What “Nuclear Era” Fuel Company Is Jason Williams Teasing?

I recently came across an Angel Publishing presentation dubbed “Bill Gates’ Master Plan,” where Jason Williams said that a company started by Bill Gates “makes a device that will power the future of global energy.”

And according to Jason Williams, you could make “as much as 116,150%” by investing in the “little-known” American company that makes a “brand-new special fuel” for this device.

What’s he talking about? What company is he teasing? And is any of this legit?

Well, I decided to look into Jason Williams’ claims to find out the answers to these questions, and in this post, I’ll show you exactly what I found.

I’ll start by breaking down his “New Nuclear Era” prediction. Then, I’ll show you what stock he’s teasing and give you the heads up about his service, The Wealth Advisory.

Jason Williams’ “New Nuclear Era” Prediction

According to Jason Williams, “Bill Gates is on an entirely new mission” that involves revolutionizing a “major global industry.”

He refers to this “mission” as “Bill Gates’ Master Plan” and claims that it all began in 2008 when Bill Gates assembled a team of scientists and engineers to form a company that makes a device that can power “the entire world.”

“It All Began Back in 2008…

That’s when Bill Gates assembled a team of scientists and engineers to form an entirely new company…”


“This company makes a device that will power the future of global energy.”


“Because this device produces enough energy to power not just your home…

Not just your city…

Or country…

But the entire world…

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week regardless of whether the sun is shining or the wind is blowing.

Plus, it’s 100% emission-free.”

What “master plan” is he talking about?

One of the first clues Jason Williams shared was a Wall Street Journal quote, which led me to this WSJ article about Bill Gate’s “Master Plan” for battling climate change.

So, it seems as though the “master plan” Jason Williams is referring to in the presentation is Bill Gates’ plan for ending the world’s carbon dependency.

What “device” is Bill Gates (supposedly) working on?

According to Jason Williams, the device Bill Gates’ company is working on is a “safe, powerful new device” that provides clean “baseload power.”

During the presentation, Williams talked about how renewable energy like solar and wind is unable to provide steady baseload power (electricity the grid needs on a continual basis) because the energy they produce needs to be used the moment it’s generated.

In other words, the sun isn’t always shining, and the wind isn’t always blowing, so without large-scale battery storage (which is being developed by companies like Tesla), there is nothing to replace fossil fuels like coal and natural gas for stable baseload power.

And that, according to Williams, is where Bill Gates’ “device” comes into play.

In short, the device Williams is referring to is a new type of nuclear reactor, a device used in nuclear power plants for electricity generation.

According to Jason Williams, nuclear power is making a huge comeback in America, and “an entire fleet of new nuclear reactors are coming online right now.”

He claims these reactors are “smaller, safer, and cleaner” than old nuclear plants and have “advanced safety features” that prevent accidents.

For example, he says the new nuclear reactors use sodium-based cooling systems instead of water which can help prevent overheating.

And according to Williams, there’s a “brand-new special fuel” that powers these nuclear plants that only one company in the U.S. is producing.

What “special fuel” is Jason Williams talking about?

The fuel Jason Williams refers to in the presentation is high-assay low-enriched uranium fuel (HALEU), a type of enriched uranium required for most advanced U.S. reactors.

I am not an expert on what HALEU is or how it works, but the article above explains what it is in detail, so that might be worth checking out if you want to learn more.

My understanding is that it’s essentially a “new and improved” type of uranium fuel for nuclear power plants. And according to Jason Williams, it’s the only kind of fuel that can power the “new generation of smaller, safer nuclear reactors.”

What company is Jason Williams referring to?

According to Jason Williams, Bill Gates’ company makes the device (nuclear reactor) that converts the HALEU fuel into clean energy, which can then power the grid.

“But Bill Gates’ company doesn’t make the fuel.

It makes the device that converts this fuel into the clean energy that can power our electric grid day and night, through every season.”

My research suggests that the company Jason Williams is referring to is TerraPower, which according to CNBC, is a start-up that was co-founded by Bill Gates to revolutionize designs for nuclear reactors.

The article I linked to above explains that Gates’ company is building a nuclear power plant in Wyoming that will provide a baseload of 345 megawatts on completion.

The plant will apparently be the first to use an “advanced nuclear design” called Natrium, which uses liquid sodium instead of water as a cooling agent.

Long story short, the plant matches what Jason Williams described in the presentation.

However, TerraPower is a private company, and it’s NOT the company Jason Williams is recommending in the presentation.

Instead, he’s teasing the company that makes the fuel that TerraPower can utilize in its new plant. And in the next section, I’ll show you what company I think it is.

What Is Jason Williams’ “#1 Fuel Company of the New Nuclear Era” Pick?

One of the main clues Jason Williams shares in the presentation is that the company he’s bullish on has the only license to produce the HALEU fuel we discussed earlier.

“The government has given this company the ONLY license to produce this kind of fuel here in the U.S.

That’s why Gates has partnered with this special company…

An American company that’s already racked up over $1 billion worth of long-term supply agreements through 2030…

A company that’s publicly traded. And you’ll want to get a piece of it right now.”

What could it be?

Well, this one was pretty easy to figure out because there is only one company in the U.S. that’s licensed to make HALEU fuel – Centrus Energy (ticker: LEU).

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, Centrus Energy’s request to make HALEU fuel at its Ohio facility was approved by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. And as of writing, it’s the only licensed HALEU production facility in America.

So this has to be the company Jason Williams is referring to (AKA his “#1 Fuel Company of the New Nuclear Era” stock) because no other company has such a license.

And according to the Centrus Energy website, the company does have a partnership with Bill Gates’ TerraPower to fuel the Natrium plants I mentioned earlier.

As Williams suggests in the presentation, the company is “small” in terms of market cap (currently around half a billion dollars), but it has a 50-plus year history of supplying low enriched uranium to utilities around the world.

From what I understand, it began as a government-owned corporation called the United States Enrichment Corporation in the early 1990s. Then, in 1998, the U.S. government sold the company, and it began trading as a private, investor-owned company called USEC Inc. on the NYSE. And in 2014, it re-emerged as Centrus Energy Corp. after a financial restructuring.

Today, the company supplies enriched uranium fuel for nuclear power reactors and has operations in Maryland, Tennessee, Ohio, and Tokyo.

Should you invest? That’s a question you’ll need to decide for yourself; I’m not a “stockpicker,” nor am I an expert on nuclear fuel.

However, there are plenty of helpful resources online (like Zacks, Seeking Alpha, and Yahoo Finance, for example) that share helpful information about the stock. There’s also some useful information on the company website itself, in the Investor Relations section.

And of course, if you want Jason Williams’ take, he has put together a report called “Bill Gates’ Next Big Buyout: The #1 Fuel Company of the New Nuclear Era,” which gives you his research on (what I believe is) Centrus Energy.

The only caveat is that to access that report; you need to join an advisory service called The Wealth Advisory for $99. So, in the next section, I’ll show you what it’s all about.

What Is The Wealth Advisory?

The Wealth Advisory is an Angel Publishing investment advisory service focused on long-term growth stocks and income-generating investments.

Unlike most services that focus on one or the other (growth or income), this service aims to help you find opportunities to see capital gains and dividend income.

The service is edited by Jason Williams, and for $99, you get 12 monthly issues of the service, which contains Williams’ latest stock pick, research, and details on how to take advantage of each recommendation using your brokerage account.

You also get access to weekly market updates where Jason Williams provides a recap of what has happened in the markets over the past week.

And he shares research reports that cover different investments he’s tracking, including the “Bill Gates’ Next Big Buyout” report I mentioned earlier.

That’s the gist of it, anyway. If you want to learn more, I recommend seeing my full review of The Wealth Advisory, where I explain how the service works in more detail.

Is it legit?

The Wealth Advisory isn’t a scam, and it does appear to have a strong track record. However, I do suggest taking the marketing with a pinch of salt because there is no guarantee you will make 116,150% gains, or any money at all, following Williams’ stock picks.

Who Is Jason Williams?

According to his profile on the Wealth Daily website, after graduating from Baltimore’s Merrick School of Business, Jason Williams worked for the U.S. military, “helping design and analyze complex projects.”

It’s unclear when, but at some point, his profile states that he decided to pursue his passion for business and investing and ended up working at Morgan Stanley.

From there, the site says he started his own family office, made his first angel investment (investment in an early-stage company), and continued building his network.

Eventually, Williams started sharing his stock picks with readers of Angel Publishing through the company’s flagship service, The Wealth Advisory.

He also shares his analysis in two other services. One is a free newsletter called Wealth Daily, and the other is a pre-IPO advisory service called Main Street Ventures.

And if you want to see what other stocks Jason Williams has teased recently, check out my review of a presentation he released about “Prime Profits” payouts. In that post, I talk about what appears to be a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) he’s interested in.

Bottom Line

Jason Williams’ latest presentation centers around a company that makes uranium fuel for advanced nuclear reactors, which could provide baseload power to the U.S. grid in the future. And it appears as though the company he’s teasing is Centrus Energy.

I can only speculate on the investment side of things, but the “next-generation reactor designs” TerraPower is developing, which will be fueled by Centrus Energy, are pretty cool.

This could prove to be an exciting evolution in carbon-free, reliable energy production, so it will be very interesting to see how this develops over the coming years.

Anyway, that’s my take. Feel free to comment below if you’d like to share your thoughts on any of this. And either way, thanks for reading.

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