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Teeka Tiwari and John Burke in the "unlocking technology" tokenization presentation on the Palm Beach Research Group website.

Teeka Tiwari’s “Unlocking” (Tokenization) Pick Exposed

Teeka Tiwari recently released an interview-style presentation with John Burke on the Palm Beach Research Group website that centered around the “great unlocking.” In short, Teeka believes that trillions of dollars worth of investments could essentially be “unlocked” through “tokenization” and blockchain technology. And he discussed various “steps” investors can take to potentially profit from this trend. The presentation was shrouded in mystery, and Teeka used numerous unusual names for things, which made it difficult to know what exactly his

Teeka Tiwari of Palm Beach Research Group discussing his 2022 NFT prediction during a presentation with John Burke.

What Is Teeka Tiwari’s #1 Stock for the NFT Boom?

Teeka Tiwari recently released an “NFT Masterclass” video on the Palm Beach Research Group website dubbed “The #1 Way to Play the NFT Craze in 2022.” In it, he talked about NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and a “new internet,” which he believes could turn into a $139.3 trillion trend. He also talked about his “#1 stock for the NFT boom,” three NFT projects he’s interested in, and a cryptocurrency he’s bullish on. Is the presentation legit? Teeka Tiwari’s presentation isn’t a

What Is Teeka Tiwari’s Freedom 2022 Metaverse Pick?

Hello and welcome to my (updated) review of Teeka Tiwari’s Freedom 2022 event. I first stumbled across this presentation on the Palm Beach Research Group website before it went live on January 12, 2022. And, after attending the event, I decided to update this post. In short, Teeka’s Freedom 2022 event is about the metaverse and how he believes the best way to invest in this space is through pre-IPO deals. In other words, he recommends investing in companies before

Is Teeka Tiwari’s “American Crypto Summit” Legit?

In a presentation titled “The American Crypto Summit: The Final Countdown,” Teeka Tiwari explains why he believes the “most explosive event in crypto history” will occur on December 1, 2021. He calls this event the “Final Countdown” and says it could “send the crypto market soaring into the stratosphere.” What is the “Final Countdown” event? And what cryptos is he teasing? That’s what I intend on shedding some light on in this article. I’ll give you the full details behind

Teeka Tiwari’s “Wealth Transfer” Inflation Teaser (Review)

Inflation seems to be one of the most widely discussed issues of 2021 as prices continue rising across the board—everything from food, gas and clothing to rent and transportation. At the same time, assets like real estate, stocks, and luxury items are going up, making the wealthiest individuals even wealthier. So the question is – what can everyday people do to escape, and benefit from, inflation? Well, Teeka Tiwari says he has the answer. In a recent presentation, Teeka talks

Teeka Tiwari’s Genesis Technology: Investment of The Decade?

Today we’ll be taking a look at a presentation featuring Teeka Tiwari, about what he calls his “Investment Of The Decade,” which apparently has to do with “Genesis Technology.” What’s it all about? In summary… Genesis Technology is a term Teeka uses to describe blockchain technology, which is a type of database used for storing information in blocks that are “chained” together in chronological order. It’s also the same technology bitcoin uses. Teeka says blockchain is going to be much

What Is Teeka Tiwari’s 3rd Trillion Dollar Trade?

Hello, and thanks for stopping by. Today we’re going to be looking into a presentation from Teeka Tiwari about his “3rd Trillion Dollar Trade.” Teeka says that two of his previous “trillion dollar” predictions had to do with the internet and crypto, and have gone up roughly 32X and 151X respectively. And that his third one could give you the chance to make 100 years worth of stock market gains in just 18 months. What’s it all about? The 3rd