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Marc Lichtenfeld in an Oxford Club presentation about the Easy Income Challenge.

Is Marc Lichtenfeld’s Easy Income Challenge Legit?

Today I’m looking into Marc Lichtenfeld’s “Easy Income Challenge,” which is all about earning monthly income through dividend investing. In the Oxford Club presentation Lichtenfeld used to pitch this system, he said he believes that owning dividend stocks is “the single greatest way to get rich in the stock market.” And by joining his so-called “challenge” (for $49), Lichtenfeld says you’ll discover how to invest in “many of the high-yield, fast-growing dividends out there.” “Simply put, I believe owning dividend-paying

Marc Lichtenfeld discussing his crypto stock pick in a presentation on The Oxford Club website.

What “Tiny Crypto Stock” Is Marc Lichtenfeld Teasing?

Today I’m looking into a Marc Lichtenfeld presentation about a “tiny crypto stock,” which is essentially a pitch for his $1,497 Predictive Profits research service. According to Lichtenfeld, one so-called “crypto stock” that costs under $30 a share “has investments in more than 36 pre-IPO crypto companies,” and he believes it could help us “collect a substantial sum from the crypto markets.” I’ve seen a lot of crypto presentations from gurus who claim their recommendation is “better than bitcoin” in

What Are Marc Lichtenfeld’s “Era of Valorem” Picks?

In a recent presentation, The Oxford Club’s Marc Lichtenfeld said that a “fundamental shift is rocking the markets” and that, right now, we are entering the “Era of Valorem.” According to Lichtenfeld, stocks are “WAY overvalued right now,” and as investors move out of “overvalued tech stocks,” a new bull market has begun in “Valorem stocks.” Long story short, he predicts that, over the next 12 months, 500% or more gains could be possible with three Valorem stocks he’s interested