What “$4 Cancer Stock” Is Alex Green Teasing? [Revealed]

The Oxford Club’s Alexander Green has released a new stock teaser pitch about a “$4 cancer stock” that he claims is “more effective than chemotherapy” and has “less side effects.”

He basically claims that it’s a big deal for fighting cancer and that the stock he’s recommending could make early investors a “potential fortune.”

Alex Green discussing a "$4 cancer stock" he's recommending in an Oxford Club presentation.
Source: oxfordclub.com

What company is he teasing? And what treatment is he talking about?

Well, first and foremost, I want to point out that I am NOT a medical professional, so I am not an expert on how this so-called “treatment” works or how big a deal it is (or isn’t).

Nor do I know if the stock he’s teasing will go up or down.

But I did look into the clues Alex Green shared in the presentation, and in this post, I’ll show you what company I think it is and help shed some light on what it’s working on.

So with that said, let’s dive right in.

Breaking Down Alex Green’s Pitch

The gist of Alex Green’s latest teaser (March 2023) is that the company behind “one tiny $4 stock” has come up with a way to help Americans “get their lives back” through a cancer treatment they’ve developed, which is apparently “more effective” and cheaper than chemo.

“Imagine that mere months ago…

“This cancer was a death sentence.

“But thanks to the ingenuity of the scientists at one tiny $4 stock…

“130,000 Americans just received hope for countless more Sunday mornings with their spouses.

“130,000 Americans will get the chance to see their grandkids grow up…

“130,000 Americans can now make plans to travel the world with their families…

“In short…

“130,000 Americans can get their lives back.

“It’s a monumental victory in the fight against cancer.

“This stock’s newest approved treatment is MORE effective than chemotherapy with LESS side effects…

“All while costing literally a fraction of a percent of other next-generation cancer treatments.”

Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20230502222808/https://pro.oxfordclub.com/p/LIVES1977LTAGB786/EOMTZ5BY/Full

How does it work?

Well, again, I’m not a medical expert. But according to Alex Green, it has to do with something called antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), which he describes as a “highly targeted cancer treatment” that works “like a guided missile.”

“While they have a complicated name, ADCs are fairly simple.

“They work like a guided missile programmed to destroy only cancer, with three main parts.

“The first is the homing system. This ensures the missile targets the cancer only.

“The second is the fuse. This ensures the missile doesn’t hurt any healthy tissue while getting there.

“Third, the payload. This kills the cancer cells.”

Green goes into more detail than that in the presentation, but that’s the gist of it.

And according to Green, the company has the only ADC with FDA approval to treat ovarian cancer, which he claims is “big” for both patients and investors.

“… the $4 stock just had its ADC for a certain type of ovarian cancer granted accelerated approval by the FDA.

“It’s the ONLY ADC in history to get FDA approval to treat ovarian cancer.

“This ‘first of its kind’ status is big for both patients and investors…”


“Ovarian cancer is set to become a $3.7 billion market within the next five years.

“Which is more than three times bigger than the market cap of this tiny company.

“Looking at the clinical trial data, I believe their ADC could claim the vast majority of that market… multiplying the share price to new heights.

“In fact, the average analyst price target on this innovative cancer stock is $12.

“That’s a triple from current prices.”

Long story short, after a ‘healthy dose’ of newsletter salesman-like hype… Alex Green states that this stock is his “prized recommendation for the 12 months ahead.”

What company is he teasing?

Read on.

Revealed: Alex Green’s “$4 Cancer Stock”

Based on what we know so far, Alex Green is teasing a biotech company with a market cap of around $1 billion (see above clue), and that was trading at around $4 in March 2023.

He also shared several other hints…

“… one of the largest money management funds worldwide, controlling $7 TRILLION in assets… just boosted its position by 21%…

“The firm that runs the Texas Teacher Retirement System – which funds the pensions of 1.6 million teachers – just DOUBLED its holdings in this stock.

“Deerfield Capital Management is in for 6 million shares.”


“This $4 cancer stock is not some brand-new preclinical biotech.

“It’s been in business for 40-plus years…”


“Its brand-new drug, the first of its kind for ovarian cancer, was given accelerated FDA approval in November…”

And one last clue I wanted to highlight is a quote Alex Green shared from Fierce Pharma about the company’s treatment:

“‘A trial of 106 patients showed its ability to shrink tumors.’ –FIERCE PHARMA”

That is actually the first clue I looked into, and it led me to this fiercepharma.com article that talks about a company called ImmunoGen (IMGN).

And this appears to be the company Alex Green is teasing.


First of all, because it’s the only company I could find that lines up with the above quote Alex Green shared in the presentation.

Second, the above article is specifically talking about the company’s ovarian cancer treatment (Elahere), which the article states was “signed off on” by the FDA in November 2022, thus matching yet another clue Green shared.

Third, the company has a market cap of just over $1 billion as of writing (May 2023) and was trading for around $4 in March (the month shown at the bottom of the presentation). It is trading at around $5 a share now, but that’s only because it has gone up since then.

A chart of ImmunoGen stock taken from the Google search results.
Source: https://www.google.com/search?q=immunogen+stock

Lastly, this company seems to match the hints Green dropped about the company’s investors and how it has been in business for over 40 years.

Not to mention, according to Wikipedia, ImmunoGen is a biotechnology company “focused on the development of antibody-drug conjugate therapeutics for the treatment of cancer.” And ADC therapeutics is what the presentation centered around.

So, while I can’t be 100% certain without reading his report (the one titled “The $4 Cancer Stock Saving Thousands: A 5X Opportunity”), this looks like a match.

I don’t know how significant this company’s cancer treatments are, nor do I know if it’s a good investment or not, but Alex Green elaborates on his pick in the above report.

The catch is, however, that you would need to fork out $1,977 for a two-year subscription to his Oxford Microcap Trader service to get that report.

I didn’t do that.

But I am a member of his entry-level Oxford Communique service and published a detailed review of that service (which you can see here). So you might find that useful if you want to learn how his other picks have worked out before deciding.

Bottom Line

Stock-picking gurus always seem to know how to make their recommendations sound amazing, but the truth is, their picks don’t always work out as planned.

So I would recommend taking the presentation with a pinch of salt because there’s no guarantee you’ll make money following his recommendations.

Nevertheless, I am reasonably confident that I’ve managed to solve his teaser here, so if I’m right, at least now you don’t have to spend almost $2k to find out the name of the company he’s pitching. Thanks for reading, and all the best!

2 thoughts on “What “$4 Cancer Stock” Is Alex Green Teasing? [Revealed]”

  1. Thank you. He is still using that teaser, but in the presentation said he would give the stock name, then did not and you had to pay “only” $120 for a $4 his single stock retirement plan. As usual, no track record of the newsletter. Maybe it is too new, and the picks can take years go up in price. But just watched in July 12 2023 and stock is at $18 plus so this would be a clear lie if it was immunoGen. but he already lied once saying he was going to give the stock.


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