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David Eifrig presentation about three Health Care Singularity stocks.

What Are David Eifrig’s 3 “Health Care Singularity” Picks?

In a recent Stansberry Research presentation, Dr. David Eifrig teased three “Health Care Singularity” stocks that he says have the potential for 1,000% gains. In short, it was part of a pitch for a new service he’s launched called Prosperity Investor, which costs $2,000 to join. And Eifrig reveals his stock picks in a report called “The No. 1 Opportunity of My Life: 3 Chances at 1,000%-Plus Gains in the Health Care Singularity,” which subscribers of the service get access

Will Dr. Eifrig’s New Era Playbook Help You Beat Inflation?

In a recent Stansberry Research presentation, Dr. David Eifrig states that America is about to experience one of its most significant inflationary periods in history. And according to Eifrig, “The New Era Playbook” can help. In short, it’s a report that he and his team have put together on how they believe this “new inflationary era” is likely to play out, and it’s aimed at helping you protect and grow your wealth. In this article, I’ll discuss why Eifrig is

What Is Dr. David Eifrig’s “Financial Lockdown” About?

I’ve received several emails from Stansberry Research lately, and one of them led me to a presentation by Dr. David Eifrig about what he refers to as a “financial lockdown.” According to David Eifrig, he’s hoping the presentation will serve as a “final wake-up call” to Americans about what he sees as “one of the greatest inflationary periods” the U.S. has ever seen. And to share his “four-step plan” of protecting and growing your wealth. Is it the real deal?

Dr. David Eifrig’s Retirement Millionaire (Should You Join?)

Hi, and welcome to my review of Dr. David Eifrig’s Retirement Millionaire. I discovered this service through a presentation about creating a better retirement on the Stansberry Research website. In it, Doc says there are many uncertainties facing retirees and that he has the solution to helping you live a healthier, wealthier retirement. I wanted to learn more, so I spent some time looking into Retirement Millionaire to see if it was worth joining or not. And in this review,

David Eifrig’s Income Intelligence (Earn Retirement Income?)

Hello and thanks for stopping by. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at Dr. David Eifrig’s Income Intelligence service. I discovered this service through a video presentation on the Stansberry Research website titled “The Crisis Countdown Begins,” featuring David Eifrig and Matt Weinschenk, which also goes by the name “The Retirement Wake-Up Call.” In the presentation, David says there’s a crisis coming and that “smart, hard working Americans could be hit first.” He says it’s important to prepare