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Charlie Shrem during the Crypto Cash Calendar presentation on the InvestorPlace website.

What Is The Crypto Cash Calendar? (Charlie Shrem Service)

I’ve been seeing InvestorPlace ads for Charlie Shrem’s “The Crypto Cash Calendar” for a while now, so I decided to take a look at what it’s about and how it works. In short, The Crypto Cash Calendar is a calendar that lists recently announced and upcoming cryptocurrency launch dates that Charlie Shrem and his team recommend to subscribers of the Crypto Investor Network. Each altcoin pick comes with its own writeup, and subscribers are alerted to new crypto recommendations on

Charlie Shrem’s Crypto Investor Network: Legit Altcoin Picks?

Hi, and welcome to my review of the Crypto Investor Network. I stumbled across this service through a video presentation on the InvestorPlace website called “The Awakening” Event, featuring Charlie Shrem and Matt McCall. According to the presentation, some of the most powerful organizations, billionaire investors, and countries are preparing for a “mass awakening” event that “could drive the price of bitcoin and several other select cryptocurrencies to new heights.” Charlie Shrem, one of the earliest adopters of bitcoin, says