David Eifrig’s Income Intelligence (Earn Retirement Income?)

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Today, we’re going to be taking a look at Dr. David Eifrig’s Income Intelligence service.

I discovered this service through a video presentation on the Stansberry Research website titled “The Crisis Countdown Begins,” featuring David Eifrig and Matt Weinschenk, which also goes by the name “The Retirement Wake-Up Call.”

In the presentation, David says there’s a crisis coming and that “smart, hard working Americans could be hit first.”

Income Intelligence presentation featuring Dr. David Eifrig of Stansberry Research.
Source: stansberryresearch.com

He says it’s important to prepare now by learning about what’s coming, so that you can protect yourself and your money. Especially if you’re either in or approaching retirement.

It’s quite a compelling presentation, and if you watch it through to the end as I did, you’ll see that it leads you towards joining the Income Intelligence service for $1,500.

Anyway, I decided to take a closer look at it, to see if it really is the best advisory service for earning income for retirement or not. And in this review, I’ll show you what I found.

The Income Intelligence Presentation

The Income Intelligence presentation kicks off with Dr. David Eifrig talking about how there’s a “reckoning” coming to the economy and financial markets.

David says we may be about to see a moment of extreme inflation.

And while most market participants are speculating on stocks like Tesla and assets like crypto, David says there are serious problems boiling beneath the surface.

And that it’s going to directly impact those looking to retire.

Throughout the presentation, real-world stats are shown that outline how less and less Americans are able to retire comfortably.

For example, the point is made that 64% of Americans are expected to retire with less than $10,000 in their retirement savings account. And how many people who are already retired are returning to the workforce, to work low-paying jobs, just to get by.

David then talks about a financial reckoning, and how it could impact not just people speculating on tech stocks, but hard working folks who are looking forward to retirement.

According to Dr. David Eifrig (Doc):

A mass financial reckoning… that no money manager or financial adviser is going to warn you about… And it could be headed straight for your retirement account. 

He goes on to say that, given the way the market has performed historically and where it may be headed, the traditional 60/40 stock and bond portfolio just isn’t going to cut it.

It’s very simple math to put that together and realize you could be looking at 10 years with no returns. And how many real investing and saving years does anyone ever have?

He mentions that factors such as record low bond yields, increasing inflation and rising taxes are making it difficult for retirees and those approaching retirement, to protect and grow their wealth by following the traditional advice most finance professionals give.

With 20% to 40% of your portfolio in bonds – I can GUARANTEE you will lose money over time.

He certainly paints a bleak picture.

But what does he point to as the solution?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, this is all part of a presentation that goes by the name “Retirement Wake-Up Call” and “The Crisis Countdown Begins” that he uses to pitch his service, Income Intelligence.

So the main solution to all of this, according to the presentation, is to join Income Intelligence.

Anyway, later in the presentation, Doc’s colleague Matt Weinschenk chimes in and states that “if you had put $100,000 in a 60/40 portfolio in 1973 it would have grown to over $7.5 million.”

He goes on to say that:

If you use the smarter approach we developed, however – what we’re calling our model – our back testing shows that you could have made over $18 million

That’s a fairly bold statement.

But I guess that is over a period of over five decades, and they do disclose that there are risks involved. So it’s not like they’re saying you can get rich quick or anything.

Quite the opposite actually, this is geared towards being a very conservative service.

In any case, Matt also states that, with their model, instead of seeing market corrections of over 35% since 1973, you may have only seen 12% drops.

So Doc’s approach could potentially reduce some of the downside risk, which is something that many investors, particularly retirees, are concerned about.

But how exactly does Income Intelligence work?

And is David Eifrig the real deal?

Read on.

How Does Income Intelligence Work?

Income Intelligence is an income advisory service that’s designed to help subscribers earn an income from things like dividend paying stocks, bonds, and alternative investments.

The service is headed up by Dr. David Eifrig and his colleague, Matt Weinschenk, who provide investing recommendations and detailed insights, aimed at helping subscribers earn as much money as possible, and with as little risk as possible.

And it’s especially suited to those in, or entering, retirement.

The types of investment opportunities they recommend vary in scope from dividend paying stocks, corporate bonds, municipals, REITs and even some options plays.

As Doc puts it:

Income Intelligence covers every single income investment in the United States markets, things like dividend stocks, MLPs or master limited partnerships, REITs, BDCs, utilities, preferred shares, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, treasuries, and yes, even some options… We have recommendations where you can potentially earn money on anything from salmon farms, to cellphone towers, to bakeries…

In any case, the common thread among the types of investments he recommends, however, is that they are focussed on American markets and aim to provide opportunities that are both lower risk and that produce income.

We are obsessed with showing you ways you could potentially put money back in your pockets. That’s it. Our entire guiding principle.

He goes on to provide examples of some of the actual gains subscribers of the service have benefited from over the years. None of which are particularly exciting, at least not from my perspective, but if his strategy really is as low risk as it sounds, that seems pretty good.

Here are some of the examples David lists of opportunities he’s recommended:

  • 79% gain on a gold royalty company.
  • 86% gain on a global investment firm.
  • 54% and 55% gains on two unique income plays.
  • 79% gain on an alternative investment management company.
  • 136% gain on a foreign exchange business.
  • 46% gain on an American retailer.
  • 64% gain on Target Corporation.

Doc then states that, historically, their recommendations have provided subscribers of Income Intelligence with an average gain of 11% after eight years.

Which again, isn’t particularly exciting. But as Doc stresses that the average return in stocks over the last 100 years has been around 8% and that his service is “tracking or beating the returns of the market but using super conservative plays.”

In any case, the way the Income Intelligence service works is fairly straightforward.

The idea is to signup to the service on the Stansberry Research website for $1,500, which gives you 12 months access to monthly newsletters and the model portfolio.

Each newsletter is published electronically on the third Thursday of every month, and the newsletters contain an overview of the markets, a new recommendation, and detailed insights to help educate you on what Doc is recommending.

The model portfolio includes all of the recommendations Doc is currently recommending, along with the price he recommends buying at.

The Stansberry Research website points out that you need around $5,000 to get started, there are typically 20-30 positions held at any one point in time, and each position typically lasts for two years and often longer. So this is more of a longer term strategy.

Who Is Dr. David Eifrig (AKA Doc)?

Dr. David Eifrig (otherwise known as Doc) is the lead editor of the Income Intelligence service, and one of Stansberry Research’s most esteemed investing experts.

According to his Stansberry Research profile page, Dr. Eifrig was once an “elite derivatives trader at the investment bank Goldman Sachs.”

And after spending more than a decade on Wall Street, he decided to become a medical doctor. During which time he helped start a small biotech company that was later sold for $125 million in 2008, which is around the time he joined Stansberry Research.

Ever since, he has been sharing his insights on retirement investing with his followers. In particular, with his most popular service called Retirement Millionaire.

Dr. Eifrig works closely with other experts too, like Chartered Financial Analyst Matt Weinschenk and analyst Jeff Havenstein, to bring subscribers the Income Intelligence service.

Bottom Line

Income Intelligence is an income advisory service that’s designed to help subscribers earn an income from things like dividend stocks and bonds. According to the Stansberry Research website, it’s one of their more conservative services and aims to produce lower risk returns.

On the plus side, I think this could be worth considering if you’re either in retirement or planning for it, since that’s who the service mostly caters for. It’s pretty much the opposite of many of the popular services promising large gains in very little time.

You know… the ones promising to show you some “little-known stock” that could make you rich within a few months.

On the other hand, there are still risks involved. Any type of investing is risky, no matter what you’re investing in, what strategy you’re using, or who you’re following.

So just because Income Intelligence is marketed as “safer” than other services, doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed not to lose money. But I do think this service has potential, especially considering Dr. David Eifrig’s reputation and track record.

Either way, if you don’t want to spend $1,500 on this, it might be worth checking out Dr. Eifrig’s Retirement Millionaire service, which is a similar service but much less expensive.

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