “On-Demand Everything” prediction – that robot delivery will continue to grow and affordable LiDAR tech is making it possible.

In the next section, I’ll walk you through the clues he shared about his “lightning-fast delivery stocks” and show you which companies match his clues.

What Are Keith Kohl’s “Lightning-Fast Delivery Stocks?” (Stock Picks Revealed)

Keith Kohl teased several “lightning-fast delivery stocks” in the presentation, each of which is detailed in a different investment research report. Below, I’ll show you what these reports are, outline the clues Kohl shared, and share my guess on each stock.

Stock 1: “The Tiny Tech Firm Mass-Manufacturing LiDAR”

Keith Kohl’s first “On-Demand Everything” stock pick is the company that makes the “strange black box” (AKA LiDAR sensor) I mentioned earlier.

What clues does he share?

Well, we already know the company makes LiDAR sensors and that at least one of them is about the size of a deck of cards and costs around $100.

But he also shares some clues about the company’s investors and says it IPO’d recently.

“Nikon has invested $25 million in this company, and Hyundai has fronted $50 million.

Ford has paid $150 million to claim a slice of the pie…

Alongside the $90 billion Asian tech titan Baidu — which is going toe-to-toe with Google to become the leader in autonomous technology.

Baidu has also agreed to a three-year supply deal with this company. That could open it up to more American and Asian markets.”


“And given that it only recently IPO’d, you’re still very much investing in a ground-floor opportunity.”

What could it be?

Based on those clues, I believe Keith Kohl’s first stock pick is Velodyne Lidar (VLDR).

This company has developed a $100 LiDAR sensor that is smaller than a deck of playing cards. And the image of the sensor Kohl used in the presentation matches what is shown on the company’s website regarding its Velabit™ sensor.

Not to mention, the company matches the above clues Kohl shared in the teaser.

So, this is a match.

Keith Kohl has teased this company before, too.

In a presentation about his “LiDAR King” stock pick, he talked about how LiDAR is used in autonomous vehicles, and the clues he shared in that teaser matched Velodyne Lidar as well.

Stock 2: “Robotic Navigation: How One Company Is Enabling an Autonomous Future”

Next, Keith Kohl talked about a “tiny silver box” that he claims “enables high-precision GPS navigation.” According to Kohl, it lets robots lose connection to the entire global navigation satellite system and still know where they are.

What other clues does he share?

Keith Kohl also said that it’s a Rhode Island company with customers in over 142 countries and that the company has 25 U.S. patents.

So, the first thing I did was run a search on the image he shared of the “tiny silver box” to see what came up, and that led me to a company called KVH Industries, Inc. (KVHI).

There are a few different variations of the device, but what Keith Kohl shared in the presentation appears to match the company’s DSP-3400 device. There’s also a photo of a forklift on the page I just linked to, which matches what Kohl shared.

And yep… KVH Industries matches Kohl’s other clues, too.

Stock 3: “Staking Your Claim in the Skyways of Tomorrow”

According to Keith Kohl, his third stock pick is completing deliveries by drone and is “taking steps to be the first ‘Drone Delivery as a Service’ company in North America.”

Other than what I just mentioned, here are the main clues:

“This company is completing deliveries by drone.”

“Making 30-kilometer aerial deliveries to Christian Island, delivering vital medical supplies…”


“It’s now tapping verticals like health care, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas…

And expanding operations into Africa and India…”

Christian Island is in Ontario, Canada. So the first thing I did was search for Canadian drone delivery companies that used a drone to make a 30-kilometer trip, and this led me to a article that mentions a company called Drone Delivery Canada.

And upon further looking into Kohl’s clues, this company, which is listed on the Canadian Venture Exchange under ticker FLT, looks like a match.

So, there you have it; three of Keith Kohl’s “on-demand everything” robotics picks.

Who Is Keith Kohl?

Keith Kohl is the man behind the presentation we’ve discussed in this post and editor of several Angel Publishing services, including his flagship advisory, Technology and Opportunity, which is the service being pitched in the presentation.

I’ve written about several stock teasers he’s released, too. Most recently, I uncovered the stock Kohl teased in his “#1 Stock of This Generation” presentation.

For the most part, Keith Kohl seems to focus on technology, biotechnology, and energy-related investments. But his picks vary depending on what service you join.

His primary service is Technology and Opportunity, but he also runs two higher-tier advisories – Topline Trader and Energy Investor.

And regardless of the service, the general idea is the same. As a subscriber, you get his latest recommendations and research, which you can choose to follow if you want.

Should You Join Technology and Opportunity?

Technology and Opportunity is a tech-focused investment newsletter published by Angel Publishing and edited by Keith Kohl.

Some of the trends the service follows include artificial intelligence, robotics, and autonomous vehicles. But I’ve also seen presentations where Keith Kohl has teased companies in the biotech, EV battery, and augmented reality space.

So he seems to cover virtually anything related to emerging tech.

For $99, subscribers get access to Kohl’s latest stock picks, the reports I mentioned earlier, and numerous other resources aimed at providing insight into his recommendations.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not you should join is up to you. I think if you’re interested in speculative tech-related stocks, it could be worth a look. But on the other hand, if you’re a more conservative investor, this may not be the ideal service.

If you want to know more about how the service works, what you get if you join, and who’s behind it, see my full review of Technology and Opportunity.

Bottom Line

Keith Kohl’s “On-Demand Everything” presentation centers around delivery robotics and how he predicts this trend will continue to grow in U.S. He also hinted at several companies that could potentially benefit in the process.

I’ve shared my guess on three of them, and I’m confident I’ve guessed correctly, but I can only speculate as to whether or not these are good investments.

What I can say is that nothing is guaranteed. You might make money speculating on Kohl’s picks, but you could also end up losing money, as with any investment.

I should also note that some parts of the presentation we’ve discussed appear to be outdated. For instance, as I was researching the clues, I noticed that some of what was said about a fourth company, which I didn’t discuss earlier, is no longer relevant.

So, my point is that it always pays to do your own research. That way, you can make a more educated choice instead of investing in something based on speculation or old news.

Anyway, that’s it from me. Thanks for reading.

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