Will Dr. Eifrig’s New Era Playbook Help You Beat Inflation?

In a recent Stansberry Research presentation, Dr. David Eifrig states that America is about to experience one of its most significant inflationary periods in history.

And according to Dr. Eifrig, “The New Era Playbook” can help.

In short, it’s a report that he and his team have put together on how they believe this “new inflationary era” is likely to play out, and it’s aimed at helping you protect and grow your wealth.

In this article, I’ll discuss why Dr. Eifrig is so concerned about inflation, what his report is about in more detail, and walk you through his four-step plan designed to help you beat inflation.

Dr. David Eifrig’s “New Era of Inflation” Thesis

I first heard about The New Era Playbook through a presentation on the Stansberry Research website titled “Are You Ready for FINANCIAL LOCKDOWN?” which I wrote about in this article.

In the presentation, Dr. Eifrig talks about how America is in a serious situation regarding inflation. One that he says could push millions of people out of the middle class, out of retirement, private health care, and essentially out of a decent life.

And he says he says this “collectivist nightmare” could lead to a “financial lockdown.”

What does that even mean?

According to Dr. Eifrig, a financial lockdown is what happens “when people are trapped by their own collapsing currency and their own deeply indebted government.”

He explains why he’s concerned about inflation in detail in the presentation, so it may be worth visiting the Stansberry Research website if you want the full details.

If you don’t feel like watching the presentation, the gist of his inflation thesis centers around things like loose monetary policy (AKA “money printing” from the Fed), large government debt, and excessive government spending.

Dr. Eifrig points out that these things, among others, are leading to higher inflation and excessive speculation in both real estate and financial markets.

Because as he points out, thanks to something called Money Illusion, people can mistakenly believe they’re getting wealth when asset prices are going up when in reality, it could be due to the value of the currency declining.

Anyway, long story short, Dr. Eifrig believes inflation is only going to get worse. And that it’ll be different from the inflation seen in the 1970s, which is why he calls it a “new era of inflation.”

Because, for starters, he doesn’t believe anyone at the Fed will be willing to raise interest rates to 22% as Paul Volcker did in 1981 (which subsequently reduced inflation). And second, he points out that there’s a considerable amount of debt in the system.

As a result of these factors, he says, “pushing interest rates higher could essentially bankrupt the nation.” And that’s a big part of why he believes inflation could be around for years.

What’s the solution?

The solution, according to Dr. Eifrig, can be found in The New Era Playbook.

What Is The New Era Playbook?

The New Era Playbook

The New Era Playbook is a special report on overcoming inflation put together by Dr. David Eifrig and the team at Stansberry Research.

According to Dr. Eifrig:

You’ll learn which assets are most likely to fall dramatically in value over the next few years as well as which stocks, bonds, and other investments to avoid.

In short, we’ll show you our FULL PLAYBOOK on exactly how we think this inflationary era will all play out… and all the steps you’ll want to take along the way to protect and grow your wealth.

Here’s a summary of what the report contains:

  • How the new era of inflation could result in a new political party.
  • 10 widely held stocks to sell as inflation escalates.
  • How to preserve and grow your cash savings.
  • How to generate “massive amounts of income” as inflation rises.
  • Protecting your money in the event of a bank run.
  • How to multiply your retirement savings by 300%.
  • The timeline of when Dr. Eifrig and his team believe inflation will play out.

So to sum it up, it’s a guide on inflation. And while there’s no shortage of resources aimed at helping people beat inflation, not all of them are developed by Dr. Eifrig.

And as I’ll explain shortly, this report is part of a “four-step plan” he’s developed, so there’s more to it than this one report. But before we get to that, let me give you the heads up on who Dr. Eifrig is since he’s the main person behind all of this.

Who Is Dr. David Eifrig?

Dr. David Eifrig
Dr. David Eifrig

Dr. David Eifrig, Jr is a former investment banker for Goldman Sachs, a medical doctor, and editor of several stock advisories for Stansberry Research.

The most well-known advisory he runs is probably Retirement Millionaire. This is a monthly newsletter focused on helping retirees live a more prosperous life during retirement. In it, he shares tips on saving money, growing your wealth, and protecting the wealth you already have.

He also runs several other services for Stansberry. For example, he’s the editor of a higher-end service called Income Intelligence which is primarily focused on helping subscribers generate investment income through things like dividend stocks.

Aside from being a medical doctor, investment expert, and stock advisory guru, Dr. Eifrig has founded a successful biotech company and has extensive academic achievements.

Not to mention, he has recommended some great stocks over the years and has a loyal reader base from across the globe.

That doesn’t mean everything he predicts works out. But he is a genuine expert and shares some great insights into things like inflation based on everything I’ve seen.

What Is Dr. Eifrig’s Four-Step Plan?

Earlier, we talked about The New Era Playbook and how this is Dr. Eifrig’s “solution” to helping people survive and thrive during times of high inflation.

However, this is only one “part” of his overall solution.

Dr. Eifrig and the team at Stansberry have put together a “four-step plan” designed to help subscribers of Retirement Millionaire protect and grow wealth as inflation rises.

Each “step” in the plan is laid out within a “special report” that you get with a subscription to Retirement Millionaire. So in that respect, the New Era Playbook is just one step out of four.

Here are the special reports that make up Dr. David Eifrig’s 4-step plan:

  • Step 1: New Era Playbook
  • Step 2: The Perfect Inflation-Era Portfolio
  • Step 3: The 100% Stock Boost
  • Step 4: The Two Most Valuable Assets In a Time of Crisis

Step 1: The New Era Playbook

As mentioned earlier, the New Era Playbook is a special report on overcoming inflation put together by Dr. David Eifrig and the team at Stansberry Research. And this represents the first “step” in his four-step plan to beat inflation.

Step 2: The Perfect Inflation-Era Portfolio

The next step in Dr. Eifrig’s plan is all about structuring your portfolio in preparation for inflation. Because, as he points out, some portfolios will perform better during high inflation than others, and the portfolio he and his team share in the “The Perfect Inflation-Era Portfolio” report.

You learn what assets to buy, which ones to sell, and how to allocate your portfolio. And according to Dr. Eifrig, it has performed five times better than the S&P 500 over the long term.

For example, we’ve found one portfolio which, over the long term, has performed about five times better than the S&P 500 stock market index, and about seven times better than the traditional portfolio most financial planners recommend (60% stocks and 40% bonds).

Step 3: The 100% Stock Boost

The third step involves both a report and a web-based software Dr. Eifrig says can help you track your investments and determine how to maximize your gains from each investment.

The report details how it works, and as a subscriber of Retirement Millionaire, you get access to the software, which Dr. Eifrig says he and his team spent over $10 million developing.

Step 4: The Two Most Valuable Assets In a Time of Crisis

The fourth and final step in the Dr. Eifrig’s four-step plan centers around two assets that he says have “proven to be among the best ways to protect and grow your wealth, even in the worst type of monetary crisis.”

What two assets is he talking about?

Well, Dr. Eifrig says it’s not gold, silver, bonds, or bitcoin. And that it’s “up over 2,010% over the long term since 1992, without a single down year.” He also says you could get it from your local bank. But that’s not a lot to go off, so I’m not sure what he’s talking about.

To find out what two assets he’s referring to, you’ll need to read the fourth report, which is titled “The Two Most Valuable Assets In a Time of Crisis.”

And the only way to access this report is to subscribe to Retirement Millionaire.

What Is Retirement Millionaire?

Retirement Millionaire is a stock advisory service published by Stansberry Research and edited by Dr. David Eifrig. Each month, subscribers receive a new issue of the newsletter, which contains money-saving tips, new investment recommendations, and Dr. Eifrig’s latest market insights.

This stock advisory is pretty standard in terms of how it works.

For example, the newsletter comes out monthly, you get access to a model portfolio that shows you the current stock recommendations, and you receive updates on the portfolio as needed.

However, what separates it from most advisories is that it’s aimed at helping retirees and those planning for retirement build a better lifestyle.

As such, the recommendations tend to be more conservative and income-focused, and you also get tips on things like health, travel, and saving money.

In other words, if you’re looking for the next Tesla or Netflix, this service is unlikely to suit you. But suppose you’re interested in investing for dividend income, boosting your retirement savings, making your money go further, and creating a better lifestyle with less cash. In that case, this service is worth a look.

Check out my full review of Retirement Millionaire if you want to learn more.

How much does it cost to join?

The regular subscription fee for Retirement Millionaire is $199 per year, but if you join through the “financial lockdown” presentation we’ve been discussing, it’s only $49.

And you get all four reports I mentioned earlier, which make up Dr. Eifrig’s four-step plan for inflation, including The New Era Playbook.

It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee like most of Stansberry Research’s products, so if you decide it’s not for you within your first 30 days, you can request a refund.

Bottom Line

There seems to be a growing concern in the world right now regarding inflation, and Dr. Eifrig created a presentation on the Stansberry Research website to warn people about it and offer a solution detailed in a report called The New Era Playbook.

In it, he details his thesis on inflation, how long he believes it will last, and what he recommends doing to protect and grow your wealth should inflation continue rising.

He also created three other reports – The Perfect Inflation-Era Portfolio, The 100% Stock Boost, and The Two Most Valuable Assets In a Time of Crisis – which more or less compliment The New Era Playbook. And you can access all of this by subscribing to Retirement Millionaire for $49.

Will it help you beat inflation?

Dr. Eifrig makes some great points about inflation in the presentation, and he has a solid track record of providing value to his readers. So chances are you’d learn a thing or two from him if you joined Retirement Millionaire and went through the reports he’s offering.

And maybe even get some great stock ideas to hedge against inflation, too.

However, despite Dr. Eifrig’s experience and track record, I doubt he has a crystal ball. Well, at least, not one that actually works. So nobody knows for sure how bad inflation will get, how long it will last, or the best assets to invest in.

That’s why it’s always important to do your own research before deciding anything and to understand that there are always risks involved in investing.

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