What Is Jason Simpkins’ “Retinal Matrix” Stock Pick?

In a recent presentation, investment guru Jason Simpkins stated that a “revolution is brewing” that “will soon unlock $7 trillion in new wealth.” And it all has to do with a technological innovation he’s calling the “Retinal Matrix.”

Simpkins also claims there’s a “small company at the center of this revolution” that could give investors “a chance to turn every $500 into $131,600 or more.”

That’s a pretty bold claim, but I wanted to know what the “Retinal Matrix” was and what stock Simpkins was teasing, so I decided to do some digging.

And in this post, I’ll show you what I discovered.

What Is the Retinal Matrix? (Augmented Reality)

Jason Simpkins uses the term “Retinal Matrix” to describe the technology behind augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). In particular, AR/VR headsets.

I don’t know why he calls the technology “Retinal Matrix” instead of augmented reality, but it most likely has to do with Simpkins’ core thesis that many of the greatest technologies begin as government-funded projects.

In short, the first iteration of an AR/VR headset was developed in a DARPA lab by Ivan Sutherland in 1968, which, according to Simpkins, involved a “digital matrix multiplier.”

“In 1968, Sutherland was the director of DARPA’s Information Processing Techniques Office.

And even though the crazy-looking device he’s wearing on his head was clunky, unrefined, and rudimentary…

By using what Sutherland called a ‘digital matrix multiplier,’ this device was able to project a 2D-image onto its user’s retina…

And trick the brain into thinking it was seeing a 3D object.”


“It’s called the “Retinal Matrix.”

I was curious to know more, so I researched this and learned that Ivan Sutherland (and his student Bob Sproull) developed the first virtual reality headset dubbed the “Sword of Damocles,” which is cited as the precursor of today’s AR/VR systems.

And according to an article on Atomic Digital Design, the system behind Sutherland’s headset included six subsystems, one of which was called a matrix multiplier.

So, long story short, Simpkins’ “Retinal Matrix” prediction is all about AR/VR headsets, and his use of this term seems to relate to how this technology was invented.

What’s he predicting?

Simpkins is predicting that the “Retinal Matrix” could be bigger than the internet itself and give early investors the chance to create “life-changing wealth.”

During the presentation, Jason Simpkins talked about how numerous innovative technologies were originally developed by the government or military and how, once these technologies were commercialized, they created big gains for investors.

For example, he said that the components in an iPhone were, in one way or another, first created through a government research project, that lithium-ion batteries were developed by the Department of Energy, and that GPS was developed by the Navy.

He also pointed out that researchers working for DARPA (Department of Defense’s Advanced Research Projects Agency) laid the foundation for the internet in the late 1960s.

And according to Simpkins, the “Retinal Matrix” (AR and VR technology) is going to be bigger than those technologies.

“Many of the greatest technologies of our time started inside a classified government lab.

And when savvy entrepreneurs took those technologies…

And figured out a way to mass-market them…

Fortunes were made.

As we speak, that process is about to unfold yet again.

Only this time, the technology that’s about to be commercialized will be bigger than the iPhone…

Bigger than the internet…

And will give early investors a shot at life-changing wealth.”

Why is Simpkins so bullish on this tech?

I can’t speak for Jason Simpkins, but based on what he says in the presentation, he appears to be bullish on AR/VR technology because he thinks it’ll replace most current devices.

“Well, the Retinal Matrix will soon replace nearly every single device you own.”


“It will condense all of your devices — your iPhone, your computer, your smartwatch, and all your other wearables — down into an even simpler, more elegant, and convenient form.

But instead of condensing all of these technologies down into a smaller physical format…

The Retinal Matrix is going to turn them all virtual.”

I don’t know if it will replace everything, but there’s no doubt that AR/VR technology is game-changing and will likely disrupt many industries.

For instance, as Jason Simpkins pointed out in the presentation, this technology is revolutionizing the e-commerce, healthcare, and military space.

And he shared some specific examples of different companies using this tech to offer customers unique experiences by effectively “blending” the physical and virtual world.

Like Sephora, which has an app where you can “apply” makeup. And IKEA, which has an app that allows you to see how furniture looks in your home before buying anything.

It’s pretty cool. And from an investment point of view, many “gurus” are pitching different stocks that they believe could benefit from this tech.

For example, late last year, I wrote about a similar presentation from Simpkins’ colleague, Keith Kohl, which was all about his “Apple Reality” prediction.

But just because the technology itself is promising (and different investment gurus are talking about the potential in this space) doesn’t mean you’ll make lots of money as an investor because there are a lot of variables to consider.

Still, I wanted to know what company Simpkins was teasing. And in the next section, I’ll show you the clues he shared about the company and what stock I think he’s teasing.

What Is Simpkins’ Retinal Matrix Stock Pick? (Revealed)

According to Jason Simpkins, the company he’s bullish on has “a group of 300 patents that are critical to creating the Retinal Matrix.”

And he claims the company is a DARPA-funded government contractor:

“All of these patents are owned by a tiny DARPA-funded government contractor.

Which means any company that wants to use the Retinal Matrix will have to pay this company for its technology.”

So, we know that, according to Simpkins, the company he’s teasing has patents related to AR/VR headsets and that it’s a government contractor.

What other clues does he share?

Here’s an overview of his other main clues:

“Right now, it’s trading for just under $5 a share.

And last year, its revenue was just $45 million.”


Lenovo’s $500 million Capital and Incubator Group has also just partnered with this tiny tech company to grow its Retinal Matrix footprint as well.


“The founder’s reputation was so immense that when he started this current venture, DARPA gave him a $50 million grant just to get access to his research.”


“Blackrock has snapped up over 4.8 million shares worth $22 million.

Vanguard is getting in the game too. It recently purchased 3.7 million shares.

And State Street, Morgan Stanley, and Citadel have bought in for a total of over 7.5 million shares.”

Simpkins does share other clues in the presentation, but those are some of the main ones. However, what led me to his stock pick was one of the patent documents he cited.

During the presentation, Simpkins shared a screenshot of a patent his recommended company holds, which led me to a patent application related to an “Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display.” And the company listed in the application is Kopin Corporation.

From there, I went through the above clues Simpkins shared, and they match this company. Here’s a breakdown of how Kopin Corporation matches Simpkins’ clues:

  • Kopin Corporation is a Massachusetts-based electronics manufacturer. And according to the company website, it develops and provides “critical components for wearable headset products.”
  • Kopin Corporation (ticker: KOPN) is currently trading at “under $5 a share.” As of writing this (April 4, 2022), its shares are just under $2.50.
  • The company’s revenue, rounded down, was $45 million for 2021.
  • Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group and Kopin Corporation formed a joint venture in 2017 called Lenovo New Vision, which is focused on augmented reality.
  • Kopin Corporation’s 2016 annual report states that the company started with $50 million in funding from DARPA and that the company has “over 300 issued and pending patents.”
  • It appears as though the above firms have a stake in Kopin Corporation.

So, I believe that this is Jason Simpkins’ “Retinal Matrix” stock pick.

Either way, if you want to know for sure what company Simpkins is bullish on and get his research, the best thing to do would be to see the report he put together called “The Retinal Matrix: Your Guide to Profiting From the Next $7 Trillion Tech Revolution.”

How do you access the report?

The only way to access the report is to sign up for a subscription to the “Secret Stock Files,” a $1,999 per year stock advisory service Simpkins runs for The Outsider Club.

How Does the “Secret Stock Files” Service Work?

The Secret Stock Files is an investment advisory headed up by Jason Simpkins, which he claims can help you discover new technologies “that have the potential to make you rich.”

At the core of the service are the monthly video briefings that highlight Simpkins’ latest investment idea. According to Simpkins, the videos break down the new technology, explain how he found out about it, and show you how to invest in the company.

Aside from that, there are two other main features of the service.

The first is the “Weekly Secret Stock Files Intelligence Dossiers,” which give you a roundup of the companies he and his team are tracking, including any related patent filings.

And the other is the “Profit Alerts” that show you when Jason Simpkins is exiting a stock and why he’s getting out of the position.

To get started, all you need to do is visit The Outsider Club website and navigate to the Secret Stock Files order page. However, the “discounted” price ($1,999) seems to only be available if you sign up through the presentation we’ve discussed, which is located on the Angel Publishing website (angelnexus.com).

As a side note, Angel Publishing appears to be run by the same people that run Outsider Club, which might explain why the presentation is on the above site.

Who Is Jason Simpkins?

Jason Simpkins is an editor at The Outsider Club, a Baltimore-based financial publishing company. And his flagship advisory is called Wall Street’s Proving Ground, which is focused on investments in sectors including natural resources, consumer staples, and defense (among others).

According to the presentation, Simpkins has been an investment journalist in Washington D.C. for 15 years, and his work placed him next to “the most powerful, rich, and incredibly secretive members of society,” which he says he’s leveraged to find investments.

For instance, Simpkins says he told his readers to short oil in 2013 before it fell, talked about the potential of bitcoin in 2014, and recommended Canopy Growth in 2017 before it rallied.

That doesn’t mean all of his picks have worked out or that you’ll make money following his investment ideas. But he does seem to have made some good calls over the years.

And if you want to see what other stocks Jason Simpkins has teased, I wrote about his “nanosat” stock pick earlier this year, which centered around a Californian company that specializes in launching nanosatellites.

Bottom Line

Jason Simpkins’s “Retinal Matrix” prediction is all about AR/VR technology and how he believes this tech could make investors significant gains in the future.

On the one hand, I tend to agree that augmented reality and virtual reality are going to be massively disruptive technologies in the years ahead. And while this tech has been around for a while, we are still in the early days in terms of innovation and adoption.

However, there’s no way of knowing what companies are going to be the biggest winners, and there’s no guarantee you’ll make money following Simpkins’ stock picks. So I wouldn’t sign up expecting to make a “26,221% gain” or “turn every $500 into $131,600 or more.”

Anything is possible, but investing is risky, so there’s no way of knowing how well a given investment will do. In fact, as with any investment, it’s possible you could lose money.

Nevertheless, I hope this post has been helpful. And as always, if you’d like to share your thoughts on any of this, feel free to comment below.

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  1. Thanks for your comments (read them today 1/19/23). Checked KOPN. Lots of mvt down from $5. Closed down more today 22% , . . . . . . . . .
    to $1.24!

    One thing made me deeply thankful in ’20-22: I got closer to God.



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