What’s Jeff Siegel’s Solar Car (Self-Charging EV) Stock Pick?

Today I’m looking into a Jeff Siegel stock teaser presentation centered around a self-charging solar-powered electric vehicle and the “small $5 company” behind it.

According to the pitch, this vehicle could “drive Tesla right into the ground” and “hand early investors as much as 35,014% in the process.”

Here’s a snippet from the ad:

“Behold the World’s First Self-Charging Car

“It charges itself… even as you drive it down the highway!

“It could also drive Tesla right into the ground and hand early investors as much as 35,014% in the process…”

Source: https://secure2.angelpub.com/o/web/448853

It’s all part of a promotion of Siegel’s $99 per year Green Chip Stocks service, which is sold by Angel Publishing, but you don’t need to join that to find out what the stock is.

I looked into Siegel’s clues to see what I could uncover, and in this post, I’ll show you everything I found out about the company he’s teasing.

Mass Market Solar-Powered Self-Charging EVs?

The idea of a low-cost electric vehicle powered by solar panels (with mass-market potential) may seem unlikely, but that’s what Siegel claims this company has developed.

Siegel claims that this company was able to do what Elon Musk tried to do but ultimately gave up on and that this company’s car is the first of its kind.

“Look, this is something that Elon Musk dreamed about creating for years…

“A solar-powered car with mass-market potential…

“And he pushed his engineers to turn his vision into reality.

“But he ultimately abandoned the project because of one problem that stumped his team.

“And now Elon Musk is kicking himself. It’s his biggest regret.”


“Bottom line: It’s beaten Tesla and everyone else to the punch by making the FIRST solar-powered car for folks all over the world to use…

“One that’s a whopping 74% cheaper than a new Tesla.”

According to Siegel, this solar EV is “better in practically every single way” compared to typical “run-of-the-mill” electric vehicles.

And he made several key points to explain why he believes this.

First, Siegel claims that the car can charge itself while you’re driving or parked, making charging stations a “thing of the past.”

“It charges by itself, capturing power from the sun as you drive it down the street. It even charges itself while it’s parked in shaded driveways or alleyways… making those inconvenient charging stations a thing of the past.”

Second, he says that it “acts as a giant portable generator” for your devices, home, and other vehicles and that you can get paid to feed power back into the grid.

“It acts as a giant portable generator for your devices, home, and other vehicles.
It can make you money because you can share your power with other cars or with your local electric grid… and get paid for it!”

As an aside, what he’s talking about there is V2G (Vehicle to Grid) technology. This isn’t unique to this solar car; it’s a technology that already exists that basically allows you to send the unused portion of power in your EV back to your home solar battery or the grid.

This is an interesting concept because, as I explained in this post about a different stock teaser, this tech (among other things) allows you to potentially save money by charging your EV when electricity rates are low and selling it back to the grid when rates are high.

And in the case of a solar-powered EV, this concept could theoretically be taken to another level in that you could potentially use the sun’s energy to make extra money (or save money by feeding it back into your home battery setup).

So, in theory, a solar-powered V2G car is a pretty cool concept.

But does it (actually) work in reality?

According to Siegel, the car is “fully functional,” it’s affordable (so it could potentially be mass marketable), and the company has secured thousands of pre-orders.

However, he also said that it’s not “on the streets yet.” So while the technology and car may be a reality, it’s not like you can go out and buy one from a dealer right now.

“It’s clear that this company has done what others failed to do…

“And that’s to create a solar car that not only looks appealing but is practical for the mass market.

“Point blank: This tiny company has beaten everyone else to the punch.

“It’s created the FIRST fully functional, appealing, and affordable solar-powered car for the mass market.”


“Plus, it’s much more affordable than most electric vehicles on the market — it only costs $30,000 to own.

“In fact, it’s already taking the world by storm with over 16,700 orders…

“And it’s not even out on the streets yet!”

Let’s take a look at what company Siegel is teasing here, what specific solar-powered car the company makes, and what this “solar car” is capable of.

What Solar Car Company Is Siegel Teasing?

Based on what we’ve discussed so far, we know that the company Siegel’s pitching makes a solar electric vehicle with an expected price of $30k, and it had 16,700 orders at the time he made the presentation (which is unclear).

We also know that its stock price is less than $5.

On that last point… at the start of the presentation, Siegel referred to his pick as a “$10 company” but then said that it “trades for less than $5 a pop” later in the pitch.

So it seems this may be an older pitch that he has updated (although I’m only guessing here because Angel Publishing doesn’t date stamp their presentations for some reason).

What else did he say about it?

Jeff Siegel shared one other clue (a quote from MarketWatch about the company), which was pretty much all I needed to solve this one:

“It’s no wonder MarketWatch recently said this startup is ‘giving Tesla a run for its money.'”

That clue led me to this MarketWatch article about Sono Motors (SEV), a German company developing a solar-powered electric vehicle called Sion.

According to the company website, this company has a range of “up to 305 kilometers” (about 217 miles) and “charges itself through the power of the sun.”

The page I just linked to is essentially the promo page for this car and shows you the different features/benefits. So that’s probably the best place to get all the details.

But in short, the Sion is a “regular” EV in that its battery can be charged like any other EV, but the company says that the embedded solar cells in the body of the car can add 112km of driving range to the car’s battery each week on average, or up to 245km in total.

The car also has an onboard bidirectional charger (that’s the V2G stuff I was rambling on about earlier). And while I probably wouldn’t rush out and buy one myself it looks a heck of a lot better than any other solar car I’ve seen (and even some regular cars).

It pretty much looks like a typical small German car but with solar cells on the body panels that are somewhat less noticeable given the paint/overall design.

Oh yeah… and it has green moss in the dash, lol!

As funny as that may sound, this adds an element of uniqueness to the car and kind of emphasizes that it’s “green,” which some (perhaps many) might find appealing.

All in all, it’s a pretty cool car for what it is, and I think it has potential, but there are a couple of things I want to mention that I think are relevant.

  • First, I suggest taking what Siegel said about “making those inconvenient charging stations a thing of the past” with a pinch of salt. Assuming this car does hit the market, most people will almost certainly still need to charge it. While it might be possible to run it completely off of the sun’s energy; practically speaking, the solar aspect is more about helping extend its range, not completely replacing the need for charging.
  • Second, the car has not reached the stage of production yet. Depending on where you’re located, it is possible to pre-order a Sion. But according to the company website, the “expected start of production” will be “in the second half of 2023.” And the keyword there is “expected.” There is no guarantee as to when (or even if) the Sion will hit the streets.

So my point is that, while this does look like an interesting company and their car has potential, this is still an early-stage play with numerous unknowns.

As for the clue about it being a “$5 company,” the stock price is a lot lower than $5 as of writing (September 2022). Right now, it’s sitting at just over $2.50. But it has traded down significantly since it went public in November 2021, so I’m guessing Siegel first teased this company earlier this year.

In any case, Sono Motors appears to be Jeff Siegel’s solar car pick.

And based on the company’s latest earnings call presentation, it now has over 20,000 reservations and is making progress toward its expected 2023 launch.

I won’t speculate on whether or not it’s a good investment.

I’ll let you make that call. But I do think this is an interesting company, so I am keen to see how things develop in the years ahead.

Also, while the following video comes across as a bit “promo” ish, you might find it interesting if you want to know more about the company and its car, Sion:

Oh, and in case you’re wondering… no, the moss inside the dash isn’t alive!

Bottom Line

Jeff Siegel’s solar car pitch centers around a company that develops a solar-powered electric vehicle that he claims “could soon hand investors Tesla-sized gains.”

And based on my research, the company he’s referring to is Sono Motors.

Regardless of what his pick is, though, there are no guarantees with investing, so I wouldn’t ape into this stock expecting to get rich overnight as that is unlikely to happen. In fact, it’s even possible you could lose money following his (or anyone’s) stock picks.

What about the service he’s pitching?

Green Chip Stocks costs $99 per year and is focused on “emerging innovations.” Each week, Siegel sends out a new newsletter focused on a different company he’s tracking.

I don’t know what all of his picks are, but I have looked into several of them.

Most of his picks, at least the ones I’ve come across, are companies in the tech and biotech space. But he says he’s recommended companies in numerous other sectors, so it doesn’t appear as though the service is wedded to any one sector.

In any case, this service comes with a report detailing his pick called “Elon Musk’s Biggest Regret: The Tiny Car Company Leading the Solar Electric Vehicle Revolution.” So if you want to know more about his recommendation, that’s where all the info is.

Anyways, that’s my take on all of this.

Hope it helps!

6 thoughts on “What’s Jeff Siegel’s Solar Car (Self-Charging EV) Stock Pick?”

  1. Thanks for the insight into Siegel’s teaser. I only said to a friend yesterday, I will buy an electric car when it becomes solar capable and can take the long distances in Australia and the intense sun.
    We don’t have enough stations to power the existing EV’s and they don’t go far enough on one charge. So I will keep an eye out for that announcement and maybe I will still be alive to see it.

  2. June 22, 2023 – It’s my understanding that SONO has shut down its operation and is no longer trying to build a solar car. Am I misinformed? – Andy

  3. Hi Tim

    Thank you for your report.

    About two months ago, I did a patent search on solar electric vehicles.
    The result was Sono Motors. Your report corroborates my findings.

    It seems that there are not that many patents on SEV. But let’s face it: there is not that much you can patent on SEVs any more. Probably just for the mechanical interfacing between the car body and the thin flexible solar panels on the one hand and the electrical connections between the battery and the solar panels on the other hand. Sono Motors has only a handful of granted patents or pending patent applications. Not that impressive.
    But they seem to be the first or at least one of the first companies to provide SEVs.

    I am not sure if I want to invest, even with the lure of the current dip.

    I will probably go to Munich and hopefully meet the Sono Motors guys.

    To evaluate a tech startup, you have to look at the (hopefully patented) technology AND at the startuppers themselves: their personality, skills and vision.


    Erhard Krumpholz
    Patent Attorneys & Patent Angels


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