What’s DeHaemer’s “#1 Play for the Guyana Oil Boom” Stock?

According to a recent Chris DeHaemer stock teaser, an “$878 billion discovery” has just been made that could give investors the chance to see gains “as high as 759%” on one “tiny stock” that has supposedly “gone unnoticed.”

“It’s an $878 Billion discovery that nobody’s paying attention to…

“With the chance to help you see gains as high as 759%… on ONE tiny stock that has gone unnoticed.”

Source: https://secure2.angelpub.com/o/web/453124

What’s it all about?

DeHaemer is talking about an oil discovery in Guyana. And based on my research, he’s most likely talking about the 11 billion barrels of oil that have been discovered in the Stabroek Block, a 6.6 million acre offshore oil reservoir off Guyana’s Atlantic coast.

And as for the “tiny stock” he’s teasing, DeHaemer is pitching a U.S. company operating in Guyana, but he never revealed his pick in the teaser.

Instead, he reveals it in a report called “The #1 Play for the Guyana Oil Boom.”

He also teased three additional companies, which are detailed in a separate report called “The Mother Lode in Guyana: 3 Stocks Set to Soar.”

Both of which come with a Bull and Bust Report subscription for $99.

DeHaemer didn’t say much about these companies, either. But based on what I was able to learn about the oil projects in Guyana (and putting together some bits and pieces from the presentation), I did manage to find one company that might be his pick.

So with that said, let’s look further into what he’s teasing.

Biggest “Oil Boom” in History?

There was a lot of hype in the presentation surrounding the oil discovery and “tiny stock” DeHaemer is teasing, so I’m going to skip all that and cut right to the chase.

In a nutshell, DeHaemer believes that “oil’s life span is far from over” because the world is still “very much dependent” on it. And he claims that what’s happening in this “little-known place” (Guyana) could be the answer to the “global oil crisis unfolding.”

“… oil’s life span is far from over.

“Forget anything and everything you may have been told about the electric vehicle takeover…

“Or that oil is dead…

“Because that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Our dependence on oil couldn’t be any higher than it is now…


“Contrary to popular belief, the world is still very much dependent on oil.

“And what is happening in this little-known place could be the answer to the global oil crisis unfolding…”


“This obscure place is the second coming for the expansion of global oil production…

“And it will be the saving grace of the oil crisis that is currently unfolding today.”


“The obscure place I am referring to is called Guyana.”

Admittedly, I’m not the biggest fan of some of DeHaemer’s previous pitches, given the sensationalist marketing that some have employed to sell newsletters.

However, marketing hype aside, I found researching this one quite interesting, as I was unaware of what was going on in Guyana until I came across this teaser.

What’s the big deal?

The gist of it is that Guyana is a small South American country with a 2021 GDP of $7.41 billion that most people probably don’t pay much attention to. But ever since a 2015 oil discovery off Guyana’s coastline by ExxonMobil, the country has begun focussing on developing its oil resources and has seen incredible economic growth as a result.

According to oilprice.com, the Guyanese government’s oil and gas revenue is expected to surpass $1 billion in 2022 and could reach $7.5 billion annually in 2030, based on research by Rystad Energy.

That’s pretty insane when you stop and think about it.

But those are just estimates.

And according to Reuters, some experts believe that if the country’s newfound revenue isn’t managed properly, it could be added to a “long list of petrostates whose people have remained poor despite vast resource wealth.”

I don’t have a crystal ball, so I can only speculate as to how things will pan out in Guyana.

But Chris DeHaemer likens what’s happening there to what oil has done for Saudi Arabia, East Timor, and even the United Arab Emirates.

In fact, he claims that this could be the most powerful “oil boom” in history…

“The only difference between what happened with these countries and what is happening in Guyana… 

“Is that what is taking place here will be far more powerful than any other oil boom we’ve ever seen before in history.”

I recommend taking claims like that with a pinch of salt, though, as nobody can predict the future. Nor does anyone know what stocks will see the biggest gains, even if the so-called “oil boom” DeHaemer is talking about plays out as he suggests.

Still, I was curious to know what companies he was teasing.

So let’s look into that now.

Breaking Down Chris DeHaemer’s “#1 Play for the Guyana Oil Boom” Stock Pick

Chris DeHaemer shared very few clues about his pick, but he did let us in on a few tidbits that helped me narrow it down.

For one thing, he said that the company is “at the forefront” of what’s going on in Guyana.

Second, he said that it’s a “tiny U.S. company.”

And third, he said that it recently discovered 10 billion barrels’ worth of oil.

“On paper, Guyana is one of the poorest nations on Earth…

“But in just two years, it could see its income climb to heights greater than Brazil’s…

“And at the forefront of this wealth-creating force is one tiny U.S. company that has gone under the radar… 

“And just recently discovered 10 billion barrels’ worth of oil.”

What could it be?

Well, the company at the forefront of oil discovery in Guyana is ExxonMobil, and in October last year, Exxon increased its estimate of how much recoverable oil they’ve discovered to approximately 10 billion oil-equivalent barrels.

It doesn’t appear as though any other company has come close to this. And according to a more recent article on Yahoo Finance (July 2022), Exxon and its partners have made a “slew of quality oil discoveries” in Guyana that amount to more than “11 billion barrels of oil.”

I don’t know when DeHaemer first launched his presentation, but it seems as though he is talking about ExxonMobil, as I can’t see any other company that matches that hint.

Trouble is, however, Exxon is not a “tiny company.”

It’s a behemoth with a $425 billion-plus market cap (as of writing).

And that’s why I think he could be teasing one of ExxonMobil’s partners, Hess Corporation, a New York-based energy company with about 1/10th of Exxon’s market cap (around$40 billion). This market cap isn’t “tiny,” either, but you could argue that it is next to Exxon.

So, my best guess is that DeHaemer’s pick is Hess Corporation (HES).

I’m far from certain about this one, but that is the closest match (that I could find) based on what DeHaemer said in the presentation.

What about the other three picks?

Aside from his “#1 pick,” DeHaemer teased three other companies, and unless I missed it, he shared literally zero clues about those. So they could be anything.

That said, there aren’t that many public companies operating in Guyana, so there are a limited number of potential companies that he could be pitching.

For example, the Yahoo Finance article I shared earlier states that other companies engaged in exploration drilling include a British driller called Tullow Oil. And it also mentioned a Spanish company called Repsol and a French company called TotalEnergies.

Furthermore, according to Reuters, Canadian companies CGX Energy and Frontera Energy (which are engaged in a joint venture) announced the discovery of an oil and gas reservoir off the coast of Guyana earlier this year.

I have no idea which of those companies (if any) DeHaemer might be recommending, but these are the different companies I found during my research that are focused on oil exploration and/or extraction in Guyana.

Bottom Line

This pitch, in my opinion, was pretty overhyped.

I mean, despite the oil discoveries in Guyana, there’s no guarantee that the country will become as wealthy as the presentation suggests, especially not in “two years.”

Nor is it likely that any one stock will “set you up for life.”

“Getting in now on this tiny stock could set you up for life.

“I’m talking about never having to worry about another recession… global conflict… or your retirement ever again.”

That, to me, is sensationalist marketing aimed at selling more newsletters. So, I don’t recommend putting too much weight on those types of claims.

That said, I did find looking into what’s happening in Guyana pretty interesting. And if oil does march upwards in the years ahead, and if the country’s political situation remains stable, then it wouldn’t surprise me if there were some good opportunities to be had.

I’m not good at predicting the future, and I am not a stock picker, so I cannot tell you what will happen regarding the price of oil or what stocks might be worth investing in.

That, my fellow sleuths, I will leave for you to decide.

Nevertheless, I hope you found what I’ve shared helpful. And as always, if you have any thoughts on any of this, feel free to chime in below. Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “What’s DeHaemer’s “#1 Play for the Guyana Oil Boom” Stock?”

  1. Tim, I only recently discovered your website. Thank You for your time and efforts to play “stock picker sleuth” (I just made that up, you can use it if you wish!) by using the teaser details provided, along with your own critical thinking skills! Well done Sir!

  2. Thanks for your hard work. I always like oil junior play, I did make a bit of money in Hurricane Hydrocarbon and Nelson Resources, high risk and high reward stuff.


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