Teeka Tiwari’s Genesis Technology: Investment of The Decade?

Today we’ll be taking a look at a presentation featuring Teeka Tiwari, about what he calls his “Investment Of The Decade,” which apparently has to do with “Genesis Technology.”

What’s it all about?

In summary… Genesis Technology is a term Teeka uses to describe blockchain technology, which is a type of database used for storing information in blocks that are “chained” together in chronological order. It’s also the same technology bitcoin uses.

Teeka says blockchain is going to be much bigger than bitcoin though, and points to three specific companies he’s interested in, that he says are at the forefront of this technology.

But to see which companies he’s referring to, you need join his paid service, Palm Beach Letter, which gives you access to a special report called “The Investment of the Decade: Three Must-Own Stocks that Will Power Blockchain’s $30 Trillion Revolution.”

I think I know which stocks he’s teasing though…

And in this article, I’ll show you what I think they are, what Palm Beach Letter is all about, and who Teeka Tiwari is, to help you decide if this really is the best investment for the 2020s.

Before we get to that though, let’s take a closer look at “Genesis Technology.”

Breaking Down Teeka’s “Genesis Technology” Pitch

I first heard about “Genesis Technology” through a presentation on the Palm Beach Group website, featuring Teeka and John Burke.

The presentation was introduced by former CNBC & Fox anchor Bob Sellers, and was an episode of a show called “The Investing Masters” titled Teeka Tiwari’s “Investment of the Decade.”

Teeka Tiwari discussing Genesis Technology in a presentation about his Investment Of The Decade, which was part of a series called The Investing Masters.
Source: palmbeachgroup.com

After a brief introduction, John Burke starts by giving viewers an overview of Teeka’s history. Basically, how he grew up in foster care and arrived in America at the age of 16 with $150 in his pocket, before becoming a successful hedge fund manager in his twenties.

He then talks about how Teeka left that position and went into financial education, where he warned people about the 2008 financial crisis, and recommended stocks like Amazon.

According to John, out of 63 investment recommendations, Teeka’s average gain has been 281%. Which is well above the average of many of the most respected investment advisors in the world.

The reason he’s done so well, according to Teeka, is because he’s able to recommend opportunities that most other advisors can’t. Like Bitcoin for example, which he recommended back in 2016 when it was just $428 a coin.

Teeka says that many investment gurus don’t recommend things like bitcoin because they don’t get a commission out of it. But he says he doesn’t have that conflict of interest.

He also points out that one of his secrets to success is being able to find opportunities to take small, smart positions in huge trends that could pay off big if he’s right.

And that’s what his latest prediction for the 2020s is all about…

Teeka says that a technology called “Genesis” is at the forefront of a $30 trillion trend. One that could disrupt everything from electric vehicles and shipping, to biotech and banking.

What is it?

According to Teeka:

Genesis is the name that I have given to blockchain technology.

And he says that the reason he’s calling it “Genesis Technology” instead of blockchain technology is because he believes it will be the beginning of a new wave of innovation.

… in 100 years from now, when we look back on the waves of innovation that launched us to new levels of human advancement, I believe that we will see blockchain at the beginning…

What is blockchain technology?

blockchain is a type of database used for storing information in blocks that are “chained” together in chronological order. And it’s the same technology used by bitcoin.

What’s bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital asset (commonly referred to as a cryptocurrency), that runs on its own cryptographically secured, open-source, decentralized, blockchain.

So blockchain is a type of database technology, and bitcoin uses this technology.

But there are different types of blockchain, and different use cases for it, besides bitcoin.

For example, as I explain in my review of the Crypto Investor Network, there are many different altcoins that use their own blockchain. And there are companies that are setting up their own blockchain to help improve the security and transparency of their operations.

Long story short, it’s a very real trend.

And I tend to agree with Teeka when he says that this technology is the future. It is an innovation that, in my opinion, rivals that of the internet itself. Because it’s disrupting the very structure of how we live, work and interact with one another.

Personally, however, I do think Teeka is fundamentally understating the importance of bitcoin itself, because it has the largest, most decentralized blockchain in the world. And there is a lot of innovation taking place on the bitcoin network.

Nevertheless, Teeka says that this is “going to be so much bigger than bitcoin” and that we are right at the early stages of the “take off” phase of this trend.

And that “there are three specific blockchain stocks” that he thinks should be in everyone’s portfolios. So let’s see if we can figure out which stocks he’s pitching.

What Are Teeka’s 3 Genesis Technology Stocks?

During the “Investment of The Decade” presentation, Teeka talks about three specific stocks he’s interested in, that everyone should own in the 2020s. Because, according to Teeka, in one way or another, each company is at the forefront of the blockchain revolution.

However, to see which companies he’s recommending, you need to read his special report titled “The Investment of the Decade: Three Must-Own Stocks that Will Power Blockchain’s $30 Trillion Revolution.” Which you can only do by joining his service, Palm Beach Letter, for $49.

But I did some digging…

And I’m pretty sure I’ve been able to figure out which companies he’s recommending. I believe the companies he’s teasing are Bakkt, Square and NVIDIA.

In the next few sections, I’ll show you how I arrived at this conclusion.

Stock Recommendation 1 (Blockchain Exchange)

Teeka’s first stock recommendation has to do with a “blockchain exchange” he says could be home to a “slew of new financial blockchain products… like ETFs… options… and futures…”

Here are the clues he provided in the presentation:

Well, John, a brand new “blockchain exchange” is planning to go public soon…

And it’s 50 times smaller than Coinbase.

Paul Tudor Jones… the famous billionaire… he bought some Bitcoin using this exchange…

Chase, Chipotle, JetBlue and American Express—they’ve all partnered with this new exchange.

In fact, TheWall Street Journal estimates this stock will soon go public with a value in the $2.1 billion range.

You see, this new blockchain exchange is owned (in majority) by a “parent” company that is already public.

I believe the company Teeka is referring to is called Bakkt.

I almost gave up on this one because the clues Teeka provided were fairly vague, but in the end, the “Paul Tudor Jones” clue led me straight to it. Because an article on nasdaq.com points out that Bakkt provides custodial services for the bitcoin owned by his firm.

According to the company, Bakkt “aggregates digital assets to enable instant liquidity and to empower users to trade, transfer and pay however they want.”

So they basically help people trade crypto.

What’s the ticker?

As of writing, Bakkt isn’t a public company yet.

However, according to Business Insider, Bakkt’s parent company, Intercontinental Exchange, has entered into a deal to merge Bakkt with a SPAC called VPC Impact Acquisition Holdings. At which point it will become Baakt Holdings, Inc. and be listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

The article also points out that Baakt Holdings, Inc. is “set to have an enterprise value of $2.1 billion” and that its partners include Chase, JetBlue, American Express, and Chipotle. Which further helps confirm my guess that this is Teeka’s pick.

Anyway, my understanding is that, to buy shares in Bakkt before it goes public, you’d need to buy shares in VPC Impact Acquisition Holdings (NASDAQ: VIH), since this is the company that is going to become Baakt Holdings, Inc. after the merger, which looks set to occur in 2021.

Stock Recommendation 2 (Payment Company)

Teeka’s second prediction has to do with a payments company.

Here are the clues from the presentation:

But there’s one specific payment company I’m recommending to my readers right now…

This was the first to add blockchain to its payment system…

Goldman Sachs was an early investor….

They participated in an early $150 million round of funding…

Not much to go off…

But he does share a screenshot of a patent the company has (patent 10055715B1) which was really easy to look up. According to Google Patents, Square Inc. is the company that was assigned this patent, and it all has to do with a cryptocurrency payment network technology.

My understanding is that the tech allows the sender to send any currency they want, and the receiver to receive any currency they want. Whether it be fiat or cryptocurrency.

Which is similar to what Jack Mallers is doing with Strike using the lightning network, a layer 2 protocol that sits on top of the bitcoin blockchain. His app allows you to send any currency, to anyone, anywhere in the world, nearly instantly, and with near zero fees.

It’s not available everywhere though, it’s still very early days. But it goes to show you that there are some really great companies disrupting the financial sector.

Ones most people haven’t even heard of… yet. Anyway, my guess about Teeka’s second pick is Square (NYSE: SQ). Which is run by Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter.

Stock Recommendation 3 (Semiconductors)

Teeka likens the third company he’s teasing to Cisco, suggesting that it’s a “behind the scenes” company that could make billions by supplying the hardware needed to power the blockchain boom. Which is more or less what Cisco did during the internet boom.

Here are the clues he provided:

And there’s one company that has brilliantly positioned itself to scoop up billions of dollars in revenue by supplying the key hardware needed to power this blockchain boom.

Well, Subaru has already signed a contract with blockchain stock #3 to use their hardware…

It’s rumored Tesla is about to start working with this company as well.

Google, Microsoft, Twitter, IBM, Apple, Amazon…

They’re all clients. And that’s why revenues for this company are starting to explode…

John, this company is involved in semiconductors. And there’s a major shortage going on right now.

Based on this, my guess is NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA).

I am less sure about this pick than the previous two, but NVIDIA is the closest match I could come up with based on the clues he provided.

What does NVIDIA Corporation do?

According to the company website:

NVIDIA is the pioneer of GPU-accelerated computing. We specialize in products and platforms for the large, growing markets of gaming, professional visualization, data center, and automotive.

Our creations are loved by the most demanding computer users in the world – gamers, designers, and scientists. And our work is at the center of the most consequential mega-trends in technology.

Their graphics processing units (GPUs) are also used for cryptocurrency mining.

However, these days, most bitcoin miners use a more powerful machine called an ASIC for mining bitcoin, so GPUs are mostly used for mining alternative cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

How can you find out more about the companies Teeka is recommending?

To learn more about Teeka’s picks, you need to read his report: “The Investment of the Decade” report which you get when you join Palm Beach Letter through the “Genesis Technology.” Which you can only get by joining Palm Beach Letter.

So let’s dig into how this service works…

Overview of Palm Beach Letter

The Palm Beach Letter is an investment advisory service run by Teeka Tiwari of Palm Beach Group. This is his flagship service, and it’s aimed at helping everyday people create wealth through regular investment recommendations and insights.

For the most part, the service focusses on regular “buy and hold” stocks and dividend paying stocks. But Teeka also recommends things like cryptocurrency and smaller, lesser-known stocks that he thinks could produce outsized gains.

How does it work?

As a member, Teeka sends you a new issue of Palm Beach Letter each month that includes a new recommendation and a detailed breakdown of why he’s recommending it.

So it works in a similar way to most newsletters I’ve reviewed. The main difference is that Teeka has a track record that most other “gurus” in this space simply don’t.

According to the website, “The Palm Beach Letter has averaged 281% per investment since 2016 when Teeka took over.”

Granted, his bitcoin prediction played a large role in that. He recommended bitcoin at $428 in 2016 and it’s currently priced at around $30K, which works out to a gain of about 6900%.

But he also recommended Apple back in 2003 to his private clients, which I learned through a different presentation he runs called Teeka Tiwari’s 3rd Trillion Dollar Trade. And the presentation says he recommended Amazon back in 2008.

So he’s still crushing it, averaging 281% per recommendation is absolutely smashing the ball out of the field, by any measure.

Just keep in mind that there are no guarantees when it comes to investing. So by trusting his, or anyones, recommendations, you’re always putting your money at risk.

What Do You Get If You Join?

As a member of Palm Beach Letter, the main benefit you get is access to the monthly newsletters, which outline Teeka’s latest recommendation and insights into why.

Each newsletter is around 8-16 pages and Teeka says he and his team decide what they recommend after researching multiple investments, and choose the best one to share.

My team and I… we monitor multiple different investments… we’re always investigating new opportunities, flying out, attending conferences, meeting with key people, executives who really know what’s going on…

What we do is… each month… we rank different opportunities and then we hand select just one investment we think has the biggest potential.

So that’s the main benefit – the monthly newsletter.

But you also get access to the model portfolio which shows you all the stocks Teeka is currently recommending to members of Palm Beach Letter. As well as updates on the model portfolio and access to some bonus reports, which differ depending on which page you join through.

In this case, if you join through his Genesis pitch, you get access to the “#1 Investment Of The Decade” Package, which includes four bonus reports on blockchain technology and crypto, along with some training videos.

Investment of The Decade Package contents that comes with a subscription to Palm Beach Letter.
Source: palmbeachgroup.com

Here’s an overview of what you get with this package:

  • Report 1: The Investment of the Decade: Three Must-Own Stocks that Will Power Blockchain’s $30 Trillion Revolution
  • Report 2: Blockchain “Moonshots”: Three Chances To Turn $1,000 into $1.5 million
  • Report 3: The Bitcoin Boost: How to Make up To $47,600 More Using the “1170” Account
  • Report 4: The #1 Way To Play NFTs
  • Training: Teeka’s Master Training Videos

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of joining Palm Beach Letter is normally $199, but as part of the Genesis Technology / Investment Of The Decade presentation, it only costs $49 for 12 months.

The other cool thing about this service is that Palm Beach Group, the company behind it, are offering a 60 day money back guarantee. So if you don’t like it, you can request a refund.

Who Is Teeka Tiwari? Legit Guru?

Teeka Tiwari is quite well-known in the investment advisory space.

He started out working for Lehman Brothers at the age of 18, two years after arriving in the United States with just $150 to his name. Then, at age 20, he became the youngest VP of Shearson Lehman and by age 23, according to Teeka, he was a millionaire.

Eventually he got into the financial education space, and he now works with Palm Beach Group where he runs their flagship newsletter, Palm Beach Letter.

He also runs other, higher priced, services that focus on different investing strategies and different types of investments. Like Palm Beach Venture, Palm Beach Confidential, and one I recently discovered called Palm Beach Special Opportunities.

All in all, he has a pretty amazing track record. As mentioned, Palm Beach Letter currently boasts an average return of 281% per investment recommendation since 2016.

So I think it’s safe to say Teeka is a legit guru.

That doesn’t mean you should follow every recommendation he provides, or that everything he predicts will pay off, but he is an expert and he does have a solid track record.

Bottom Line

Teeka Tiwari’s Investment of The Decade presentation about “Genesis Technology” is all about blockchain technology, which is disrupting virtually every industry on the planet.

In and of itself, blockchain tech isn’t exactly new, but we are still in the very early stages of innovation and adoption in this space, so there could be some exciting opportunities.

And, based on the presentation, it seems Teeka is betting on at least three companies:

  • Bakkt
  • Square

Does that mean you’ll get rich by investing in those companies, or other recommendations Teeka provides? Anything is possible, but I personally wouldn’t count on it.

Investing is risky and nobody, not even Teeka, can predict the future. So there are no guarantees you’ll make money just by following his recommendations.

However, the Palm Beach Letter service is legitimate, and could be worthwhile if you want to learn from Teeka and see what he’s recommending. Especially if you’re interested in investing in technology companies and companies at the forefront of emerging trends.

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