Ray Blanco’s “Secret Tesla Project” BESS Stocks (Details)

Today we’re going to be discussing Ray Blanco’s latest presentation about a “Secret Tesla Project” and a new “game-changing technology” he’s calling “BESS.”

According to the presentation, BESS represents a $1.2 trillion opportunity that’s “set to explode 12,100% in the coming years.” One that could “potentially hand ground-floor investors the most legitimate wealth building opportunity since the dawn of the internet.”

Sounds cool, but what is BESS? And is it legit?

Well, I decided to go through Ray Blanco’s presentation and research his claims to find out. And in this article, I’ll show you everything I learned.

I’ll start by breaking down his overall prediction and thesis. Then I’ll reveal the “Perfect BESS Investment” stock I think he’s teasing. Finally, I’ll give you the heads up on the advisory service he’s selling, Technology Profits Confidential, to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Breaking Down Ray Blanco’s “BESS” Prediction

I discovered Ray Blanco’s BESS prediction through a presentation published by St. Paul Research, and my initial impression was… what on earth is BESS?

Ray Blanco during the BESS presentation about Tesla's Secret Project
Source: pro.technologyprofitsnewsletter.org/p/TEK_BESS_NORBC_0921/LTEKX961

According to Ray Blanco, BESS stands for Battery Energy Storage Systems.

And he says it’s a “combination of two game-changing innovations, merged together, to create one new disruptive technology.”

The first innovation has to do with the energy storage battery itself. Specifically, large-scale lithium-ion batteries that Blanco says could replace traditional fossil-fueled power plants.

And the second “game-changing innovation” that, according to Blanco, makes BESS so great has to do with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

He says that, on their own, big batteries are still a “dumb” technology.

However, he says when you “program” them with artificial intelligence and machine learning; you get a “truly novel smart technology” called “BESS.” And that this acts as a “computerized network of smart batteries that can “think” for themselves.”

Blanco says this innovation is so revolutionary and disruptive that it could become 1,000 times larger than the internet.

BESS is laying the foundational pillars for a new digital network poised to grow up to 1,000 times larger than the internet.

Source: pro.technologyprofitsnewsletter.org/p/TEK_BESS_NORBC_0921/LTEKX961/Full

And apparently, Tesla is at the center of it all…

My research today leads me to believe Tesla’s secret BESS project will be a part of the largest ground-floor opportunity I’ve EVER uncovered…

What does Tesla have to do with BESS?

Read on.

What Is “Tesla’s Secret BESS Project?”

A big part of Ray Blanco’s thesis revolves around what he describes as a “secret project” Tesla is working on in Texas.

Tesla isn’t the company he’s recommending, though.

Instead, he uses Tesla as an example to help explain his thesis and suggests that Tesla is at the forefront of the “revolutionary BESS boom” he talks about.

What “secret project” is he referring to?

Blanco is talking about how a subsidiary of Tesla called Gambit Energy Storage is building a giant 100-megawatt battery to plug into the Texas power grid to help stabilize its energy supply.

He also points out that the February 2021 winter storm that wreaked havoc on Texas’ energy infrastructure is the reason why Tesla is doing this.

In short, sub-zero temperatures disrupted Texas’ natural gas, wind turbine, and nuclear power plants, which led to mass power outages and skyrocketing energy prices.

And according to Ray Blanco, this revealed a weakness in Texas’ energy infrastructure while also presenting a “massive opportunity” for Elon Musk.

Blanco says this was the reason Musk moved to Texas and “registered a secret project” called Gambit Energy Storage LLC, which is located in a small town called Angleton.

Whether or not it’s a “secret project” is debatable, as is the reason behind Elon Musk’s move to Texas. However, overall, what Blanco is saying about the project itself is true.

As in, Tesla’s subsidiary, Gambit Energy Storage, is building large batteries to store energy from energy sources like wind and solar to help stabilize the grid. And not just in Texas.

As Ray Blanco points out, Tesla has already “installed BESS battery projects in 40-plus countries around the world.” Which he says is giving them a “strategic foothold” in the energy industry.

And apparently, something called “Autobidder” is part of Tesla’s success.

What’s that?

I’m no expert on this technology, but my understanding is that it’s an advanced software linked with some of Tesla’s large batteries, and it’s used to monetize these batteries.

According to Tesla:

Autobidder provides independent power producers, utilities and capital partners the ability to autonomously monetize battery assets.

How does Autobidder relate to Ray Blanco’s BESS thesis?

As mentioned earlier, BESS is supposedly a combination of two parts:

  • Large batteries and;
  • Artifical intelligence and machine learning.

And similar to what Blanco did with Tesla’s batteries, he’s essentially using Autobidder as an example of how the second part of BESS works – the software part.

According to Blanco, Autobidder is what connects Tesla’s BESS systems:

And believe it or not: Autobidder connects ALL of Tesla’s Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) together…

I am not an expert on energy storage systems or on Tesla’s operations. So I can’t say for sure how accurate the above statement is. However, even though I don’t think Tesla uses the term “BESS,” Autobidder does appear to be the software that connects their large batteries.

And Blanco says this technology is connecting large batteries all over the world. From the “big” batteries in Texas to many smaller ones in residential homes. And that these large batteries, combined with software like Autobidder, are creating a giant “battery internet.”

Collectively, they’re creating a digital network of energy storage batteries that will wrap around the earth in the same way your central nervous system wraps around your spinal cord…

And ultimately…

This worldwide web of computerized BESS batteries…

Will act together as one giant “battery internet”…

And according to Blanco, BESS technology, coupled with the rising demand and falling prices of lithium-ion batteries, means we’re “standing on the ground floor of a new 122X battery boom.”

He sums it up by saying that BESS technology could disrupt “as much as $100 trillion in economic assets” and “unlock one of the greatest wealth creating events in human history.” And apparently, there are three specific “disruptions” that he thinks will take place moving forward.

Could BESS Really Be a $100 Trillion Disruption?

During the presentation, Ray Blanco says that the “timing is perfect” to get involved with BESS and suggests that this technology could disrupt $100 trillion in economic assets.

In Blanco’s words, it’s a “radically disruptive, category killing technology.” And he specifically lists three main ways in which he thinks BESS is going to disrupt our world.

Let’s take a look at each.

B.E.S.S. Disruption #1: “The Internet of Energy ” (I.o.E.)

Ray says the best way to think about how disruptive BESS will be, is to compare it to how disruptive the internet was. He says that, before the internet, we had a more centralized, top-down structure where there were only a handful of places you could get information.

But thanks to the internet, not only did information become available from virtually anywhere, but many people started contributing to the spread of information through blogs, Youtube, and social media sites.

He likens this to how disruptive BESS will be, only 100 to 1000 times bigger, where virtually anyone with power can plug into this “The Internet of Energy” network as he calls it.

According to Blanco, this will “radically transform the outdated power grid into a digital network of smart energy” and “shut the lights off for big power companies.”

B.E.S.S. Disruption #2: “The $100 Trillion Collapse”

Blanco says the second major BESS disruption relates to the end of fossil fuels. He essentially says that BESS batteries could displace the global oil economy as soon as 2030 and, based on a Citigroup prediction, spark a $100 trillion collapse.

It will spark what investment bank Citigroup predicts will be a $100 trillion collapse.

According to a 2015 CNBC article, the $100 trillion figure he mentions relates to the value of global fossil fuel assets. And Citigroup released a report saying these were at risk if we were to try to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius because the oil may never get used.

So, in other words, he’s suggesting BESS could replace global oil usage.

B.E.S.S. Disruption #3: A $140 Trillion Reshaping Of The Global Financial System

Blanco says that, just as people are getting out of fossil fuels, hedge funds will “turn their attention to clean technologies like BESS batteries.”

He also says that “UBS forecasts a massive tidal wave of cash flooding into clean tech like BESS batteries over the coming years” to the tune of $140 trillion.

As it turns out, Blanco didn’t pull that number out of thin air, either.

Based on an article on the UBS Investment Bank website, UBS is forecasting that about $140 trillion will be needed to “decarbonise energy supply by 2050.”

And Blanco says, all told, there’ll be $240 trillion “up for grabs.”

And when you combine $140 trillion of capital flooding into clean technologies…

Along with the $100 trillion disruption in the fossil fuel industry…

You get a whopping $240 trillion up for grabs.

Making BESS perhaps the largest investment story of all time…

He also says that, aside from the technology itself, rising demand, lowering battery costs, and money flowing into the space, one of the main catalysts for his prediction is something called Federal Order #2222. So in the next section, we’ll take a closer look at what this is about.

What Is Federal Order #2222?

According to Ray Blanco, a “landmark ruling” called “Federal Order #2222” will “pave the way for BESS to produce over 380 gigawatts of power in the next four years.”

He says it “virtually guarantees national adoption of this new disruptive technology.”

What is Federal Order #2222?

I believe he’s referring to FERC Order No. 2222, which is all about helping to “usher in the electric grid of the future and promote competition in electric markets.”

According to the ferc.gov Fact Sheet I just linked to, the order does this by “removing the barriers preventing distributed energy resources (DERs) from competing on a level playing field.”

What are distributed energy resources (DERs)?

According to ferc.gov:

DERs are small-scale power generation or storage technologies (typically from 1 kW to 10,000 kW) that can provide an alternative to or an enhancement of the traditional electric power system.

What’s the point of Order No. 2222?

The FERC site says that Order No. 2222 will help lower costs for consumers, improve grid flexibility and resilience, and improve innovation within the electric power industry.

I remember learning about a similar topic while writing about Eric Wade’s “Freedom Fuel” presentation a while back, which was all about “virtual power plants.”

And from what I understand, DERs and virtual power plants are based on a similar concept. It’s all about decreasing reliance on large, centralized power plants and creating a more decentralized power system—one where households can more or less “trade” energy with each other.

For example, if you have excess solar power you don’t need, you can sell it to others on the same grid and buy energy if/when you need it.

It’s pretty cool; I’m a fan of the concept in general. And I found a video on Youtube that does a great job of explaining how it works (below). It’s made by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, but the overall concept is the same regardless of your country.

What Are Ray Blanco’s BESS Stock Picks?

There are four stocks Ray Blanco is interested in as part of his BESS thesis.

The first is a company he reveals for free. And he details the other three stocks in a report that you can only access by joining his advisory service, Technology Profits Confidential. Although I think I may know what the second one is based on the clues he provides in the presentation.

In any case, let’s take a closer look at each of his picks.

BESS Stock #1 (AES Corp)

Ray Blancos “#1 company for the 122X BESS boom” is a company called Fluence.

According to the Fluence website, the company’s mission is to “create a more sustainable future by transforming the way we power our world.” And they describe themselves as a “global leader in energy storage and digital applications for renewables and storage.”

However, as Blanco points out, you can’t invest in Fluence because it’s still a private company. So he recommends AES Corp (NYSE: AES) because it part-owns Fluence, along with Siemens.

Blanco also appears to suggest that by investing in AES Corp, investors might get shares in Fluence if their upcoming IPO is successful.

Here’s how he puts it:

So if Fluence becomes a publicly traded company…

You could be handsomely rewarded for your patience…

With shares of Fluence…

(The #1 BESS company in the world)…

Virtually for free.

The details around this are unclear, though. I wasn’t able to confirm if buying shares of AES Corp would eventually entitle an AES investor to receive shares of Fluence.

BESS Stock #2 (Eos Energy Enterprises)

This stock, and the next couple of stocks, are not revealed in the presentation. However, Blanco does provide some clues as to what company it might be, and I think I may have figured it out.

Blanco describes this company as a “superstar” BESS company that will “attract the lion’s share of attention from Wall Street and the general investing public.”

Here are some of the main clues he provides in the presentation:

Based on the number of employees, this company is only .002% the size of Tesla…

They’re out-installing Tesla’s BESS projects by over 165% in the largest renewable energy market in the United States (giving them nearly 80% market share)…

They already have a backlog of 10-to-20-year contracts with a portfolio of Fortune 500 companies, virtually guaranteeing profitability for years to come, and…

Swiss investment bank Credit Suisse recently initiated coverage on this company, issuing an enthusiastic “buy” rating…

It’s protected by 24 epatents…

That explains why this stock has already soared as high as 400% since it’s debut last October…

Based on these clues, my guess is Eos Energy Enterprises, Inc. (EOSE).

Not everything was an exact match on this one, but I’m pretty confident it’s the company he’s teasing because it matches up with most of what he says.

For example:

  • EOS is a battery energy storage company that, according to the website, is on a mission to “accelerate the shift to clean energy with positively ingenious solutions that transform how the world stores power.”
  • According to the company’s LinkedIn profile, they have 142 employees and based on my research, Tesla had 70,757 in 2020. So EOS is about 0.002% the size of Tesla in terms of how many employees they have.
  • Based on their latest investor presentation, they indeed have a large backlog of orders.
  • I’m not sure if they have exactly 24 patents, but they do have a lot of patents and patent applications based on the patents.justia.com website.
  • They went public sometime in October or November of 2020 and the stock price went from around $10 to $30 and now it’s back to around $12 as of writing. If my guess is correct, I’m not sure how he got 400% from since $10 to $30 is a roughly 200% rise. Maybe the price went higher intra-day at some point or he’s talking about a pre-IPO price. I’m not sure. But the timeline fits.

Overall, it seems like EOS is a fit. However, there were some details surrounding some of Blanco’s claims I was unable to verify.

For example, I’m unsure about the 400% increase he mentions, I couldn’t find any mention of Credit Suisse giving it a “buy” rating, and it’s unclear if the company is “out-installing Tesla’s BESS projects by over 165%.”

Either way, that’s my best guess.

To find out for sure what company he’s teasing and get the full details behind it, you need to read his report titled “The Perfect BESS Investment: 10X Your Cash On Tesla’s Biggest Competitor.”

And the only way to access that report is to join Technology Profits Confidential. I’ll explain more about this shortly, but for now, let’s take a look at his next two picks.

BESS Stock #3

Blanco didn’t provide many clues on this company or the next one. So I’ll just give you an overview of what it’s about.

In short, Blanco’s third pick has to do with a “mysterious metal” that he says “holds a few advantages over lithium-ion.” He also says one company uses this metal to manufacture BESS batteries, and they have deals in place in the U.S.

He breaks down the full details in a report titled “Lithium’s Replacement: How To Profit From The 122X Battery Storage Disruption.”

BESS Stock #4

Blanco’s fourth recommendation is detailed in a report titled “The #1 Stock for the Biggest Infrastructure Bill in U.S. History.” He says he believes this “under-the-radar company will directly benefit” from President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure bill.

And as with the last two picks, you need to subscribe to Technology Profits Confidential if you want all the details.

What Is Technology Profits Confidential?

Technology Profits Confidential is a stock advisory edited by Ray Blanco and published by St. Paul Research. The two main sectors the service focuses on are tech and biotech.

And according to the St. Paul Research website, the goal is to help subscribers “determine the right time to get in on some of technology’s most promising companies and ideas.”

The main component of the service is the monthly newsletters. This is where Ray Blanco shares his latest research and recommendations with subscribers.

However, you also get resources like the model portfolio to see all the latest recommendations, updates on the positions within the portfolio, and special reports, for example.

If you join through the presentation, the joining fee is reduced to $49 for 12 months access, and you get access to the following three reports (the ones mentioned earlier):

  • The Perfect BESS Investment: 10X Your Cash On Tesla’s Biggest Competitor
  • Lithium’s Replacement: How To Profit From The 122X Battery Storage Disruption
  • The #1 Stock for the Biggest Infrastructure Bill in U.S. History

It also comes with a three-month refund policy, from what I can tell.

Who Is Ray Blanco?

Ray Blanco is the editor of Technology Profits Confidential and the Chief Technology Editor at St. Paul Research.

According to Blanco, more than 80,000 people from all over the world follow his work. And he lists numerous recommendations that have seen triple-digit returns over the years.

He also says that, out of all his closed recommendations in 2021, the average return has been 70% per position in 17 months, which is impressive.

And he says “insider connections” are the reason he’s been so successful. For example, Blanco says he worked for “one of the most prestigious wealth management firms in the country” at one point and that this helped him establish some great connections in the world of technology.

What’s St. Paul Research?

St. Paul Research is a financial publishing company that I’m pretty sure is owned by The Agora, one of the largest publishing companies in the world.

Before working at St. Paul Research, Blanco edited the Technology Profits Confidential over at Seven Figure Publishing. So I’m not sure what happened there, but it’s possible Agora acquired this company.

In any case, other services he runs include Breakthrough Technology Alert, FDA Profit Alert, and Technology Profits Daily.

Bottom Line

Ray Blanco’s BESS prediction is all about investing in what could be the future of renewable energy. Namely, Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS).

He describes BESS as a “game-changing innovation” consisting of large energy storage batteries and artificial intelligence and machine learning. Together, he says these technologies make BESS a “computerized network of smart batteries that can “think” for themselves.”

He also says that, based on a Bloomberg forecast, battery storage will “skyrocket 122X by 2040,” which is a market growth rate of 12,100%.

That doesn’t mean you’ll make 122X gains investing in BESS. However, that does appear to be what Bloomberg forecasted concerning the growth of stationary energy storage. And either way, it looks like there’s a lot of growth ahead for this sector as a whole.

And to take advantage of Blanco’s recommendations, you’ll need to read the reports he’s put together, which you can access by joining Technology Profits Confidential.

Is it worthwhile?

Technology Profits Confidential is a legitimate service, and it comes with a money-back guarantee. I also think Blanco’s overall BESS thesis is interesting. So it could be worth joining to see what companies he’s recommending and get a better idea of why he’s recommending them.

However, I wouldn’t join expecting to get rich quickly. Because even though there may be some great opportunities in “BESS” in the coming years, there are no guarantees you’ll make money.

And, of course, there are always risks involved with investing. So you should always do your own research before making any decisions.

Anyway, I hope you found this post helpful, and thanks for reading.

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  1. NO reflection on You, but I think BESS is Total Bullshit! 1st it’s a Battery…you’ve got to have Electricity FIRST to charge the battery, so it’s not replacing anything! #2 REAL ENERGY is a Bloom Energy Box which powers the entire Apple building. It converts natural gas to electricity!! And we’ve got Tons of cheap natural gas. That’s where the hype needs to be.


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