What’s Luke Lango’s “Battery Breakthrough” Of The Century?

Today we’ll be looking into a presentation by Luke Lango called “The #1 Electric Vehicle Stock of the Decade” which is all about solid-state battery technology for electric vehicles.

According to Luke, this “battery breakthrough” could disrupt the entire “$3 trillion electric car revolution,” and he says there’s one “tiny company” at the forefront of it all.

What breakthrough is he talking about? What stock is he recommending? Who’s Luke Lango? And is his Innovation Investor service worth joining?

Well, I decided to take a closer look to find the answers to these questions. And in this article, I’ll show you exactly what I found, to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Breaking Down Luke Lango’s Presentation

The presentation we’ll be discussing in this post is titled “The #1 Electric Vehicle Stock of the Decade” which is located on the InvestorPlace website:

Luke Lango during his Number 1 Electric Vehicle Stock of the Decade presentation on the InvestorPlace website.
Source: investorplace.com

I first heard about this presentation through an email, and that headline caught my attention since Luke Lango is known for his tech stock predictions, so I decided to watch it.

It starts out with an introduction about Luke and his past predictions, basically talking about how he’s one of America’s top tech futurists and has recommended some great tech stocks.

And about how he’s now “forecasting the rise of SSBT, a radical new technology that could finally take electric vehicles mainstream.”

Luke then shows a picture depicting the “groundbreaking new type of battery” he’s talking about, before moving on to explain all the amazing things it can do.

Illustration depicting Luke Lango's Breakthrough Battery.
Source: investorplace.com

What is this “breakthrough battery” Luke’s referring to?

Luke is talking about a solid-state battery which, unlike the lithium-ion battery, doesn’t use liquid electrolytes. Instead, it uses a solid electrolyte in the form of glass, ceramics, or other materials.

I found an article on the Samsung website that does an excellent job of illustrating what a solid-state battery is, so I recommend checking that out if you want to learn more. It’s not specifically about EV batteries, but it does a great job of explaining the core technology.

What’s the big deal about solid-state batteries for EVs?

Solid-state battery technology (SSBT) isn’t exactly new, but according to an article on Autoweek, their use in vehicles is. The article points out that solid-state batteries have a higher energy density, can charge in less time, and are potentially safer because, unlike lithium-ion batteries, solid-state batteries don’t need to use a flammable liquid to work.

So, the big deal is that solid-state batteries could potentially improve the range of electric vehicles due to improved energy density, reduce charging times, and improve safety.

And according to Luke, it’s going to be massive:

The Solid-State Battery could change everything about the global market for energy and transportation, in all its forms.

He also talks about a “newly discovered super material” (which he refers to as a “Quantum Ion” polymer) that goes into the solid-state battery, and how this could be the “secret” to overcoming all the obstacles keeping electric and driverless vehicles from going mainstream.

What is a “Quantum Ion” polymer?

Luke is broadly referring to the solid electrolyte polymer that goes into a solid-state battery. In other words, the part that replaces the liquid used in regular lithium-ion EV batteries.

As to exactly what that “Quantum Ion” material is, however, I do not know.

I’ve searched high and low, and as far as I can tell, there’s no such thing as a “Quantum Ion” polymer. So it seems to be a term Luke made up as part of the presentation.

There are a few key possibilities as to what he might be referring to though…

For example, he could be referring to a sodium-ion electrolyte that was discovered by researchers from Penn State and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Or he could be talking about an innovative new flexible ceramic separator developed by a company called QuantumScape, which is used in their solid-state batteries. Which wouldn’t surprise me considering he has recommended this company in the past.

A third possibility is that he could be talking about a glass electrolyte. Because the InvestorPlace website has been talking about “quantum glass batteries” lately, which is basically just their way of describing a type of solid-state battery that uses a glass electrolyte.

In any case, the “newly discovered super material” Luke Lango talks about in the presentation is a bit of a mystery. Those are my best guesses, but I am not 100% sure.

He does, however, mention five ways that solid-state batteries could disrupt the EV industry.

According to Luke, solid-state batteries could:

  • Reduce charging time for EVs (60 seconds versus over an hour)
  • Improve range (1,000 miles)
  • Increase battery lifetime (100,000’s of charges)
  • Improve safety (can be shot, nailed, cut)
  • Reduce the cost of producing a solid-state battery to as little as $30 per kilowatt-hour which Luke says “could give us the first-ever $15,000 mass-market electric car.”

Whether or not solid-state batteries are able to do all of this, is yet to be seen. But as I mentioned earlier, they are being developed to improve things like charging time, range and safety. So it’s certainly possible that solid-state batteries could be hugely disruptive for electric vehicles.

And according to Luke, those who “learn how to get in on the ground floor of the tiny firm that’s paving the way for the global $3 TRILLION electric car revolution” could benefit from one of the largest wealth creation events in the past 25 years.

What company is he talking about?

Read on.

Luke Lango’s Solid-State Battery Stock

Luke has become fairly well-known in the tech investing space, mostly because he has recommended some of the best tech companies before they were popular.

For example, the InvestorPlace website says he recommended companies like Shopify, AMD and Square early on. As well as EV companies like NIO, Workhorse and Tesla.

More recently, he recommended QuantumScape, a relatively new solid-state battery company. Which is initially the stock I thought he might’ve been recommending in this presentation.

But it’s not (at least, I don’t think it is).

What is he recommending?

There are two companies Luke recommends in the presentation.

The first one is Toyota (TM), which he openly shares:

If Toyota can be the first to market with the mass production of solid-state batteries, I believe it could be a massive, massive winner too.

The second company he’s recommending he doesn’t actually reveal unless you join his service, Innovation Investor, and read his report titled: “The Biggest Battery Breakthrough in a Century: How to Cash In on the $3 TRILLION Electric Car Revolution.”

And since this the stock the whole presentation is centered around, I wanted to know what it was. So I decided to see if I could figure it out based on the clues he provided in the presentation.

I must admit, I almost gave up trying to figure this one out, because he doesn’t provide many concrete clues as to what it is. But eventually I figured it out (I think).

Here are the clues he provides in the presentation:

You need to pay attention to the little-known company working with Toyota and several other major automakers to bring this technology to market…

Because at the heart of the Solid-State Battery revolution…

Lies one tiny company—about 1/557th the size of Toyota—who owns the critical patents to the technology.

This firm — which is off the radar to most of the investing public — has secured the key patents to the technology behind the production of the Solid-State Battery.

Its patents have already been granted and approved in SIX major automotive markets across the globe, including—

* The United States
* Europe
* China
* Japan
* Canada
* Great Britain

And it trades for less than $3 per share.

Like I said, this is the firm Toyota is doing business with to help bring the technology to the mainstream!

And they’re not the only ones doing deals with this firm…

Another is the fourth-largest auto company  in the world who produces around 5 million cars per years… 20 million motorcycles… 6 million other products.

And yet another company is one of the leading luxury auto manufacturers in the world — a name that is synonymous with status and prestige.

Let’s say this company’s battery captures just one half of ONE PERCENT of the global electric-car market in the coming years…

That will be enough to boost its revenues to more than $6 BILLION when production and sales are in full swing…

That’s more than an incredible 27,746% increase from where it stands today.

These clues are somewhat vague. The main ones we have to go off are really just that it’s an EV battery stock trading for less than $3, that’s somehow partnered with Toyota.

Which at first I thought would’ve been plenty, but the only company I could seem to find that has a partnership with Toyota to develop solid-state batteries is QuantumScape. And that’s trading for well above $3 per share, so I knew it couldn’t be that company.

I spent quite a bit of time on this, digging through every piece of information I could find, and nothing seemed to lead to a definitive answer.

However… I dug through the Details and Disclosures page on the InvestorPlace website and found one tiny little “crumb” of information that led me right to it (lol).

I’m talking about this one paragraph here:

This firm — which is off the radar to most of the investing public — has secured the key patents to the technology behind the production of the Solid-State Battery.

On the Details and Disclosures page, the above paragraph has a reference (ref 152) to a page on the Financial Times website.

And, while the page on the ft.com website wasn’t accessible (for whatever reason), “Googling” it revealed that Ilika plc jointly filed for a patent with Toyota Motor Company in 2011:

This showed me that Ilika has partnered with Toyota, and from there I was able to match up most of what Luke said in the presentation.

So, long story short, my guess is Ilika plc (LON: IKA).

Here’s an overview of why:

  • Ilika plc is a relatively small company that’s based in the UK, that describes itself as a pioneer in a ground-breaking solid state battery technology.
  • Based on the shared patent to do with solid-state batteries, Ilika is collaborating with Toyota.
  • Ilika is also collaborating with Stellantis NV, which is the fourth-largest automaker in the world by volume. And they are also collaborating with Rolls Royce, which matches up with Luke’s statement about them partnering with a “leading luxury auto manufacturer.”
  • They have patents in all six automotive markets Luke mentions.
  • As of writing (August 2021), Ilika is trading on the London Stock Exchange using ticker IKA for around 143 GBX, which works out to about USD$2 per share. Or you can trade it on the OTC Markets (ILIKF) for roughly the same price.

So Ilika plc matches up quite well with Luke’s clues.

However, some of his other clues aren’t as clear of a match…

During the presentation, Luke says the company is 1/557th the size of Toyota and that $6 billion in revenue would equate to a 27,746% increase in revenue from where it stands today.

Some rough “back of the napkin” math suggests that it’s close. But I can’t say it’s a perfect match on that front, because I don’t have access to all the data.

First, Ilika plc could have been somewhere around 1/557th of Toyota’s market cap at the time he made the presentation. So that’s close enough I guess.

And second, if $6 billion is a 27,746% increase in Ilika’s revenue, which is what Luke suggests, that would make their overall revenue around $21,624,738. Which, translated into Pounds, works out to roughly £15,566,000 as of writing. Which, from what I can see, is a (ballpark) match.

In any case, to find out for sure what company Luke is recommending, and get his insights into why he’s chosen the company he has, you need to read his report titled:

  • The Biggest Battery Breakthrough in a Century: How to Cash In on the $3 TRILLION Electric Car Revolution.

And to get access to that report, you need to join his service, Innovation Investor.

So let’s take a look at what this service is all about, and what you get if you join.

What Is Innovation Investor?

Innovation Investor is an investment advisory service headed up by Luke Lango of InvestorPlace, and it’s primarily focussed on emerging technologies.

Each month, Luke shares his top investment recommendations and insights related to emerging technologies like electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, 5G, blockchain and basically any tech-related opportunity he thinks could be worthwhile.

Aside from the monthly issues, subscribers also get access to the model portfolio which shows you all of his current recommendations, updates on the model portfolio and reports.

In this case, if you join through the “#1 Electric Vehicle Stock of the Decade” presentation we’ve been discussing, you get access to three bonus reports, and each report details a different opportunity that Luke is recommending:

  • The Biggest Battery Breakthrough in a Century: How to Cash In on the $3 TRILLION Electric Car Revolution
  • The Secret Battery Set to Drive the Multitrillion-Dollar Internet of Things Industry
  • The 5G Chip Stock That Will Spark a $53 Trillion Revolution

How much does it cost?

According to the InvestorPlace website, Innovation Investor normally costs $199. However, if you join through the presentation, it costs either $49, $79, or $99 for 12 months access.

The $49 option is the “Basic” membership, the $79 option is the “Plus” membership and the $99 option is the “All Access” membership. The all contain the same core membership I explained earlier, but the $99 one comes with two extra bonus reports and access to the “Quarterly Conference Webcast” where Luke updates you on what’s happening with each of his picks.

Are there any guarantees?

No service can (rightfully) guarantee you’ll make money, because nobody can predict the future. However, there is a refund policy in place that more or less states that if the model portfolio doesn’t provide 1,000% gains in the first year, you can receive a full refund.

Here’s how the website words it:

Your subscription is not eligible for a refund. However if you don’t see 1,000% gains in the model portfolio after one year of service, you can receive a full refund.

Does that mean you should expect to make 10X (1,000%) gains in 12 months?


According to the InvestorPlace website:

… The average annualized return in this service in 2020 was 158.6%. This return measures the results achieved by all of our recommendations in 2020, scaled to a one-year period.

That’s still represents a 2.5X gain in one year though, which I personally think is still pretty amazing. Of course, that’s not a guarantee either, it’s just what the service achieved in 2020, but it does give you a good idea of what’s possible.

And that’s what the service has achieved across all of the recommendations. Individually, Luke has recommended stocks that have gone way above this.

Who Is Luke Lango?

Luke Lango is the editor of Innovation Investor and other services published by InvestorPlace including Daily 10X Stock Report and Exponential Growth Report.

According to InvestorPlace, he’s a “growth-focused equities investor and analyst” who has recommended multiple 10X opportunities in the tech space. Including Tesla, Shopify, NIO, Micro Devices, and Chegg.

He was also one of the highest rated financial bloggers on a popular finance site called TipRanks in 2020, which tracks the recommendations made by various finance gurus. Which, to me, does lend him more credibility because you can verify some of his past predictions on the site.

Before getting into financial education, Luke was the founding manager of L&F Capital Management, LLC, a San Diego based investment fund that, according to InvestorPlace, identified long-term growth investments early by using quantimental analysis with behavioral economics.

The site also says he’s actively involved in the venture capital space, which fits in well with his focus of identifying emerging tech trends and the companies in front of them.

Bottom Line

Luke’s #1 EV Stock Of The Decade presentation is centered around a “battery breakthrough” technology known as solid-state battery technology (or SSBT for short).

The stock he’s recommending, based on my research, appears to be Ilika Technologies Ltd (AKA Ilika plc), a company that was founded in 2004 that manufactures solid-state batteries for use in electric vehicles and things like medical devices and consumer electronics.

Luke details his recommendation in his “Biggest Battery Breakthrough in a Century” report, which you can get by joining his service, Innovation Investor for between $49 and $99.

Luke has made some noteworthy recommendations over the years, and his work is well-respected in the financial education space.

I wouldn’t expect all his recommendations to pay off, but he does have a solid track record, and his service is legit, so his service could be worthwhile if you’re interested in investing in emerging tech companies. Either way, I hope you found this article helpful.

6 thoughts on “What’s Luke Lango’s “Battery Breakthrough” Of The Century?”

  1. Hi there, Tim,
    Great research by you on luke lango etc. Going back on the 11 Aug, ’21, Lango did an extremely compelling & extremely indepth spiel on a technology company called “Oust”, “Augumented Reality”. I wrote a lot of info down of his presentation of the company, (virtually the greatest invention since sliced bread). Records show that the company traded on the 9 Oct., ’20 @ $US9.20. Peaked on 11 Aug., ’21 @ $US10.21. Last traded on 4 Feb., ’22 @ $US3.55. A massive drop of minus 62.23% from the peak. So I ask, is Lango as good as he spruiks ?

    • Hi Richard,

      I think the only way to get an idea on whether or not a stock-picker is as good as they claim is to see their average track record over a period of years. It’s very common for investment gurus to cite their best picks, it’s less common for them to reveal their average track record. And that, in my opinion, is what matters most.

      That said, even if someone has a good average track record, that still doesn’t guarantee you’ll make money. Nothing does. But it’s something I consider.

      Also, it doesn’t surprise me if some of Lango’s picks have gone down, given the recent tech-related sell-off. Nor does it surprise me that a popular investment service recommended stocks at the market’s peak because I’ve experienced this myself with a different service.

      I’ve come to learn the hard way that, no matter how good something sounds, the price can always drop significantly, especially if you buy in at all-time highs. That’s why I only invest in assets or companies I have a strong long-term conviction in. I also look for asymmetric investments. In other words, I’m very conservative now lol.

  2. Thanks Buddy. Electric vehicles, tools, and equipment are inevitable. Here in California, sales of new tools and equipment that use gas engines are already set to be banned by 2024. If things keep going the way they are in Washington, there will be a government mandate (not a law) and $5T buy-back program for all gas engines. But I digress, I have been delving into investing in emerging tech companies surrounding the EV and autonomous machine markets. LiDar, battery tech, rare earth mining, and 5G are my focus lately.

    Learning from history, it wasn’t the gold miners who made the fortunes, it was the guy who sold them the gold pans and shovels.

  3. Good research very informative thank you will be following you. Question I have. How can i k a plc be $ 143 on the London Stock Exchange and a be 1.93 dollars on the pink Market. Could not find this on the o t c Market. Are these the only two markets it can be traded on thank you for your time

    • Hi Marcus,

      I’m not aware of it trading on any other markets than the London Stock Exchange and OTC markets – Ilika plc (ILIKF).

      The reason it’s (as of writing) trading for 144 GBX on the London Stock Exchange and $1.93 OTC has to do with the currency conversion. If you convert 144 GBX (Penny Sterling) to USD you arrive at (roughly) USD $1.89 which is close to the OTC price.

  4. Good info and that’s my hunch as well. Luke works for a company (sorry can’t think of the name) which includes the likes of Louis Navellier and Matt McCall. This is almost identical to the pitch McCall has. There’s good historical evidence to believe in Toyota’s promises. They have a history of pulling through. If this battery is as advertised it will be a game changer in our quest for energy.


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