What Is The Crypto Cash Calendar? (Charlie Shrem Service)

I’ve been seeing InvestorPlace ads for Charlie Shrem’s “The Crypto Cash Calendar” for a while now, so I decided to take a look at what it’s about and how it works.

In short, The Crypto Cash Calendar is a calendar that lists recently announced and upcoming cryptocurrency launch dates that Charlie Shrem and his team recommend to subscribers of the Crypto Investor Network. Each altcoin pick comes with its own writeup, and subscribers are alerted to new crypto recommendations on an ongoing basis.

Is it legit? I don’t believe the “calendar” or service are scams, but investing in newly listed cryptos can be extremely risky, so it can be VERY easy to lose money.

In this post, I’ll show you what you need to know before deciding, and I’ll share my opinion on whether or not I believe the service is worth it.

What Is The Crypto Cash Calendar?

The idea behind The Crypto Cash Calendar is that it keeps you informed about which cryptocurrencies (AKA cryptos) Charlie Shrem and his team are recommending.

According to the presentation:

“This calendar predicts MAJOR crypto movements WEEKS before they happen…

If you can circle these dates on your calendar, you’ll know which tiny cryptos to buy at the right time… and could set yourself up to make incredible gains.”

No calendar or investment guru can predict the future, so the Crypto Cash Calendar is not an accurate way to predict when prices of crypto assets will rise or fall.

However, it does show you recently announced, and upcoming cryptocurrency listing dates that Charlie Shrem and his team are tracking. The calendar also comes with a writeup of each crypto to give you insight into why it’s being recommended.

What altcoins does Charlie Shrem recommend?

There are thousands of altcoins (i.e., cryptos other than bitcoin) listed on cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken, for example. And according to Charlie Shrem, what shows up on the calendar depends on which ones pass his four “critical rules.”

I’ll elaborate on those shortly, but one thing all of his picks have in common, other than being altcoins, is that he aims to get in early. As in, he aims to recommend coins he thinks have the biggest potential when they are still relatively small and “cheap.”

“By far the best time to get in on these coins was when they first listed – when they were new… super small… and super cheap.

And every single day, new crypto projects are being added to the major exchanges… some with the potential to be tomorrow’s next billion-… or even trillion-dollar coin.”

It’s no secret that some people have gotten rich betting on small altcoin projects over the years. I even know people myself who’ve done well betting on altcoins. But as Charlie Shrem said in the presentation, not every altcoin “makes it.”

“Of course, the key is to get into the right crypto at the right price… not every one of them will be a success story. And there are bound to be some that just don’t make it as well. But the point here is to highlight the potential .”

That’s putting it mildly, though.

The truth is that many altcoins fail, and some are outright pump and dump scams.

So, while there are some interesting companies working on innovative technologies in the space, there are also companies that use clever marketing to make the altcoin project appear legitimate when in reality, there’s zero substance in what they’re offering.

And Charlie Shrem does allude to this in the video:

“Not every newly listed altcoin is a winner…

Far from it, actually.

You’ll want to stay away from risky altcoins with no real utility .

… cryptocurrencies with flashy names that were created with the sole purpose of tricking potential investors.”

However, Charlie Shrem also said in the presentation that dozens of “valuable cryptocurrencies” are scheduled to “go public” in the coming months and that he uses a specific set of “rules” to vet each crypto before recommending it.

How does it work?

Let’s take a look…

How Does The Crypto Cash Calendar Work?

According to Charlie Shrem, every successful crypto launch follows four “critical rules,” and once it hits all four, he knows it’s a “screaming buy.”

“What I’ve found over the course of my career is that just about every successful crypto launch – the ones that go up the highest and the fastest — follows 4 critical rules.

Once a new crypto project hits all 4 – I know it’s a screaming BUY.”

What is each critical rule?

Here’s an overview:

  • The first rule, according to Charlie Shrem, is that the altcoin must have “inherent value.” Specifically, he says it “must solve a real-world issue” and “move the technology forward in a meaningful way.” He likens investing in cryptos to buying an early stake in internet software programs and says that this rule can help you “eliminate the large majority of new cryptos hitting the markets.”
  • Second, Charlie Shrem says that the altcoins he recommends must solve a real issue in the world such that the project has a big addressable market.
  • The third “critical rule” is all about who’s behind the project. According to Shrem, when you’re “looking to back a new altcoin or blockchain project,” you need to make sure there’s “an amazing team in place to maximize growth.”
  • The fourth and final rule is about timing. According to Charlie Shrem, the “most critical piece of the puzzle” is that you “need the perfect time to buy.”

So, to sum it up, Shrem looks for altcoins with “inherent value” that “solve a real issue” and are run by an “amazing team.” And he looks for the “perfect time to buy.”

Of course, none of that means you’ll make money following his picks, but that’s the general idea behind The Crypto Cash Calendar.

According to Charlie Shrem, he and his team (which includes Luke Lango) collectively spend thousands of hours researching “the digital asset world” to find the “next big opportunity.”

“Collectively, we spend thousands of hours researching the digital asset world… searching for the next big opportunity across the entire industry.

The next altcoin poised to soar… the next big metaverse play, the next NFT that could skyrocket in value, or the next web 3.0 project set to dominate an established multitrillion-dollar market.”

How do you access the crypto “calendar?”

The only way to access Charlie Shrem’s Crypto Cash Calendar is to join a service he and Luke Lango run for InvestorPlace called Crypto Investor Network for $99.

So let’s take a look at how this service works.

What Is the Crypto Investor Network? (Overview)

The Crypto Investor Network is a crypto-focused investment research service run by Charlie Shrem and Luke Lango of InvestorPlace.

The main aspect of the service is the weekly issues of Crypto Investor Network that cover Shrem and Lango’s latest altcoin recommendations. But you also get access to a model portfolio that shows you the active recommendations, updates on each pick, and research reports that cover different altcoin projects they are tracking.

Aside from that, subscribers receive the “Crypto Cash Calendar” we discussed earlier and an accompanying “trading primer.” Charlie Shrem describes this as the “owner’s manual” for the calendar that details his four “critical cryptocurrency indicators.”

Who’s behind Crypto Investor Network?

Charlie Shrem and Luke Lango are the main people behind the service, and InvestorPlace is the company that actually publishes it.

Charlie Shrem was one of the early adopters of bitcoin. According to the InvestorPlace presentation, he started buying bitcoin at age 21 when it was trading for about $5. He also launched a bitcoin exchange called BitInstant in 2011 with his friend, Gareth Nelson. And while it was running (until 2013), it was considered one of the largest exchanges.

Luke Lango, on the other hand, is one of InvestorPlace’s foremost tech investment gurus. He typically focuses on tech or biotech companies with high growth potential. For example, companies in the electric vehicle, artificial intelligence, or synthetic biology space. And I’ve uncovered numerous stocks he’s teased on this blog.

How much does the service cost?

The Crypto Investor Network costs $99 per year and automatically renews at this price. According to the InvestorPlace website, the service also has a 12-month refund policy.

Is it legit and worthwhile?

Luke Lango is a respected tech investing guru with a solid track record, Charlie Shrem is well-known in the crypto space, and InvestorPlace is a genuine financial publishing company. So I don’t believe the Crypto Cash Calendar or Crypto Investor Network is a scam.

However, as I’ll now explain, there are significant potential risks involved when it comes to speculating on cryptocurrencies, so it’s possible you could end up losing money.

Can You Really Get Rich With Crypto?

One of the main narratives in the crypto investment space is that bitcoin is more or less “old news,” while smaller, more exciting altcoins could be the “next big thing.”

I see this same story told over and over. And since many people have made big money with crypto, the lure of getting rich within a short time can be significant.

So, is it possible to get rich betting on altcoins?

On the one hand, it is theoretically possible to make lots of money betting on the right altcoins at the right time, which is essentially what the Crypto Cash Calendar is about.

On the other hand, it’s also possible to lose a lot of money very quickly. And there are three main reasons in particular that I personally avoid the altcoin space and only hold bitcoin.

  • First, there are thousands of altcoins listed on exchanges, and hundreds of new ones are released every month. And many of these are either outright scams or, at best, overhyped projects that end up losing investors money.
  • Second, I don’t consider all projects in the “blockchain” space to be scams; some companies appear to be working on cool innovations. But what I think many people miss is that there’s also a lot of innovation taking place on bitcoin and on second-layer bitcoin protocols like the Lightning Network that could (at some point) render many altcoins obsolete.
  • Third, regulation around the altcoin space is, at best, uncertain. Some noteworthy investors have even suggested that, unlike bitcoin, some altcoins could be deemed unregistered securities by the SEC in the future. Of course, this is only speculation, but this uncertainty does make me wonder about the future of altcoins.

And following on from that last point, two of the people Charlie Shrem mentioned in the presentation, Michael Saylor and Raoul Paul, discussed this very thing in a video.

For context, here’s what Charlie Shrem said in the presentation:

“Some of the biggest and most successful folks in finance – like Cathie Wood, Michael Saylor and Raoul Paul – are predicting that the entire market could explode by 50x or more from where we are today.”

Now the following YouTube video shows you what Michael Saylor said to Raoul Paul in a discussion about altcoin regulation. I’ve set the video to start at the exact moment I’m talking about, but the whole video is worth watching if you have the time.

At the end of the day, there are risks involved with any investment. But I just wanted to share my thoughts on this topic because it’s something I’m passionate about, and I think it’s good to see a different side of the coin (no pun intended) when considering this stuff.

Anyway, that’s my take. I hope you found this post helpful, and if you’d like to share your thoughts on any of this, feel free to chime in below.

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