Is The Bull and Bust Report a Scam? (Read Before Joining)

With all the uncertainty in the markets, leveraging the experience of someone like Christian DeHaemer to help you navigate the ups and downs may seem like a good idea.

But is his Bull and Bust Report the real deal? And if so, is it worth joining?

The Bull and Bust Report isn’t a scam; it’s an investment newsletter that aims to help subscribers profit during bull and bear markets. That said, it’s not going to suit everyone, so whether or not it’s worth joining will depend on your goals and investing preferences.

And of course, there’s no guarantee it’ll help you make money.

In this article, I’ll show you what this service is about in more detail and give you some info about Chris DeHaemer and his current predictions to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Overview of The Bull and Bust Report

The Bull and Bust Report (formerly known as the Bubble and Bust Report) is an investment newsletter edited by Christian DeHaemer of Angel Publishing.

The service aims to help subscribers profit from what Chris describes as “Federal Reserve–created bubbles” in the market while minimizing the impact of market downturns.

So, at the broad level, it’s about protecting and growing your wealth, which many investors are interested in. However, the Bull and Bust Report does cater more to conservative investors and those with more right-leaning views.

And it’s particularly suited to those who are concerned about monetary and fiscal policy. In other words, the Federal Reserve printing money and excessive government spending. Chris minces no words when it comes to his thoughts on these topics:

“When the most prominent people in the global financial industry — the central bankers — are lying to your face… When they are preaching safety and at the same time printing an unprecedented and overwhelming amount of debt… Then you know something is wrong.

“When the financial elite can get away with scams, bailouts, and robbery in cahoots with the government… and not one person goes to jail… You know it isn’t too big to fail — it already has.”

– Christian DeHaemer (source:

As you can see, he doesn’t hold back (lol).

Many folks, especially in the gold and bitcoin community, are concerned about excessive “money printing” and the devaluing of the dollar. For good reason, too.

It may not be as simple as “printing money,” but the actions the Fed takes can lead to asset price inflation and rising consumer prices, as this article on The Balance explains.

So, what the Fed does matters, which is why understanding how the central bank and monetary system works can help you make more informed choices about your investments.

And that’s one of the core elements of the Bull and Bust Report.

On the one hand, you get insights into which opportunities Chris thinks can help you make money during bull markets and “bubbles” due to the Fed’s actions.

And on the other hand, you get recommendations aimed at helping you avoid losing money during market crashes and bear market cycles.

In some ways, it’s kind of like a mix between a conservative service like Wall Street’s Proving Ground and a more speculative advisory like The George Gilder Report.

In any case, in the next section, I’ll show you some of Chris’ recommendations to help shed some light on how well the service has performed since it began.

Does The Bull and Bust Report Have a Good Track Record?

According to FinNotes, the Bull and Bust Report was first published in 2016. And although Angel Publishing doesn’t publicly disclose the average return of each recommendation, I was able to find some examples of Chris’ stock picks, which you may find helpful.

The following snippet is from a site he contributes to called Energy & Capital:

“At my newsletter Bull and Bust Report we have profited from the 5G megatrend. Broadcom is up 98%, Qualcomm is up 174%, and SBA Communications is up 54%.

“We have profited from fintech. Visa is up 169%, PayPal is up 105.36%, and Mastercard is up 16%.”


Worth mentioning is that the above examples are essentially the “highlights” and therefore don’t tell you the whole picture. Unfortunately, we don’t know the average return of the Bull and Bust Report recommendations since the service began.

What’s Included With a Bull and Bust Report Subscription?

The monthly newsletters are the primary feature of the Bull and Bust Report.

Each month, for 12 months, subscribers receive a new newsletter issue that breaks down Chris’ latest research, insights, and recommendations.

Subscribers also get access to the model portfolio, which shows you the current Bull and Bust Report recommendations and the details of each pick. As well as email alerts to help keep you updated on the portfolio and access to the member’s area.

Also, depending on how you sign up and what membership you select, you may receive some bonus reports designed to showcase specific opportunities Chris is interested in.

For example, if you join through the regular sign up page on the Angel Publishing website, you get five bonus reports as of writing that each covers a different investment idea:

  • “The #1 Megatrend Stock for the 2020s: How to Make 4,440% Gains From the $15.7 Trillion AI Revolution”
  • “The 4 MVPs of the Tap & Go Revolution”
  • “The 5G Profit Kings: Banking 1,000% on These Three Cell Tower Titans”
  • “Market Massacre: Survive and Prosper From the Most Devastating Market Crash of Your Lifetime”
  • “Get Paid to Own Farmland”

Like most financial publishing companies, Angel Publishing also runs promotions from time to time that center around the latest stock or trend their analysts are following.

In this case, Chris is currently heading up a presentation about “spatial computing” (more on this shortly). And if you join through that presentation, you can get a discount along with a different set of bonus reports than those listed above.

The core service is always the same, regardless of where you join; it’s just the bonuses you get and the price you end up paying that differs.

How Much Does It Cost To Sign Up?

The regular price of joining the Bull and Bust Report is $249 for 12 months. However, some promotions I’ve seen allow you to get started for $49 per year.

Can You Get a Refund?

It is unclear whether or not you can get a refund for the Bull and Bust Report.

The default order page on the Angel Publishing website does not mention anything about a guarantee or refund, which is unusual because there usually is.

However, on the order page of one of the promotions currently running, the one that allows you to join for $49, they have a six-month refund policy in place.

Here’s a snippet from the refund policy section of the Terms and Conditions page on the Angel Publishing website:

“The majority of our publications offer a specific time period during which you can try our services and receive 100% of your money back if you are not satisfied.”


So it’s not clear if the Bull and Bust service offers a refund by default. If you want to be sure, it might pay to contact their customer support via phone or email to check:

  • (877) 303-4529

Who Is Christian DeHaemer?

Christian (Chris) DeHaemer is the Investment Director and editor of the Bull and Bust Report, and he works for Angel Publishing, which publishes his newsletters and others.

What’s his story? According to his profile on the Angel Publishing website, Chris spent “two decades working in the muck of Wall Street” and has traveled the world to find “life-changing profit opportunities.”

Chris says he’s been to places like Cuba, Kenya, China, and Mongolia, searching for the “story no one else is talking about” within the energy sector.

Apparently, he’s been underground with miners, interviewed company owners, and had beers with workers after their shifts, all to find the best opportunities to share with readers.

This “boots on the ground” approach and focus on the energy sector seems to be what sets him apart from other gurus in the advisory space.

He does recommend opportunities outside of the energy sector; it’s just that most of his experience seems to be in the energy sector based on his profile and stock picks.

This is further confirmed by the fact he’s a contributor to Energy & Capital daily; a free daily email newsletter focused on the energy sector.

And he’s co-authored a book called “Energy Investing For Dummies” with Nick Hodge and Keith Kohl, who’s the editor of Technology and Opportunity.

As far as DeHaemer’s Wall Street days go, it’s unclear precisely what he did while on Wall Street or who he worked for. However, based on his bio on the Angel Publishing website, he’s been in the financial education space since 1996.

According to his LinkedIn profile, 15 years of that were spent at Agora Publishing, one of the largest publishers in the world, and ten years at Angel Publishing.

And it seems that one of the services he ran for Agora was called Crisis Investing.

Based on my research and some of the comments on Stock Gumshoe, it seems as though Agora’s “Crisis Investing” may have later become Angel Publishing’s “Crisis and Opportunity.”

And it looks as though Crisis and Opportunity is no longer operating. If so, the only two services Chris contributes to, from what I can tell, are Energy & Capital and the Bull and Bust Report.

What Are Chris DeHaemer’s Stock Picks?

The best way to find out what companies DeHaemer is recommending would be to check out one of his services. But I’ve looked into numerous presentations he’s released and managed to uncover some of his stock picks in the process, which you can see here.

For the most part, the presentations I’ve come across have centered around tech companies and companies he believes could play a role in emerging trends.

For example, one company he teased was in the robotics space, another makes components for satellite internet, and another was a chipmaker.

Is The Bull and Bust Report Legit?

I don’t think the Bull and Bust Report is a scam, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to make money following Chris DeHaemer’s recommendations because nobody has a crystal ball.

He does appear to have recommended some great stocks over the years, but like any finance “guru,” he’s almost certainly recommended stuff that hasn’t worked out, too.

So, even though it’s possible you could make decent returns following his recommendations, it’s also possible you could lose money. This is why I think it’s important not to go into something like this expecting everything to be a home run.

I also don’t think it’s realistic to expect the service will help you avoid every market downturn that occurs because market crashes can happen very quickly and without warning.

So my point is that the service may not be a “scam,” but there are still risks involved with investing in general. I also think the market associated with some of Angel Publishing’s presentations is overhyped, to say the least.

Bottom Line

According to the Angel Publishing website, The Bull and Bust Report aims to help subscribers maximize profits during bull markets and “frothy” markets caused by central bank policies while minimizing losses during bear markets.

The man behind the service, Chris DeHaemer, does this by sharing his insights with subscribers in the monthly newsletters. And by sharing opportunities he thinks will give readers the best chance to make money regardless of what’s going on in the market.

Does that mean you should join?

I think it really depends on your goals and preferences.

On the one hand, it might suit people interested in the types of companies DeHaemer recommends and those who are looking for a low-priced service.

On the other hand, there are other (well-established) services out there that are less focused on these “bull and bear cycles” driven by Fed policy and instead focus on finding great long-term companies. So it all depends on what you’re looking for.

Anyway, that’s it from me. Thanks for reading. And if you’d like to share your thoughts on the Bull and Bust Report, feel free to leave a comment below.

4 thoughts on “Is The Bull and Bust Report a Scam? (Read Before Joining)”

  1. Thanks for a detailed and objective assessment of Bull and Bust. I am sceptical of anybody who touts a guaranteed return of phenomenal sums less and secured, tangible asset to back the “trust me guarantee”. I am interested in the stock report you did suggest as not for all but one with a solid reputation and two experienced hedge/fund/…/ managers of large financial players. A refreshing and eye-opening review with recommendations that make sense.

  2. On December 11, I contributed to the report with the promise that I were to receive a via email a receipt and the report right away. I didn’t receive either; however, my American Express was charged. I called on the 12th and I was asked to leave a message; I did that without getting any response. I called today (13th), the gentleman confirmed my email with the promise that I will receive the report by email. It didn’t come. I called again and was asked to leave a message. I really think that it is a scam and I tagged the transection on my American Express to cancel the deal.

    • I have and did start right away receiving my Bull and Bust reports immediately. Though some time later I was not getting any after signing up and having received some as promised. I enjoyed the reports a lot. However, suddenly none came, I called the customer service number given to me, they answered right away, listened and said we are getting those back in there. They did not know why that happened but wanted me to have the promised reports, 3 a day, and gave me an extra year, so two years for price of one. They stopped again about two months ago, January, and i called again, they got them right in there. I mentioned they needed to be sure what they were doing with the reports, making sure they did not stop and if so getting them back in on their end. This had irritated me somewhat, but as far as I know the reports are not scams, and doing something different today by contacting angel pub and if I am pleased with that I will try to further inspire that I have had no reason to doubt they are legit. NOT A SCAM… however, today their phone number buzzing busy continually like something isn’t right. Will keep adding responses of what I find… It is important to know is something is genuine, quality and real in all cases.. Our money does not grow on trees and people do not want to touch our money without legitimacy for certain.


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