The Crow’s Nest Review: Legit Jimmy Mengel Service?

Today I’m looking into an investing service called “The Crow’s Nest.”

I discovered this service through a presentation on the Outsiders Club website, where a man named Jimmy Mengel talks about a “$2.5 trillion revolution in energy” and something he calls “Blue Gas.”

During the presentation, Jimmy says he’s found a “tiny stock” related to Blue Gas, that’s delivering “earth-shattering gains of 11,666%.” And that it could be a “Tesla Killer.”

Long story short, that presentation leads you to join The Crow’s Nest, which is an investing newsletter service run by Jimmy Mengel of the Outsiders Club.

For $99, members get access to 12 months worth of Jimmy’s investing ideas, stock picks and a few bonus reports about investing in things like clean energy and cannabis stocks.

Is it the real deal?

Well, to help answer that, let’s start by unpacking some of Jimmy’s claims, in particular those with respect to Tesla and his Blue Gas stock prediction. Then we’ll discuss the actual service itself, so you know what’s involved and whether or not it’s worth joining.

Unpacking the “Tesla Killer” and “Blue Gas” Teaser

I’m not even sure how I stumbled across Jimmy’s presentation to begin with, but somehow I wound up on the Outsiders Club website where it’s located.

And I was intrigued about the whole “Tesla Killer” and “Blue Gas” thing, so decided to watch the presentation. It’s quite a long-winded video though, so before long I ended up clicking through to read the transcript instead.

Here are the highlights of the teaser:

  • Jimmy Mengel starts the presentation standing next to his car at a gas station. One that he says is “at the epicenter of a $2.5 trillion revolution in energy” and says it involves a “weird form of fuel” known as “Blue Gas.”
  • He explains that this new clean energy source doesn’t involve oil or coal. Nor does it involve lithium, batteries, solar, wind, water, biofuels, or most other types of renewable energies you can think of. And to top it off, he says it’s 300% more powerful than oil and takes just one minute to get a full tank.
  • He says that “blue gas” could make Tesla obselete and that if you get in on the right blue gas company, that he knows about, it’d be like buying Tesla stock pre-IPO. Meaning, before it took off. And as a result, this could deliver shareholders gains of 11,666%.
  • Jimmy eventually reveals that when he mentions “blue gas” he’s really talking about hydrogen powered fuel cells used in vehicles. And that this form of renewable energy, he believes, could be the next big thing and rival, or even render obsolete, electric vehicles like Tesla.

What on earth is this “blue gas” he keeps talking about?

Well, let me start by saying that I’m not a scientist or expert on renewable energy. Nor do I claim to be in any stretch of the imagination. But I did do my homework on this topic.

And, from what I understand, hydrogen fuel cells (which Jimmy refers to as Blue Gas) are an alternative energy source that can power vehicles in a similar way to how batteries do, but with the benefit of not needing to be recharged.

Here’s how describes fuel cells:

A fuel cell uses the chemical energy of hydrogen or another fuel to cleanly and efficiently produce electricity. If hydrogen is the fuel, electricity, water, and heat are the only products.

Fuel cells have been around for decades, too.

So this is a proven technology that absolutely works. The problem, however, seems to be making it efficient and affordable enough to replace more popular forms of energy.

Which may be why, according to this article on CNBC, Elon Musk says the idea of hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicles is “mind-bogglingly stupid.”

That’s not quite how Jimmy Mengel frames it during his presentation though. He more or less says that Elon Musk is “furious” and worried that fuel cell technology (AKA blue gas) will replace Teslas, which are run on batteries.

But from what I can see, it’s more like he just doesn’t think the idea is viable.

Who or what should you believe?

Well, I personally have a lot of respect for Elon Musk. So when he says something is stupid, or not possible, I’m inclined to listen. But Jimmy Mengel does make some interesting points, too.

So at the end of the day, I think it’s best to make your own mind up by researching this further. And to help you do that, here’s an article I read that goes into detail on fuel cell technology and how it works which I found really interesting.

I also found the following video helpful:

In any case, whatever you believe about the future of sustainably powered vehicles, in order to get access to the “tiny stock” Jimmy says could skyrocket if/when fuel cell cars go mainstream, you need to subscribe to his paid service – The Crow’s Nest.

So let’s take a closer look at this service.

What Is The Crow’s Nest Service About?

The Crow’s Nest is an investing newsletter service created by Jimmy Mengel of the Outsiders Club. The cost of joining is $99 and this gives you 12 months access to Jimmy’s stock market investing ideas, individual stock picks and some of his most recent bonus reports.

The main bonus reports is entitled “The Tesla Killer: Make 11,666% Gains on the Fuel Cell Revolution.” This is what the main teaser (AKA sales pitch) is based on.

And like so many newsletter services I review from different financial gurus, the only way to access the stock is to buy the service. And when you do, that stock is revealed within a bonus PDF.

The other two bonus reports are entitled “The Boom Stock that Will Transform America’s Cannabis Production” and “Collect the Profit Harvest From America’s Hemp Basket.”

So Jimmy is heavily focussed on investing in the clean energy, CBD and cannabis sectors. Which are sectors that are no doubt full of some really exciting potential as the years progress. Because there are a lot of low-priced stocks that, as technology evolves and as new laws are passed, could produce some exciting gains if you invest in the right companies.

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And that’s basically what The Crow’s Nest aims to help you do. As a member, you get access to Jimmy’s monthly newsletters where he shares his investing insights into these and other markets and stocks he is interested in.

He also talks about ways to reduce your cost of living and prepare for retirement.

At first I thought The Crow’s Nest was kind of a weird name for a financial service, but as I learned more about it, the idea made more sense. Basically, a crows nest is a structure on a ship that’s used as a lookout. And that’s the overall theme of the service, to be your lookout and guide as you captain your own “ship” and navigate the turbulent seas of investing.

Or something like that.

According to the Outsiders Club LLC website, which is the publisher of The Crow’s Nest service, the service aims to help you “demystify your finances and arm you with the knowledge and research you need to save, grow your money, and prosper all on your own.”

So it’s aimed at people who want to manage their own money, while also learning from experts with a proven track record of success. And that’s what Jimmy claims to be.

In fact, he even goes as far as to say that he’s never lost money on any of the 88 investments he’s recommended to his members. And that his recommendations have produced 6,868% gains.

The first part of that claim makes me a little skeptical though, because nobody gets it right 100% of the time. Even world class investors get it wrong from time to time.

Who’s Jimmy Mengel?

Jimmy Mengel in a video presentation talking about blue gas and The Crow's Nest service.
Jimmy Mengel

Jimmy Mengel is the man behind The Crow’s Nest service and he’s also the lead editor of the company that publishes it – The Outsiders Club LLC.

According to the The Outsiders Club website (, he started out as a journalist that covered topics like civil liberties and government malfeasance.

I couldn’t find much information about how he got into investing, but it appears as though he has made quite a name for himself within the cannabis investing space, but also in other sectors.

He cites numerous examples on the Outsiders Club website of triple and quadruple digit gains he’s helped subscribers achieve over the years. And as part of the Crow’s Nest service, he also helps his subscribers learn how to save money.

Bottom Line

I discovered The Crow’s Nest service after watching Jimmy Mengel’s “Tesla Killer” and “Blue Gas” presentation. During the presentation, I learned that Blue Gas is a concept Jimmy came up with to describe hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicles.

Which he says could be the next big thing. He also says that, if you invest in the tiny stock he mentions within his bonus report, you could potentially make large gains.

Of course, in order to get access to that stock pick, you need to purchase The Crow’s Nest service for $99 per year. Which gives you access to his bonus reports, stock picks, monthly newsletters and regular market updates. All of which is aimed at helping members learn how to make money in the stock market, as well as save money.

Is it worth joining?

Overall, I think this could be a great service for the right person. Jimmy is a real investing expert and Outsiders Club is a legitimate publishing company. Their site also contains lots of helpful free info which is cool as you can check out their free content first to see what you think.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t expect to signup and get rich just by following someone’s stock picks. That is very rarely the reality of how anyone makes real money in the world of investing. So if you do join, I think it’s important to understand the risks and that nothing is guaranteed.

In any case, whatever you decide, I hope you found this review helpful.

7 thoughts on “The Crow’s Nest Review: Legit Jimmy Mengel Service?”

    • Hi Joseph,

      You’ll need to reach out to the company behind the service (Outsiders Club) if you want a refund. This is an independent blog; I have no affiliation with this company or its services.

  1. I subscribed to Crow’s Nest but am totally distraught at my failure to cancel the subscription according to the terms of the transaction. Can anyone help?

  2. I’m glad I read your info on the crows nest @$49 my take is the same as yours all investments are a risk to some extent.thank you for all your help in this matter


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