What “Super EV Supplier” Is Dave Forest Teasing?

Dave Forest of Casey Research has released a new stock teaser about a so-called “EV range extender,” which he claims is a “cutting-edge electronic power device” that could extend the range of an electric vehicle without needing a bigger battery.

And according to the presentation, Forest believes that the company behind it (AKA “Tesla’s ‘Super EV Supplier'”) could make a group of ordinary Americans “very rich.”

In this post, I’ll show you what company I think Dave Forest is teasing and walk you through what I learned about the “device” he’s referring to. I’ll also give you the heads up about two other companies he teased in the presentation.

“Tesla’s ‘Super EV Supplier'” (Dave Forest Pick Revealed)

Dave Forest’s latest presentation centers around how electric vehicles (EVs) don’t get very good mileage. In short, he began the pitch by sharing a story of how he and a colleague “ran out of juice” in the middle of nowhere and had to be towed. And according to Forest, this is a “huge flaw” that could “slam the brakes” on a “$57 trillion opportunity.”

A Dave Forest presentation about an EV Range Extender and Tesla's "Super EV Supplier" on the Casey Research website.
Source: caseyresearch.com

“But as I discovered on my cross-country EV trip…

There’s a huge flaw that could slam the brakes on the entirety of this $57 trillion opportunity.

Because for all the promise electric cars hold, they have a glaring problem.

Mileage range.

For instance, the Model 3 we drove could only go 240 miles on a full charge.

That’s totally fine if you’re running errands. But as I showed you, it’s an absolute disaster if you’re driving long distances.”

The issue of range is a widespread concern in the EV space, especially for those traveling longer distances. And it’s something many “gurus” have talked about in different presentations I’ve come across.

However, the “solution” is usually based on some type of “breakthrough battery tech” or a company that’s building out EV charging stations.

This is the first time I’ve seen a pitch about a so-called “range extender” device.

And according to Dave Forest, not only can this “new technology” help fix the problem, but it can extend an EV’s range without the need for a bigger battery.

“It’s a new technology that promises to extend EV range. All without a bigger battery.

In fact, they recently won an award from the U.S. Department of Energy thanks to their work in this next-gen technology.

I call it the ‘EV range extender.’

And it’s being called ‘a game changer for automakers.'”

What’s more, he claims that automakers are “lining up at this company’s door” and says that Tesla, Ford, GM, Volkswagen, and Mercedes Benz are customers of the company he’s teasing.

“No wonder, automakers are already lining up at this company’s door.

Tesla, Ford, GM, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz… and other top carmakers are customers.”

What else did he say about the company?

Dave Forest also said that the company is “a trusted name in the auto industry,” one of the largest automotive suppliers in the world, and says it’s “been for over 94 years.”

“They’re a trusted name in the auto industry. And have been for over 94 years.

Their roots go back to the birth of the automobile in fact. And they’re based right here in the U.S.


Today, they’re one of the largest automotive suppliers in the world.

Now they’re investing billions to become a dominant player in the EV space.”

The above clues made me think his pick could be BorgWarner since they are one of the largest automotive suppliers in the world and have been around since 1928 (94 years).

Not only that, but Dave Forest teased this company in a different pitch I wrote about that centered around warrant investing, dubbed “Bezos’ 7th Deal.”

And as I looked into the other clues Forest shared, my suspicion was confirmed.

How so?

For starters, while BorgWarner Inc. isn’t strictly an EV company, it does make parts for electric vehicles, and sustainability appears to be a core part of its overall focus.

Second, the company matches the following two clues Dave Forest shared:

“Ford tapped them to create a custom drive module for their all-electric Mustang Mach-E.

And they worked hand-in-hand with Tesla engineers to develop ‘an integral part’ for the high-performance Tesla roadster.”

As for the first clue, BorgWarner announced in 2020 that its Integrated Drive Module would be used in Ford’s all-electric Mustang Mach-E. And second, Tesla selected BorgWarner to produce its single-speed gearbox for the Tesla Roadster back in 2008, a gearbox Tesla described as “an integral part” of an enhanced powertrain.

As for Dave Forest’s other clues… he said you can buy shares of this company “for a fraction of what Tesla goes for,” that it pays investors a dividend, and that Vanguard and BlackRock are among its top institutional holders – all of which matches BorgWarner.

So, I believe BorgWarner (BWA) is Dave Forest’s pick.

That said, there is one thing I want to address before we move on… and that is the question of whether or not BorgWarner is a Tesla supplier?

Dave Forest never outright said that the company he’s teasing is a Tesla supplier, but the presentation “suggested” it is in a roundabout way.

Here’s a snippet from the presentation to show you what I mean:

“That’s why Tesla and other top EV makers are turning to a ‘secretive supplier’ not one in 10,000 people have ever heard of.”


“Right now, you can get all the details for yourself on this little-known ‘super EV supplier’ for FREE – just by taking a subscription to Strategic Investor, my advisory.

Just say the word and I’ll email you a copy of my latest report: Tesla’s ‘Super EV Supplier.’

As a bonus, I’ll also include the details on another secretive Tesla supplier.”

In any case, I wanted to know what the deal was here, so I looked into it. And I couldn’t find any clear evidence to suggest that BorgWarner is currently a Tesla supplier.

As mentioned earlier, BorgWarner has worked with Tesla in the past. And in 2020, it acquired Delphi Technologies, which according to insideevs.com, has recently launched aftermarket steering and suspension components for the Tesla Model S.

So I guess it’s possible. But there doesn’t appear to be any proof that BorgWarner or Delphi are Tesla suppliers. So I suggest taking that part of the presentation with a grain of salt.

What “EV Range Extender” Is Forest Talking About?

Dave Forest referred to the “EV range extender” as a “cutting-edge electronic power device” in the presentation, and he also shared an image of it.

“I call it the ‘EV range extender.’

And it’s being called ‘a game changer for automakers.'”


“It almost looks like a futuristic engine.

But it’s not.

It’s a cutting-edge electronic power device.

And it’s designed to enhance ‘driving performance, longer battery electric ranges, and faster charging times.’

Basically, a potential ‘holy grail’ fix for the biggest problems facing electric vehicles.

Thanks to its design and use of new materials… It can reduce power loss by 40% up to 70% compared to older devices.

And since an EV is basically a computer on wheels… any drop in power loss means a better use of battery life.”

By this point, I already suspected that Dave Forest’s pick was BorgWarner, but to find out what specific “device” he was referring to, I did a reverse image search on Google. And that led me to a BorgWarner press release about its 800V silicon carbide (SiC) inverter for EVs.

According to the above page, the company will be providing its new inverter “to a large German automaker for implementation in its next-generation electric vehicles.” And if you scroll down to the bottom of that page, the inverter is the same one Dave Forest shared in the presentation. And according to this page, the company calls it “Viper.”

So, long story short, the “EV range extender” Dave Forest’s pitching is BorgWarner’s 800V silicon carbide inverter for EVs, dubbed Viper.

As for how effective it is, the above press release says it “provides a more compact and efficient power module,” resulting in a “higher electric vehicle range” (among other things).

What’s Happening on August 1 / September 20?

One last thing I wanted to discuss was how, in the presentation, Dave Forest said that he expects a “new wave of profits to start soon” and mentioned August 1 and September 20.

“Imagine building a nest egg from just one investment.

Of course, these kinds of peak gains are extraordinary.

And it’s impossible to perfectly time the market.

But based on my research, I expect a new wave of profits to start soon.

August 1 to be precise.

September 20 to be precise.”

Oddly, the presentation’s transcript lists both August 1 and September 20, literally repeating them one after the other, so it’s unclear what date Forest is suggesting is important.

However, after showing a calendar with September 20 circled, he said the following:

“On that day, a huge catalyst is set to take place.

And one obscure company…

The one that holds a key to fixing the EV industry’s big problem…

Could see their shares soar…”

What’s it all about?

According to Forest, it has to do with the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program memorandum, which he says is “set to increase the US charging network 10-fold.”

“Earlier, I told you to circle Aug 1 on your calendar.

Earlier, I told you to circle September 20 on your calendar.

Here’s why…

That date will mark a milestone in America.

All thanks to what I’m holding in my hand.

This is a copy of the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program memorandum.

N-E-V-I for short.

It’s the cornerstone of $7.5 billion in EV infrastructure funding recently signed into law.

In a nutshell, it aims to create a network of 500,000 ultra-fast EV charging stations.

All to make cross-country electric travel open to all Americans.”


“This program is set to increase the US charging network 10-fold.

Simply put: N-E-V-I will lead to the rapid rise of EV adoption”

I have no idea where Dave Forest got September 20 from (I think this may be a typo in the transcript), but the dates August 1, 2022, and September 30, 2022, are mentioned in the NEVI Formula Program, and this is the document he highlighted in the presentation.

As for whether or not ANY of those dates will be a “huge catalyst,” as the presentation suggests, I have no idea. Unfortunately, the batteries in my crystal ball are flat.

Nevertheless, Dave Forest seems to think August and September are important and says he’s “uncovered two EV charger picks” that he believes “will be the best way to play this.”

“And I’ve uncovered two EV charger picks I believe will be the best way to play this.

The first company recently launched the world’s fastest electric car charger.

While the second recently unveiled the EV charger station of the future.  And plans to operate 2.5 million EV charging points by 2030.”

Those clues aren’t much to go off, but the world’s fastest charging station is reportedly the Terra 360, which is made by a company called ABB Ltd (ticker: ABB).

It’s hard to say if that’s Dave Forest’s EV charging pick or not because that one clue he shared is nowhere near enough to confirm it, but it’s a possible match.

As for the second company, this appears to be Shell plc (SHEL).

Why? Because according to this Shell Energy Transition Strategy 2021 document, the company is aiming to increase the number of electric vehicle charging points globally to “more than 500,000 by 2025 and to 2.5 million by 2030.”

Of course, that one clue isn’t much to go off, either. But it was pretty specific, and I wasn’t able to find any other companies that matched this. So it could be his pick.

Either way, Dave Forest shares both of these picks in a report called “America’s New EV Superhighway: Two Stocks Set to Soar.”

He also mentioned two “commodities plays” he’s bullish on, but he didn’t reveal much at all about those companies, so I have no idea what they are.

In any case, if you want to know what companies he’s teasing for sure, the best idea would be to see the reports he’s put together, which come with a Strategic Investor subscription.

What Is Strategic Investor?

Strategic Investor is an investment research service run by Dave Forest of Casey Research, and this is where Forest shares his latest investment research with subscribers.

Each month, a new issue of Strategic Investor is issued that details his latest research and recommendation. And according to Forest, the point of the service is to help subscribers “spot trends and opportunities” ahead of the mainstream media.

According to his Casey Research profile, Dave Forest is a professional geologist, venture capitalist, and entrepreneur with over two decades of experience. And based on other Dave Forest stock teasers I’ve looked into, one of his specialties is warrant investing, which appears to be at least part of what Strategic Investor focuses on.

Aside from monthly research and recommendations, subscribers also get access to the Strategic Investor model portfolio, research reports, and updates on Dave Forest’s picks.

As for the price, Strategic Investor costs $49 for the first year if you sign up through the presentation, but it can vary depending on where you join. And according to the Casey Research website, the service auto-renews at $129 after the first 12 months.

Bottom Line

Dave Forest’s latest presentation is centered around “Tesla’s ‘Super EV Supplier,'” a company that he says has developed a “breakthrough” tech he calls the “EV range extender.”

My research suggests that the company Dave Forest is teasing is BorgWarner, which he also teased in a different presentation I looked into. And the “range extender” he’s referring to appears to be the company’s 800V silicon carbide inverter called Viper.

I’m not a stock picker, so I’ll leave it for you to decide whether or not it’s a good investment. But that seems to be the company Forest is teasing based on the clues he shared.

He also pitched two EV charging companies, which could be ABB and Shell, based on what he said, but I’m a lot less sure about those two picks, given the lack of clues.

Anyway, that’s it from me.

Thanks for reading!

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