What Are Nomi Prins’ Digital Dollar “Escape Plan” Picks?

Nomi Prins’ “Dollar Endgame” presentation has been doing the rounds lately, so I decided it was time to take a closer look and see what all the fuss was about.

Nomi Prins and Chris Hurt in a presentation about Nomi Prins' "digital dollar" prediction, dubbed the "Dollar Endgame."
Source: rogueeconomics.com

In short, it’s all about the end of cash in the U.S., and the rise of what she refers to as a “digital dollar,” which is another word for a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) issued by the Federal Reserve. And as part of her prediction, she made two recommendations.

The first was an asset she claims can be used to “become your own banker,” and the other was a gold stock she refers to as her “#1 gold stock of 2023.”

What’s she teasing? The only way to find out what she’s teasing would be to join her newsletter for $49, called Distortion Report. But I looked into the clues she shared and will show you what I believe she is recommending right here in this post.

So, with that said, let’s unpack Nomi Prins’ prediction and picks!

What Is Nomi Prins Predicting?

The gist of Nomi Prins’ “Digital Dollar” prediction is that there’s a “plan” in motion by the so-called “elites” to end the use of physical cash in America while ushering in a CBDC.

As per the teaser (I’ve bolded the key parts):

“Between now and January 19th – a massive change to the nature of our money is being rolled out by powerful people on Wall Street and in our government.”


“… what’s coming between now and January 19th will change everything about the way we spend, borrow, save, and invest.”


“Between now and mid-January, money as we know it could literally disappear in the next few months.”


“As far as I can tell, this plan is a done deal. I’ll tell you about a ‘silver lining’ in a few minutes, but yes — the dollar as we know it is being permanently dismantled in broad daylight – right under our noses.”


“These powerful people are using their vast wealth, resources, and government connections to eliminate cash and usher in a digital U.S. dollar… which I expect will be combined with a digital ID, health records, contact information, and so much more!”

Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20230906014328/https://secure.rogueeconomics.com/?cid=MKT732812&eid=MKT738531&assetId=AST296774&page=2

I would recommend taking the whole “January 19th” thing with a pinch of salt. This is simply a way to add a sense of urgency to what is essentially a sales letter for her newsletter. The same goes for much of the doom and gloom throughout the pitch.

In any case, as the presentation continued, Prins discussed a series of “dots” she’s apparently connected, which she says indicates a digital dollar is coming.

Here’s a summary of the “dots” she’s connected:

“Dot number one was Nancy Pelosi’s Digital Cash ‘cover-up’ and a new Digital Cash Executive Order, being carried out in the highest levels of our government as we speak…

“Dot number two was the twin patents from Microsoft and Visa, along with Bill Gates’ Better Than Cash Alliance, which show us that the government has the full support of America’s biggest businesses.

“And dot number three was ID2020 — a scheme being driven by Microsoft, Bill Gates, and the World Economic Forum to attach everyone’s money and identity to electronic ‘passports’.”

Furthermore, Nomi Prins believes that the “final catalyst” to making a digital dollar a reality could be bank failures. In short, she’s predicting that, if the banks fail, citizens could essentially be ‘made whole’ with digital dollars using newly created Fed accounts.

“Bank failures could be the final catalyst. There’s not enough money to cover the deposits… but they’ll have to do something.

“I predict they’ll convert Americans’ bank accounts to ‘Fed Accounts’ — managed and overseen directly by the Federal Reserve — and they’ll replace dollar deposits in failed banks with digital dollar credits.”

What’s the big deal?

After all, money is money, right?

Not quite.

Nomi Prins argues that, if her prediction played out, it could be disastrous for financial privacy and give the government more control over how we spend our money.

“… a new digital dollar… combined with the removal of physical cash would mean the end of our financial privacy.

“Or worse!

“It could mean the end of freedom and liberty in America.”

No one knows if a CBDC will/won’t come to the U.S. or what impact getting rid of cash would have. But I think it’s safe to assume that, at best, a digital dollar would be a continuation of the same system we already have – just more centralized and less private.

What’s the solution, according to Prins?

Let’s take a look!

What Are Nomi Prins’ Two Recommendations?

Nomi Prins made two recommendations in her digital dollar presentation, and I’ll show you what I think both of them are below, starting with her first pick.

Pick 1: “The Escape Plan: How to Become Your Own Banker with the World’s Hardest Asset”

Nomi Prins says she’s a big fan of precious metals like gold and silver, but that owning these “won’t be enough.” So, she recommended an asset that she says many consider harder than gold and silver, and that’s easier to store and transport.

“If you hope to emerge from the upheaval with your nest-egg intact, you’ll need to consider buying an asset I’ve found that you can use to become your own banker, held privately outside the grasp of the legacy banking system.

“Many consider it a ‘harder’ asset than gold and silver – and without the headaches and challenges of storage and transport.”

As soon as she said that, my first thought was bitcoin.

And as the presentation continued, it was revealed that she’s not recommending a stock, bond, commodity, or options play, which further led me to this conclusion.

CHRIS: “Are we talking about a commodity? Or stocks, bonds… or an options play?”

NOMI: “No, Chris… it’s not any of those things.

“It doesn’t involve silver, gold, or land…

“But it’s simple to buy with a few clicks on your computer. In fact, I think everyone should have at least $100 in this asset – something I recommend to close friends and family.”

From there, she talked about the asset she’s recommending can be volatile, outside the scope of the mainstream, and is completely decentralized (which also suggests bitcoin).

“It’s definitely outside of the mainstream. And – in my opinion – the volatility is a feature, not a problem.

“In fact, the nature of this asset is why I consider it a near-perfect investment for any American who believes in the power of gold to preserve wealth, and the privacy and freedom of using cash.

“And here’s the best part – it’s not controlled by any central bank or country…

“Which means it’s almost completely decentralized from the hands of bureaucratic manipulation.”

From there, Prins talked about how there’s a right and wrong way to buy the asset she’s recommending (which could be referring to taking self-custody of your bitcoin).

“I should caution, though, Chris – there’s a ‘right’ way and a ‘wrong’ way to buy it.

“If you buy it the right way, it can preserve everything you’ve worked your entire life to get…


“If you do it the wrong way – you’ll put every penny you own at risk… and you’ll be playing right into the hands of Bill Gates and the folks at the World Economic Forum.

“I’m not 100% sure she’s recommending bitcoin here, but that’s what it seems like to me.”

So, in the end, I think she is most likely teasing bitcoin here.

I’m a big fan of bitcoin and think everyone should own at least a small amount of it, even if nothing Nomi Prins predicted comes about. That’s not investment advice, it’s just my opinion. And full disclosure: I hold some bitcoin, so you should probably assume I’m biased.

However, I believe bitcoin (not crypto – but bitcoin) is superior to gold because it’s more scarce (there will only ever be 21 million of them) and doesn’t require trust to operate as a medium of exchange in the modern world, yet it has the usability of cash.

Despite what you may have heard, bitcoin is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s an ethical savings technology that gives anyone, anywhere in the world, the ability to store their economic energy for the future – which is exactly how money should work.

There’s a lot more I could say on this topic, as it’s something I’m quite passionate about, but for the sake of keeping this post on track, I will leave it at that.

And if you want to know Nomi Prins’ thoughts on bitcoin (as well as other topics like the Fed and U.S. dollar), here’s a YouTube video I found that you may find interesting:

Pick 2: “The #1 Gold Stock for 2023 and Beyond”

Next, Nomi Prins recommended a gold stock.

She started this section by explaining that folks who’ve been able to “see financial shocks coming” have had the opportunity to “earn massive profits.” And one of the examples she gave was how Nixon took the U.S. off the gold standard, which crushed the value of the dollar, and sent gold soaring, benefiting those who had some.

“In 1971, Nixon crushed the dollar’s value when he ended the gold standard, sending the price of everything from cars, to houses and gasoline soaring…

“But once again, folks who were able to connect the dots before the shock could’ve turned a few ounces of gold into a significant nest-egg with gains as high as 5,200%.”

Prins then went on to say that she sees a similar thing coming if her digital dollar prediction were to play out:

CHRIS: “I wonder if we might see a similar move for gold as the digital dollar is introduced…”

NOMI: “That’s exactly what I see coming, Chris. You read my mind. In fact, I’ve traveled thousands of miles and spent tens of thousands of dollars to find the truth about today’s gold market.”


“As cash is confiscated and destroyed – honestly, Chris I don’t know if there’s ever been a better time to buy gold than today.

“And I’ve found a company primed to profit.”

Prins didn’t say much (at all) about this recommendation, so I’m a lot less certain about what this one is. But she did drop a couple of useful hints.

Here’s a summary of what she said in the post:

“Insulated from the chaos by its remote mining locations, I fully expect it to become one of the world’s top performers over the next 12 months as this shift makes landfall.

“The firm I’ve found is among the world’s oldest gold mining companies – it’s been around for decades, so it’s better than nearly every other miner at extracting the lowest-cost gold in the world. 

“But it gets even better, Chris –

“Over the last few years, this firm has set into motion a domino effect, structuring a cascade of deals that will put millions of ounces of gold into its vaults not only for the next few years…

“But for decades to come.”

Based on that, we’re looking for one of the oldest publicly traded gold miners in the Western world that also has one of the lowest production costs. And according to the hints above, the company has a bunch of deals that could put millions of ounces of gold in its vaults.

What could it be?

According to this article on S&P Global Market Intelligence, the lowest-cost gold mine in 2019 was Kirkland Lake Gold’s Fosterville mine in Australia. And according to Wikipedia, Kirkland Lake Gold merged with a company called Agnico Eagle Mines Limited in 2022.

Further research revealed that Agnico Eagle Mines has been in business since the late 1950s (check) and has some fairly remote mine locations globally (check).

I don’t know if it has deals in place that will put “millions of ounces of gold into its vaults” (as per Nomi Prins’ clue), but it has produced millions of ounces of gold over the years.

So, while I’m not 100% certain, I think this one might be Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd (AEM), a Canadian gold mining company with operations in Canada, Australia, Finland, and Mexico.

Bottom Line

I’ve come across several stock teasers centered around the “death of cash” and the rise of a CBDC in recent years. And while I do see some of the concerns different stock-picking “gurus” have raised, I’ve also learned to take what they say with a grain of salt.

Why? Because, ultimately, these are sales pitches designed to sell newsletter subscriptions. And nobody has a crystal ball, so it’s impossible to know what will happen in the future, let alone what will happen with any specific investment.

Still, I always enjoy learning from different folks in the investment world, and I hope what I’ve shared in this post has been helpful to you in some way as well.

Also, before I wrap this up, if you want to know more about Nomi Prins newsletter before deciding if it’s a good idea to join or not, check out my Distortion Report review.

In it, I explain what the newsletter is about, what kind of stocks she recommends, and how some of her picks have performed since the newsletter began.

Thanks for reading!

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