Daily Profits Challenge (Join Lance Ippolito’s War Room?)

Hi, and welcome. Today I’ll be sharing my take on Lance Ippolito’s “Daily Profits Challenge” and “Daily Profits War Room” to help you decide if it’s worthwhile or not. According to Lance Ippolito, members of his “war room” get to see the exact trades he’s placing in a live format four times per week for

Investments and asset allocation concept with newspaper and direction sign with investment options in background.

The James West Letter Review (Real Deal or Scam?)

Today I’m looking into a newsletter subscription service called The James West Letter, which is headed up by a man named James West. I originally found out about this service through the Wealthpress website, where James was talking about what he calls the “work from home economy” and how to profit from it in a

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Weekly Blitz Alert Review (Legit or SCAM?)

I recently received an email from Lance Ippolito about his “Weekly Blitz Alert” trading system. He says the system helps you identify “shadow blitz” trades that could lead to 843% potential gains overnight and turn each $1,000 into $26,950. Sounds good, but what it’s about and is it really legit? Weekly Blitz Alert is a