Michael Robinson’s Dark Burst Device (What Is It?)

Lots of people are always looking for new ways to cut down on their bills and save some extra money, which is in part why so many have turned to solar panels. 

That technology in and of itself brought forth a new wave of energy-efficient innovation, but investor Michael Robinson doesn’t think it’s done yet.

In fact, you might have heard him talking about this mysterious Dark Burst Device, and how it will not only save people money but how it could potentially earn you money as well. But you might be wondering what it actually is?

The Dark Burst Device refers to a solar panel addition that enables solar panels to generate energy during the nighttime.

Robinson believes that this will revolutionize the energy industry, but you have to sign up for his Radical Technology Profits newsletter to find out what company makes it.

Let’s delve into what the device does, why it’s an opportunity for income, what this video presentation is really about, if it’s worth it, and more!

What’s This “Dark Burst Device” All About?

The Dark Burst Device is a name that investor Michael Robinson is giving to a device that he claims will change the face of solar technology

The reason that it’s called the “Dark Burst Device” is because of how it changes the function of solar panels, making them work during the night as well as the day. 

Yes, this device is supposed to be able to generate power when the sun is up and keep generating it in the dark.

This device is very small, only 8.3 inches tall and 6.8 inches wide, and weighs only 2.3 pounds. And according to Robinson, you won’t even need to buy new solar panels to use this device – it’s said to work with any type of panel, new or old. 

Dark Burst Device being held by Michael Robinson during an interview

What makes this such a (supposedly) good opportunity is that, according to Robinson, this device will be what removes the current barrier that’s stopping solar panels from harvesting power when the sun isn’t shining, thus making them much less popular and less efficient.

But that’s not the only place he sees an opportunity. In this video presentation, Robinson explains that, because of the bill that California passed requiring all newly built homes to have solar panels installed at the time of building, there is going to be a huge uptick in sales with the company that makes this device – and now is the time to invest in them.

How Does It Work?

The key to making money with the Dark Burst Device is based on the theory that solar panel sales with shoot up, and so will the sale of this device.

Similar to how Ian King believes that “fluorescent sand” is the key to unlocking the true potential of the 5G revolution, so Michael Robinson believes that this device will revolutionize the power industry. 

Since there’s going to be a lot more people using solar panels, a lot more people will be expecting lower energy costs and more savings.

Well, because this device would be able to work day and night, people with it could be paying theoretically no energy bill at all. 

That’s why the company that makes them is expecting to see a huge spike in orders for the device. And this is precisely the reason that Robinson thinks investing in this company is going to be a very smart move.

But in order to find out what this company is so you can invest, you are going to have to subscribe to Michael Robinson’s newsletter, Radical Technology Profits.

Radical Technology Profits subscription

So, after this long presentation, it turns out this is all just a big sales pitch. This again follows an extremely similar pattern to Ian King’s sales pitch for his own newsletter, Automatic Fortunes.

When you sign up for Radical Technology Profits, you’ll get a “special briefing” that will tell you all about why you should invest in this company and which company makes this Dark Burst Device. 

There is some speculation about what this company is, and that’s because, in Robinson’s presentation, he actually holds up one of the devices. 

Many people think it looks just like an Enphase microinverter. Thus, the company would be Enphase. 

However, I personally haven’t signed up for the newsletter to find out what the company is for sure. But after a quick search, the devices do look almost identical, so it seems like a reasonable guess. 

What is Radical Technology Profits?

Radical Technology Profits is a newsletter from Michael Robinson which he dubs as his “investment research service.” 

This newsletter focuses on areas like artificial intelligence, advanced military weapons, quantum computing, genomics, and the blockchain. 

When you subscribe to this newsletter, you will get features like:

  • Immediate Action Alerts: This is an alert that will tell you about what stocks to buy and when to buy them
  • “Live” Model Portfolio Tracking: This will allow you to track the current price of each recommendation Robinson makes through this newsletter
  • Radical Technology Profits Weekly Communiques: These are private briefings giving you an insider view into technology markets that, according to Robinson, only he can give you
  • Weekly Portfolio Updates: This is weekly information about all the stocks that Robinson is recommending and what is happening with them

Along with all of these features, you’ll also receive some special free briefings like:

  • The Dark Burst Device
  • Tactical Radar Systems
  • The Bio-Cannabis Firm Cornering the $8 Billion Glaucoma Market
  • Urgent Solar Briefing

Altogether, if the Dark Burst Device presentation is why you went on to subscribe to the newsletter, you are only getting this subscription for one of the little bonus briefings. 

Currently, you cannot subscribe to this newsletter through the Dark Burst presentation.

If you click on the button at the bottom of the presentation, it leads you to a page where you can leave your information for when they reopen membership opportunities in the future 

Honestly, I’m not sure why that is. It’s possible that it’s because the presentation says it was only limited to the first 500 subscribers. However, you can still sign up if you go directly to the newsletter page.

Who is Michael Robinson?

Michael Robinson featured on the Money Map Press website

Michael Robinson is a financial analyst and one of the top in Silicon Valley, having a presence there for 35 years. 

He’s a Pulitzer Prize-nominated reporter and writer. He’s also a senior advisor, board member, and consultant for many Silicon Valley venture capital firms. As well as a publisher at Money Map Press.

Because of this, he gets insider access into new ventures soon to burst onto the tech scene. 

As an example, Robinson and four others were present in the early talks about the “cloud” computing phenomenon, which is now worth $160 billion. 

He also has three newsletters, those being: 

  • Radical Technology Profits
  • Nova-X Report
  • Strategic Tech Investor

You can find these on the Money Map Press website, which is the publishing company he works with to bring you these newsletters.

In any case, if you are wondering if Michael Robinson is reliable, I would say that given this resume of accomplishments and the position he holds in Silicon Valley, he seems to really know his stuff and is in a prime insider position to know what may be the next big thing. 

Is the Dark Burst Device Worth It?

If you listen to everything Robinson says about this Dark Burst device, it makes a lot of sense why it may be a smart thing to invest in. 

After California’s building code bill, other states have already begun to follow suit. This means more and more houses are going to be equipped with solar panels already. 

This also means that, if this device does everything that Michael Robinson says it can do, then it could actually revolutionize the solar power industry. 

That being said, the Dark Burst Device may not necessarily be a reliable investment because nobody can really ever know what will happen with technology. 

Almost every time a new technology is introduced, there are bugs to work out and problems to fix. Just look at how long self-driving cars have been talked about -that’s been over a decade in the making there are still issues to work out. 

So, even if this Dark Burst device does work how Robinson says it will and it does get rolled out with solar panels, it may not be right away and it might not be a widespread innovation.

Bottom Line – Is It Legit?

I don’t believe Dark Burst is a scam, after all, Michael Robinson is a legit investment expert and his device could change the face of solar technology. 

But in the end, whether or not this solar panel addition will (really) revolutionize the energy industry is up for debate. 

Personally, it seems a little far fetched for me. Only one state in the U.S. has required homes to have solar panels – and new ones alone at that. 

That will account for such a small percentage of people, and in my opinion, doesn’t reasonably account for the theory of a widespread energy revolution. 

Regardless, though, it’s really just a sales pitch for his newsletter. And if you’re looking to get involved in the stock market in the area he’s specializing in, it might not be a bad idea to get some advice from him.

That being said, stocks are volatile and no one can predict them with 100% accuracy. So always use a bit of caution and understand the risk before you invest anything.

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  1. I have an Enphase inverter with my panels. I love it. I have already, this year, made more energy than I have used. And that is during the winter months. The beauty is when there is a power outage, normally the safety mechanisms required by the local power company would shut my panel production down but this inverter is able to generate watts even during a power outage.(.about 1/3 of the normal output). I don’t think it works at night though.


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