What Is Alex Koyfman’s $5 Graphene Battery Stock?

Today I’m looking into a presentation by Angel Publishing’s Alex Koyman about a “sub-$5 stock” that he claims could “set you up for quadruple-digit returns.”

According to Koyfman, the company makes patented graphene batteries that don’t need any lithium can charge “around 60–70 times faster” than lithium batteries and last for three days instead of one.

What stock is he teasing? Well, that’s what I intend to find out. Let’s start by analyzing Koyfman’s clues. Then I’ll see which stock lines up with what he says.

Breaking Down Koyfman’s “Battery Arms Race” Prediction

Alex Koyfman began the presentation by sharing an image of a pile of black powder, which he claims “is about to disrupt some of the most powerful industries on Earth.”

All told, he claims it could “radically transform” the $4.59 trillion energy, pharma, defense, electronics, medicine, electric vehicles, and construction markets.

And he states it could help investors “reap 6,908% gains.”

“In a moment, I’ll show you exactly why this material is going to affect countless industries…

And how one tiny company that made a major breakthrough with this substance could give you the chance to reap 6,908% gains — with shares still trading for less than $5.”

The substance Koyfman refers to in the presentation is graphene.

What’s graphene? According to graphene-info.com, graphene is a “one-atom-thick layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice.”

What’s the big deal? I’m not even close to an expert on graphene or how it works (lol). However, my research has revealed that graphene, which is essentially a single layer of graphite, is stronger than steel, yet the thinnest known material.

And according to the article I just linked to, graphene has “unlimited potential for integration in almost any industry.” For example, it can be used to make anything from batteries, computer chips, and electronics to water filtration systems and solar cells.

So, as bold as Koyfman’s claim is about how graphene could transform the industries I mentioned earlier, it’s not as far-fetched as I first thought.

Why is Alex Koyfman so interested in graphene?

In a word, batteries.

During the presentation, Koyfman states that we’re in a “global battery arms race” because “demand for batteries is exploding right now.” And he talked about how China controls most of the world’s lithium supply, the material currently used in most batteries.

Long story short, Koyfman believes that global power storage capacity could see a “100-fold increase over the next 20 years,” and he points to graphene batteries as the solution because these don’t require any lithium, nickel, cobalt, or copper.

In other words, graphene batteries don’t require raw materials we could run out of. According to Koyfman, they’re made out of “nothing but graphene and aluminum.”

He also says that a “little-known company” has found a way to make graphene that’s “considered to be superior to all the other methods.”

“However, this little-known company found a way that’s considered to be superior to all the other methods.

They use a patented production process that works with so-called plasma technology.

It may sound complicated, but the idea is simple.

You apply highly concentrated heat to natural gas…

The heat breaks the gas down into its components…

And one of these components is a single layer of carbon atoms that forms pure graphene.”

So, the company Koyfman’s teasing supposedly uses a patented production process to make graphene with natural gas and aluminum.

And it apparently makes a patent protected graphene battery:

“It’s rolling out its own patented graphene batteries in cooperation with the University of Queensland as we speak.”

However, as Koyfman explains in the presentation, the company does more than make graphene and graphene batteries. He also says it makes a “special graphene lubricant” and is developing “graphene supercapacitors.”

“The possibilities are endless. And this tiny company I’m going to reveal today is already in the business of some of them, in addition to its battery division.

For example, it’s selling a special graphene lubricant that radically reduces friction in engines and therefore helps save energy…

And right now it’s developing so-called graphene supercapacitors in cooperation with the Centre for Biomedical Technologies in Queensland.

You can think of supercapacitors as microscopic power plants for medical implants.”

So, what’s his pick?

Read on.

Alex Koyfman’s “Sub-$5” Graphene Stock Pick (Revealed)

To find out what stock Koyfman was teasing, the first thing I did was Google what company with a patented graphene battery is working with the University of Queensland (UQ).

And that led me to a uq.edu.au article, which states that Brisbane-based company Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) is working with scientists from UQ to “manufacture battery prototypes for watches, phones, laptops, electric vehicles and grid storage.”

The article states that, according to Professor Rowan of UQ, the graphene aluminum ion batteries GMG makes could have a battery life of up to three times that of a lithium-ion battery and charge up to 70 times faster.

So, not only is GMG working with UQ on a graphene battery, the batteries it makes match Koyfman’s clues about charging 70x faster and lasting 3x longer.

I also checked out some of the other clues Koyfman shared about the company’s management, its work on supercapacitors and graphene lubricant, and others.

And based on my research, the company is a match on all fronts.

Graphene Manufacturing Group is an Australian company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange in Canada under the ticker GMG.

According to the corporate website, GMG is focused on clean technology and aims to offer both energy-saving and energy storage products enabled by graphene.

And, as of writing, the company’s market cap is around $260 million (Canadian dollars), making it a microcap stock, which is exactly the sort of stock Alex Koyfman focuses on with Microcap Insider, the advisory service he pitches in the presentation.

I’ll let you decide whether GMG is a good investment or not. I have no idea if the stock price will go up or down, but I believe this is the company Koyfman’s teasing.

And everything Koyfman said about the company seems to check out. For example, what the company’s working on, who’s running it, and who it’s working with is all on point. And to top it off, the stock is currently trading at around $3.30 per share. So, it’s a match.

What sort of upside does Koyfman see?

Koyman never mentioned the name Graphene Manufacturing Group in the presentation. Instead, he reveals his pick and why he’s bullish in a report titled “Graphene: An Exclusive Guide to the Next Millionaire-Maker.”

However, when talking about his stock pick in general, Koyfman said that “a return of 100 times your investment in the next two–three years is not unrealistic.” And towards the end of the presentation, he said that “$5,000 could turn into more than a million.”

Those are pretty bold statements, in my opinion.

It would be nice to make those sorts of gains, but there’s no guarantee you’ll make 100x or turn $5k into a million dollars with ANY investment. Not to mention, as Koyfman himself points out, “this is a highly speculative bet.”

“It’s important you understand this is a highly speculative bet. Never risk more money than you can afford to lose.”

Anyway, if you want the complete details behind Koyfman’s pick, you’ll need to read his graphene-related research report. And the only way to access that is to join Microcap Insider, a stock advisory service he runs for Angel Publishing.

So, let’s look at what this service is about and how it works.

Overview of Microcap Insider

Microcap Insider is a stock advisory service headed up by Alex Koyfman of Angel Publishing, and it’s primarily focused on micro-cap tech and biotech stocks.

A micro-cap stock is essentially a publicly listed company with a very small market capitalization. In the U.S., a micro-cap is defined as any public U.S. company with a market cap of $50 million to $300 million. And in Canada, it appears to be similar.

Either way, a microcap is a small stock.

The good thing about microcaps is that, if you’re right, there can be enormous upside potential given how little money has been invested in the company.

The downside is that microcaps can be extremely risky and volatile, meaning the share price can fluctuate rapidly and without warning.

So, microcaps are Alex Koyfman focuses on with Microcap Insider. And as with any investment, there are potential risks and rewards to consider.

How has the service performed so far?

According to Koyfman, his readers have seen numerous triple-digit gains:

“So far, three-quarters of the model portfolio trades I’ve closed out have been winners. You could’ve banked gains of 122%, 163%, 210%, 284%, 300%, 347%, and more…”

I don’t know how well the service has done since its inception, but based on what Koyfman says, he has picked some decent stocks since the service launched in 2014.

What do you get if you join the service?

The main component of Microcap Insider is the weekly issues of Microcap Insider. These contain Koyfman’s latest investment ideas, insights, and research. He shows you what stocks he’s interested in, why he’s bullish, and how to follow his ideas.

You also get access to research reports that detail his investment ideas and updates on his recommended positions to help keep you informed.

How much does it cost?

A subscription to Microcap Insider costs $1,999 per year. And according to the Angel Publishing website, the service comes with a 90-day refund policy.

See my complete Microcap Insider review to know more about how the service works, what’s included, and get my opinion on whether or not it’s worth joining.

Who’s Alex Koyfman?

Alex Koyfman is the person behind the presentation and Microcap Insider service, and he works with a financial publishing company called Angel Publishing.

According to Koyfman, he’s “not your typical investment ‘guru'” because he’s never worked for a Wall Street bank or hedge fund. However, he says he’s been in the investment research business for almost 20 years and started as a self-taught trader in his teens.

And according to his Angel Publishing profile, Alex Koyfman’s expertise lies in “high-upside, development stage technology and biotech companies.”

Aside from Microcap Insider, Koyfman is a contributing editor to Wealth Daily, Angel Publishing’s flagship daily email newsletter service.

Bottom Line

Based on the clues in the presentation, I believe Alex Koyfman’s “sub-$5” graphene stock is an Aussie company called Graphene Manufacturing Group.

To find out for sure, the best thing to do is join Microcap Insider because that gives you access to Koyfman’s report called “Graphene: An Exclusive Guide to the Next Millionaire-Maker.” And in this report, he details his stock pick and why he’s bullish.

Microcap Insider costs almost $2k, though, which is a lot of money to pay for one stock pick. However, as a subscriber of the service, you get access to ongoing investment ideas from Alex Koyfman, so it could be worthwhile if you’re interested in micro-cap stocks.

Anyway, that’s my take. Thanks for reading, and if you’d like to share your thoughts on any of this, feel free to drop a comment below.

5 thoughts on “What Is Alex Koyfman’s $5 Graphene Battery Stock?”

  1. Thank you for providing a review of the “Alex Koyfman’s $5 Graphene Battery Stock” video pitch. I am interested in technology that will increase the efficiency and availability of electrical energy storage and production. That’s how I got to that video. I had to have a lot of patience seeing dollar bills every minute, till I got some information about the technology. I did not get to the end to hear the final pitch about the MicroCap Insider. That’s what I got from your review. Thank you! I am not interested in Newsletters like MicroCap Insider. I agree with your opinion about such newsletters.

    • I have to think about this long and hard. $2,000 is a lot of money for me to invest being as this is a big gamble. I am a 78 year old Vietnam veteran who is 100% disabled and I can’t decide whether to take the chance as of yet. This would be a lot of money to lose.

      • I am a Vietnam veteran. 100% disabled. 78 years old and can’t decide at this time whether I should take the chance. I have CLL, which is a form of leukemia that I acquired as a result of exposure to agent orange in Vietnam. I would love to leave my wife with a means to support herself pretty well. She should live much longer than I as she is only 66 years old. Will look at this again tomorrow which will be Thursday 1/11/2023. I know that she will say no don’t invest.


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