What Is Keith Kohl’s “Invictus” (Quantum Computer) Pick?

According to a recent Keith Kohl presentation, a “revolutionary new technology” called “Invictus” is “set to disrupt the entire global economy on June 30, 2022.”

And he claims there’s “one small-cap company” at the forefront of it.

What is Invictus? What stock is Keith Kohl teasing? And is the presentation legit?

In short, Kohl uses the term Invictus to describe quantum computing, and he discussed four “Invictus” stocks in the presentation.

One of those picks he revealed for free, but the other three companies are detailed in a report called “Invictus: 3 Stocks for Riding the $47 Trillion Superboom,” which you can only get by subscribing to his Technology and Opportunity service.

But I did my homework…

And think I’ve uncovered his “No. 1 Invictus pick.”

So in this post, I’ll show you what I discovered about Keith Kohl’s Invictus prediction, stock picks, and Technology and Opportunity newsletter.

What Is Invictus? (All You Need to Know)

According to Keith Kohl, Invictus is a technology that could make early investors millions. And he claims it could disrupt $47 trillion worth of global industries, including the healthcare, auto, agriculture, financial, aerospace, and communications industries.

And apparently, it’s all happening as soon as June 30, 2022.

“I call this technology…


A breakthrough that could make early investors millions.

That’s because in the coming weeks, potentially as soon as June 30, 2022, it’s set to disrupt every major industry, including:

The $8 trillion healthcare industry
The $5 trillion auto industry
The $9 trillion agriculture industry
The $22.5 trillion financial industry
The $1.6 trillion aerospace and defense industry
The $1.5 trillion communications industry

That’s a combined value of $47 trillion…”

So, what is Invictus and what does it mean?

According to Dictionary.com, Invictus is Latin for unconquered. And it’s also the name of a poem that was frequently recited by Nelson Mandela.

However, Keith Kohl uses the word Invictus when referring to quantum computers, and he says he calls it this because of the “infinite potential” this tech holds.

“It’s also known as a ‘quantum computer.’

But I prefer to call it Invictus due to the infinite potential it holds.”

What is quantum computing?

According to Wikipedia:

“Quantum computing is a type of computation that harnesses the collective properties of quantum states, such as superposition, interference, and entanglement, to perform calculations. The devices that perform quantum computations are known as quantum computers.”

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_computing

That’s the technical explanation, anyway.

The gist of it is that “regular” computers rely on binary code (1s and 0s) to store and retrieve information in bits, whereas quantum computers can utilize quantum bits (or qubits). And my understanding is that this tech can be used to solve certain problems a lot faster.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a presentation where Keith Kohl was talking about quantum computing, either. Earlier this year, I wrote about his “Quantum Computer King” prediction, which was based on a similar premise.

However, it seems this time he’s teasing a different stock.

And the Invictus presentation highlights how this tech could be used to solve problems like climate change, battery storage, and drug discovery (among others).

“As I explained earlier, it has the ability to carry out millions of computer processes simultaneously, in a matter of seconds, dwarfing our current supercomputers’ speed and power by 148 million times.

And this exponential computing power is the key to solving dozens of billion- and even trillion-dollar problems such as climate change, battery storage, drug discovery, and others.”

What quantum computer company is Keith Kohl teasing?

Let’s find out.

Keith Kohl’s Invictus Stock Picks (No. 1 Pick Revealed)

As mentioned at the outset, Keith Kohl teased four companies in the Invictus presentation. And I believe I’ve identified his top pick, so let’s take a look at that now.

“Invictus Stock #1: The Intel Killer” (Keith Kohl’s “No. 1 Invictus pick”)

This is the company Keith Kohl spent the most time discussing in the presentation and the one he described as his “No. 1 small-cap Invictus stock.”

Here’s a summary of the main clues he shared:

“Because one small-cap company has beaten them all to the punch.

Here, in this anonymous gray building…

It’s built the first and only factory of its kind…

An Invictus factory where 40 Ph.D. scientists from Stanford, Caltech, and Yale are building this strange new machine with the power to change the world.

This company holds 55 crucial Invictus patents…


Its customers include juggernauts like Amazon, MIT, and NASA…


“Not bad for a business with only 140 employees, right?”

What company is he teasing?

I believe Keith Kohl is teasing Rigetti Computing (RGTI), a California-based company that builds quantum computers and superconducting quantum processors.

Aside from being a quantum computing company, here’s an overview of why I think it’s a match with the clues Keith Kohl shared in the presentation (shown above):

  • Rigetti Computing (RGTI) is a small-cap company with a market cap of just over $660 million at the time of writing.
  • The company operates a lab called Fab-1 in Fremont, California. And according to a press release, Fab-1 is the industry’s first dedicated and integrated quantum device manufacturing facility.
  • According to the Rigetti Computing’s March 2022 investor presentation, the company has over 50 PhDs, including some from Stanford, Caltech, and Yale. And it has over 160 employees in total. These figures are slightly higher than Kohl mentioned, but that is most likely because the presentation was released before March.
  • The same investor presentation states that the company has been granted 50 US & 5 European patents.
  • Rigetti Computing has a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) that involves its quantum processors.
  • I haven’t found anything about MIT being a customer, but the company’s March 2022 investor presentation suggests it has collaborations with NASA, DARPA, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, all of which Keith Kohl mentioned in the presentation.

So, putting it all together, Rigetti Computing looks like a match.

What’s (supposedly) happening on June 30, 2022?

Throughout the Invictus presentation, Keith Kohl repeatedly suggested that June 30 is an important date. And the most specific hint he shared about this was that this date could be when the company he’s teasing launches its latest product.

“Because when my No. 1 pick launches its latest product on June 30…

Invictus will become the biggest tech trend of 2022…

And those who get in on the ground floor could see 10x returns or more.”

I’m not sure what product Keith Kohl is referring to, but I haven’t found anything to suggest that any company he teased is launching a new product on that date.

Sometimes these stock teaser presentations use random (or semi-relevant) dates to add a sense of urgency, though. So it could just be that. But I can’t say for sure either way, so it might be worth doing your own research on this to see what you can find.

Nevertheless, let’s see what else he’s teasing.

“Invictus Stock #2 — The $6.8 Trillion Client”

According to Keith Kohl, this “little-known stock” has dozens of government contracts and provides “strategy, research, and technical expertise” to help firms “prepare for the Invictus superboom.” Besides that, he didn’t share many clues, so I’m not sure what this one is.

“Invictus Stock #3 — 70 Stocks in One”

Keith Kohl says that “investing in this play” means you’ll own a “small piece of over 70 firms working on Invictus research and development.”

And surprisingly, he shared a chart of the Defiance Quantum ETF (QTUM) in the presentation, so no further research was needed on this one.

What about Kohl’s free pick?

The fourth company Keith Kohl talked about in the presentation is one he believes “will become one of the top five tech companies in the world during the Invictus era.”

And he shares the name of the company for free.

“I call it my ‘Invictus sleeper play’ because this company isn’t known for cutting-edge tech. Instead, it makes everything from home thermostats to helicopter engines.

However, its secretive and well-funded research and development division has quietly made a monumental Invictus breakthrough…”


“The company is called Honeywell, and its ticker is ‘HON.’

And I am confident it will become one of the top five tech companies in the world during the Invictus era. From here, I predict we’ll see its share price double in the years to come.”

So there you have it… these are Keith Kohl’s Invictus stock picks.

Well, three out of four, anyway.

Of course, it’s one thing to know what company someone likes; it’s another to get a clearer understanding as to why. And that’s where the research report Keith Kohl put together, called “Invictus: 3 Stocks for Riding the $47 Trillion Superboom,” comes into play.

This report confirms what each of his three picks are and shows you why he’s bullish. And it comes with a subscription to his flagship Technology and Opportunity advisory.

What Is Technology and Opportunity?

I’ve written about Technology and Opportunity before, so check out my full review if you want all the details on this service. But in short, this is Keith Kohl’s flagship stock advisory service that’s mostly focused on tech and biotech companies.

The service is published by Angel Publishing, and as a subscriber, Kohl shares his latest stock picks and research with you each month.

You also get access to updates on his recommendations and numerous research reports, including the report I mentioned earlier about “Invictus.”

How much does it cost?

It depends on where you join, but if you sign up for the Technology and Opportunity service through the Invictus presentation, it costs $99 as of writing.

Should you join?

Ultimately, only you can answer that question because how worthwhile a service like this will be will depend on things like your goals and preferences.

This service caters to folks who are looking for opportunities within emerging technologies and don’t mind speculating on smaller stocks.

And according to the Angel Publishing website, the service comes with a six-month refund, so you could always request a refund if you decide you don’t like it after joining.

That said, no matter how convincing a presentation is or what refund policy is in place, the bigger potential risk, in my opinion, comes with speculating in the stock market. There are no guarantees there, so it’s possible you could lose money following Kohl’s stock picks.

Hopefully, that doesn’t happen. But my point is that there’s no guarantee you’ll make money with the Technology and Opportunity service, or any service for that matter.

Who Is Keith Kohl?

Keith Kohl is the senior technology analyst at Angel Publishing, a Baltimore-based financial publishing company that sells different stock picking and trading newsletters.

Besides Technology and Opportunity, Kohl heads up two services: Energy Investor and Topline Trader. And I’ve written about numerous presentations he’s released.

For instance, I recently wrote a biotech company he referred to as the “#1 Stock of This Generation.” Before that, I uncovered his “LiDAR King” pick. And earlier in the year, I researched a different quantum computer company he teased.

You can see all my write-ups on Keith Kohl’s stock picks here.

Bottom Line

The Invictus presentation is all about quantum computing and how Keith Kohl believes it could be a “$47 trillion revolution.” It also centers around a small-cap company he’s bullish on and several other stocks he teased.

Whether or not you decide to join Technology and Opportunity is up to you, but I wouldn’t expect to get rich overnight following Keith Kohl’s, or anyone’s, recommendations.

What do you think?

Is my guess on Keith Kohl’s top “Invictus” pick on point or nah? What do you think about his second pick? And did you decide to give the service a try?

Let me know in the comments below.

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