What Is Andy Snyder’s No. 1 EV Stock Pick?

The electric vehicle (EV) market has seen substantial growth in recent years, and with this trend set to continue, it’s no wonder new EV startups are vying for the top spot.

And according to Andy Snyder, one new electric car company, which he refers to as his “No. 1 EV stock,” could grow 9x faster than Tesla.

Snyder says he’s “never seen a bigger growth story” in his 20-year finance career and even suggests that his EV pick “could help fund your retirement.”

What company is he teasing?

Andy Snyder reveals his pick in a research report called “This Single EV Stock Could Help Fund Your Retirement,” which comes with a $49 Manward Letter subscription.

However, I didn’t want to join his service just to find out what company he was recommending, so I looked into the clues he shared to see what I could find.

I also looked into four “bonus” EV picks he teased.

And in this post, I’ll show you exactly what my research uncovered.

Revealed: Andy Snyder’s “No. 1 EV Stock”

One of the core themes in Andy Snyder’s presentation is that the EV company he’s teasing could surpass Tesla as the leader in the electric car space and how investing in it “early” could be a “second chance” if you missed out on investing in Tesla.

“So this could be like a second chance if you missed out on Tesla.

But I believe this company is in a unique position to surpass Tesla as one of the world’s premier electric vehicle companies.”

Source: pro.manwardpress.com/p/EVTO79MWLLT2YRDSMTDMTDLTOMT/NMWLY311/Full

It’s no secret that numerous investors who bet on Tesla early have done exceptionally well for themselves; some have even become “Teslanaires,” which is cool.

Does that mean newer EV companies will see similar gains?

Not necessarily.

But Andy Snyder seems to think that his pick could be “much bigger.”

During the presentation, he showed numerous charts of successful EV companies, including Tesla, Workhorse Group, and NIO, that have seen massive gains over the years. And he said the gains from his “No. 1 EV stock” could be “much bigger.”

At one point, he even suggested it was the “perfect stock.”

“So this company meets every metric you could want in a perfect stock:

1. A breakthrough product that’s far better than its competitors

2. Huge growth potential over the next few years in one of the hottest sectors ($12.8 billion is flooding into the EV market.)

3. An ultra-cheap price… for those who get in now.”

What makes this company’s EV “far better?”

Andy Snyder provided lots of insight into why he’s bullish on this company’s electric vehicle, but for the most part, his thesis boiled down to how it addresses the “two main holdups keeping electric vehicles back” from mass adoption – range and charging time.

According to Snyder, the company’s EV can go 517 miles on a single charge, and its charging rate is 20 miles per minute, giving it the longest range and fastest charge time.

“So not only does it boast the longest range, but it also boasts the fastest charging rate out of ALL electric vehicles.”

Snyder also talked about how it can produce over 1,000 horsepower and listed a bunch of “state-of-the-art features” it has, which he claims are protected by “ironclad patents.”

“And these advantages are protected by 322 ironclad patents.

These include patents on the company’s…

1,080-horsepower, 32-part motor
Proprietary drivetrain
Quick-charge, long-range battery
Automated driving sensors
Motor cooling system
Dual-speed gearbox
Climate control system
Hundreds of other features!

That’s why I’m so excited about my No. 1 EV company.”

What else did Snyder say about the company?

Well, for starters, Snyder said that the company’s CEO was the “mastermind behind the Tesla Model S” and that the company has a large factory in Arizona.

“And this company’s CEO is just that: a true visionary.

He was the mastermind behind the Tesla Model S itself.”


“He’s quietly built up one of the world’s largest automotive factories in rural Arizona, about 50 miles southwest of Phoenix.

This factory is set to produce 50,000 all-American cars here each year starting in 2023… then ramp that up to 360,000 cars per year.”

He also talked about the company’s EV sale projections for 2022:

“In 2022, the company projects to sell more than 20,000 vehicles.

Remember, the company just went public…

Tesla sold just 2,650 of its Model S in 2012 after it went public!

But this company plans to deliver 20,000 of its car.

That’s a growth rate 9X faster than Tesla’s.”

And finally, Snyder said that the company “IPO’d in 2021.”

I could go on because he shared a lot of clues about this company, but what we’ve discussed so far are the main ones. And ironically, Snyder’s one clue about how the company’s CEO was the “mastermind behind the Tesla Model S” was all I really needed.

Why? Because there’s only one person I could find that fits that description. And that’s Peter Rawlinson, former lead engineer of Tesla’s Model S and CEO of Lucid Group (ticker: LCID), a California-based electric vehicle company.

What’s more, Lucid matches Snyder’s other clues like a glove.

Here’s an overview of why I say this:

  • According to the company website, Lucid’s flagship electric car, Lucid Air, has a max power of 1,111 horsepower, an “official EPA range” of up to 520 miles, and it takes approximately 20 minutes for a 300-mile charge. All of which is a match.
  • The number of patents Andy Snyder mentioned in the presentation lines up (almost) exactly with what is stated in Lucid’s July 2021 investor presentation, although I don’t know how relevant or important these are since I’m not a patent expert.
  • Lucid’s EV factory (dubbed “AMP-1”) is located on a 590-acre property in Casa Grande, Arizona. And according to the company website, it “has the capacity to deliver up to 30,000 units per year,” and the manufacturing capacity “will be up to 400,000 annually” in its final form.
  • According to autoweek.com, Lucid had originally planned to produce 20,000 units of the Air sedan in 2022, but the company reduced this to “between 12,000 and 14,000” earlier this year, citing supply chain issues.

So, bottom line, Lucid looks like Andy Snyder’s “No. 1 EV stock.”

Is it a good investment?

I’m not a stock picker, so that’s not something I can comment on.

However, I was curious enough to research this company further, and in the process, I came across an article about Lucid on Motley Fool, which is quite informative.

In short, the article weighs up the pros and cons and compares Lucid to Tesla in some ways. So if you want a different perspective on the company, you may find that worthwhile.

You could also see Andy Synder’s report, “This Single EV Stock Could Help Fund Your Retirement,” which breaks down his pick (which I think is Lucid) in detail.

What Other EV Companies Is Snyder Teasing?

Andy Snyder teased four “bonus EV stocks” in the presentation, which he details in a report called “Four Stocks to Profit From an Electric Future.”

And after looking into his clues, I’ve managed to uncover three of them.

Bonus Pick 1

According to Snyder, this company invented the artificial intelligence (AI) hardware that runs self-driving vehicles and has 370 partnerships within the automotive sector.

“This company invented the AI hardware that runs self-driving vehicles.

And this technology will be in almost every new electric vehicle produced worldwide.

Already, this company has 370 partnerships within the automotive sector…

Including Tesla, Mercedes, Audi, Toyota, Hyundai and Volvo.”

My research suggests that this company could be Nvidia Corporation (NVDA).

Why? Because according to this Forbes article, Nvidia has “more than 370 companies” in its automotive ecosystem. And the company’s Nvidia Drive platform, which the company describes as a “family of products for autonomous vehicle development,” involves AI.

There’s no guarantee I’m right, especially with so few clues.

But Nvidia looks like his first “bonus” pick.

Bonus Pick 2

Andy Snyder’s second bonus pick is an EV battery charging company.

“This one company boasts the largest network of EV charging stations IN THE WORLD.

It has an incredible 73% market share of the charging stations in the U.S.

It counts 62% of Fortune 50 companies as customers – including Facebook, Netflix and Microsoft.”

As soon as Snyder said the company boasts the largest network of EV charging stations in the world, I immediately thought of ChargePoint (CHPT).

ChargePoint operates in over a dozen countries and, according to the company website, operates the largest EV charging network in the world.

And the reason I thought of this company right away is that I’ve seen numerous other stock pickers pitching this company lately, including Nomi Prins.

Bonus Pick 3

Snyder’s third “bonus” EV pick is a solid-state battery company, and the only tangible clues he shared were that the company’s battery is “protected by about 200 patents” and that Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Jack Ma, and Richard Branson have invested in it.

Based on those clues, my guess is QuantumScape (SQ).

QuantumScape is a U.S. company that makes lithium metal solid-state batteries for electric cars. Its stock saw a huge runup in late 2020 before trading down significantly this year. But some gurus still seem to like it, including Louis Navellier of InvestorPlace, who recommended it in his “#1 EV Breakthrough of 2022” presentation recently.

Bonus Pick 4

According to Andy Snyder, his final EV pick is leasing its fleet of electric and hybrid cars for a monthly fee, which he likens to a Netflix subscription. Aside from that, the other main clue he shared was that the company “trades for only around $10 now.”

“It’s taking a subscription model like that of Netflix… and applying it to cars.

For one monthly fee, you can access ANY car in its fleet.

You have zero mileage restrictions…

So you can drive as much as you want!

No contracts or hidden fees. You can pause or cancel anytime.

You never have to set foot in a dealership… A few clicks of a button and your car is delivered right to your house.”


“The stock trades for only around $10 now… but I believe it could trade for $100… $200… even $300 in the coming years.”

What could it be? I’m actually not sure about this one. I went through the clues, but nothing came up that matched what Snyder said, so this one’s a mystery.

Four out of five ain’t bad, though, right?

I thought so.

Anyway, if you want to find out what this company is, see if my previous guesses are correct, and access Snyder’s research, you’ll need to check out the Manward Letter service. Because that’s where Snyder shares his picks.

What Is The Manward Letter?

The Manward Letter is Andy Snyder’s flagship investment research service that he says is designed to help Main Street Americans achieve financial freedom.

“Manward Letter is my monthly research service designed to show Main Street Americans how to achieve TRUE financial freedom.”

The service is published by Manward Press, a Baltimore-based publishing company that Andy Snyder founded in 2016, but Snyder is the editor of the service.

Each month, Snyder shares his take on the economy, discusses the market, and shares his top investment idea with subscribers.

According to Snyder, at the core of Manward Letter’s investment system is Modern Asset Portfolio (MAP), which appears to be a strategy he developed that includes investing in a variety of different asset classes.

“Each stock fits with my proprietary Modern Asset Portfolio (MAP), which is the core of our investment system.

With the Modern Asset Portfolio, I don’t just use the same old mix of bonds, stocks, gold and cash anymore.

I believe new ideas can have a bigger impact on future wealth than virtually anything.

I’m talking about new technology, cryptocurrencies and alternative asset classes.”

How does it work?

The general idea is that Andy Snyder shares his top picks and research with subscribers each month, and from there, readers can decide which ideas to follow or pass up.

The resources subscribers get access to include the monthly newsletter, model stock portfolio, research reports, and training videos (among others).

How much does it cost?

The first 12 months’ access to Manward Letter, if you join through the presentation, is $49, which automatically renews at $79 every year thereafter. But there are higher-priced options for those that want additional bonuses.

Is it worth it?

I’m not a member of the Manward Letter, so I don’t know how worthwhile it is, but it looks like a legitimate service and comes with a 365-day refund, according to the site.

At the very least, joining Manward Letter would be the best way to learn about Andy Snyder’s picks. Because even if my guesses are right, Snyder has created research reports detailing the reasons behind his picks, which you get as a subscriber.

Bottom Line

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that electric vehicles are the future. Not just because of the potentially positive impact on the environment, but because EVs could prove to be a more affordable method of travel in the years ahead, all things considered.

Especially when you take into account things like bidirectional charging, which Matt McCall brought out in his V2G technology presentation, and the rise of autonomous EVs.

Does that mean you’ll get rich betting on EV stocks?

Not necessarily, no. There are some great electric car companies in the market, but at the end of the day, nobody knows which stocks will see big gains and which will fail. So there’s no guarantee you’ll make money following Snyder’s, or anyone’s, stock picks.

Nevertheless, I hope you found this post helpful. And as always, if you’d like to add your two cents, feel free to chime in below! Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “What Is Andy Snyder’s No. 1 EV Stock Pick?”

  1. +Thank you so much for your views. I do a little research myself and i hate paying someone for a little info. we need honest people to help the ignorant masses like me. ha ha

    • I don’t know about Snyder’s Novus publication, what tokens he’s into, or what his views are on token investing.

      However, I do know that I’m not a fan of “tokens” (aka altcoins) in general because many of them are pump and dump scams that will continue to get a lot of good people wrecked who have been led to believe that they are “better” than bitcoin because of x, y, or z by people who are pushing the “next hot thing” because it sells more newsletters.


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