What Are Paul Mampilly’s Stock Picks? (2022 Picks Exposed)

Paul Mampilly is a tech investment “guru” who runs numerous Banyan Hill Publishing stock advisories, including his flagship Profits Unlimited service.

He also releases different stock teaser presentations aimed at promoting these services, some of which I’ve looked into to find out what companies he’s bullish on.

And in this post, I’ll show you exactly what my research has uncovered (over 10 picks).

Uncovering Paul Mampilly’s Latest Stock Picks

Before we get started, I want to point out that what I’m about to share is based on my own research and opinion. So I can’t guarantee my guesses are right.

Also, even if my guesses are right, I have no way of knowing if Mampilly is still recommending these companies or not since I’m not a member of his services.

That said, I have taken the time to look through the clues Paul Mampilly shares in the different presentations he releases, and I think I know what most of his picks are. I’ll also share the presentation’s URL so that you can do further research if you want.

So, let’s start by looking into Paul Mampilly’s most recent 2022 presentations. Then, I’ll give you the heads up about stocks he’s discussed in older (but still relevant) ads.

Here’s an overview of the picks we’ll be covering (note that the list below represents the names of the reports where Paul Mampilly shares his pick):

“iPower: The Tiny Company Launching a $50 Trillion Energy Disruption”

First on the list is Paul Mampilly’s “iPower” pick, which he first teased in a March 2022 presentation on the Banyan Hill Publishing website.

What’s “iPower” about?

iPower is a word Paul Mampilly made up that he uses to describe virtual power plants, a type of decentralized energy system where individuals can buy and sell power.

In short, Mampilly believes that iPower represents the “third and final wave” of the energy revolution and that one “iPower company” could become the “next trillion dollar giant.”

What clues did he share about this company?

According to the presentation, Paul Mampilly’s iPower pick is a “tiny California company” that manages “about 5 gigawatts of power” using “AI-powered software.” He also dropped some hints about its customers and said that it operates in 15 countries.

“This iPower company manages more energy.

Five times more, to be exact.

Instead of a single coal plant…

This connects power generated from thousands of different sources…

Like wind turbines, batteries and solar panels…

And with the sum of its parts, creates a mega power plant of global size.

I’m talking about 5 gigawatts of power…

(The equivalent of five nuclear power plants!)

All run on AI-powered software.”

Source: https://pro.banyanhill.com/p/WMC-PRLVPP-001/EPRLY513/Full

Based on my research, which you can see in full here, I believe that Paul Mampilly’s “iPower” pick is AutoGrid, as this is the company that best matches his clues.

The only problem is that that’s still a private company, which Paul Mampilly acknowledged toward the end of the presentation. However, he also said that he believes the “day is fast approaching” when it could begin trading publicly.

And he teased a second company in the same presentation (which is public).

It’s what he calls an “ESAAS” (energy storage as a service) company. And based on the clues he shared about this company, Paul Mampilly appears to be teasing Stem, Inc. (STEM), a San Fransisco-based company that delivers and operates battery storage solutions.

If you want to know more about these two companies and why I think they are Paul Mampilly’s picks, see my complete write-up.

“Rebel Stock Buy Alert: Two Companies With Built-In Moonshot Potential”

The following two companies we’ll be discussing were part of a presentation Mampilly used to pitch his “Paul’s Secret Portfolio” advisory, which was also published in March 2022.

Paul Mampilly refers to these companies as “Rebel Stocks,” and based on what he said in the presentation, what he’s (actually) talking about are meme stocks, public companies that have become popular among retail investors, especially on social media.

And two examples of “Rebel Stocks” that Mampilly shared in the teaser were GameStop and AMC, both of which are classic meme stocks that saw massive gains in 2021.

Long story short, Mampilly is bullish on two “Rebel Stocks.”

“Right now, the situation with these Rebel Stocks — and two companies in particular — is heating up.”

Source: https://pro.banyanhill.com/p/WMC-WON2022-001/WWONY505/Full

What clues did he share about these picks?

Paul Mampilly was pretty tight-lipped about these companies. But he did say that they are “dominating a $34 trillion industry” and that the two companies have a combined market cap of $1.5 billion.

“But Wall Street has completely written them off. Even though they’re both highly profitable businesses. We’re talking more than $34 billion in profits between the two companies.

“Yet their combined market cap — the total value of all their shares…

“You wanna guess what it is?

“It’s only $1.5 billion! Less than 10% of what they make.”

He also said that they are both trading for under $5 and have a massive “yuck factor,” which Mampilly describes as stocks that make you say “yuck” when you hear their name and that “have been beaten down so low they generally have nowhere to go but up.”

“They’re both trading under $5.

“And they have massive ‘yuck factor’ … even though you couldn’t find two more dominant players in any industry.”

Lastly, Mampilly said that these companies were “stolen by the U.S. government.”

Yes, really…

“You see, several years ago, these companies were literally stolen by the U.S. government.”


“They didn’t ask shareholders…

“They didn’t ask voters…

“They didn’t even ask Congress…

“They simply took them over and held them as their own private piggy banks ever since.”


“I know it sounds funny, but that’s exactly what’s happened…

“The feds have siphoned off more than $300 billion in profits from these two companies.

“And because the companies already paid back over $100 billion more than they ever borrowed in the first place, the government has no more excuses for holding them hostage.”

Admittedly, I was stumped on this one, given the scant clues. Mampilly didn’t clarify what “$34 trillion industry” he was referring to, so that led nowhere, the market cap clue doesn’t tell us much, and the “trading for under $5” hint doesn’t narrow it down much. I also looked into the clue about the U.S. government, but that didn’t lead anywhere, either.

However, I did find a post on Stock Gumshoe where the site’s founder, Travis Johnson, guessed that Mampilly’s picks are Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. And after looking back over the clues, they seem to align well with these companies, so I think he’s right.

Here’s a summary of why I think Freddie and Fannie are Mampilly’s picks:

  • According to a worldpropertyjournal.com article, the total value of every home in the U.S. reached an estimated $33.6 trillion in 2020 (based on research from Zillow). So that may help explain Paul Mampilly’s “$34 trillion industry” clue.
  • Second, both of these companies are currently trading for (well) under $5 a share as of writing (July 2022). And their combined market cap is currently under $1.5 billion.
  • Third, given everything that happened in 2008 (i.e., the financial crisis) and the impact this had on both companies, these stocks aren’t exactly household favorites. So that may help explain Mampilly’s “yuck factor” clue.
  • And lastly, both of these companies were placed into conservatorship of the FHFA in 2008 during the subprime mortgage crisis, which means that the U.S. government began managing the companies’ financial affairs from then on. So that is likely what Mampilly is talking about regarding his “stolen by the U.S. government” clue.

So, what’s the story with these companies?

In short, the Federal National Mortgage Association (aka Fannie Mae) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (aka Freddie Mac) began to experience large losses in 2007 on their subprime mortgage investments (among others). And in 2008, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) concluded that it would soon be insolvent.

As a result, both companies were placed into conservatorship of the FHFA in 2008, which basically means that they both operate under the direction of the FHFA as government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs).

From what I understand, the goal of this arrangement was to reduce losses and develop a new operating structure that will allow for a return to self-management in the future.

As of writing, both companies make billions of dollars each year in profit, as Mampilly said. Yet they are both penny stocks that currently trade for around $0.50 a share (lol).

It’s an unusual set of circumstances, to say the least.

What are the tickers?

Both companies trade on the OTC market under the following tickers:

  • Fannie Mae (ticker: FNMA).
  • Freddie Mac (ticker: FMCC).

What is Paul Mampilly predicting?

The only way to get the full details on Mampilly’s picks is to join his $2,495 per year service, “Paul’s Secret Portfolio,” and see the “Rebel Stocks” report he’s put together. But based on what he said in the presentation, Mampilly is predicting that his two picks (which I think are Fannie and Freddie) could “jump more than 1,000%” at some point.

What are others saying?

There are some interesting articles out there about these companies, which you might find worthwhile if you want to further your research.

For example, the Stock Gumshoe article I linked to earlier is worth a read. And a post on Seeking Alpha suggests that Fannie and Freddie are being prepared to exit conservatorship, which could lead to “the largest IPO ever” if it happened.

That’s an exciting prospect, for sure, but it could take YEARS (if at all) for either company to exit government oversight. So anything could happen at this point.

“A Fortune Made in Space: The 3 Hottest Space Stocks to Buy Right Now”

Next on the list are three “space stocks” that Paul Mampilly first teased in a December 2020 presentation. However, he also teased these companies in the same March 2022 iPower presentation we discussed earlier, which is still live on the Banyan Hill website. So these picks still appear to be relevant as I write this.

Here are the clues Mampilly shared about each company:

“In this report, I reveal my three favorite space stocks that will help them achieve this:

“1) One is a ‘pure play’ space stock that is helping launch Elon Musk’s Space X.

“2) Another is behind 3D-printing technology that has been deployed by NASA.

“3) And last but not least, this company is behind what I call ‘digital steel’ in space: The semiconductors that are powering our next leap forward in space age computing, satellites and more.”

Source: Paul Mampilly’s 2022 “iPower” presentation

That’s not much to go off, but as I mentioned, Mampilly first teased these three stocks in a different presentation a couple of years ago, which gave me some additional clues to chew on. And long story short, here are the companies he appears to be teasing:

Space Pick 1 (Momentus)

Aside from what I just shared, here’s what Mampilly said about this company:

“It’s just a few years old, but this multiple-award-winning company is already going toe-to-toe with the commercial space industry’s 800-pound gorilla … SpaceX.”

Source: https://pro.boldprofits.com/p/PRLSPACE/EPRLX139

So, based on what Mampilly has said, we know that the company launched in 2017, it’s helping (or competing) with SpaceX, and it has won awards.

What could it be?

After looking into numerous space-related companies, I think Mampilly might be teasing a company called Momentus Inc (ticker: MNTS).

Momentus is a U.S. space company that was founded in 2017, and it describes itself on the company website as a “space infrastructure company.”

How does it match Mampilly’s clues?

First, it has won at least one award that I could find, the NASA iTech 2019 Cycle I award for spacecraft that use water as a propellant to move satellites between different orbits. It may have won other awards, too, but that’s the only one that I could find.

Second, according to an April 2022 press release, Momentus has signed multiple launch agreements with SpaceX, matching the other clue Mampilly shared.

As a side note, even though Mampilly’s “iPower” presentation (where he most recently teased this company) is dated March 2022, it was updated in April 2022 based on one of the screenshots he shared (which explains how he knew about the above agreement).

In any case, Momentus appears to be Mampilly’s first space stock pick.

Space Pick 2 (Stratasys)

According to Paul Mampilly, his next favorite space stock is a U.S. company with over 2,000 employees that has annual sales of “around $600 million” and a valuation of under $1 billion. He also said that the stock is trading for under $15 a share.

“My next favorite space stock is another strong American company, employing more than 2,000 people.

“It’s got annual sales of around $600 million , and it’s valued at less than $1 billion.”


“Right now, the stock is trading under $15 per share.”

What else did he say?

Other than the above clues, Mampilly said the company is “at the center of the biggest revolution in manufacturing in decades” and described its tech as “indispensable.”

“That’s because it’s at the center of the biggest revolution in manufacturing in decades. A revolution that has made it an important part of America’s crusade to space, the Moon and Mars.

“And its technology will be absolutely indispensable as our astronauts and colonists spend more and more time away from Earth.”

Lastly, Mampilly shared a quote from Elon Musk about the type of technology this company specializes in, which was related to 3D printing. And that lines up with the clue Mampilly shared in his latest presentation, too.

Anyway, from there, I looked for 3D printing companies with over 2,000 employees, around $600 million in annual sales, and a market cap of around $1 billion.

And that led me to a company called Stratasys Ltd (ticker: SSYS).

Stratasys is an American-Israeli manufacturer of 3D printers, and while it is not a “pure play” space stock, Stratasys describes itself as a global leader in aerospace and states that 3D printing is helping navigate the future of aerospace.

Space Pick 3 (Microchip Technology)

Mampilly describes his third space pick as a “very special company” that has been making “digital steel” products since the late 1950s, which the earlier clue suggests is a term Mampilly uses to describe semiconductors.

“The last of my three favorite space stocks is a very special company.

“It makes ‘digital steel’ products that solve its customers’ most difficult design challenges. And it’s been doing so since the late 1950s.”

Aside from that, he dropped some hints about its customers, market cap, and patents:

“It serves more than 120,000 customers in the aerospace, defense & security, communications and industrial markets…

“Its market cap right now is a little under $40 billion…”


“You see, this company is already a leading maker of cutting-edge tech products for missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond. Products that are qualified to the highest standards of NASA, the Defense Logistics Agency, and the European Space Agency.”


“I don’t know of any other company that can match its history or its lead over competitors. I mean it’s got 3,765 government patents in the U.S. alone.”

Based on those clues, the closest match seems to be Microchip Technology Inc (MCHP), which manufactures semiconductors (among other things).

As for how it matches…

According to the company website, Microchip Technology serves more than 120,000 customers across the aerospace, defense and security, communications, and industrial markets (which are the ones Paul Mampilly mentioned).

Aside from that, the company’s market cap is sitting at around $32 billion as of writing (July 2022), but it was closer to $40 billion in December 2020, which was when Paul Mampilly first teased this company. So that clue’s a match, too.

Lastly, I don’t know how many “government patents in the U.S.” the company has or how important they are, but Paul Mampilly’s clue about the company’s patents seems to (very generally) line up with what is shown on crunchbase.com.

So, all things considered, I think MCHP is Mampilly’s third space pick.

“The Ultimate Super Bull Investment”

Paul Mampilly teased his “Ultimate Super Bull Investment” pick in a November 2021 presentation dubbed “Phase 2: The Supercycle Begins,” which was part of a pitch for an (almost) $3k service he runs called Extreme Fortunes.

What’s it all about?

In short, Mampilly talked about a so-called “supercycle” and said that “phase 2” is “taking off” now as “more and even greater technologies continue to improve our lives.” He also said that the “biggest winners” are likely to be small, innovative tech companies that are positioned to thrive during this “phase” of the supercycle.

“However, there is simply no doubt about it, the biggest winners from the supercycle will be single small-cap stocks that benefit from some incredible innovation.”

Source: https://pro.banyanhill.com/p/WMC-EXFCYCLE-001-EXT/MEXFY100/Full

Seeing how things have played in 2022 so far… that didn’t age very well (lol). However, according to the presentation, this is a multi-year prediction (emphasis mine):

“We will deliver your special bonus, The Ultimate Super Bull Investment, to your inbox.

“This is Paul’s report on his favorite supercycle stock to buy right now, he predicts 1,000%% gains are possible over the next one to three years.”

As for the company he’s teasing, Mampilly said there’s one “incredible supercycle stock” he’s tracking that he believes is “a great way to get in on phase 2” of the supercycle.

The first clue he shared was that the company is “improving gadgets all around us,” including fiber-optic telecommunications, consumer electronics, mobile devices, and self-driving cars.

He also said its tech is “critical” for industrial-strength lasers and 3D sensing and that it’s “an industry leader for creating the components inside semiconductors.”

Aside from that, he said it’s trading for less than $10 a share and has a market cap of less than $500 million as of when the presentation aired (November 2021).

Based on those hints, my guess is Akoustis Technologies (AKTS).

Akoustis Technologies is a North Carolina-based company that owns and operates a wafer manufacturing facility for the “design, development, fabrication and packaging of RF filters, MEMS and other semiconductor devices.”

I’m not 100% certain that this is Mampilly’s “Super Bull” pick, but it is the closest match I could find after digging into the clues he shared. And I’ve put together an article that goes into full detail about why I say that, which you can see here.

“The 12 Million Mile Battery” (“$51 Trillion in Endless Energy: Get Rich on the Battery Breakthrough of the 21st Century”)

Paul Mampilly originally teased this “12 Million Mile Battery” company in August 2020 (possibly earlier), so it’s not a 2022 pick. However, this is one of his most popular stock teasers, and I see ads for this presentation all the time.

So, while it’s not new, it still seems relevant in 2022.

What’s the deal?

Paul Mampilly’s “12 Million Mile Battery” prediction centers around an EV battery that he says uses “nanopowder,” which supposedly “supercharges the battery by 2,500%.”

According to Mampilly, this so-called “nanopowder” gives the batter 25 times faster charging, longer range, and longer battery life.

Despite the presentation’s “12 Million Mile Battery” headline, though, Mampilly never said that an EV with this battery can travel 12 million miles on a single charge.

That’s a marketing gimmick.

I say this because later in the presentation, Mampilly stated that the battery has a range of “over 9,200 miles” and can “last” 12 million miles. So, “12 million miles” appears to be referring to the battery’s lifespan – not how far it can travel on a single charge.

Anyways, Mampilly shared numerous clues about this company, but the most telling of all was the following about the company’s founder:

“This company isn’t Tesla or any big company you’ve heard of.

“Rather, it’s a little-known California company … started by one of Tesla’s original employees.

“He’s known as ‘Employee No. 7.'”

Source: https://pro.banyanhill.com/p/WMC-PRLMAGIC2020-001/PPRLXC01/Full

Based on the above clue (and others), Mampilly’s teasing Sila Nanotechnologies, an engineered materials startup focused on improving energy storage and efficiency.

What’s the ticker?

Believe it or not, this is yet another private company. So, as with Mampilly’s iPower pick, he is teasing a private company that isn’t possible for most of us to invest in.

My goodness, Paul! Why do you keep doing this? LOL.

In any case, Mampilly believes that the company could begin publicly trading “in the next few years” (which would mean 2023 ish). And in a similar fashion to his other presentation, he teased a second company that is publicly traded.

Based on the clues, I think his second pick could be Amperex Technology Limited, a company that’s listed on the Shenzen Stock Exchange (ticker: 300750).

I’m not 100% sure about that second company, given Mampilly didn’t say much about it, but Amperex looks like the closest match. And you can see the full article I wrote about Mampilly’s 12 Million Mile Battery prediction if you want to know more.

“Blockchain Fortunes: The Company That Could Make You Twelve Times Your Money”

The last company we’ll be discussing is one Paul Mampilly teased in a February 2021 presentation, which means it’s technically not one of his “2022 picks,” but since it is still getting pitched, I thought it was worth adding to the list.

In this presentation, Mampilly talks about a warehouse that supposedly holds the “key to a potential $3 trillion revolution” and one “$20 stock” he’s bullish on.

Long story short, it’s all about blockchain technology, a term used to describe the technology underpinning bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins). And Mampilly talked about how “blockchain technology” is being developed inside warehouses in the U.S.

“It all comes back to warehouses like this that tech startups and corporate giants have built across the country … and the blockchain technology being developed inside it.

“Inside these warehouses are all these machines.

“And just like Microsoft’s software became the industry standard on what a computer should run with, I believe this company’s technology is essential to the success of blockchain technology.”

Source: https://pro.banyanhill.com/p/WMC-PRLBLOCK-002/EPRLXB88

As for his pick, Mampilly said he’s tracking a California-based company that, instead of making microchips, makes the interfacing software that enables these chips to communicate with each other.

“You see each one of these machines requires several incredibly powerful processors — far more powerful than what you likely have in your home computer.

“These processors are made by a few different companies — like Intel and others around the world. But these chipmakers are already expensive and that’s not where you should put your money.

“I’ve identified one company based in Sunnyvale, California, that’s been overlooked by Wall Street — it doesn’t make the chips itself, but the interfacing software that enables these chips to communicate with each other.”

Aside from that clue, he talked about a deal the company did with Visa in 2019, said it made $224 million in revenue in 2019 and dropped several other hints.

What could it be?

My research suggests that this pick is Rambus (RMBS), a U.S. tech company that designs, develops, and licenses chip interface technologies and architectures.

I recommend checking out my full article about Mampilly’s blockchain pick for all the details, but this company is the one that matches his clues the best, based on my research.

How Can You Get Paul Mampilly’s Latest Picks?

The best way to access Paul Mampilly’s latest stock picks would be to join one of his services, like Profits Unlimited, his flagship entry-level service published by Banyan Hill. And it’s the service where he shares most of the reports I listed in this post.

For reference, the subheadings above represent the names of the reports where Paul Mampilly details his picks, and the only way to access those is to join the service it comes with, which in most cases is Profits Unlimited (which typically costs $47 per year).

Some of Mampilly’s picks are reserved for his higher price advisories, though. Like his “Super Bull” pick, for example, which is part of his Extreme Fortunes service (almost $3k).

In any case, Profits Unlimited is probably the best place to start if you want to know what companies Paul Mampilly is teasing for sure, get his research on each pick, and stay up-to-date on what he’s recommending at any given time.

As mentioned, what I’ve shared represents my best guesses based on what I’ve learned by looking into the different presentations he’s featured in, but I can’t guarantee I’m right.

And even if my guesses are right, which I think most are, that doesn’t mean he’s still recommending these companies as things change in the market very quickly.

If the presentation associated with the pick is still running, which the ones I’ve mentioned are as of writing, it stands to reason that he’s still bullish on the company. But my point is that the only way to know for sure would be to check out his service.

Is it worth joining Profits Unlimited?

Paul Mampilly is pretty well-known in the tech-investing space and appears to have recommended some great companies over the years. But most of the stocks I’ve uncovered haven’t done very well in 2022, given that tech has sold off hard.

That doesn’t mean his service isn’t worth joining, though. Nor does it mean his picks aren’t good long-term investments. It just means that nobody can predict the future and that investing is inherently risky. So while some of Paul Mampilly’s recommendations might work out, others may not. That’s why it’s best to only invest what you can afford to lose.

Bottom Line

In this post, we’ve looked at a bunch of different Paul Mampilly presentations, and I’ve shown you the companies he appears to be pitching based on his clues.

Those aren’t the only stocks Paul Mampilly has teased, though. He recommends numerous companies to subscribers of the different services he runs.

But these are some of his most recent picks, and if you agree with my guesses, at least now you don’t have to join the service just to find out what company he’s teasing.

Also, I’ll strive to keep this page updated as I come across new presentations by Paul Mampilly in the months ahead. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hi there, Tim,
    I’ve just gone through this, of your findings on Paul Mampillys’ latest stocks. Again, absolutely incredible work by you. I’ve taken down “Notes” of your findings and revelations on the companies mentioned. So we’ll keep an eye on them and see what happens. Some could well be a “Longer” approach with a huge “?”
    Fantastic effort by you and extremely appreciated. Thank You.


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