What Is Andy Snyder’s “#1 Lidar Stock?” (Exposed)

Andy Snyder’s latest pitch centers around a California-based small-cap company that he refers to as his “#1 lidar stock” and “#1 play for 2022 and beyond.”

Snyder didn’t reveal his pick in the presentation, but he did share a lot of clues about it, so I think we’ll be able to uncover this one pretty easily.

He also teased three “Made in the USA” stocks in the video, and I was able to uncover at least two (maybe three) of them based on the clues he shared.

So with that said, let’s unpack Andy Snyder’s teaser…

Why Is Andy Snyder So Bullish on Lidar?

In his latest pitch about lidar, Andy Snyder said that he believes this tech has the power to “increase economic growth,” “make us all wealthier,” and “save millions of lives.”

I don’t know about saving millions of lives or making us all wealthier, but I tend to agree that automation (which lidar is part of) could have a positive impact on the world over time and potentially bring down prices for many goods and services.

What is lidar?

Light detection and ranging (lidar) uses lasers to measure the distance between surrounding objects and the receiver. And among other things, this tech is used to help autonomous electric vehicles and robots navigate the surrounding area (i.e., “see”).

Here’s how Snyder describes it:

“It’s called lidar, short for ‘light detection and ranging.’

Lidar is the key that will bring about a complete transformation of our society.

In short, lidar uses ultra-high-definition lasers to build exact 3D models of the physical world, allowing vehicles to ‘see’ their surroundings.

It can detect and identify everything from vehicles to trees to buildings to pedestrians…

Even the lines painted on the road!”

As for why he’s so bullish, Snyder talked about numerous ways in which this tech could potentially benefit society in the presentation.

For example, aside from autonomous vehicles, he talked about how lidar technology could be used with robotic automation to help improve manufacturing, agriculture, and supply chains (among other things).

And regarding his top lidar pick, Snyder said that no company has gotten him “this excited before” and that it “could be like getting in early on Tesla.”

“Because no company has ever gotten me this excited before.

It’s a small cap stock based right here in America…

And because it just listed on the New York Stock Exchange…

Today, you can get in on the ground floor.

If you act quickly, this could be like getting in early on Tesla.

Make no mistake: This is the next great American stock.

It will make the old-fashioned slogan ‘Made in the USA’ powerful once again.”

Why is Snyder so bullish on this company?

The best way to know that would be to see his “Lidar Revolution” report.

However, one of main points Snyder made in the presentation was how lidar used to be super expensive (which limited its use) but a “brilliant innovation has made lidar affordable” and “pushed one small company to the leading edge of the market.”

“This high cost severely limited its use.

But now a brilliant innovation has made lidar affordable…

Sent its demand skyward…

And pushed one small company to the leading edge of the market.

It’s, hands down, my #1 play for 2022 and beyond.”

According to Snyder, the company he’s teasing is able to fit “128 lasers on a single chip,” and has been able to “drop the price of its lidar” down to “as low as $200 per sensor.”

“Currently, it’s able to fit 128 lasers on a single chip – far beyond the capabilities of any of its competitors.”


“In fact, the company has been able to drop the price of its lidar dramatically.

Today, it’s down as low as $200 per sensor… five times cheaper than what many of the company’s competitors charge.

And prices could drop even lower in the future… making this company the premier player in this space.”

He summed it up by saying that the company’s “patented digital lidar” is “revolutionizing the industry” and that it is smaller, cheaper, and more durable.

“This little company’s patented digital lidar is revolutionizing the industry.

It’s smaller, cheaper, more durable… and it has 184 bulletproof patents protecting it.”

Aside from that, Snyder said that the company has a “real chance to snag Apple as a partner,” which is something numerous “gurus” have spruiked in similar pitches I’ve written about lately (that have been focused on different companies).

“Plus, this company has the real chance to snag Apple as a partner.

We know Apple’s looking…

We know this company has a personal connection…

And we know it has the type of cutting-edge technology that Apple wants.”

What lidar company is Snyder teasing?

Let’s find out!

Andy Snyder’s “#1 Lidar Company” Revealed

Based on what we’ve already discussed, we know Snyder’s pick is a company focused on lidar technology, that it apparently has 184 patents, and we have a general idea about the cost and features of its lidar sensors.

We also know that the company “just listed on the New York Stock Exchange.”

What else did Snyder say about his pick?

For starters, he said it’s a “California-based juggernaut” with a U.S.-based factory:

“On the other hand, the California-based juggernaut I’ve been telling you about ALREADY has a U.S.-based factory up and running at full speed.”

Second, he dropped some clues about its share price and market cap:

“It has a $347 million market cap.

It’s still tiny!

And incredibly, it trades for under $2.”

Third, Snyder said the company has received a ‘Buy American’ certification:

“And the company recently received a ‘Buy American’ certification for its top tech products.

This is important because the Buy American Act requires the U.S. government to use American-made products in its purchases whenever possible…”

Fourth, he said the company has over 600 customers:

“It has over 600 customers (including Fortune 500 companies)…”

And fifth, Snyder shared some hints about the company’s CEO. Most notably, he shared the following quote from the CEO, which is what led me right to his pick:

“‘We’re going to be able to double, quadruple, 10X the resolution, without any change [in cost].'”

That last clue led me to an article on arstechnica.com, which shows that the above statement, which Snyder shared in the presentation, was made by Ouster CEO Angus Pacala. And after looking into Snyder’s other clues, I believe Ouster (ticker: OUST) is his pick.

Here’s a breakdown of why:

  • Ouster is a California-based company that builds high-resolution 3D lidar sensors for autonomous vehicles, robotics, drones, mapping, defense, and security systems. So it matches the type of company Snyder described.
  • The company’s stock (OUST) is trading at under $2 a share and has a market cap of around $300 million at the time of writing (June 2022). And keeping in mind that the presentation’s date stamp is May 2022, I’d say that’s a match.
  • According to the home page of the company website, Ouster has over 600 customers, some of which include Fortune 500 companies. The site also says that the company has over 250 patents granted and pending.
  • Unless I missed it, the company site doesn’t specifically say its sensors have “128 lasers.” However, it does make 128 channel lidar sensors.
  • It’s unclear how much Ouster’s lidar sensors are selling for right now. But the company’s latest investor presentation (May 2022) provides information about its sensors and pricing, which could be what Snyder has based his statements on.
  • Lastly, in mid-2021, Ouster announced that its digital lidar sensors are now “Buy American and Buy America certified.”

Based on all of that, I believe Andy Snyder’s “#1 lidar stock” is Ouster.

If you want to know for sure, Andy Snyder reveals his lidar pick and why he likes the company in a report called “The Lidar Revolution: My #1 Play for 2022,” which you can access by joining his service, the Manward Letter.

I’ll discuss that service shortly. But first, Snyder teased three other stocks in the presentation. So let’s take a look at those now.

What 3 “Made in the USA” Stocks Is Snyder Teasing?

During the presentation, Andy Snyder teased three other companies that he has dubbed “Made in the USA” stocks. And I think I know what at least two of them are.

Here’s a breakdown of each pick…

“Made in the USA Stock #1”

Snyder didn’t say much about this pick, but the clues he did share were specific.

“The company is currently building the largest, most advanced, most efficient manufacturing facility in its 118-year history.

And its latest product is so highly anticipated, it sold out before even hitting the market!”

According to AP News, Ford and a partner company say they are planning to build three major electric-vehicle battery factories that, combined, will “mark the single largest manufacturing investment the 118-year-old company has ever made…”

What’s more, according to topgear.com, Ford’s F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck has already sold out its first year of production in the U.S.

So, Snyder’s first “Made in the USA” pick appears to be Ford Motor Company (F).

“Made in the USA Stock #2”

According to Andy Snyder, his second Made in the USA pick is an “industrial/tech blend” company that has “handed investors 308% gains over the last five years.”

“This impressive play quite literally helped shape our nation.

It’s handed investors 308% gains over the last five years, and it just keeps chugging higher.

While most would call this company an industrial stock… I see it as an industrial/tech blend.”


“One high-profile investor recently called it a tech company… and even added it to one of her firm’s tech ETFs.

Its high-tech products are making our blue-collar businesses faster, more efficient and more profitable…”

My first thought on this one was Amazon.

But upon taking a closer look, that didn’t match Snyder’s clues.

So the next thing I did was look into what companies Cathie Wood has added to her firm’s ETFs recently since she could be the “high-profile investor” Snyder was referring to. And according to Motley Fool, Wood recently added to her existing stakes in Shopify (SHOP).

From there, I looked at a Shopify price chart, which has gone up around 300% over the past five years. So that lines up with another clue Snyder shared.

As for what Snyder said about most people calling it an “industrial stock,” that part has me baffled. Shopify is an e-commerce company, so I’m not seeing how that fits.

Still, it could potentially be a match.

“Made in the USA Stock #3”

Last but not least, Snyder teased a U.S. company that he says “thrives on lucrative government contracts.”

“This American company runs a rock-solid business that thrives on lucrative government contracts…

And right now… they’re pouring in.

It just won a $62 million contract with the U.S. Army and an even bigger $207 million contract with the Department of Defense.”


“According to CNN Business, 11 polled analysts put the median price target for the next 12 months at $65… a jump of 46%.”

According to PR Newswire, KBR, a U.S. company that delivers science, technology, and engineering solutions to governments and companies globally, was awarded a $62 million task order to provide research and analysis for the U.S. Army.

And according to thedefensepost.com, KBR was awarded a $207 million contract to upgrade the Patriot missile system. And the site says that the task order was awarded under the Department of Defense Information Analysis Center.

What’s more, the last clue Snyder shared suggests that the price of the company’s stock when he released the presentation (May 2022) was around $44 (ish) per share, which KBR, Inc. (ticker: KBR) was trading at around that time.

So, KBR appears to be Andy Snyder’s third “Made in the USA” pick.

How can you find out for sure?

Snyder details his three Made in the USA stock picks in a report called “Homegrown Wealth: Made in the USA.” And this report, like the last one, comes with a paid subscription to his Manward Letter service.

Snyder also shares a report called “Automate Everything: 3 Stocks for Big Profits” with subscribers, but he didn’t reveal any clues about those picks in the presentation, so I’m not sure what they are.

In any case, long story short, the best way to find out what companies Snyder is teasing and access his research about each pick would be to join Manward Letter.

What Is the Manward Letter?

The Manward Letter is Andy Snyder’s flagship investment research service, where he shares his latest stock picks and research each month with subscribers. And according to Snyder, it’s “designed to show Main Street Americans how to achieve TRUE financial freedom.”

Each month, subscribers receive a newsletter that contains Snyder’s take on the economy and stock market and his latest investment idea. Subscribers also get access to the research reports I mentioned earlier, a model portfolio, and other resources.

Who’s behind it? The newsletter is run by Snyder, and the company behind the service is called Manward Press, a Baltimore-based company he founded in 2016.

How much does it cost? The service is reasonably priced ($49, $79, or $129, depending on which membership option you choose). And it auto-renews at $79 per year.

Is it legit? I’m not a member of the Manward Letter myself, but it looks like a genuine service. That doesn’t mean you’ll make money by joining, though. No service can promise you that.

If you want to know what other companies Andy Snyder has teased before deciding, check out my recent writeup about Snyder’s top EV stock pick.

That’s a similar post to this one, so it may help give you a better idea of what other types of companies he’s interested in before joining.

Bottom Line

According to a new Manward Press stock teaser, Andy Snyder believes that lidar is the “key that will bring about a complete transformation of our society.” And he teased his “#1 lidar company” in the presentation, which my research suggests is Ouster.

In the same presentation, Snyder also teased three “Made in the USA” companies, which appear to be Ford, Shopify, and KBR (although I’m not very sure about the second one).

What do you think?

Are my guesses on the money here, or could Snyder be teasing something else? Let me know in the comments if you want to share your take. Thanks for reading!

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