Weekly Blitz Alert Review (Legit or SCAM?)

I recently received an email from Lance Ippolito about his “Weekly Blitz Alert” trading system.

He says the system helps you identify “shadow blitz” trades that could lead to 843% potential gains overnight and turn each $1,000 into $26,950.

Sounds good, but what it’s about and is it really legit?

Weekly Blitz Alert is a trading advisory service developed by a professional trader, Lance Ippolito, that shows you how to place 24 hour options trades. And according to Lance, he and his beta testers have made a lot of money with the system. I don’t believe it’s a scam, but I wouldn’t expect to use it to get rich quick either.

It’s also important to understand that, as with any type of trading, there are risks involved. So just as you could use what you learn to make money, you could also end up losing money. Because when it come to trading there are no guarantees.

In this review, we’ll delve into what the system is about in more detail, how it works and whether or not I think it’s worth joining.

What’s Weekly Blitz Alert About?

Weekly Blitz Alert is a trading advisory service run by Lance Ippolito, who works with a company called WealthPress.

The service costs $1,997 for a 12 month membership, or $2,497 for lifetime access, and gives you access to Lance’s trading strategy and trade recommendations. And according to the website, you get 104 of his trade recommendations within a one year period.

As a member, the idea is basically to follow the options trades Lance is placing within his own accounts each week, and use what you learn within your own trading account, in the hopes it’ll pay off. Which, according to Lance, could pay off big time.

He says that his strategy reveals opportunities in the options market to make 5X your money in as little as 24 hours, and that if you put $1,000 into each “shadow blitz” he discovers, that could equate to an easy $26,950.

Weekly Blitz Alert promotional banner.
Source: wealthpress.com

What are these “shadow blitzes” anyway?

Shadow Blitz is basically a term Lance came up with to describe what he says are an “unusual group of trades” that signal when a stock is about to explode in just a matter of hours. And apparently, when this happens, it triggers his proprietary “Blitz Alert” system which allows him to make huge gains within a very short period of time.

And the benefit of joining the service, according to Lance, is that you get access to two of these “shadow blitz” trades each week for 12 full months.

It certainly sounds cool. And I guess it’s possible you could use what you learn to make lots of money. But as I said earlier, nothing guaranteed. And trading options is risky no matter what strategy you’re using.

So, at the very least, I think it would pay to educate yourself thoroughly before diving in. That way, you’re not just placing trades based on someone else’s opinion and hoping it pays off.

How Does It Work?

In order to join Weekly Blitz Alert, you simply need to visit the order page on the WealthPress website and follow the prompts to get started.

After paying the $1,997 fee to join, the site says you get access to Lance’s trading system and weekly trade recommendations. In addition to the following bonuses:

  • The Blitz Playbook (PDF report)
  • Blitz Alert Secrets (video training series)
  • Weekly Market Blitz Videos (video updates)
  • The 5 Stocks That Will Shape and Protect Your Financial Future (PDF report)
  • TWO Tickets to Annual Blitz Alert Live Summit (annual event)
  • Private Members-Only Portal (member only website)

All of this is designed to help you make money based on short-term options trading. Which is basically a type of trading where you’re buying the right to buy the underlying asset at a given price, instead of the asset itself.

Or, as Investopedia puts it:

An option is a contract giving the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy (in the case of a call) or sell (in the case of a put) the underlying asset at a specific price on or before a certain date.

Options aren’t all that difficult to understand once you take the time to learn how they work. But at the same time, it’s a lot more confusing than regular stock market investing, especially for beginners. So in that respect I think it’s more risky since the less you know about something, the easier it is to make a mistake which could cost you a lot of money.

So if you do want to learn more, here’s a video I found that explains options trading in more detail which you may find helpful:

In any case, even if Weekly Blitz Alert is as amazing as it sounds, I personally think it always pays to educate yourself as much as possible when it comes to trading. That way you’re not just blindly following someone’s recommendations. Because at at the end of the day, if you lose your money there’s no getting back and there are no refunds either.

There are some “guarantee layers” according to the order page. But if you read it carefully, these don’t actually guarantee that you’ll make any money, they really just state that Lance will deliver you the “chance” to make money.

Here’s my interpretation of it anyways:

  • Guarantee Layer 1 – As a member, you are guaranteed to receive at least two trade opportunities each week, or eight per month.
  • Guarantee Layer 2 – Out of those eight trade recommendations each month, the site says that ONE of those will give you the chance to make 5X your money.
  • Guarantee Layer 3 – If for some reason you don’t receive either of the above, you can get access to another WealthPress service free of charge for another year.

Who’s Behind This?

Lance Ippolito is the man behind the Weekly Blitz Alert system and he works with a company called WealthPress, which is run by a guy named Roger Scott, who says he has 25 years of experience in trading futures, stock options and ETFs.

Lance Ippolito
Lance Ippolito

According to Lance’s WealthPress profile page, he’s a professional trader that is known as the “market detective” by those who follow his work.

And from what I can gather, this is because he specializes in following large market orders within the options market, that he believes could indicate trading by company insiders. And then he uses this information to make big money trading options.

Apparently he started out working for Citigroup’s Global Markets and other investment funds and given his success, went on to help educate people about how to be successful within the world of trading. And according to WealthPress, some of his work has been featured in newsletters like the Professional Traders Opinion and other publications, like Inside Futures and Futures magazine.

What is WealthPress?

WealthPress is a financial publishing company, similar to similar to Banyan Hill, that works with a number of trading gurus, including Lance, to provide investment and trading advisory services. Put simply, this is the company behind the scenes helping to make everything possible. So if you do buy, this is who you’re actually buying from.

Bottom Line

Whether or not you decide to join Weekly Blitz Alert is something only you can decide.

I think on the one hand, it sounds like an exciting way to make a lot of money trading options, in a very short period of time. And Lance seems to know what he’s talking about, so I guess it could be worth the $1,997 price tag if you make the kind of money he talks about.

On the other hand, trading options can be very risky, so it’s possible you could lose money too. Especially since there’s not a single trader on the planet that hasn’t lost money at some point. So, in reality, what you’re really hoping is that you win more than you lose.

Which may happen if Lance’s system is as good as he claims. But there are no guarantees you’ll make money either. Well, other than getting access to another WealthPress service for a year. So I think it’s important to understand that there are risks involved, as with any type of trading.

30 thoughts on “Weekly Blitz Alert Review (Legit or SCAM?)”

  1. So has anyone used the Insider Weekly? The author of the article recommends this newsletter and I’m curious if he just used skepticism from another’s recommendation to advertise his own or if his is really better? Anyone?

    BTW: I bought the Master Indicator from Lance and although I don’t win big because I don’t bet big, I have won way more than I did before I had it. Especially after I started using it a bit differently than how I was instructed to.

    I only listened to opinions of those who actually USED the service. And I appreciate the input whether I agree or not. Otherwise we have the blind leading the blind.

    And I find it funny how the only comments on this thread that actually attack or are just rude, for example the one calling people “loosers”, don’t know proper grammar or spelling. If you spent more time working on yourself rather than insulting others, you might learn how to spell LOSER. I digress.

  2. In broad terms there are three types of trades using options:

    Theta = Selling (high probability, low % return opportunity)

    Delta = Directional (medium probability, medium % return opportunity)

    Gamma = Leverage (low probability, high % return opportunity)

    Weekly Blitz is is Gamma options trade; You will lose about 80% of the time (approx) but when you hit, you’ll have a high percentage return. The dicey part that’s hard to figure is how much of your premium will you lose on the 8 losing trades and can you more than compensate for those losses with the 2 out 10 winning trades.

    For example, let’s say you invested $1,000 each on 10 trades ($10k total). On 8 of those trades you lose 50% of your premium ((50% x $1,000) x 8) = $4000 in losses. On 2 of those trades you 4x your $1,000. (($1,000 x 4) x2) = $8,000. $8,000 in winning – $4,000 in losses = $4,000 net winnings. Sounds good but what if the 50% losses in premium is more like 90% loss. In that case you net take away would be $7,200 in losses + $8k in winnings making this closer to break even but still marginally positive (+800).

    Not saying it doesn’t work but go in with your eyes wide open. It also helps if you know what type of trader you are. If that statement sounds odd then your relatively new to trading and have not yet settled into your preferred trading style. That’s OK. Just would encourage caution and small trades (or paper trading) for at least 3 months.

  3. I used wealthpress primestock calendar, paid them $2,500, and it made me like $18,000 when the market was recovering. I was making $3,000-$5,000 options trades at a time (equity value), over like 7 trades or so. A 3 three year old could have made money between April 2020 and Fall 2020, everything was going up. Recently, most of their trades are dogshit and are big money losers. I lost like $6,000 of the $18k I made from them and said I’m done. Needed to recoup my $2,500 at least. But the big thing they taught me by using their trades is how quickly you can make and lose money with options.

    Recently (January-April 2021) I’d say 60-70% of their trades have literally been stopping out a day or two after entry and they recommend a 30 day hold lol. Disclaimer, you can lose 50-75% of a short term option contracts value overnight (by the time the market opens next day). I studied finance and have a nice salary job and i’ve just been fking around with my extra cash, not pretending to be a guru here.

    Anyway, my point is that I stopped using their trades because more than 50% have been losing money while the market has been undulating naturally the last few months (January-April 2021), which clearly exposes that their system is bullshit. These guys don’t care about the performance of their trades, because they proudly track them all in the members only section and I’ve been laughing my ass off looking at the 6-7/10 that are bad losers recently.

    The winners only make like 15-35% on call options, and the losers are almost always 70%+ losers (you lose 70% of invested capital). They only care about the appearance of it being a legitimate system with their email/text alerts so they don’t get sued. After the next big sell-off/bear market (10% decline from recent high or more), I’ll probably start paying attention to their alerts again, because there’s no other place to put money and stocks always go up over time (unless we all start croaking by the millions).

    Gold, savings account, silver, bonds all return dog shit. If you are 5 years out from retirement and have 1-2 million, thats where you should put your money to preserve it. or buy rental property and have a third-party firm manage it. If you want dumb high returns in a few days like Lance talks about, you need to buy short term options contracts, that are out of the money, because they are the cheapest. Their only value is extrinsic (time until contract expires), and are above the current share price (for call options (long, you think share price is going to go up)). Intrinsic value can be explained like this, stock is currently $80, you buy a $70 call option.

    That option has $10 of intrinsic value when you buy it (per share) at that moment you buy it. My example trade: you buy a $330 call expiring in two weeks or less for a stock thats trading at $310 and selling off badly that day, like for no good reason its down 3-4% that day, but that stock has been going up for the last 5 months/5 years. Also you want to buy a big name/high volume stock, not a cash cow with a 5% dividend “blue chip”, because those stocks go nowhere. only sideways, like a bond. I recommend index options for the sheer volume and “up/down” daily mentality. Its an index, so it has to just go up or down, boring blue chip companies can trade between $81 and $84 for months. I.e. Most singular cash cow blue chip companies trade sideways (because most of their growth has already been realized and their business model just shits out operating income like a bond coupon and they give you some of it as a dividend).

    Anyway, in my ideal trade, one contract should cost you say $0.50 per share ($50), or $0.25 per share ($25). I.e. you want to buy contracts that are just barely worth anything, above $0.01 per share ($1.00), that way once the underlying stock rebounds over the next few days you are entering pure gain territory on the ladder starting from the bottom. It’s absolutely ludicrous how much value the market puts on extrinsic value at these lower prices per share. Being out of the money doesnt even matter.

    What matters it one call options value in relation to the next call option. You will see each option is based on a strike price, and their value is derived from that strike price, the current share price, and the time remaining to expiration. Options contracts basically rent ownership of 100 shares of the underlying stock until the exercise date of the option. But you should never hold until expiration because they will actually ask you to buy 100 shares of that stock if its in the money (“exercising”).

    Imagine coming up with the money to buy 100 shares of amazon ($3k per share). If the stock turns around and goes to even $315 or $320, the value of that option contract will go up to like $1.25 or $1.50. and that can easily happen within a few days. Not investment advice, you could definitely lose money if it keeps selling off during the days after you get in. Options are crazy and you will lose everything you put in if the selloff continues in days after. So your $0.25 option will go to $0.01 (per share).

    So you really are bottom feeding, so dont invest more than 10% of your trading capital at one time starting out. Personally I never short stocks because timing the entry and exits is so difficult, and most stocks tend to just go up if you are trading growing companies with no dividends/promising product demand. If you short individual companies, they just trade sideways and you lose money waiting for it to fall. Buying and holding shares is for suckers, unless you want to sleep every night knowing your lifes work could be cut in half in a matter of days (look at March 2-23 2020). get in and get out. goodluck. -Alex

    • Thank you for sharing Alex, hope you don’t mind but I added some spaces in your comment to make it more readable because it was one massive wall of text.

  4. anyone can tell witch service or website is real and work well for trading pls. reply. where ever i try most of them are fake and rip off. I am searching one good subscription for option trading

  5. I just watched the mind numbing, repetitive video. If I was selling this and really wanted to convince people it worked – I would publish a list of the previous year or so of “alerts” and the results for each. Such as the buy in price at 3:30 pm on the day of the alert and the sell price at 10 am the following day. The fact this list was missing from the “video” is self explanatory.

  6. You are right, there are hundreds of sites offering this kind of scam. They are are giving service rather making making money by selling their product – It is their main business.

  7. This Wealth Press is all scam, once you listen to them, you keep getting multiple
    emails with all different scammers how to get rich fast.
    When you listen to these videos, all they give you lot of song and dance, and everyone is asking $1497.00 or $1997 for their so called great performance.
    I got suckered in with Brownstone Research for $1997.00. They claim how this stock will make you lot of money.
    What they recommended is Ilumina. Their buy rating is at $250.00 back in October, and I signed up on December 18th and the stock is already at 362.00
    So if you have to listen to their recommendation just keep sitting and hoping it drops to $250.00
    I have asked them to cancel my subscription on Dec 21st, 2020, so far have not heard from them.
    Dis call the credit card company to contest the charge. Lets see what happens.


    • Hi Alan
      I agree partly with your statement about wealth press
      They have some services that they hype like crazy but are average, some are really good
      Like the VIP service and Chuck Hughes
      Personally I have learned a lot from Roger Scott, his view of the market, his stock picks are good and most of the time make money
      In the end we are in charge of the services we sign up for, and do they give us a return on investment
      When I see these commercials I always do a review of the service and the person
      I am a subscriber of Brownstone as well, and have made out very well especially with EDIT, I always use options and do a market analysis before I buy and buy a deep in the money option with at least 3 to 6 months exp. date and do roll overs
      I have never used the blitz and never will

  8. I’m thinking if it was that good and if too many found out it would crash, then he wouldn’t be telling anyone. Plus why would he need $2,500 from so many people if he was already that rich? Seems like a scam I would think.

  9. This article is useless–all the info comes from the Blitz Alert website. If you wanted to be helpful, you should have subscribed to the service and used it for yourself and THEN reported on it. All the value here is from the comment section and people who actually experienced it and found it to be a scam. Thanks, commenters. I’m sorry for your loss.

  10. I bought into blitz alerts and really like it, true most buts end up expiring, but when they do work out it compensates for the losses. Overall I’ve made money. Not huge amounts, but I have made 1000s overnight. So far after 4-5 months I’m up some, with the prospect of making more. I’ve recouped then 2k and now it’s all profit. I’ve never invested in the market prior to this.

    • Sean is it alot of looking at your alerts every day and putting a 1000.
      On every alert. And selling the next day on the phone for a hour. I work hard and very busy. Do i have time to do this? I can save the money to get started and have some to buy with ,but can I keep up with it. Without any bad blunders. I’m just worried.

      • Randy: This will likely end badly for you. If his system was a failsafe system (and genuine vulnerability in the stock exchange[s]) really existed, he would be a fool to advertise it on youtube and offer to inform everyone and their dog who subscribe. This would draw the SEC’s attention and perhaps kill his goose who lays the proverbial golden egg. He would make much more money exploiting this failsafe vulnerability himself. He is selling some knowledge and a system but it is almost certainly not a failsafe system for the uninitiated. The author subtly makes this point by stating in a few instances that you could lose money (which is a way of politely saying that this is by no means a failsafe system guaranteed to make you money). It comes with a steep price tag and that should be a warning for you. The fact that the big reveal only comes after you pay should be a further warning to you. The fact that he is using advertising that feeds on posh lifestyle imagery and oversimplifies reality is yet another warning sign.

  11. if Lance would give you the winner/stock and he would take a percentage
    of what you have….say Lance takes 30% and the client takes 70%.
    Lance IPPolito would make more money at the end of the year.
    Lance would earn more than $2400 for the year than is life
    time membership.
    It’s a win win for Lance & the client!

    So therefore this Blitiz is a scam the way he has it now!

    • Having sat through the interminably long and mind-numbingly repetitive video presentation, the cost of the yearly subscription came as a real shock: $1,997. How many “little guys” could afford that? Certainly not me – I must be one of the “tiny guys”!

      You’re absolutely right, young Lance should have offered to take a share of the weekly profits – even 50% would have been fine – instead of demanding such a large, upfront fee. An additional subscription of $50 per month would also have been acceptable.

      Having lost my shirt to the crooks who run those Bitcoin scams on FB and IG, I’m understandably overcautious, but the Weekly Blitz Alert program looks like a non-starter to me.

      Back to the drawing-board!

      • at 50 bucks he would have a ton more subscribers make more money overall and most people wont cry about burning 50 bucks vs 2000.if its a flop

  12. File a complain with their local BBB (Better Business Bureau) to get them contact with publisher. You will get money back if they want to keep their company name reputation off complain list. I got mine back with other company.

  13. It is a complete and total joke, and I bought into it hook, line and sinker for 2K. Sure they see high options trading activity and then tell you buy into a certain strike price at a certain date but 60-80% of them wind up in losses. I have some heavy losses from these Blitz Alerts and plenty of Alerts that expired worthless. The so called Blitz playbook is nothing more than one sheet of paper. Matters of fact back in the early days of the pandemic and the prices were tumbling they were telling us not to buy those crashing stocks like Tesla and Apple because its like catching a falling knife. SMH The parent company Wealth Press NEVER stops with the emails and the constant messages for the next thing they can sell you and consequently screw you out of more money. Save your money do not buy into the scam that is Blitz Alerts.

    • I just purchased blitz for 2000 know now since looking at web site it’s a rip off is there anyway to retrieve the money from these scams….thank you

    • Ryan thanks for helping me on this
      I wasn’t sure about it but you said a mouth full. I want to invest but guess there’s no real easy way to make 10000 of dollars fast.

    • Well, if it works so well, why aren’t we hearing that he or anyone using this or any of these high priced schemes for that matter, reached Gates like income levels. Hmmmm, eh?


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