What’s Chris DeHaemer’s Blockchain “Back Door” Stock Pick?

I recently came across a presentation by Christian (Chris) DeHaemer, who talked about how bitcoin could be “strangled by regulation” and how a new “digital dollar” could help some investors “turn every $1,000 into as much as $67,600 before the year ends.”

In the presentation, Dehamer talked about the “end of the Bitcoin rush” and how a “little-known company” could benefit from a new digital U.S. dollar powered by blockchain technology. And he shares his stock pick in a report called “The $400 Trillion Blockchain ‘Back Door,'” which comes with a subscription to the Bull & Bust Report for $99.

On the one hand, Dehaemer made some interesting points in the presentation about the potential risks with bitcoin. But on the other hand, much of what he said about bitcoin, in my opinion, was marketing “spin” used to sell his newsletter service.

In this post, I’ll break down DeHaemer’s “end of bitcoin” prediction, reveal the stock I think he’s teasing, and give you the heads up on his Bull & Bust Report advisory service.

Unpacking DeHaemer’s Blockchain Prediction

Chris DeHaemer’s blockchain “back door” presentation starts with Dehamer claiming that “Joe Biden is planning to reshape our entire financial system.”

And he says that this “terrifying shift” could have “brutal consequences for you and your family” if you have a bank account, collect Social Security, or get a paycheck. In other words, Dehaemer believes this “shift” could impact virtually every American.

“They’ll be able to tax Americans to death… destroy small businesses… track every penny you have in the bank…and even decide how much you can save for retirement.”

According to Chris Dehaemer, “Biden and his team have already taken their first steps to derail Bitcoin,” but most people haven’t noticed it because the details are “buried in the 110-page document” he cites in the presentation.

What document is he talking about?

The document Dehaemer is referring to is the 110-page “Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations,” which is about the climate crisis and environmental justice.

Unless I missed it, there’s no mention of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, or blockchain anywhere in that document. However, it does talk about net-zero carbon emissions, and Dehaemer argues that this could put bitcoin in the firing line given its energy usage.

Dehaemer clarifies that he doesn’t believe bitcoin will be banned, though. Instead, he thinks it will be “strangled by regulation” in the U.S. and that a new digital dollar built on blockchain technology will “take center stage.”

“While Biden starts to dismantle Bitcoin, I expect a digital dollar to take center stage…”

“For investors who understand that the war against Bitcoin goes hand in hand with this huge shift toward a digital dollar, it adds up to an opportunity to generate immeasurable wealth in a short period of time.”

Dehaemer also states that “the blockchain technology supporting the digital dollar” will be his “biggest recommendation.” So he’s more or less betting against bitcoin and for blockchain technology, which is the age-old “blockchain not bitcoin” narrative.

There’s more to it than that, though. All in all, I noted five main points Chris Dehaemer made about the potential “end” of bitcoin, which I’d like to address because, quite frankly, I think it’s mostly FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt).

However, to keep this post as objective as possible, I will leave my opinions about Dehaemer’s bitcoin prediction aside until later in the post.

For now, let’s look at what Dehaemer is bullish on…

Despite the doom and gloom in the presentation, Dehamer states that “this disruption could trigger a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” for investors who understand what’s “behind all this.” And he claims that “6,660% gains are possible” based on his research.

To sum it up, Dehaemer believes a new digital U.S dollar could be released and that this could be announced as soon as March 16, 2022.

“I’m talking about the launch of a ‘digital dollar.'”

“The Fed could announce it as soon as March 16.”

He doesn’t specifically say 2022, but considering I was emailed about this teaser today (January 28, 2022), it’s only logical to assume he’s referring to March 16 this year.

What does Chris Dehaemer mean by a “digital dollar?”

He’s referring to the potential introduction of a new digital U.S. dollar built on blockchain technology that could replace the existing dollar system.

If you’re not familiar with blockchain technology, this is the technology that underpins bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies known as altcoins.

A blockchain is essentially a “block” of data (like a ledger) that is “chained” together in chronological order and what makes it unique is that the data is decentralized, meaning nobody owns or controls the data.

There are many different blockchains out there, though. And not all of them are as secure, decentralized, or transparent as bitcoin, the first iteration of a blockchain.

Aside from bitcoin, many altcoins use their own blockchains, and now some companies are using this technology for different purposes.

For example, some companies use blockchain tech to improve their supply chain logistics, make their processes more secure, or increase operational transparency.

The technology itself is game-changing, but there is no “one” blockchain, and how effective a given blockchain is will depend on the individual blockchain.

In any case, to come back to the digital dollar, there is potential for the U.S. to adopt a central bank digital currency (CBDC) that uses its own blockchain.

And that’s what Dehaemer’s presentation centers around; how this could essentially displace bitcoin. He also talks about how a “little-known company” could benefit from a “digital dollar” built on blockchain technology.

What could it be?

Read on.

What Is Chris DeHaemer’s $400 Trillion Blockchain “Back Door” Stock Pick?

According to the presentation, Chris DeHaemer believes that “blockchain has the potential to disrupt every major industry.” And he lists banking, healthcare, energy, and real estate as the industries that are “ripe for disruption,” which he says totals $400 trillion.

He also talks about a “little-known company at the heart of the impending blockchain gold rush.” However, he doesn’t share the name of the company.

Instead, he reveals his top blockchain pick in a report titled “The $400 Trillion Blockchain ‘Back Door.'” And if you want to access that report, you’d need to join Dehaemer’s Bull and Bust Report advisory for $99.

However, Chris Dehaemer does share the following clues:

“Nasdaq says this company is at ‘The Top of the [Digital Currency] Food Chain.'”

“Since the first blockchain went operational with Bitcoin’s launch on January 3, 2009, this company’s shares soared by 1,585%.”

“This company owns the technology making both the digital dollar and the blockchain possible.”

It’s possible Dehaemer shared other hints about his pick, but those are the ones I found, and it’s not a lot to go off. Still, I did some digging to see what I could find.

The first thing I did was Google that Nasdaq quote, and it appears as though it relates to this Nasdaq article about how chip foundries (AKA semiconductor manufacturers) are at the top of the crypto mining food chain. And it lists TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) as the leader in the space in terms of production and innovation.

From there, I looked at the Taiwan Semiconductor stock (NYSE: TSM), and it appears to match up with the “company’s shares soared by 1,585%” comment Dehaemer made and the chart he showed in the presentation.

Not to mention, it makes the chips that are used in the machines that mine bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies known as ASICs.

So, long story short, I think Taiwan Semiconductor is Chris Dehaemer’s “Blockchain ‘Back Door'” stock pick.

I’m not a stock-picking guru, so I’ll leave it up for you to decide if it’s a good investment or not, but there are a couple of points I want to make here.

First, as I was doing my research, I came across a stockgumshoe.com article written in April 2021 about the same presentation. However, this version of the same presentation was dubbed “End of Bitcoin,” and in it, Dehaemer said that the “digital dollar” could be announced on June 16, 2021, instead of March 16, 2022.

So, my point is that the presentation we’ve discussed in this post appears to be a re-hash of an older 2021 presentation. There have just been a few details (and dates) altered.

Second, assuming Taiwan Semiconductor is Dehaemer’s stock pick, I find it strange he would recommend this company if he believes bitcoin is coming to an end because TSMC chips are used in the ASIC machines that mine bitcoin… lol.

That said, even if bitcoin were banned in the U.S., which I doubt, the mining would likely move to another country, just as it did when China banned it recently. In short, China banned bitcoin mining, and less than a year later, the bitcoin mining hash rate is at an all-time high because many miners moved to the U.S., where conditions are favorable.

With that said, let’s look at the service Chris Dehaemer is pitching, the Bull and Bust Report, because that’s the only way to access the “Blockchain ‘Back Door'” report.

What Is the Bull and Bust Report?

The Bull and Bust Report is an investment advisory run by Angel Publishing’s Christian Dehaemer focused on helping subscribers navigate market ups and downs that Dehaemer believes are created by the Federal Reserve.

“I created the Bull and Bust Report to let you know there are options. So you can not only protect yourself but also profit from Federal Reserve–created bubbles… and escape the subsequent busts.”

You can check out my review of the Bull and Bust Report to get the whole story, but the short version is that the service is about protecting and growing your wealth. And it’s heavily focused on the Fed since their actions can have a big impact on financial markets.

What do you get if you join?

The service costs $99 for 12 months, and, as a subscriber, you get 12 monthly issues of the service, which each covers Dehaemer’s take on the markets and his latest investment recommendations. In addition, you get access to the model portfolio, updates on the positions he’s recommended, and some bonus reports.

The first report is the one I mentioned earlier about the “Back Door” blockchain company (which I believe is TSMC). The second report is called “The 3 MVPs of the Tap-&-Go Revolution” and focuses on a different tech-related investment Dehaemer’s bullish on.

According to the Angel Publishing website, the service also comes with a six-month refund policy if you join through the presentation we’ve discussed in this post. So if you’re not satisfied with it during your first six months, you can request a refund.

Who Is Christian DeHaemer?

Christian DeHaemer is an investment guru who, according to his Angel Publishing profile, started his career on Wall Street and has been sharing his insights with readers since 1996.

His flagship advisory service is the Bull and Bust Report, but he also contributes to a free daily email newsletter called Energy & Capital daily.

And before joining Angel Publishing, Dehaemer spent 15 years at Agora Publishing, where it appears he ran a service called Crisis Investing.

Based on what he says in the presentation, Dehaemer has an impressive track record. For example, he says he recommended bitcoin in June 2016 when it traded for $465 and listed well over a dozen other triple-digit recommendations he’s made over the years.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll make money following every recommendation he makes, and I’m not sure what the average performance of his advisory has been, but Dehaemer appears to be a real investment guru nonetheless.

Bottom Line: Will Bitcoin Really “End” in 2022?

No. I do not believe bitcoin will “end,” be “banned” in the U.S., or otherwise “fail” this year or any other year for that matter.

Although, full disclosure, I do hold bitcoin, so it’s probably best to assume my opinion on this subject is biased. I try to be as objective as possible, but I am human after all.

I will also say that, in the interests of objectivity, it’s possible some of the things he mentions could impact the short-to-medium-term price of bitcoin. Absolutely. It could be a positive or negative impact, but an impact nonetheless.

In particular, Chris Dehaemer mentioned five main things about bitcoin that he believes could be detrimental to its future that I thought would be worth addressing.

One point Dehaemer makes is that Gary Gensler, head of the SEC, is “coming up with new ways to kill the bull market.” And he more or less suggests Gensler is going after bitcoin.

But here’s the thing… Gensler is one of the most educated people in the cryptocurrency space; he literally taught a class on blockchain technology at MIT. So he’s not just another clueless politician like some I won’t mention. And, in my opinion, he hasn’t said or done anything to suggest he’s going to ban bitcoin. That said, it wouldn’t surprise me if the SEC labeled many altcoins as unregistered securities.

Another point Dehaemer made was that bitcoin could essentially be banned like gold was in the U.S. in 1933. And yes, I guess it’s possible the U.S. Government could prohibit Americans from buying, holding, or selling bitcoin, which would likely impact the price.

However, I don’t think this would happen. And even if it did, it would be difficult to enforce a long-term ban. Either way, bitcoin would continue operating regardless of what any government did to regulate it, given its global, virtually unhackable nature. You can store your bitcoin in a cold wallet by simply remembering 12 words.

Third, Dehaemer (more or less) suggests that a “digital dollar” will derail bitcoin. But I’m afraid I have to disagree because a CBDC would be very different. In fact, in some ways, it would be the complete opposite of bitcoin, especially as it relates to things like centralization, censorship resistance, and supply dynamics.

And either way, bitcoin doesn’t have to compete with the US dollar, digital or otherwise, because it serves more as a store of value, not a currency.

A fourth point Chris Dehaemer made was related to bitcoin’s energy usage. I can understand why some are concerned about this, but there are a lot of misconceptions around this topic. I explain why in this post about a different crypto presentation, so check that out if you want my complete take. However, in summary, bitcoin mining:

  • only uses a small percent of global energy usage.
  • is an essential part of what makes bitcoin such a great innovation.
  • is becoming increasingly energy efficient with time.
  • companies are taking advantage of stranded (wasted) energy sources.
  • can incentivize renewable energy given that any renewable energy project, anywhere in the world, can now be monetized and bitcoin miners are incentived to seek out the cheapest energy sources available.

Here’s a helpful Youtube video on the topic if you want to learn more:

Finally, the last point Dehaemer made that I want to address relates to the whole “blockchain not bitcoin” argument that many people have made over the years.

Yes, there are different use cases for a blockchain, and you don’t need bitcoin to use this technology. However, in my opinion, bitcoin is the best example of a blockchain because it’s the most decentralized. And this matters because, without decentralization, the security of the blockchain is compromised, as are its immutable qualities.

Not to mention, bitcoin’s blockchain has the best incentive structure built in to keep it growing and as decentralized as possible. It has the most significant network effect of any other blockchain in existence. And its inception cannot be replicated.

I could go on, but I don’t want to turn this into a novel.

And, to be clear, I’m not saying any of this to convince you to buy bitcoin. None of this should be considered financial or other advice. So please do not consider anything I’ve said on this page to be any type of investment recommendation. It’s not.

At the end of the day, it’s best to make your own mind up about what’s right for you. However, I did think it was worth pointing these things out to show you the “other side” of the argument. That way, you can get a different perspective.

To me, if a country like the U.S. over-regulated bitcoin and the price tanked, I would see that as a generational buying opportunity, not a reason to freak out. Why? Because I’m bullish on the fundamentals behind bitcoin as a sound, long-term store of value.

In any case, I don’t think you need to be bearish on bitcoin to be bullish on TSMC or any other chipmaker. On the contrary, increasing bitcoin adoption could benefit these companies, which may be part of the reason why more chipmakers like Intel, for example, are getting on board. According to Barron’s, Intel recently announced plans to make a chip for an energy-efficient bitcoin mining ASIC in the near future.

Either way, there’s no guarantee any investment will make you money, let alone 6,660%, which Chris Dehaemer says is possible with his blockchain pick.

So, while the Bull and Bust Report could be worth checking out, and I don’t believe it’s a scam, I wouldn’t sign up expecting to make those sorts of gains.

Anyway, that’s it from me. Despite my long-winded bitcoin rant, I hope you found this post helpful. And I’d love to hear your thoughts about all of this in the comments, so if you have anything you’d like to share, chime in below.

5 thoughts on “What’s Chris DeHaemer’s Blockchain “Back Door” Stock Pick?”

  1. Hi Tim !!

    I read your perspective about Chris DeHaemer’s pitch concerning the demise of
    bitcoin and the “rise” of the “backdoor” company that will benefit the blockchain.
    Thanks for your analysis !! The most recent pitch for the same thing is now in Sept. of
    2022 !! These “predicted” days of sudden demise/and/or wealth keep being rolled
    forward !! Definitely a marketing ploy to get as many people to bite on the out of
    reality amounts of money that will be realized when these events occur !! Unfortunately, this is done a lot throughout the “investment guru” business !!
    Thanks again for this analysis & all the others you have done !!!

    Dan Svilar

  2. Hi there, Tim,
    I am on the mid north coast of the state of N.S.W. Australia. Once again, you have done an incredible job about your findings on Chris DeHaemer’s $US400T “BACK DOOR” blockchain. It looks as though DeHaemer has spruiked this same spiel on multiple times in the past. As you suggest, under various headings. I read about his latest post this morning, 3 March,’22. As you have clarified, he mentions the digital dollar announcement to happen on the 16 June ’21, then 16 March ’22, now he predicts it all to happen on the 4 May ’22. I feel that DeHaemer will just rehash this spiel over and over again, and, well into the future until when it may eventually happen. This is, is of course, with ONE HUGE “?”. Once again, Tim, a great read on your behalf.

    • Hi Richard.

      Yeah, I’ve found that rehashing presentations is somewhat common in this space, which is why I don’t take much notice of date-based predictions in these types of presentations anymore. In my opinion, it’s mostly just there to add a sense of urgency to sell more subscriptions. In other words, it’s marketing.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best.


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