What Is Charles Mizrahi’s “L5 Revolution” Stock? (Revealed)

Today we’ll be discussing a new presentation from Charles Mizrahi called “The L5 Revolution” which I recently stumbled across on the Banyan Hill website.

According to the headline of the presentation, it’s all about why you should invest in an “overlooked industry” that could grow 63,000% over the next decade.

As usual, my curiosity led me to taking a closer look into what Charles was talking about and which stock he was teasing, and I decided to share what I found with you in this article.

Here’s a quick summary of what it’s all about:

  • The L5 Revolution Event is a presentation by Charles Mizrahi of Banyan Hill that’s used to promote his paid advisory service, Alpha Investor, which costs $47 to join.
  • Charles uses the term “L5 Revolution” to describe the rising adoption of autonomous vehicles (AVs) and how it could become a $7 trillion industry by 2050.
  • The “L5” part of Charles’ presentation refers to “Level 5 autonomous vehicles,” the highest designation given to an AV by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). And it basically means that no human intervention is required to operate the AV. It can operate in all terrain and weather conditions, anywhere in the world, all year round.
  • Charles says that LiDAR technology, used in AVs to help map the surrounding environment, is the “lynchpin” technology that could unleash the L5 Revolution. And that he knows of one “little LiDAR company” that’s going to “lead the way and ride this 63,000% growth in the AV market.”
  • Charles details the company he’s referring to in a report titled “The No. 1 Autonomous Vehicle Stock of the Decade” which you can only get if you join Alpha Investor. Based on my research, however, I believe the stock he’s teasing is Innoviz Technologies (INVZ), because it matches up very closely with the clues he provides in the presentation.

Read on for my full breakdown of Charles’ autonomous vehicle prediction, and to learn more about his Alpha Investor service before joining.

Charles Mizrahi’s “The L5 Revolution” Event

I first heard about The L5 Revolution event through an email that took me to a presentation on the Banyan Hill website, featuring host Corrina Sullivan and investing guru Charles Mizrahi.

The L5 Revolution presentation featuring Corrina Sullivan and Charles Mizrahi.
The L5 Revolution presentation featuring Corrina Sullivan and Charles Mizrahi. (Source: pro.banyanhill.com/p/CMZLDR2021_47/ECMZX782)

The presentation began with Corrina introducing Charles and talking about what he’s accomplished over the years.

She talked about how he has almost four decades of experience, how he’s helped people avoid market crashes, and how he’s recommended lots of great opportunities over the years.

From there, Charles began talking about his latest prediction.

He started by pointing out that 5G, AI and green energy will add trillions of dollars to the economy, but how there’s one overlooked industry set to grow exponentially this decade.

He says this industry will change how we live, work and play. And that it will add $7 trillion of new wealth by 2050, and could grow by 63,000% by 2030…

And what I found was research from Strategy Analytics saying this new industry will add $7 trillion of new wealth to the global economy by 2050. And from another source, grow 63,000% by 2030.

Source: pro.banyanhill.com/p/CMZLDR2021_47/ECMZX782/Full

What industry is he referring to?

The industry Charles is talking about is the autonomous vehicle (AV) industry, which he says is set to grow at around 63% per year and outpace the EV, AI and 5G industries combined.

What’s an autonomous vehicle?

Wikipedia defines an autonomous vehicle (AKA self-driving car) as a vehicle that is capable of sensing its environment and moving safely with little or no human input.

In other words, an AV is a vehicle that can drive itself.

Will the AV industry really be worth $7 trillion?

According to a 2017 report from Strategy Analytics, the “autonomous driving technology will enable a new Passenger Economy worth US$7 trillion in 2050.” So it seems as though Charles wasn’t just plucking random numbers from the air when he made that statement.

But will it really grow at 63%?


It looks like Charles might’ve been referencing a report from Million Insights that states that the AV market is “estimated to register 63.1% CAGR over the forecast duration, 2021 to 2030.”

So he seems to be on point with that one too.

That said, I’m not sure where he got the “63,000% by 2030” stat from. I’ve searched high and low for that and I was unable to find anything definitive.

In any case, Charles points out that AVs aren’t just going to change the way we drive ourselves around, but also massively disrupt the trucking sector.

Which makes sense, because more and more people are shopping online these days, which is naturally going to increase the demand for local delivery services across the U.S.

He also points out that, not only is the demand for delivery services sky high, but there’s a shortage of drivers. And he mentions a report from the American Trucking Association that states there could be a shortage of 100,000 drivers in the next two years.

So, long story short, Charles says that autonomous vehicles could represent a $7 trillion industry, and that it could massively disrupt both the transportation and delivery sectors.

He also points out that the reason AVs aren’t already in full swing is due to a “single technology” that “is the catalyst for igniting the explosion in AV growth.”

He calls it a “lynchpin” technology and says it “makes L5 AVs possible.”

What technology is he talking about?

The “single technology” Charles is referring to in the presentation is called LiDAR technology (more on this shortly) and the “L5 AVs” he’s referring to are Level 5 autonomous vehicles.

So he’s more or less saying that LiDAR technology is the key to making level 5 autonomous vehicles (L5 AVs) happen, and that these vehicles could be game changing.

What’s a Level 5 autonomous vehicle?

I’m no expert on AVs, but there are six “levels” of autonomous vehicles (from 0-5 inclusive) and each represents a different stage in autonomy.

Basically, the higher the rating, the more autonomous it is, and Level 5 is the highest designation given to an AV by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

Here’s how Wikipedia describes Level 5 autonomous vehicles:

No human intervention is required at all. An example would be a robotic vehicle that works on all kinds of surfaces, all over the world, all year around, in all weather conditions.

Wikipedia (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-driving_car)

As of writing, Level 5 AVs are still undergoing testing, so they aren’t available to the general public yet. But when they are, I think it goes without saying that it’ll be a huge deal.

What is LiDAR technology?

According to an article on Automotive World, LiDAR (light detection and ranging) is a “sonar that uses pulsed laser waves to map the distance to surrounding objects” and it’s used “by a large number of autonomous vehicles to navigate environments in real time.”

The same article points out that, while LiDAR is suitable for 3D mapping and could be vital for the development of Level 5 AVs, it could also “become an expensive redundancy” if companies like Tesla are able to avoid using it.

I did some research, and there does seem to be some debate around LiDAR tech.

For example, according to this article on VentureBeat, Tesla doesn’t think self-driving cars need LiDAR and uses a different, vision-based, technology in their autonomous vehicles.

So, even though though LiDAR is an incredible technology, and it could be the key to enabling fully autonomous self-driving cars, it’s not exactly a sure thing either.

However, the Automotive World article also points out that there’s a lot of opportunity for improvement within LiDAR technology. In particular, it states that solid-state sensors could reduce the cost of implementing LiDAR technology in AVs ten-fold, and make it a lot better.

Which is what Charles’ prediction has to do with. During the presentation, Charles points out that the company he’s betting on is the leader in solid-state LiDAR technology.

So let’s take a look at which company he’s teasing…

What’s Charles Mizrahi’s L5 Revolution Stock?

When LiDAR first came out, it cost as much a $75,000 which didn’t exactly make it suitable for mass adoption. It was also a huge, unsightly contraption that sat on the roof of a vehicle.

According to Charles Mizrahi, however, companies like Ford and Amazon have been investing billions to make it smaller, better and cheaper.

And he says that one company is leading the way…

And there’s one company, trading at $10 right now, that’s set to ride this massive growth to incredible highs.

You see, this company has created a LiDAR that can fit in the palm of your hand … and, Corrina, it costs as low as $400.


They’re aiming for $100 in the very near future..

He says this company is the leader in solid-state LiDAR technology.

Which, from what I understand, makes them better, cheaper and more efficient because they use sensors based on a silicon chip instead of mechanically moving parts like motors and gears.

Here’s how Charles describes this technology:

Solid-state is a technology where there are no moving parts. And not only is it safer, it’s more durable, it takes up less power and it’s cheaper.

What company is he teasing?

Here are the other main clues he provides in the presentation:

That’s one of the reason BMW has already partnered with this company.

What’s more — it’s got partnerships with four of the leading tier-one OEMs.

This CEO served as an officer in an elite intelligence unit before building his LiDAR company. In fact, this company’s executive team is made up of a lot of alumni from that same unit.

And this CEO has gone on to win awards as CEO of the year in his industry … the CES Innovation Award … twice … Most Innovative Startup … and his company has been named World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer.

And he’s got Samsung, Softbank Ventures Asia and Magma Venture Partner as his investors.

As you’ll see, it’s a U.S.-based company.

Based on these clues, I think it’s a company called Innoviz Technologies (INVZ).

Here’s why I say this:

  • The company describes itself as a “leading provider of high-performance, solid-state LiDAR sensors and perception software.”
  • According to an article on spectrum.ieee.org, the company said they hoped to have a $100 LiDAR in production by 2018, which I’m guessing they’re still working on.
  • BMW, Samsung, Softbank and Magma are all either partners or investors in Innoviz Technologies according to an October 2020 investor presentation.
  • It has four major tier-one original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners.
  • According to the company website, the CEO, Omer Keilaf, was named CEO of the Year by the 2018 Image Sensors Europe Awards. And Innoviz was named a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and was a CES Innovation Award winner.
  • The stock is currently trading at around USD$8 per share under the ticker (NASDAQ: INVZ).

The only piece of the puzzle I am unclear on, is why Charles called it a “U.S.-based company” when the company is Headquartered in Israel.

Maybe because the stock is listed on Nasdaq?

I’m not sure.

But other than that it’s an almost perfect fit.

So I believe Innoviz Technologies is Charles Mizrahi’s number one autonomous vehicle stock recommendation for the 2020s.

That is just a guess though.

To find out for sure you need to join his service, Alpha Investor, for $47.

Because when you join this service through his “L5 Revolution” presentation, you get access to a special report titled “The No. 1 Autonomous Vehicle Stock of the Decade” which details the stock he’s recommending and why he’s recommending it.

I’m quite confident I’ve nailed it, but even still, it could still be worth joining his service to find out why he’s recommending it, and to get the other benefits that come with his service. So let’s take a closer look at what Alpha Investor is about and how it works.

Overview of the Alpha Investor Service

Alpha Investor is Charles Mizrahi’s flagship investment advisory service that gives you access to Charles’ stock recommendations, analysis and insights on a monthly basis.

At the core of the service are the monthly issues of Alpha Investor, or as he calls them “Monthly Briefings.” This is where he outlines a new investment he’s interested in and why.

But you also get access to other resources aimed at helping you become a successful investor.

For example, the model portfolio which shows you all of Charles’ current recommendations and the details on each. Weekly updates on the model portfolio and what’s going on in the market. And trade alerts that show you when to enter and exit a position.

And, if you signup through the L5 Revolution presentation, you get a few bonus reports that show you specific stocks Charles is bullish on, and a guide designed to help you get started.

  • The No. 1 Autonomous Vehicle Stock of the Decade
  • The Leader of the $15.7 Trillion AI Revolution
  • The Emerging Superstars of AI
  • The Alpha Investing Manual

What sort of stocks does Charles recommend?

Charles recommends companies in a range of industries, not just those in the autonomous vehicles space. But he does tend to sway towards recommending innovative tech companies and opportunities within emerging trends. Or as he often refers to them, mega trends.

For example, he recommends opportunities related to artificial intelligence, 5G technology, biotech, AVs and genomics among others.

How does he choose the stocks he recommends?

Charles has been in the investing world for almost 40 years, so he has a lot of experience under his belt. And he works with other expert analysts at Banyan Hill Publishing to find opportunities. So that’s a big part of how he’s been able to recommend great stocks.

But he says there are three main things a company must have for him to recommend it.

According to Charles, the company must:

  • Be in an industry with a tailwind;
  • Be run by a “rock star” CEO;
  • And be trading at a bargain price.

In other words, he looks for companies in an innovative industry with lots of growth potential, that’s run by someone with good leadership skills, and with a stock he thinks is undervalued.

How much does it cost to join?

The cost to join Alpha Investor is normally $199 but it does depend on when and where you join. As of writing, if you signup through the L5 Revolution promotion, it only costs $47.

Who’s Charles Mizrahi?

Charles Mizrahi during the L5 Revolution event.
Charles Mizrahi

Charles Mizrahi is an investing expert with almost four decades of experience.

He’s also the lead editor of Alpha Investor, one of Banyan Hill Publishing’s most popular advisory services, and he’ run a number of presentations aimed at promoting it.

For example, a while back he ran a presentation about a hidden innovation on boats that had to do with investing in what he called the AI revolution. And, more recently, he was part of a presentation called Miracle On Main Street.

And these are just two examples. Charles is quite well-known in the financial education space and runs different presentations to promote his Alpha Investor service.

Prior to getting into financial education, his bio on the Banyan Hill website states that Charles started his career as a trader at the New York Futures Exchange when he was just 20 years old. And before long, became the number one market timer in the whole of the United States.

He also founded his own money management firm in his twenties, and worked for investment banks like Citigroup, The Goldman Sachs Group and Credit Suisse.

And apparently, he was able to use his skills to avoid the 1987 stock market crash, the dot-com bubble in the late 90s, and the 2008 financial crisis. As well as recommend a whole bunch of successful investments to his followers.

For example, the L5 Revolution presentation points out that Charles has recommended companies like Microsoft (1,066% gain), Apple (670% gain), and a company called II-VI which has apparently doubled since he recommended it. Among many others.

And according to Banynan Hill, Charles was ranked one of America’s No.1 traders by Barron’s, has been featured on The Wall Street Journal and appeared on CNBC.

This doesn’t mean everything Charles recommends will make you money. But he does seem like a real investing expert and he has recommended some great companies over the years.

Bottom Line

The L5 Revolution event is a presentation featuring Charles Mizrahi, who talks about what he sees as a huge opportunity within the autonomous vehicle industry.

He says AVs could represent a $7 trillion industry and grow by 63% each year, and that the lynchpin technology that could bring Level 5 AVs to the masses is LiDAR.

He also says that he’s interested in one “little LiDAR company” in particular, which he says is leading the way on this technology, and he reveals it in a report titled “The No. 1 Autonomous Vehicle Stock of the Decade” which you get as part of joining his Alpha Investor service.

Is it worth it?

You do get a lot of value with the Alpha Investor service for $47. So it could be worth checking out, especially if you’re interested in investing in emerging tech companies.

Not only do you get the full details on Charles’ AV stock, but you also get access to all of his current Alpha Investor recommendations, and his picks for the next 12 months.

That said, I wouldn’t expect to join and get rich overnight. Even though the autonomous vehicle industry is an exciting one, and Charles Mizrahi is an expert, there are no guarantees.

It can be just as easy to lose money speculating on stocks as it can be to make money. So I always recommend weighing up the risks and making your own choice about what’s right for you.

Either way, I hope you found this helpful.

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