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What’s Michael Robinson’s Infinity Chamber Stock? (Revealed)

I recently came across a presentation featuring Michael Robinson and Bob Keppel of Money Map Press about an “Infinity Chamber,” which the site claims could “create over $8 trillion in new wealth and disrupt every industry on the planet.” According to the presentation, “the power inside this tiny chamber promises to be game-changing for mankind” and “life-changing for early investors.” These are some bold claims, for sure. But I wanted to learn more about this so-called “infinity chamber” and what

Michael Robinson’s Dark Burst presentation

Michael Robinson’s Dark Burst Device (What Is It?)

Lots of people are always looking for new ways to cut down on their bills and save some extra money, which is in part why so many have turned to solar panels.  That technology in and of itself brought forth a new wave of energy-efficient innovation, but investor Michael Robinson doesn’t think it’s done yet. In fact, you might have heard him talking about this mysterious Dark Burst Device, and how it will not only save people money but how