The McCall Report: Legit Stansberry Research Advisory?

Hi, and welcome to my review of The McCall Report.

I stumbled across this service while browsing the Stansberry Research website. I noticed it’s a brand new stock advisory run by Matt McCall and decided to research it because I wanted to know if it was a legitimate and worthwhile newsletter before signing up.

So, is it legit? Yes, The McCall Report is a legitimate Stansberry Research advisory; I found nothing to suggest it’s a scam during my research. The service aims to help subscribers profit from innovative trends over the coming decade and costs between $49 to $199 to join.

That said, as with any advisory, there are risks involved, and it’s unlikely the service will help you get rich within a short time. Also, it’s mainly focused on the tech sector and stocks you can buy and hold for a year or more, so how suitable it is will depend on your investing preference.

In this post, I’ll share the complete details on what the service is about, who Matt McCall is, and what you get if you join to help you determine if it’s right for you.

Overview of The McCall Report

The McCall Report is a monthly investment newsletter edited by Matt McCall of Stansberry Research. And it’s all about helping subscribers profit from emerging trends that Matt believes will spur tremendous growth in companies over the coming decade.

Matt McCall refers to the decade we’re in as the “Roaring 2020s,” and the Stansberry Research website says he launched the service in October 2021 to help his followers benefit from the “handful of innovations” that he believes will transform our world.

He likens the types of innovations he tracks to the invention of the railroad in the 1800s, the automobile in the 1900s, and the Internet. In other words, massively disruptive innovations.

In particular, The McCall Report centers around opportunities in the tech and biotech space. For example, things like artificial intelligence, 5G, electric vehicles, gene therapy, and cybersecurity.

Essentially, Matt McCall looks for opportunities within any industry he believes is likely to grow 100 times or more over the coming years and provide investors with “life-changing gains.”

How does the service work?

As a subscriber of The McCall Report, you get access to everything you need to learn about and follow Matt McCall’s investment recommendations.

For instance, you receive what Matt describes as his “big-picture” market analysis, insight into the trends he believes are influencing the market, and specific stock recommendations aimed at helping you profit from his research.

Matt shares his insights, and stock picks primarily through the monthly newsletters on the first Monday of every month. This is the “meat” of the service. However, as I’ll explain in a moment, you also get access to other resources aimed at helping you become a more successful investor, like a model portfolio, regular updates, and bonus reports.

How well has the service performed?

The McCall Report is a brand new service, so it hasn’t had enough time to establish a track record yet. However, Matt McCall has over two decades of experience and has established an impressive track record in that time. So let’s take a look at his background.

Who Is Matt McCall?

Matt McCall during the MeagTrend Investor presentation.

Matt McCall is an entrepreneur, investor, and author with over two decades of experience.

He started his career as a stockbroker for Charles Schwab, an American multinational financial services company. And from there, the Stansberry Research website says he became an analyst for a national radio show called Wall Street Radio before founding three companies.

One company was a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm called Penn Financial Group. The second company he founded was an equity crowdfunding platform called CrowdVest. And the third was a broker-dealer company called CrowdVest Securities.

Equity crowdfunding is all about investing in early-stage companies before they go public. And this is one of the areas Matt McCall specializes in; investing in small, innovative tech companies before they become household names.

However, since getting into the world of investment education, Matt McCall has recommended opportunities across various asset classes and sectors.

For example, before working at Stansberry Research, Matt McCall worked with a different financial publishing company called InvestorPlace.

And his most popular service was called Investment Opportunities which provided research and recommendations on stocks, bonds, commodities, and ETFs.

He was also involved in a service called Crypto Investor Network with Charlie Shrem; an advisory focused on cryptocurrencies and companies in the crypto space.

However, it’s unclear why, but Matt McCall recently left InvestorPlace to work for Stansberry Research. And it seems as though most of his InvestorPlace advisories are now run by Luke Lango, another well-known guru in the tech investing space.

What’s Matt McCall’s track record like?

I don’t have access to Matt McCall’s entire history of stock picks, but he has made some impressive calls over the years based on my research.

For instance, he recommended bitcoin at under $650 per coin, Tesla in 2014, and The Boston Beer Company and Ulta Beauty in 2009, which have all seen epic gains.

And according to a recent presentation for another Stansberry Research service he runs, called MegaTrend Investor, Matt has recommended: “over 40 stocks that have soared at least as high as 1,000%” and “nearly 200 stocks that have soared at least as high as 100% in value.”

So, Matt McCall appears to have a solid track record.

That said, it’s unclear what the average gain of his recommendations has been. In other words, how well both his winning and losing stock picks have performed since inception.

And even then, assuming the average gain of Matt McCall’s recommendations is fantastic, that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to make money following his investment ideas. Nobody has a crystal ball, so it’s still possible to lose money no matter how good someone’s track record is.

In any case, Matt McCall is a real investment expert. Aside from what I’ve mentioned, he’s been featured on CNBC, Bloomberg Businessweek, the Wall Street Journal, and other financial media. And he’s authored two books, one on swing trading and another on investing.

What Do You Get If You Join The McCall Report?

The monthly newsletter is the bread and butter of The McCall Report service. This contains Matt McCall’s latest thoughts on the market, insight into the trends he’s tracking, and his latest stock picks which are aimed at helping subscribers generate long-term gains.

Aside from the newsletter, subscribers also get access to the McCall Report member’s area, which contains resources like the model portfolio and bonus reports. You also receive email and video updates to help keep you informed about the stocks Matt has recommended.

The bonus reports you receive vary depending on which page on the Stansberry Research website you join through and when. However, the following reports are currently being offered to people who join The McCall Report:

  • The McCall Report Investor Handbook
  • How to Profit From the Rapid Changes in Health Care
  • How Auto-Industry Disruption Can Lead to Triple-Digit Gains

These reports walk you through Matt McCall’s investment strategy in more detail and provide you with specific opportunities he’s recommending within the healthcare and EV sectors.

Ultimately, it’s up to you which investments you want to follow. The service is designed to provide you with all the research you need to follow Matt’s recommendations, from the overall big-picture insights to information like the stock ticker, what price he suggests getting in at, and updates on when to take profit. But as a self-directed investor, you’re the one in control.

Cost and Refund Policy

The standard price for a subscription to The McCall Report is $199 per year.

However, Stansberry Research often runs promotions for their services, and it looks like it might be possible to join for $49, depending on which page you sign up on.

And the standard refund policy across most of Stansberry’s entry-level advisories is 30 days. Sometimes they offer credit, meaning you can use that towards another service. Other times it’s a cash refund. So I recommend checking the order page before signing up to be sure.

Also, the Stansberry Research website suggests starting with $3,000 with this service. You don’t necessarily need this amount, but that’s what they recommend starting with.

Is The McCall Report Legit?

The McCall Report isn’t a scam; it’s a legitimate newsletter service edited by Matt McCall and published by Stansberry Research.

As mentioned, Matt McCall is an expert with a good track record in the space. And Stansberry Research is a reputable, Baltimore-based company that has been around for years. It has over half a million subscribers worldwide and publishes a variety of popular advisories.

With that said, just because a stock advisory is legitimate doesn’t mean it’s going to make you money. All investments carry risk, so it is not possible to guarantee that The McCall Report, or any service for that matter, will help you make money as an investor.

That doesn’t make the service a scam. It simply means you should carefully consider the risks before joining, always do your own research before following someone’s stock picks, and only invest what you can afford to lose. Those are the “rules” I like to follow, anyway.

Also, I’ve learned to take the marketing associated with many of these newsletter services with a pinch of salt because sometimes the hype can lead you to set unrealistic expectations for yourself, which in turn can lead to disappointment if things don’t go according to plan.

Bottom Line

The McCall Report is Matt McCall’s flagship stock advisory that centers around emerging trends that Matt believes could see 100X growth in the decade ahead. In particular, innovations like 5G, electric vehicles, artificial intelligence, and innovative healthcare trends.

Is it worth it?

On the one hand, if you’re interested in learning how to invest in emerging trends and don’t want to spend $1,000s to get started, The McCall Report could be worth a look.

Stansberry Research has dubbed this service its “next-generation advisory,” so it’s easily one of their best options if you’re interested in innovative tech and biotech companies.

On the other hand, there are alternatives if you don’t feel it’s for you.

For example, Matt McCall runs a similar service called Megatrend Investor, and it appears as though he saves his smaller, more speculative recommendations for this service. However, at the cost of $5,000, not everyone will be able to afford this service.

But there are many other newsletters out there, too.

The important thing is to consider your circumstances and investing preferences and work out what’s best for you. And hopefully, what I’ve shared in this post helps you do that.

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