Nomi Prins “Great Distortion” Stock Exposed (Distortion Report)

In a recent video presentation dubbed “Warped Beyond Repair” on the Rogue Economics website, Nomi Prins discussed what she’s calling “America’s Great Distortion.”

According to Prins, this is the “most important story in the financial world.”

In short, the presentation centers around a “distortion” between the “financial economy” and the “real-world economy,” which Nomi Prins says could enrich some “beyond their wildest dreams” while leaving others behind in a “sort of permanent underclass.”

She also highlighted a stock that she believes could “double or triple in the next few years,” and she reveals in a report called “The #1 Stock for America’s Great Distortion.”

But to access that report and find out what stock she’s teasing, you have to join Nomi Prins’ advisory service, Distortion Report, for $49.

So I researched the clues she shared in the presentation, and in this post, I’ll show you exactly what stock I think she’s bullish on.

I’ll also give you an overview of the Distortion Report service to help you decide if it’s worth it or not. But first, let’s break down Nomi Prins’ “Great Distortion” prediction.

What Is “The Great Distortion?”

In the Rogue Economics presentation, Nomi Prins explained to Chris Hurt, the person interviewing her, that The Great Distortion is “the biggest transfer of wealth in history.”

And she explained that there are two sides to it.

On the one hand, Prins said you could use this “distortion” to grow your wealth. Or on the other hand, you can ignore it and risk missing out on a historic opportunity.

“The Great Distortion is the biggest transfer of wealth in history…

You can either use it to grow your wealth by leaps and bounds…

Or you can ignore it… hope for a ‘return to normal’ and risk missing out on this historic wealth-building opportunity.”

The reason for the “wealth transfer,” according to Prins, all has to do with a “massive financial distortion” she believes we are witnessing.

And during the presentation, she cited one chart in particular as a “perfect example” of the type of distortion she’s talking about. According to Nomi Prins, the chart “shows how far the financial world has drifted from reality” since 1971.

Chart Nomi Prins shared in a Rogue Economics presentation about America's Great Distortion that depicts a change between the Financial World Economy and Real World Economy in 1971.
Image source:

What does the chart mean?

According to Nomi Prins, the top line represents the “financial economy,” and the bottom line represents the “real-world economy.”

“The top line represents the growth of our financial economy… Wall Street… Silicon Valley… the so-called ‘elites’

The bottom line – that’s the growth of our wages… which you might call the real-world economy.”

What happened in 1971?

Believe it or not, that’s a question many have been considering (particularly in the gold and bitcoin space) for years now. In fact, there’s even a site called, which is dedicated to exploring this topic in detail.

Long story short, the general consensus seems to be that, since 1971, productivity has gone up, yet inflation-adjusted wages have remained flat. And many (at least among the people I follow) attribute this to how the U.S. went off the gold standard in 1971.

Of course, there are varying opinions on the cause and effect of going off the gold standard, but that’s the general gist of it.

What does Nomi Prins have to say about all of this?

During the presentation, Prins talked about how, since President Nixon took America off the gold standard in 1971, “an explosion of new money flooded into the economy.”

She also said that this “distorted the U.S. dollar” and led to many people falling behind while the “financial economy” (AKA Wall Street and Silicon Valley) has grown.

Here’s how Nomi Prins describes it:

“But 1971 was a pivotal moment in history most people don’t know about.

Almost like the dividing line between ‘B.C.’ and ‘A.D.’ – when it comes to our money.

And the world has never been the same since.

Ever since this moment… the so-called ‘Nixon Shock’…

No matter how hard we work…

No matter how much money we save…

No matter how careful we are with our investments…

Most people have fallen behind.

And I fear this is only going to get worse for many Americans…”

Prins also talked about how “money printing” (AKA quantitative easing) has only accelerated since 2008 and says the money isn’t being spread evenly into the economy. Instead, she suggests it’s “piling up” in places like Wall Street.

So, what’s she predicting?

In short, Nomi Prins is predicting that this “$150 trillion distortion” will enrich some while leaving others “stuck in a sort of permanent underclass.”

“Look, the simple fact is… every single facet of our lives is being disrupted by this $150 trillion distortion in ways most folks can’t even imagine.

Some could be enriched beyond their wildest dreams…

While everyone else will likely be left behind, stuck in a sort of permanent underclass.”

I think it’s safe to say that most of us would like to be in the former category (potentially benefiting from all of this). And from what I can gather, that’s where the other part of Prins’ prediction comes into play regarding what the Fed may or may not do moving forward.

If you’ve followed the markets lately, you’ll no doubt have heard talk about how the Fed has (and may continue) raising rates while winding down the “printing press.” And that’s not exactly bullish for stocks, which may be part of why we’ve seen a pullback recently.

But Nomi Prins doesn’t seem to think this trend will continue…

“You see, the mainstream press thinks the Federal Reserve is going to stop printing money to put a lid on inflation…

Once again, they’ve got it completely wrong…

In reality, the exact opposite is about to happen.”


“According to my research, the Fed can’t raise rates enough to stop inflation… and they absolutely won’t stop printing.”

I have no idea if she’s right, wrong, or somewhere in between. I gave up trying to predict the future a long time ago because I’ve found it’s rather challenging (lol).

But the bottom line is that Nomi Prins believes this so-called “distortion” could benefit some and not others. And in the presentation, she talked about one stock in particular that she’s bullish on, which she says “could easily double or triple in the next few years.”

In the next section, I’ll show you what I think she’s teasing.

What Is Nomi Prins’ “#1 Stock for America’s Great Distortion?” (Revealed)

As mentioned earlier, Nomi Prins doesn’t name her stock pick in the presentation. Instead, she shares the details in a report called “The #1 Stock for America’s Great Distortion.”

And the only way to get that report is to join her advisory service, Distortion Report, for $49.

But I looked into her clues and think I’ve found it.

The first clue Prins shared was that her pick is a “small firm” in the energy industry, which she claims is one of the biggest industries being transformed by “America’s Great Distortion.”

“And I don’t want anyone to miss out. That’s why I’ve distilled the key points into a special report to show today’s viewers my favorite way to profit from this $150 trillion wealth transfer.

Inside, I’ll show you all the details of a small firm that could soar as it disrupts one of the world’s most critical industries.”


“But the energy industry – worth more than $2 trillion – is one of the biggest industries being transformed by America’s Great Distortion.”

Next, Prins says that the trend toward “New Energy” is inevitable and says that many Wall Street institutions own her favorite “New Energy stock.”

“In my special report, called The #1 Stock for America’s Great Distortion, I’ll show you my favorite ‘New Energy’ stock, which is owned by just about every major institution on Wall Street…”

What could it be?

Well, Prins said that it’s not a solar or wind energy company but rather a “cutting-edge tech stock inside of the energy sector.” And she drops hints about the company’s customers, patents, and awards it has won.

“Already, 76% of Fortune 50 companies are customers of this firm …

Its fast-growing portfolio of patents gives it a huge advantage over the competition… and its technology has won awards from Goldman Sachs, the World Economic Forum, CNBC, and more.”

But none of those were very conclusive.

So I kept on digging.

And what led me to her pick was a quote she shared from Motley Fool about how the company “could be a 10-bagger.” And after “Googling” the headline, I came across this Motley Fool post, which highlights a company called ChargePoint (ticker: CHPT).

From there, I checked to see if ChargePoint matched Prins’ other clues, and it did.

What does this company do?

ChargePoint is a California-based electric vehicle infrastructure company that operates the largest network of EV charging stations, with operations in the U.S. and abroad.

I can only speculate as to whether or not it’s a worthwhile investment, but the article I just linked to might be worth a read if you want to learn more about it.

You could also check out Nomi Prins’ “America’s Great Distortion” report because that gives you all the details about her pick and why she’s bullish.

That said, you may not want to join the Distortion Report service just to learn about Nomi Prins’ stock pick. So, in the next section, I’ll give you an overview of what the service is about to help you make a more informed choice about whether or not it’s worthwhile.

What Is the Distortion Report?

Distortion Report is a monthly investment newsletter edited by Nomi Prins and published by Rogue Economics. According to the Rogue Economics website, the service aims to help subscribers “profit from the disconnect between the markets and the real economy.”

Each month, Nomi Prins shares her latest investment research and recommendations with subscribers of the newsletter. You can also see her active picks in the model portfolio, and she shares research reports on the companies she recommends.

According to Nomi Prins, the normal price for Distortion Report is $199, but it’s been reduced to $49 for those who join through the “Warped Beyond Repair” presentation we’ve discussed in this post. And this promo comes with the following reports:

  • The #1 Stock for America’s Great Distortion: 10x Gains on a Small Firm Disrupting a Critical American Industry.
  • The Electric Car Myth: The Hidden Key to Unlocking 23x Profits in EV.
  • Bank to the Future: The Virtually Unknown Firm Transforming the $11 Trillion Financial Industry in the Next 12 Months.

The first report details Prins’ number one “Great Distortion” stock pick. And as I mentioned earlier, I believe it’s ChargePoint, so I won’t elaborate further on that.

But what about her other two picks?

The second report details a company that Nomi Prins says “holds the key” that enables electric car companies and EV charging companies to operate. Without the product this company makes, she says, “the electric vehicle industry simply cannot exist.”

Unfortunately, she doesn’t provide many other clues on this company, other than saying her pick doesn’t involve commodities like nickel or lithium. So I’m not sure what it is.

And it’s a similar story with her third stock pick.

For the most part, all Prins reveals about her third pick is that it’s a fintech company that “could become one of America’s first government-accepted stablecoin networks.”

So if you want Nomi Prins’ latest research and stock picks, including the picks in the reports I just mentioned, you’ll have to check out her Disruption Report service.

Is it legit?

I haven’t joined the service myself, so I can’t say how worthwhile it is based on personal experience. However, Rogue Economics is a legit financial publishing company, and as I’ll explain in the next section, Nomi Prins is a real economic and investing expert.

So I don’t think the service is a scam. The only thing I will mention is that it’s unclear if the refund policy allows you to get a cash refund or refund credit. And while the service is $49 to join, the Rogue Economics order page states that it renews at $129 after 12 months.

Update (October 2022): Since publishing this article, I decided to join Nomi Prins’ Distortion Report service to see if it was worth it or not, and I put together a full review detailing my experience.

Who Is Nomi Prins?

According to, Nomi Prins is an economist, geopolitical financial expert, and investigative journalist who holds a PhD in International Strategic Studies.

Before joining Rogue Economics, Prins worked at Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, and the Chase Manhattan Bank.

It’s unclear when, but her Rogue Economics profile states that she became an investigative journalist “to shed light on the ways financial systems are manipulated to serve the interests of an elite few at the expense of everyone else.”

She’s also a best-selling author who has authored numerous books on finance and economics-related topics.

Her latest book is called “Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World.”

And according to Prins, she’s releasing a new book, Permanent Distortion: How the Financial Markets Abandoned the Real Economy Forever, this fall (autumn).

Aside from that, Nomi Prins heads up a free daily e-letter called “Inside Wall Street With Nomi Prins” and runs Rogue Economics’ flagship advisory, Distortion Report.

I’m not sure how well her stock picks have turned out over the years because, unless I missed it, she didn’t really talk about that in the presentation. But it seems as though Distortion Report may be a relatively new service, so that may be why.

And either way, my research suggests that she’s a genuine expert, especially when it comes to the sort of topics she discussed in the presentation. So while there’s no guarantee you’ll make money following her investment ideas, you may find her insights worthwhile.

Bottom Line

In Nomi Prins’ latest presentation (dubbed “Warped Beyond Repair”), she talked about “America’s Great Distortion” and hinted at three stocks she’s bullish on.

To recap, Prins believes there’s a “distortion” between the financial economy and the real-world economy. And she’s predicting that this could potentially lead to some people becoming wealthy while keeping others stuck and falling behind.

As far as her stock picks go, the first company she’s teasing (AKA her “1 Stock for America’s Great Distortion”) appears to be ChargePoint because it matches her clues. But I’m not sure what her other two picks are because she didn’t reveal much about those.

Either way, if you want to find out what Nomi Prins’ picks are and get her research on each company, the best thing to do would be to subscribe to her Disruption Report service.

Whatever you decide, I hope you found this post helpful. And if you’d like to share your take on any of this, feel free to chime in below.

24 thoughts on “Nomi Prins “Great Distortion” Stock Exposed (Distortion Report)”

  1. I have signed up for the $49 service and as a beginner, I am thoroughly enjoying the information Nomi has shared with me via daily emails. I’m constantly learning from her wealth of knowledge that I didn’t know beforehand. However, to be fair, I am a beginner in investing and absorbing a lot of information. That said, I have followed her stock recommendations, and Chargepoint is one of them, but her overall view is based on 5 themes: transformative technology, infrastructure, new energy, new money, and meta-reality. Those are the focus of her overall theme plays. I did not go for higher services/fees because my rule is to pay no more than $100 for any services. I think upsells are just squeezing more dollars and wants than actual needs. That’s just my two cents.

  2. Hi there, Tim,
    I’ve just read the full report by Naomi Prins & the side kick, Chris Hurd ? about buying into her “DISTORTION REPORTS”. I then googled a question and came across your findings. A great outcome by you. As soon as I read your findings on the company Charge Point, I distinctly recalled and took notes on another presentation.
    On the 17 December, ’21, Louis Navellier, Eric Fry and Luke Lagano had an all in together presentation on technology. In that presentation, Luke mentioned Charge Point as his selection. So, maybe it could well be worth while looking into.
    Again, Tim, thanking you on your fantastic outcomes and findings. I’ve commented on your findings before. TOP WORK.

    • Hi Richard,

      Yeah, I have noticed that some companies get recommended by numerous stock pickers at around the same time, and ChargePoint appears to be one of them.

      I think you may be referring to the “Early Warning Summit 2022,” a presentation I wrote about late last year featuring Luke Lango, Eric Fry, and Louis Navellier of InvestorPlace (where Lango recommended ChargePoint).

      Also, more recently, I looked into Andy Snyder’s “No. 1 EV stock” presentation, and this company appears to have been his pick.

      So it seems to be quite a popular stock at the moment.

      Anyways, thanks for your comment, Richard, and all the best.

  3. With just a little poking around I found this >
    It seems to revel allot of the stocks she recommends like REMX and SIVR

  4. sounds like a purposly made maze , unless you follow it to a tee you are …. well kinda like a scam. After watching Nomi’s presentation , I said let me think about this for a while. My gut feeling is stay away from her and the 3rd party company.

  5. Tim –

    Thanks so much for the info. Was really all ready to cash in my soda cans (no a joke) so I could send for her info until I saw your BLOG. I am 74 years old, and know nothing about stocks and stuff. My husband and I live from SSI check to SS check since 2008 when the company we had been working, went under (we had worked there for 15 years) that left us with only unemployment. Luckily I was 62 at the time and though all of my friends and relatives told me not to I applied for SSI. My husband is 6 years younger than me, and after taxes my SSI is a mere $750.00 a month.

    We both tried to find other jobs, but other than working at fast food joints and the like, we were out of luck – we started wood working and trying to make things that people would like to buy but most people I’m sure were in the same shocking state that we were, and after 20 years in the Navy (Subs), my husbands knees and back are really wore out, I myself earlier in life as a single mother worked 3 jobs (1 full and 2 part time) so now at 74 I am a wreck myself.

    Sorry to run on and on, but I would really like to read your BLOG on a permanent basis – is there a sign up or cost or anything I need to do?

    • Hi Cindy, thanks for sharing.

      The blog content I share is free and you can access it anytime just by visiting this site. All the latest posts are on the homepage.

      That said, you can subscribe to receive free updates via email if you like. That way whenever I publish a new article about a stock teaser presentation, you’ll get an email letting you know. But you don’t need to do this to access the blog content.

      All the best.

  6. I enjoyed Nomi’s infomercial. She clearly expressed a a long held view. Increase money supply will always end up in the pockets of the small top percentage unless taxed back out of the economy as was done during wwii. No government has the has the willingness to prepare the public to accept such taxes or the willingness to do it.

    Thank you Mr Nixon for heading us down this path

  7. BTW ChargePoint is down and likely to go down more, says Motley Fool, so that is not encouraging. However, yes, charging stations will surely be more necessary in the future, but you don’t have to be a financial guru to figure that out.

    • Corinne,

      I have been driving Teslas since my first one purchased in 2009 (took 3.5 years to get The 1,034th made Model S). Tesla has its own network of charging locations as do several other networks such as charge point. There is no uniqueness of what charge point offers. I have adaptors to connect to any of the charging networks but 98% of my charging is done at home while on Free Nights charging from TXU.

      The range of Tesla’s batteries has doubled since my first vehicle. Combine this with the number of people installing generators using solar, wind, hydro, etc and it is hard to image the long term success of any company based on connectivity to charge EVs. Especially when the range exceeds 1200 miles in the next decade.

  8. Thanks for an honest investigation of Nomi Prins. Like most people, I was subjected to an infomercial and was curious (not enough to pay for her newsletter, however). I appreciate your efforts to try to tease out the useful info

  9. On 4-25-2022 I signed up for Nomi Prins reports, The Electric car Myth, and two other reports offered yesterday for$49. I thought something was supposed to show up on my email [email removed]. telling me how to get to these reports. I have not received anything as of 2:30 p.m 4-26-2022. Did I misunderstand this? My credit card shows the charge.

    • Hi Annie,

      The best thing to do would probably be to contact Legacy Research, the company that sells this service, as they are unlikely to respond to your question here.

      Here’s the web address to their contact page:

  10. I feel like it could be FV Bank but there’s no way to buy stock a far as I can tell. She did say stablecoin and first patent. And they did secure the first patent.

    But it seems like they invested in DIRO. Which also has a first patent for something. But they are private.

    Anyone know if FV bank is public?

  11. Hi Tim:

    I am very glad that I read your comments about Nomi Prins’ presentation and promotion of her stock picks. I am a Korea War veteran, doing a little bit of stock trading with a Charles Schwab account. I am not trying to make a big bundle, just make a little to stay above the unending inflation.
    It is dinner time now (4/10/2022). I will get back to read some more of your great analysis.

    • Looks like a refund to orig. pmt. type if within the 60 day money back period.

      To cancel certain purchases of Bonner and Partners, LLC products or Free Services, you may cancel by changing your preferences in your User Account, contacting us by email at memberservices[at], or by another designated cancellation method. Premium Services may be cancelled as set forth below.

      During any free trial portion of your subscription you may cancel your subscription to the Premium Service at any time and not be billed by notifying us as described above. You must cancel one (1) day before the free trial period expires in order to avoid being converted to a paid subscription.

      When your initial subscription commences (which occurs at the expiration of your free trial, or if you are not receiving a free trial, upon your registration for a subscription) your Payment Account will be billed the applicable subscription Fee and your paid subscription will commence. Once your initial subscription commences, we do not provide refunds for initial orders or recurring monthly payments. If you cancel your monthly subscription for a specific Premium Service, you will not receive a refund or reimbursement of your monthly subscription Fee; however, you will not be charged any future monthly subscription Fees relating to such Service. If you are a User for a Term longer than a month (including, but not limited to, annual subscriptions) and you cancel within the first thirty (30) days of your initial subscription, you may receive a refund of your subscription fee minus the equivalent of one-month pro-rated charge. Please note that if you cancel your subscription at any time after the first thirty (30) day period of your initial subscription for which the Term is longer than one (1) month, you will not be entitled to any refund or reimbursement on account of the cancellation of your subscription, regardless of whether you have used your subscription.

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