What Is Jason Williams’ “Tiny” Helium Stock Pick?

Today I’m looking into a presentation by Angel Publishing’s Jason Williams, who teased a “tiny” stock that he believes “could skyrocket 20,862%.”

According to Williams, the company has “control over $39.2 billion worth of helium,” a resource that he claims is both critical and facing a supply squeeze.

Long story short, the presentation leads to a pitch for a $1,999 service Williams runs called Future Giants. So if you want to know what company he’s teasing for sure, that’s the service you’d need to join. But I think I know what it is based on the clues he shared.

So let’s unpack the presentation to see what his helium pick is.

Unpacking Jason Williams Helium Pitch

The basis of Jason Williams’ pitch is that helium is a lot more important than most of us realize for numerous industries and that “supply in America is evaporating.”

According to Williams:

“Without this ultra-rare commodity:

“The $7.5 trillion e-commerce industry would disappear…

“The massive new $1.4 trillion space race dominated by billionaires like Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk would also grind to a halt…

“Scientists wouldn’t be able to create life-saving medicine…

“The $1 trillion semiconductor industry could no longer make the microchips that are essential to today’s computers…

“The $2.5 trillion telecommunications industry wouldn’t be able to provide cable TV, internet access, or cell phone services anymore…

“And the $10 trillion health care industry would have to go without MRI machines that are used to detect some of the world’s deadliest diseases.”


“In short, the global market for this resource is in the tens of trillions of dollars!

“And it’s only getting bigger as we move into a world dominated by high tech.

“The only thing that’s not getting bigger is our supply.

“Experts claim that the world’s remaining reserves of this resource will be gobbled up within the next 20 years or sooner!”

Source: https://secure2.angelpub.com/o/web/446890

Why does Williams think helium is so important?

From what I understand, it’s due to its ability to cool:

“So, what is this irreplaceable resource?

“I’m talking about helium.

“Helium is an odorless gas that does far more than just fill up balloons at birthday parties.

“It can be cooled down to the lowest temperature in the universe without freezing, something no other element can do.

“This unique cooling ability is CRITICAL for powering big data centers, medical lab equipment, and the world’s most advanced technology like quantum computers.”

But is it really THAT important?

I’m not an expert on helium mining or usage, so I can’t speak to what Williams said about its importance. Before coming across Williams’ pitch, my knowledge about helium was that it’s the stuff they put in balloons at parties (lol)!

However, according to qz.com, while helium is the “second most common element in the universe” (which seems contrary to what Williams said about it being an “ultra-rare commodity“), it is important to a range of industries, and there is a supply shortage.

“Global helium supplies are running low. Again.

“Helium—the second most common element in the universe—isn’t just the key ingredient that makes party balloons float. It cools MRI machines and scientific equipment, enables semiconductor manufacturing, and lifts weather balloons allowing meteorologists to make forecasts.”

Source: https://qz.com/2171115/the-world-is-facing-helium-shortage-4-0

The above article points out that this is the fourth worldwide helium shortage that has occurred since 2006, and it’s mostly due to “a handful of unexpected supply disruptions.”

However, the article also points out that the shortage is due to a decision made by U.S. Congress in 1996 to privatize the U.S. National Helium Reserve.

What’s more, based on what Williams said in the presentation, the countries with the most supply of helium aren’t exactly countries we want to be relying on…

“Global production is now concentrated in the hands of unreliable, unstable countries like Russia, Algeria, and Qatar…”

So, the gist is that helium is important for numerous industries, the U.S. decided to privatize its helium reserves almost 30 years ago, and there is indeed a supply crunch right now.

Does that mean you’ll get rich betting on helium?

Not necessarily, no.

For one thing, nothing is ever a sure thing when it comes to investing.

And second, we’ve barely scratched the surface in looking into this sector, so while the supply/demand dynamics look interesting, there are other variables to consider.

Still, I always like to know what stock is being teased. So let’s look into Jason Williams’ clues to see what company he might be recommending.

What “Tiny Helium Stock” Is Williams Teasing?

According to Jason Williams, while most helium is captured as a by-product of natural gas production, the company he’s teasing owns a helium reserve in Canada that contains only pure helium. And apparently, it owns “1.5 million acres” of a “rich helium ‘highway’ in Canada,” which is estimated to be “worth over $39.2 billion.”

“Also known as the helium ‘highway,’ it’s one of the largest helium deposits in the world.

“It’s also extremely rare because it contains only helium.

“See, helium is found in natural gas, but only in small amounts.

“A whopping 97% of the world’s helium is captured as a by-product of natural gas production.

“However, this process is expensive. It’s inefficient.

“And the number of natural gas fields containing enough helium to make mining worthwhile is insignificant.

“But this helium reserve in Canada doesn’t contain any natural gas or fossil fuels.

“It contains ONLY pure helium… which not only means it’s cheaper and easier to mine…

“But it also doesn’t produce any harmful emissions associated with extracting natural gas.

“And this small company owns 1.5 million acres of this rich helium “highway” in Canada…

“Estimated to be worth over $39.2 billion!”

Based on that, we know that the company owns 1.5 million acres of land in Canada that it plans on using to mine helium, which is estimated to be worth over $39.2 billion.

What else did Williams say about this company?

According to Williams, the company is trading for “less than $1” per share and is “valued at just $18.7 million” (i.e., its market cap is tiny).

“And this Canadian helium company is a very small firm, valued at just $18.7 million.

“You can pick up shares right now for less than $1.”

Based on that, it looks like Williams is teasing Global Helium Corp., a Canadian company founded in 2019 that’s focused on helium exploration and development.

Figuring this one out was pretty easy. All I did was Google Canadian helium mines that are 1.5 million acres, as that is a very specific clue, and that led me to an article on themarketherald.ca that centers around Global Helium Corp.

From there, I looked at the company’s market cap and stock price, and both of those things suggest that this is the company Williams is referring to.

Furthermore, one last clue I forgot to highlight earlier was that, according to Williams, the company “owns millions of acres” of land in the “prairies.”

“But now every tech company in America has only ONE place to turn…

“And that’s this vast, peaceful Canadian prairie…

“Which holds one of the world’s largest, richest reserves of this resource.

“It’s capable of feeding the huge demand not just for the trillion-dollar tech sector…

“But for every industry!

“And this $1 company owns millions of acres of this prairie that could make investors huge gains.”

And according to the Global Helium website, the company has three “core areas” of focus, which are all located in Saskatchewan, a Canadian province located in a region called the Canadian Prairies.

So, while the only way to be 100% certain would be to read his report, I have no doubt that this is Williams’ pick. And in case you’re wondering, Global Helium trades on the CSE (Canadian exchange) under the ticker HECO and the OTC under the ticker HECOF.

The full details of Williams’ recommendation are located in a research report he put together called “Silicon Valley’s Last Hope: The Tiny Helium Stock That Can Revive Big Tech.”

However, as mentioned at the outset, the presentation is all part of a pitch for his Future Giants newsletter service, so joining that service is the only way to get the report.

What Is Future Giants?

Future Giants is a $1,999 per year investment research service run by Jason Williams of Angel Publishing that’s focused on companies with small market caps.

“With Future Giants, you’ll get my regular alerts to help you profit from opportunities like this incredible helium company.

“I’m talking about recommendations that are often so small and so unique that I can only recommend them to a small number of savvy opportunists.

“I look only for companies with market caps as small as $10 million or $20 million that could soar to $50 million, $100 million, or more within a few short months or years.

“My goal is to find the most disruptive plays in the entire market before anyone else even hears about them.”

I’m not a member of this service, so I don’t know how well it’s performed, but I do know that small stocks can be extremely risky and volatile. So while there may be significant upside potential on some small stocks, keep in mind that there are also risks involved.

Of course, there’s risk involved with any investment, not just small stocks. But I did think this was worth mentioning as some people may not be aware of how volatile these can be.

In any case, as a subscriber of William’s Future Giants service, you get access to weekly issues (aka research reports), a new stock pick each month, and numerous other resources, including a model portfolio where Williams shares his latest picks.

Bottom Line

I was totally unaware of the importance of helium before coming across this pitch, so I must admit that I found learning about this resource pretty interesting.

I have no idea if William’s pick is a good investment or not, nor do I know if helium is a resource worth betting on. But assuming you agree with my guess, at least now you don’t have to fork out $2k to know what stock Williams is pitching.

And if you want to see what other companies I’ve uncovered by looking into Jason Williams’ presentations, check out this archives page.

Thanks for reading!

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    • Hi Andre. I can’t be certain without seeing the report, but I do think it’s Global Helium based on the clues, yeah. There are some similarities between the two, but the hints about the market cap and land acreage, in particular, lead me to believe it’s Global Helium.


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