Is Radical Technology Profits Legit? (Honest Review)

The technology world is ever-changing – as are the markets and investment opportunities associated with it. Because of this, many so-called “gurus” like Michael Robinson are seeking to give advice on where to put your money.

But is his advisory service Radical Technology Profits really legit?

Radical Technology Profits is a $4,000 per year newsletter subscription from experienced Silicon Valley veteran Michael Robinson that gives you the latest information on all the current, potentially profitable tech investment opportunities. It’s legit, but some of the promises made seem unrealistic.

Let’s dig deeper into what’s included with Radical Technology Profits, how it works, more about the man behind it, and more!

What’s Radical Technology Profits About?

Radical Technology Profits is a weekly subscription service from Michael Robinson, published by Money Map Press, where he uses his tech industry expertise to help you make investments in this ever-changing niche. 

The concept behind all this is the idea that, in the near future, we’re going to take for granted things that are just now starting to hit the market – things like printed organs, universal vaccines, and metals that supposedly could cure cancer.

Radical Technology Profits logo

He thinks this will echo what happened fifty years ago, when cell phones and laptops were “the stuff of sci-fi” movies, but now they not only exist but are an integral part of most developed societies.

Robinson made the Radical Technology Profits newsletter to be able to help investors maneuver such a “fast-moving market” that’s constantly being bombarded with new innovations. 

Right now we are witnessing something truly groundbreaking. I’m talking about the way so many huge tech trends – like the Mobile Wave, Cloud Computing, Big Data and, of course, Sensors and the Internet of Everything – are coming together all at once, creating some of the biggest profit opportunities I’ve ever seen.

– Michael Robinson on the Money Map Press website

To be able to provide top-notch stock recommendations, he uses what he calls the proprietary “Real Demand Tracking System.”

Using this, Robinson says he can filter out the “wannabe” stocks and instead just focus on the ones that are genuinely set to jump up massively.

These recommendations are given in his newsletter service, which costs an expensive $4,000 per year.

The subscription is set to automatically renew when you subscribe, so make sure you change that if you decide you don’t want it anymore!

Also, there is no refund policy. So, you’re taking a big risk investing that much money up front just to get a taste of his recommendations, which may or may not pan out.

How Does Radical Technology Profits Work?

When you subscribe to Radical Technology Profits, you’ll recieve:

  • Three Radical Demand Tracking System (RDTS) Briefings: These briefings – given monthly (on average) – gives you information on what exactly the investment opportunity is, the technology itself, and the company behind it.
  • RDTS Instant Profit Alerts: Alerts that let you know when to sell one of the investment recommendations and instructions on how to do it.
  • RDTS Intelligence Briefings: Weekly briefings that cover all the details about technology research, the markets, and announcements or breakthroughs from current investment recommendations.
  • RDTS Instant Cell Phone Alerts: These alerts will notify you when you have received any of these other alerts or briefings via text message.
  • Access to the Members-Only Website: Where you’ll be able to access all of your alerts and briefings from the time they are issued.
  • Priority Access to the Urgent Radical Technology Dossiers: These reports will contain all the details required for capitalizing on a potential opportunity or more in-depth breakdowns of a recommended company. 
  • VIP Concierge Service: The customer service for the subscription service. 

You’ll also receive a bonus called the Dark Burst RDTS briefing, which is just the details about the company mentioned in Robinson’s Dark Burst Device presentation.

What is Michael Robinson’s Dark Bust Device?

Michael Robinson’s Dark Burst Device is a presentation focusing on a device that is going to revolutionize solar power.

This mysterious device, which he shows in the presentation, has the ability to harness the suns energy at night, when it isn’t even shining.

It is also compatible with both new solar panels and older models, thus widening the range of potential customers.

Michael Robinson's Dark Burst Device

The main idea is that this device is going to be a big investment opportunity because of a recently passed California ordinance requiring newer homes to be built with solar panels.

It’s banking on the fact that, since one state passed the new law, other states will follow suit (although that logic doesn’t necessarily follow).

Similar to how Ian King believes that fluorescent sand (aka the fiber optic network) will revolutionize the internet, so too does Robinson believe that this “dark burst device” will revolutionize the power industry.

You can learn more about Dark Burst here

Who Is Michael Robinson?

Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson is a financial analyst with 35 years of Silicon Valley experience. He is a Pulitzer Prize nominated reporter and writer. 

As a reporter, he’s worked for Defense Media Network and Signal Magazine, as well as The New York Times, American Enterprise, and The Wall Street Journal.

On top of that, Robinson is also regularly featured on CNBC and Fox Business.

When talking about knowledge in the technology space, Robinson is a senior advisor, consultant and board member for many of the capital venture firms of Silicon Valley. This leads to him having insider knowledge into early tech opportunities before they come onto the scene. 

Just one example of this is that Robinson was one of a group of five who were part of the cloud computing phenomenon discussions during their early stages.

This is a notable accomplishment because the “cloud” is now worth over $160 billion.

Another stand-out success is that Robinson was with the McAfee CEO, Dave DeWalt, right before McAfee was acquired for $7.8 billion by Intel. 

So, it’s probably safe to say that he might know what he’s talking about when it comes to the financial aspects of the tech world. 

He works under the financial publishing company, Money Map Press, to produce his three newsletters, which are:

  • Radical Technology Profits
  • Nova-X-report
  • Strategic Tech Investor


In the end, Radical Technology Profits is a legit newsletter because you are getting actual reports and briefings that you are paying for.

But does that mean you will make money with it? 

Well, just like anything, nobody can predict the stocks with 100% certainty, so it’s hard to say whether or not his recommendations will pan out.

Either way though, this newsletter is pretty pricey at $4,000 a year, so, while it is a personal choice if you wanted to subscribe to it, it might be less risky to start off with one of Robinson’s cheaper services, like his free Strategic Tech Investor Newsletter.

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