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Dave Forest discussing "Bezos' 7th deal" in a presentation on the Casey Research website about investing in warrants.

What Is Dave Forest’s Warrants Pick? (“Bezos’ 7th Deal”)

Dave Forest just released a presentation about Jeff Bezos’ supposed “next billion-dollar deal” that he says could “potentially hand investors up to 49X over the next 12 months.” There’s more than one version of this presentation floating around, with different headlines and introductions. But they are mostly the same. In short, Dave Forest claims that Bezos has netted up to $2.5 billion in profit from six prior deals. And with one “obscure $3 play,” he says that every American can

Dave Forest discussing his Crack-Up Boom prediction in a Casey Research presentation.

Dave Forest Crack-Up Boom: Is Strategic Investor Legit?

Dave Forest’s “Crack-Up Boom” presentation has been doing the rounds lately, and I decided to look into his prediction to see what it was all about. In short, Dave Forest’s prediction centers around increasing inflation in the U.S. and how he believes we are in the midst of a crack-up boom, which is essentially a rapid devaluation of the currency. He also talked about the various stages of a crack-up boom, what he thinks will happen next, and recommended different

Strategic Trader Review: 1,000% Winners With Dave Forest?

Hello, and thanks for checking out my review of Strategic Trader. I first learned about Strategic Trader through a presentation on the Casey Research website called Zero to Retirement Summit featuring Chris Hurt and Dave Forest. In the presentation, Dave talked about an opportunity to make 49X gains in less than a year through “Bezos-backed warrants.” Naturally, I was curious about what he was teasing, so I dug into it further and discovered it was all about investing in a

Zero to Retirement Summit: Make 49X With “Amazon Warrants?”

Imagine making 49 years’ worth of stock market gains in one year. Well, that’s what Dave Forest of Casey Research says is possible in his latest “Zero to Retirement Summit” presentation. And according to Dave, it all has to do with something called warrants. Specifically, “Bezos-backed warrants” that he says Amazon is “forcing” up that could make regular investors who get in by “mid-November” up to 49X returns within a year. Sounds interesting, but is it for real? Well, I

Strategic Investor Review (Legit Dave Forest Service?)

Hello and welcome to my review of Strategic Investor. I’ve been hearing a lot about this service recently, and somewhere along the lines I stumbled across a video where Dave Forest was talking about making big, fast gains with warrants. The pitch was quite compelling, but I wanted to know if the Strategic Investor service was (actually) worth joining or not, so I decided to take a closer look. In short, Strategic Investor is an advisory service headed up by

Dave Forest’s Warrants Master Course (Big Gains or Hype?)

Hello and welcome. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at Dave Forest’s Warrants Master Course. I first learned about this through a presentation on the Casey Research website, where Dave was talking about a “private investment” that has shown rare gains of 2,487% to 7,991% within a short period of time. And that Warren Buffet has used it to make billions of dollars. According to Dave, there’s “no better opportunity for the smart speculator to make big, fast gains.”