The Adventure Capitalist Review (Profit With Jimmy Mengel?)

Today I’m looking into The Adventure Capitalist, a new service run by The Outsider Club’s Jimmy Mengel that utilizes his “Profit Runway trading strategy.”

According to a recent presentation, a regular contributor to The Outsider Club, John Carl, used the service to turn $25,000 of his own money into $51,952.55 in three months. And Mengel says he wants to help others find “double your money” opportunities, too.

How does the service work? And is it worth the (almost) $2k price tag?

That’s what I wanted to know when I began looking into this service. And in this review, I’ll show you exactly what I found to help you decide if it’s worthwhile or not.

What Is The Adventure Capitalist?

The Adventure Capitalist is a brand new advisory service run by Jimmy Mengel that focuses on short-term trade opportunities that could potentially double your money.

According to the Outsider Club website, the service is the culmination of ten years worth of research and essentially brings structure to Mengel’s “boots on the ground” investment approach, which he says has helped his followers see considerable gains over the years.

For instance, during the Adventure Capitalist presentation, Mengel talked about how he’s identified opportunities in the legal cannabis and renewable energy sectors (among others) and how some of his picks have helped his followers see triple and quadruple-digit returns.

However, more interesting to me was how he claims to have found these opportunities. Instead of sitting at a computer all day researching, Mengel talks about how he traveled around the world, met with CEOs, and conducted interviews to find different investment opportunities.

And that more or less captures the essence of The Adventure Capitalist service; Jimmy Mengel says his aim is to do more travel, research, and interviews to help subscribers of this service find “triple-digit winners and beyond.”

“There’s going to be more travel. More research. More interviews from my network of financial contacts.”

“In short, more of the high-adventure research that’s led to my triple-digit winners and beyond.”

According to Jimmy Mengel, he finds out about these investment opportunities through “some of the most important investors on Wall Street.” Like venture capitalists, quantitative analysts, and high-end money managers, for example.

From there, he researches the investment further to find opportunities for Adventure Capitalist subscribers to potentially double their money. And he shares his top picks through the monthly issues and research reports so that you can decide which ones you want to follow.

That’s the gist of how the service works, anyway. In the next section, we’ll take a closer look at the three-step strategy Mengel uses to find trade opportunities, which he calls Profit Runway.

How Does The Adventure Capitalist Work?

At the core of The Adventure Capitalist service is a three-step strategy Jimmy Mengel refers to as Profit Runway, which he says brings together his existing investment approach in a new way.

“So I’ve been doing all of these things for years now, in lots of different ways, and this new three-step strategy brings them all together in a new way.”

Here are the three Profit Runway steps:

  • Stage 1: The Taxi
  • Stage 2: The Takeoff
  • Stage 3: The Landing

Each “stage” relates to a step in flying a plane, which cleverly ties it in with the “adventure” theme of the service and represents an important step in Mengel’s investment process.

Stage 1: The Taxi

Jimmy Mengel says that the goal of the first stage is to narrow down the opportunities he finds to “the ones that are headed for the runway.” And he likens it to going through a flight checklist.

He starts by looking at the macro landscape, finding opportunities within emerging markets, and searching for stocks in fast-moving niches. Then, he looks for potential legal hurdles and technical challenges. And finally, he interviews the CEO and management.

Mengel explains that the best opportunities he’s found have come from new technologies or innovations most people don’t understand and that the purpose of this stage is essentially figuring out what matters and what doesn’t before “getting to the runway.”

Stage 2: The Takeoff

The second step in the Profit Runway trading strategy is when Jimmy Mengel sends out a “trade alert” to subscribers of The Adventure Capitalist. And based on what he says on The Outsider Club website, this occurs when he believes there’s an important catalyst afoot.

In other words, Jimmy Mengel recommends taking a position in the company he’s interested in when he believes that will give subscribers the best chance to see decent returns.

Stage 3: The Landing

The final step is all about when he believes it’s best to take profits. According to Mengel, his goal is to “show investors when to cash out their gains at exactly the right moment.”

And he does that with another Trade Alert. The first “alert” gives you the details about the trade he’s recommending and when he suggests buying in. This one is about when to sell.

What Do You Get If You Join?

The main thing subscribers of The Adventure Capitalist get access to are Jimmy Mengel’s stock picks and “trade alerts” that show you how to take advantage of his picks.

The idea is that, as a subscriber, you have everything you need to follow Mengel’s investment recommendations, including trade instructions, research, and video interviews.

From there, the only thing you need to do is decide if you want to follow his recommendations using your trading account and keep an eye on your emails to stay updated.

Also, as of writing, there are three “Launch Opportunity” research reports that come as a bonus for joining the service, and each one details a different investment Mengel is tracking:

  • The Ultimate House Advantage — Get Your Share of the $449 Billion Casino Market That’s Moving From Vegas to Your Living Room
  • Water That Energizes Your Life and Fills Your Trading Account
  • Double Your Money on the Second Cannabis Boom

How much does it cost to join?

The cost of a 12-month subscription to The Adventure Capitalist is $1,999, and according to the Outsider Club website, it comes with a three-month refund policy.

Is Jimmy Mengel the Real Deal?

So far, we’ve talked about what Jimmy Mengel’s service is about and how it works, but you might be wondering if he’s someone worth paying attention to?

Well, I don’t know Jimmy Mengel personally, but based on my research, he does seem like a real investment expert with a good track record.

According to his Outsider Club profile, Jimmy Mengel was born and raised in Baltimore and studied Journalism at Towson University. He doesn’t have the cliche Wall Street background many gurus in this space do. Instead, he describes himself as an “independent financial journalist.”

How have his recommendations worked out?

Most of Jimmy Mengel’s stock picks seem to center around the cannabis, renewable energy, and emerging tech sectors. And according to the Outsider Club website, he’s recommended numerous triple-digit stocks over the years, even some quadruple-digit stocks.

For example, Mengel says he recommended Canopy Growth Corporation at $1.87, saw a 428% gain with Future Farm Technologies, and triple-digits on Ballard Power.

As a side note, I’m an investor of Canopy Growth Corp myself. Although I didn’t do nearly as well as Mengel. Instead, I followed a different cannabis-focused stock advisory that led me to buy at the top of that bubble in 2018. Some hard lessons were learned there.

What stocks is Mengel recommending now?

To access all of Jimmy Mengel’s Adventure Capitalist stock picks, you’ll need to join the service. However, he did give some picks away for free in a recent presentation.

  • A sports betting company called International Gaming Technology (IGT);
  • A speciality distillery called Eastside Distilling (EAST) and;
  • A cannabis pick called Cardiol Therapeutics (CRDL).

I’ll leave it up for you to decide if you think those are worthwhile investments or not, but they are companies Jimmy Mengel recently recommended on the Outsider Club website.

Mengel also runs an advisory service called The Crow’s Nest. This service covers similar opportunities, has been around for longer, and only costs $99 to join last I checked. So if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to The Adventure Capitalist, this might be worth a look.

Bottom Line

If you’re interested in Jimmy Mengel’s “high-adventure” investment approach and don’t mind forking out almost $2,000 to access his picks, The Adventure Capitalist could be worth checking out, especially if you want to invest in the renewable energy, tech, and cannabis sectors.

As with any service, there’s no guarantee it’ll help you make money as an investor, let alone double your money or better. And there’s always a chance you could lose money.

However, Mengel does appear to have a solid track record when it comes to the types of opportunities he recommends. And the service comes with a three-month refund policy which is more than many other high-end advisories come with.

So, while I chose not to join the service in the end, I do believe it’s legitimate and potentially worthwhile, depending on what you’re looking for.

Have you tried Jimmy Mengel’s service? If so, how has it worked for you?

Let us know in the comments below!

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