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What “Smart Missile” Company Is Jason Simpkins Teasing?

I’ve received several emails from the Outsider Club lately about a so-called “smart missile” company Jason Simpkins is teasing, so I decided to see what it was all about. Long story short, Simpkins is teasing a defense contractor that he claims could “bring its investors a 35,000%-plus windfall.” And he only shares his pick in a research report that comes with a $99 subscription to his service, Wall Street’s Proving Ground. However, Simpkins did reveal some clues about his pick

What Is Jason Simpkins’ Satellite Launch (Nanosat) Stock?

In a presentation dubbed “The IPO Opportunity of the Decade,” Jason Simpkins claims there’s a “little-known startup” that’s “expected to give birth to a massive new industry.” And according to Simpkins, the stock could hand investors “up to 8,933% gains.” As I went through the presentation, I learned that the company Simpkins is bullish on is based in Alameda and specializes in nanosat (small satellite) launches. However, he stopped short of naming the company. Instead, he reveals it in his

Junior Mining Trader: Legit Luke Burgess Service or Scam?

The Outsider Club’s Luke Burgess recently released a presentation about five gold mining stocks he’s bullish on, and it was essentially a promotion for Junior Mining Trader. According to Burgess, subscribing to the advisory service is like joining him “on an international treasure hunt” because he routinely travels to “some of the most far-flung regions in the world,” including Albania, Mexico, and Canada. Burgess says his goal is to find “the next mining jackpot” and that each of the “tiny

The Adventure Capitalist Review (Profit With Jimmy Mengel?)

Today I’m looking into The Adventure Capitalist, a new service run by The Outsider Club’s Jimmy Mengel that utilizes his “Profit Runway trading strategy.” According to a recent presentation, a regular contributor to The Outsider Club, John Carl, used the service to turn $25,000 of his own money into $51,952.55 in three months. And Mengel says he wants to help others find “double your money” opportunities, too. How does the service work? And is it worth the (almost) $2k price tag?

Luke Burgess’ “Miracle Mineral” Stock (Junior Mining Trader)

Today I’m looking into a presentation by Luke Burgess about a “Miracle Mineral” that he claims could help investors make “gains of 16,335% or more.” According to Luke, this Miracle Mineral is “one of the most important natural resources you’ve never heard about,” and there’s “one tiny company” at the center of it all. What is the Miracle Mineral? What company is Luke Burgess teasing? And is this a legit opportunity? Well, these are some of the questions I’m going

Wall Street’s Proving Ground Review (Worthwhile Service?)

Hi folks, today I’m looking at a relatively new service called “Wall Street’s Proving Ground,” run by Jason Simpkins of The Outsider Club. I discovered the service through a presentation about inflation and how to profit from it through things like precious metals, mining stocks, and crypto-related stocks. However, as I later learned, the service also provides insight into military technology and defense stocks. In this review, I’ll show you what I uncovered as I looked further into Jason’s advisory

The Crow’s Nest Review: Legit Jimmy Mengel Service?

Today I’m looking into an investing service called “The Crow’s Nest.” I discovered this service through a presentation on the Outsiders Club website, where a man named Jimmy Mengel talks about a “$2.5 trillion revolution in energy” and something he calls “Blue Gas.” During the presentation, Jimmy says he’s found a “tiny stock” related to Blue Gas, that’s delivering “earth-shattering gains of 11,666%.” And that it could be a “Tesla Killer.” Long story short, that presentation leads you to join