Marc Lichtenfeld’s “Commodity Supercycle” Stock Picks

Today I’m looking into a new Marc Lichtenfeld stock teaser presentation dubbed the “Commodity Supercycle Summit,” where he teased a bunch of commodity stocks.

Specifically, he teased FOUR so-called “commodity multiplier” stocks.

And one of them is a “$1 investment” that, according to the host (Buddy), Lichtenfeld says could “return 1,000% or more in as little as two years.”

“That’s why Marc is with us today.

“He’s going to reveal the details on a special $1 investment that he says could return 1,000% or more in as little as two years.

“It involves a unique situation with Tesla… a small, rural part of Minnesota… and the biggest supply crunch ever seen in two decades.”


The service Lichtenfeld’s pitching is a $1,495/year service called Technical Pattern Profits. I didn’t join that, but I did look into his clues, and I think I know what at least some of his picks are. So let’s unpack his commodity teaser to see what all the fuss is about.

Lichtenfeld’s Commodity Supercycle Picks

The name of the presentation we’ll be discussing is the “Commodity Supercycle Summit” which isn’t really a summit; it’s a sales pitch for Technical Pattern Profits where Marc Lichtenfeld teases four commodity stocks.

In it, he basically claims that a “once-in-a-generation supercycle” in commodities has “just begun” and that it could be even bigger than the 1970s supercycle.

If you’re unfamiliar with the idea of a commodity supercycle… it basically has to do with the supply/demand dynamics of commodities.

In short, commodity prices rise due to increased demand/low supply, which naturally incentivizes increased supply to the point that prices begin falling.

Rinse, repeat.

And a so-called “supercycle” is, as Lichtenfeld puts it, a “long period of increasing demand and rising prices for commodities” that “usually lasts a decade.”

Long story short, Lichtenfeld is predicting that were are in the midst of a new commodity supercycle and that it could be a big deal for investors.

“In short…

“Supply is going down…

“And reserves are dropping…

“All while demand is surging.

“So it seems inevitable to me that commodity prices are going to rise dramatically.

“When you combine it all…

“The soaring debt… the massive money printing… the runaway inflation… the supply shortages… and the increasing demand…

“You get a recipe for the strongest commodities supercycle of our lifetimes.”

As for what he’s recommending, Lichtenfeld hyped up a so-called “Commodity Multiplier Stock” as the best way to profit from his thesis.

“All it takes is one simple move on a very special kind of commodities stock.

“I call it a ‘Commodity Multiplier Stock.’

“And these stocks have a unique ability to potentially multiply your gains on commodities by up to 20 times!”

There’s no such thing as an actual Commodity Multiplier Stock, of course, but that’s the name he’s giving his picks to make them sound amazing. And the details are located in two separate research reports that come with a subscription to his service.

So with that said, let’s take a look to see what they might be…

Report 1: “3 Commodity Multiplier Stocks for the New Supercycle”

Lichtenfeld’s first pick is a “tiny company” in the oil and gas space.

Here are the clues he shared:

“Year over year, it’s grown earnings by 1,175%!”


“… this small oil producer has one of the lowest costs in the industry…

“At only $16 per barrel of oil.”


“And this small company discovered 150% more proven reserves than it expected… $3.6 billion worth.

“The main reason for both of those numbers is that this company operates in the most productive oil basin in America… the Permian Basin.”


“We can get into this small company that’s right in the middle of the Permian…

“For around $13 a share.”

There are lots of oil and gas companies operating in the Permian, and with those limited clues, I’m not sure what company he’s referring to.

But I do think I know what the next one is.

In short, Lichtenfeld’s second pick is an agriculture company that specializes in potash fertilizer. Here are his clues:

“As the amount of farmland continues to shrink, agricultural output will continue to drop… while demand will rise around the world.”


“And while you could play it by investing in farmland… or agriculture producers…

“My #1 way to invest in this trend is a fertilizer called potash.”


“The U.S. has the world’s fourth-largest potash reserves but accounts for only about 1% of global production.

“That’s where the company I’m recommending today comes in.

“It’s started the ONLY active agriculture-quality potash mine in the United States.

“Already, the company’s gross profit has increased 154% year over year…

“And it has ZERO debt.

“It’s still a small cap company… and at its current price of around $25, it is an absolute steal.”

It looks like this one might be Intrepid Potash Inc (IPI).


Because firstly, according to, Intrepid is the “only US company dedicated solely to producing potash in the USA” and it “produces more than anyone else.”

Second, the company WAS trading at around $25 a share in April 2023 (which is likely when Lichtenfeld’s presentation was recorded, even though it is dated May 2023):

A chart of Intrepid Potash's stock taken from the Google search results.

And third, the company’s Yahoo Finance profile currently shows that it increased its gross profit by around 154% from the end of 2021 to the end of 2022.

So, Intrepid looks like a match here.

What about his third “commodity multiplier” pick?

This one’s a gold miner…

“Our third play is one of my favorite gold companies.”


“… my favorite gold stock – which sells for a remarkable $10 a share – has a unique way of extracting gold.”


“In order to get the gold out of the ground, tons and tons of rock and dirt have to be removed.

“These are called ‘tailings.’

“When a mine is complete, there is often a mountain of tailings.


“These tailings are filled with leftover gold missed in the initial operation.

“That’s where this gold company comes in.

“It extracts millions of ounces of gold from these tailings using its propriety nano-extraction technology.”


“It just takes the old tailings and starts pulling out the gold.

“All-in, it can do this for $1,127 per ounce.”

What could it be?

Beats me. Until now, I’d never even heard of “tailings.” And the clues Lichtenfeld shared on this one were very limited, so I’m not sure what company he’s referring to.

But I think I’ve uncovered his fourth and final pick.

Specifically, I’m referring to Marc Lichtenfeld’s “#1 commodity multiplier stock trading under $1,” which is a nickel mining company that he refers to as “Tesla’s Partner.”

Report 2: “Tesla’s Partner: Discover This Tiny $1 Stock to Profit From the Nickel Boom”

According to the presentation, Lichtenfeld believes that there’s “not enough nickel to keep up with demand” due largely to the rise of electric vehicles and predicted that the price of nickel could go “much higher.”

He also teased a company that he says is “extracting battery-quality nickel in the Midwest.”

Here’s a summary of his clues:

“Okay, first off, the commodity this stock mines flies under many people’s radars…

“Even though it’s a crucial component in the batteries that run cellphones, computers and electric vehicles.

“I’m talking about nickel.”


“Simply put…

“There’s just not enough nickel to keep up with demand.

“And the nickel content in battery cells is only increasing…

“Because more nickel means energy density… and more mileage for EVs.”


“To me, it’s clear…

“We’re going to see nickel prices go much, much higher.

“And my #1 way to play this boom is a company that’s extracting battery-quality nickel in the Midwest.”

What clues did he share about the company?

Not many.

But the hints he did drop were very specific.

Here’s what he said:

“It is the ONLY company that owns undeveloped high-grade nickel reserves in the USA.

“This is important, because not all nickel is of high enough quality to use in EV batteries.

“It needs to have at least 99.8% purity.

“That makes this company’s reserves very valuable…

“So valuable that the company just entered a contract with Tesla to supply nickel for their battery production.”

So, we’re looking for a nickel mining company trading for around $1 a share that owns “undeveloped high-grade nickel reserves” in the U.S. and that has some sort of deal in place with Tesla.

Also, let’s not forget the clue about the company operating in Minnesota that was dropped by the presentation’s host, Buddy.

Based on all of that, my research suggests that he’s teasing Talon Metals Corp (TLO).

A chart of Talon Metals' stock taken from the Google search results.

Here’s an overview of why I say that:

  • First, it’s unclear if the company has the “only” high-grade nickel reserve in the U.S. However, according to, the company’s Tamarack nickel-copper-cobalt project could be the “only source of high-grade nickel in the U.S.” in the “next few years” (and the article appears to have been published in 2021).
  • Second, the company is trading for “under $1” as per Lichtenfeld’s clues.
  • Third, its Tamarack project is located in Minnesota.
  • And lastly, according to Reuters, Tesla has signed a deal with Talon Metals to procure a supply of nickel.

So, I can’t be 100% certain without seeing Lichtenfeld’s report, but Talon looks like a match based on the clues Lichtenfeld shared.

Bottom Line

All told, Lichtenfeld teased four stocks in this presentation. And while I’m not sure what all of them are, we now know what two of them might be, based on the clues.

I don’t know if we are entering a “commodity supercycle” or not, nor do I know if Lichtenfeld’s stock picks will go up, down, or sideways.

So, as always, do your own due diligence.

But at least now you have a better idea of what his picks could be. And if you have any thoughts on what the other two are, feel free to chime in below.

Also, if you want to know more about Lichtenfeld’s picks, you might be interested in my research on his “#1 oil and gas royalty” stock pick. And I have joined and reviewed his flagship service, Oxford Income Letter, which you may find helpful.

Thanks for reading!

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