What “LiDAR King” Stock Is Keith Kohl Teasing? (Exposed)

In today’s post, I’ll be looking into a presentation by Angel Publishing’s Keith Kohl about his “LiDAR King” stock pick.

According to Keith Kohl, a “strange new device is being tested,” and early investors in the company behind it could make “up to 16,795% profits.”

What device is Keith Kohl referring to? What company makes it? And is it legit?

There’s no guarantee you’ll make money following Keith Kohl’s investment recommendations, so I suggest taking the marketing with a grain of salt.

But the technology behind the “strange new device” Keith Kohl mentions is LiDAR technology, and I believe the “LiDAR King” company he’s teasing is Velodyne Lidar.

In this post, I’ll explain why I believe this is his pick and shed some light on the advisory service he’s pitching, Technology and Opportunity. But first, let’s unpack the presentation to get a better idea of what Keith Kohl is predicting.

Unpacking the “LiDAR King” Teaser

According to Keith Kohl’s LiDAR King presentation on the Angel Publishing website, a strange new device is being tested on Tesla models.

The device Kohl’s referring to is a LiDAR sensor for self-driving vehicles. And he says, “every single car manufacturer from Tesla to Honda is using this technology.”

What is LiDAR?

In the case of autonomous vehicles, Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology can help a self-driving car map out its surrounding environment in 3D and measure the distance between it and other objects.

And according to Keith Kohl, it’s superior to the technology Tesla uses:

“When it comes to self-driving cars, this company’s LIDAR tech leaves Tesla in the dust.”

Why does Kohl suggest LiDAR is better?

In short, it mostly has to do with safety. Keith Kohl explains that Teslas use cameras to capture the car’s surroundings which he believes could be compromised in bad weather.

“But Tesla’s system could be compromised when the weather gets bad.”

“And what happens if a camera or two gets damaged?”

“The results could be FATAL.”

“Well, this company’s devices solve that problem by using ZERO cameras.”

“They only use lasers to capture the car’s surroundings.”

This is a similar point another well-known investment guru, Luke Lango, made in a presentation I recently wrote about, where he suggested that LiDAR is superior to Tesla’s camera-based system because it could be potentially safer, cheaper, and more effective. However, Luke Lango appears to be bullish on a different LiDAR stock to Keith Kohl.

Anyway, both Kohl and Lango make some good points about the potential of LiDAR technology. Whether or not it’s superior to cameras is debatable, but it is a promising technology, mostly because of its accuracy and precision compared to cameras.

Although, as this autopilotreview.com article points out, LiDAR can be impacted by snow, rain, and fog. And cameras do have some advantages, like reading signs and interpreting colors in a similar way to humans.

I suggest checking out the above article if you’re interested in learning more about this topic; it’s an interesting read and gives you a detailed comparison between the two.

In any case, Keith Kohl is pounding the table on LiDAR, and in the next section, I’ll walk you through the LiDAR company I believe he’s teasing.

What Is Keith Kohl’s LiDAR King Stock Pick?

I believe Keith Kohl’s LiDAR stock pick is Velodyne Lidar (ticker: VLDR). And to explain why; here’s a summary of the clues Kohl shares about the company in the presentation:

“In fact, this company has almost 200 projects in the pipeline with big automakers and major tech firms!”

“But right now, it’s under the radar because it just recently went public.”

“In the words of the billionaire founder of this company…”

“‘Does anyone know how to mass-produce [this tech] other than me? It turns out I’m the critical link in this whole thing.'”

The first thing I did was search the above quote from the company’s founder, which brought me to the profile page for David Hall on Forbes, which confirms David Hall was the person Kohl quoted in the presentation and that Hall was referring to LiDAR.

According to the Velodyne Lidar website, the company provides LiDAR solutions for autonomous vehicles, robotics, navigation, and other industries. And some of its customers include GM, Volkswagen, and Ford, based on the latest investor presentation.

Also, on Kohl’s “recently went public” comment, Velodyne began trading as a public company on the NASDAQ in September 2020.

So, long story short, Velodyne appears to be a match.

However, if you want to see why Keith Kohl is especially interested in this company (assuming I’m right), you’d need to read his research report. Specifically, the one called “LIDAR King: The Tiny Tech Firm Destroying Tesla’s Driverless Ambition.”

And the only way to access that report is to join Keith Kohl’s Technology and Opportunity service. So in the next section, I’ll give you the heads up on this advisory.

Overview of the Technology and Opportunity Service

Technology and Opportunity is a stock advisory edited by Keith Kohl of Angel Publishing. And the service is focused mainly on emerging technology trends like robotics, 5G, autonomous vehicles, and augmented reality. Essentially any new tech trend.

As a subscriber of the service, you get access to all of Keith Kohl’s active Technology and Opportunity stock picks within the model portfolio.

You also get access to a new recommendation each month through the monthly newsletter issues. This includes the company’s name, ticker symbol, why he’s interested in it, and details around Kohl’s recommended entry and exit points.

And to help keep subscribers updated, you get “flash alerts” and model portfolio updates.

Lastly, some bonus research reports come with a Technology and Opportunity subscription. The first is the “LIDAR King” report that details Kohl’s LiDAR pick.

But there are three more bonus reports that cover a different investment Kohl is interested in. Here are the names of each report:

  • Microchip Millions: How to Score Huge Gains From the Race to Secure America’s Semiconductor Supply Chain.
  • The Robot Revolution: Three Stocks Poised for Massive Returns.
  • Space Billionaires: The #1 Stock to Own for 2022 and Beyond.

How much does it cost? The cost of joining Technology and Opportunity is either $99 for one year or $169 for two years, and the service comes with a six-month refund policy.

If you want to learn more about the service, see my full Technology and Opportunity review. In the review, I detail what it’s about, how it works, and what you get if you join.

Who Is Keith Kohl?

Keith Kohl is the editor of three Angel Publishing advisories: Technology and Opportunity, Topline Trader, and Energy Investor.

Angel Publishing is a Baltimore-based financial publishing company that sells over a dozen investment subscriptions run by a handful of different experts.

Keith Kohl is one of the company’s better-known investment gurus, and I’ve recently written about several of his presentations. For example, I recently wrote about Kohl’s “Infinite Lithium” stock pick, and before that, I wrote about Topline Trader.

I’ve also written about some of his colleague’s work. Like Christian DeHaemer, Alex Koyfman, and Jeff Siegel, for example. Each focuses on different sectors and investment strategies, and you can see my analysis of their latest picks on the Angel Publishing archives page.

So, is Keith Kohl the real deal?

Based on what the Angel Publishing website states, Keith Kohl is an expert on tech, biotech, and energy-related investments. And in the presentation, Kohl claims he’s recommended a slew of triple-digit investments over the years.

To sum it up, I wouldn’t expect to get rich following Keith Kohl’s investment recommendations, but he appears to be a real investment guru.

Bottom Line

The “strange new device” Keith Kohl talked about in the “LiDAR King” presentation is a LiDAR device used to help self-driving cars navigate.

And as mentioned, I believe the company he’s teasing is Velodyne Lidar. Of course, that’s just a guess, so I can’t guarantee I’m right, but that’s what matches his clues.

Should you join Technology and Opportunity?

Technology and Opportunity is a legitimate service, so it could be worth checking out if you’re interested in learning about emerging tech companies.

However, there’s no guarantee you’ll make money by following Kohl’s (or anyone’s) stock picks, much less 16,795% in profit, so I wouldn’t join expecting to get rich overnight.

Whatever you decide, thanks for reading; I hope you found this helpful.

1 thought on “What “LiDAR King” Stock Is Keith Kohl Teasing? (Exposed)”

  1. Invested in VLDR – Velodine Lidar has lost 90% of its value in under 2 years. I bought into this future technology, but it was too early as they did not have the client base to generate Gross sales to cover their up front Capital Costs. They are growing in demand, but it is so slow. Mapping the country for the Fed. Govt. is part of it. The income they generate to keep their door opened comes from Uncle Sam. Without it, they are done. Until the EV Market becomes a reality as the preferred vehicle that everyone in the US and globally wants, Lidar is a 5 year haul. God knows if it is ever going to task off. We know we need it. VLDR needs sales, lots of it, but no one is grabbing it in the markets that move volume. No one has determined what Automobile company has signed a contract with the firm. TO buy into a firms future at $15-$20.00 a share only to watch it drop to a buck a share convinces me they have a long way to go. It was jacked up, and a real bag of Bull shit that needed more time to build out its sales base to cover costs before going public. There is a huge feeder program to really get the EV Market going full steam ahead. It’s not the Car manufacturers. Products will roll out. 2 HUGE ISSUES hold everything back.
    My family has a Tessla. My brother who drives it 200 miles to visit me has to go to a charging station 20 minutes away, and sit for 2 hours for a charge so he can make it home. WHAT A GOD DAMN PAIN IN THE ASS.
    PROBLEM SOLVER: Chargepoint: – If they build a national Super Charger network throughout the United States, at least people can travel about and like many Gasoline stations, have them everywhere to charge vehicles. This would be “Big PUSH #1 to get the EV Market cranking. Forget Government subsidies. People want convenience, speed, and ease of use. – No charging stations other than ones’ home,
    sales are a slow grow. Only the top 1-5% of the income earners can fork over $50-$75K for a vehicle, regular software updates, and home charging solutions. If I buy a Crossover gas/electric car for $30,000, and get 50 miles to the gallon on my hybred Camry, it would take me 8 years traveling 7,500 miles a year just to break even going full electric. The concept is great! – Build 1 million charging stations across the nation like a gas station, The fuel firms (Exxon Mobil, BP, Valero,) etc, should designate 20% of their Service Station locations to Chargepoint Super Chargers. they get a percent of the profit, Chargepoint builds the infrastructure, and as EVs become more popular, convert more existing Carbon burning Fuel stations into Super stations. Gasoline is still pumped & you have Alternative EV charging. EVERYONE WINS.

    #2). Lithium Ion Batteries go about 300 miles. That stinks if you have a family doing a long road trip, or your driving a long road trip from business. Now you have to stop about 300 miles or so and charge your battery up. Wastes time, and who wants to sit even at a super charger station for 45 minutes to fully charge your battery. Not enough chargers, you have to wait in line. Been there, done that, it stinks.
    PROBLEM SOLVER: Enter Quantum Scape: A collective Group of Brilliant Scientists and Engineers that now have $300 million of Volkswagons money to develop and create a Solid State Battery capable of going 1000 miles on a charge. They are very slow now out of the box. We invested in this firm too at $30.00/share and have lost 65% of our value. It’s now hovering at about $10-11/Share. This firm just pushed its target delivery schedule back to 2025 to have a plant operational, all parts built and assembled in a factory to serve the future Auto Companies that want this product. It solves many problems. You get a charge to go 1000 miles. The solid State Battery will be 1/2 the cost of a $6000 lithium battery, and it will be fully charged at a super station in 20-30 minutes. Some of that Expensive Lithium Battery Cost savings going solid state can be passed on to the consumer bringing EVs price down, and more attractive to home buyers. Enough time to take a REST at a rest stop with a family, use the bathroom, get something to eat, and be on your way fully charged in 20 or so minutes. We forgot one thing. …. By eliminating the need for lots of lithium to use for the now traditional electric battery used by Tessla, we don’t deplete all the good water supplies in Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, and many other foreign countries harvesting Brian pools that take years to build, set up, and run – in order to filter out the necessary Lithium that is needed to build EV Vehicles. Cars, Trucks, busses, trollies etc. So there you have it. THE TRUTH. Long term, stay away from Lithium Investing, look into Solid State batteries but be prepared to be patient. It is going to take years before this bad boy comes to market. When it does, it’s a game changer. I WISH YOU MR. KOHL, and others that pumped these companies up WAY TO EARLY really did your home work. I have taken a $50K hit on all 3 of these firms.
    VLDR, Chargepoint, and Quantum Scape. As for me, the Investor, I got Burned. VLDR?????????? You guys are still pushing them. They can’t get out of their own way.
    a Fucking $1.00/share. I hold thousands of shares. I hope to god some day several auto firms adopt their technology before it is delisted. As for your firm who continues to talk up VLDR (We did listen to you a long time ago) and got burned. You guys need to do a better job of filtering your recommendations. I spent a fortune investing and buying into your printed rag. Thank god Charge point is moving in CA, and now is the Premier Super Charger adopted by the State of Colorado. Now I am in the green. MR. McKinlay……….. I have been a researcher of companies for a long time. Since 1978. Helped me pay for college and appreciate how hard it is to trade, and buy and hold stocks for the long haul. I am stuck with stocks that were hyped up and have not panned out. I hope you find my Article to you interesting and hope you appreciate that it has real bite to it, and will one day help others should the Markets adopt and embrace the firms I invested in to early, that have truly burned me terribly. I am in my 60’s and could use a friend that knows what the hell they are talking about. If anyone out there knows what the real 5 year plan is, please share it. I would love to start a dialogue.
    Mr. Ettinger
    [email removed]


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