Is Dave Lashmet’s “Venture No. 73” a 5X Opportunity?

I recently received an email regarding “Venture Opportunity #73,” which took me to a presentation on the Stansberry Research website.

According to the presentation, for the first time since 2015, Stansberry Research is issuing an “urgent buy alert” to all subscribers about a “technology company that could be on the verge of a trillion-dollar windfall” that could help you turn every $10,000 invested into $50,000 (5X).

What’s it all about?

In short… Venture Opportunity No. 73 is the name Stansberry Research uses to describe Dave Lashmet’s latest stock pick for 2021, a U.S. semiconductor company.

To find out which company Dave Lashmet is bullish on, you need to read a report titled “Venture #73: The Pentagon’s Chipmaker,” which you can only access by joining his stock advisory service, Stansberry Venture Technology, for $2,500.

I wanted to know what company he was teasing without spending $2.5K though, so I decided to take a closer look at the presentation, and in this article, I’ll show you what I learned.

Overview of Venture Opportunity #73

The Stansberry Research presentation begins by claiming that “Venture Opportunity No. 73 is a rare chance to invest in what could soon be the solution to a rampant global financial and technology crisis” that’s impacting 169 industries.

Unlike most Stansberry Research presentations I’ve written about on this blog, this presentation didn’t feature the person making the prediction, Dave Lashmet.

Instead, it’s a 42-minute video featuring journalist Tom Mustin who essentially details Dave Lashmet’s Venture #73 prediction from start to finish.

Tom Mustin of Stansberry Research in a presentation about Venture Opportunity Number 73.

Tom starts by talking about some of Dave’s past predictions, such as Venture Opportunity No. 57, 59, and 62, which basically had to do with “breakthrough” healthcare stocks.

From there, Tom starts talking about how America’s infrastructure is at risk and that silicon semiconductor chips are at the center of it.

As Tom points out, the culprit is the pandemic, which has caused supply chain issues and increased demand for electronics as people spent more time indoors.

He says it can now take up to 18 weeks to get the chips you need to build your product, which is causing problems since semiconductor chips are in virtually every type of technology.

Tom then states that 84% of the chips we need to fix the global shortage are made by a Taiwanese company called Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC).

And in case you haven’t been following the news lately, Taiwan is at the center of rising tensions between China and the U.S. since China wants to take back control of Taiwan.

According to Tom Mustin:

If China were to invade Taiwan, it would be like stealing a treasure chest filled with America’s best technology and trade secrets. 

China would have access to our blueprints of all the chips that power tens of thousands of American products.

They could then use that information to come up with cheaper alternatives and undercut companies all around the world…

And if they wanted to cripple our economy and our basic ability to function the way we do now… they could just cut off our access to Taiwan.

That would be catastrophic…

Tom Mustin (source:

Toms says this gives Dave Lashmet’s “Venture No. 73” two of the “strongest tailwinds you could ever imagine” for an investment because 1) there’s a huge demand for semiconductor chip manufacturers and 2) there’s an “urgent diplomatic need” to produce chips in the U.S.

And apparently, it could be at the center of a $1 trillion opportunity:

Dave estimates that over the next 10 years, we’ll see around $1 trillion go toward making America a powerhouse chip maker once again… and all the pieces are in place for Venture No. 73 to be at the center of it.

In the next section, I’ll show you the company I think Dave is bullish on.

Dave Lashmet’s “Venture No. 73” Stock

Tom doesn’t provide many clues about what Dave Lashmet’s “Venture No. 73” stock is, probably because Stansberry Research wants you to join Stansberry Venture Technology to find out.

As mentioned earlier, when you join Stansberry Venture Technology, you get a report titled “Venture #73: The Pentagon’s Chipmaker” that reveals the full details on the company Dave is bullish on and why along with instructions on how to get started.

That said, I think I know what it is.

Here are the clues Tom provides in the presentation:

Venture No. 73 is completely off the radar of most individual investors. Its stock went public only just recently.

It’s also 1/100th the size of Apple… and about 1/10th the size of many of its direct competitors.

In recent weeks, Congressmen and women have toured the company behind Venture #73’s headquarters.

It’s the very thing our nation is clamoring for… an American chip production company… that’s 100% U.S.-owned and operated.

No. 73 already has several pre-existing deals with the government.

That’s because they specialize in making a sophisticated type of chip needed in military equipment like fighter jets, drones , and satellites.

They agreed to give them a plant for a $1 a month lease for the next 20 years… plus additional Department of Defense contracts.

Right now, we typically see about 350,000 shares trading hands each day.

Unfortunately, most of these clues are vague and didn’t give me much to go off. I spent quite a bit of time searching for a U.S. semiconductor company with a market cap 1/100 the size of Apple, which by my calculations, would give the company a $25 billion (ish) market cap.

And that got me nowhere.

However, thanks to an article on Stock Gumshoe, and one sentence in the presentation about the company’s $1 per month lease agreement, I believe it’s SkyWater Technology (SKYT).

Based on my research, SkyWater Technology fits most of the clues:

  • It’s a semiconductor chip manufacturer that’s U.S. owned and operated.
  • The company went public recently (April, 2021).
  • It has several deals with the U.S. government.
  • According to an analysis of SkyWater Technology on the Stansberry Research website, the company has a plant with a $1 per month lease for the next 20 years.
  • About 400,000 shares trade on average each day (but the price recently went up so 350,000 is what it may have been when the presentation was released).

The only thing that doesn’t make sense is the part about being 1/100 the size of Apple.

Apple has a market cap of around $2.45 trillion as of writing, which means the company Dave is bullish on would have a market cap of around $25 billion. And SkyWater Technology has a market cap of roughly $1 billion as of writing (August 2021).

So unless I’m missing something, or unless Stansberry Research is talking about a different metric when measuring the “size” of these companies, I’m not sure what to make of this.

In any case, to find out for sure and get the details behind why Dave is recommending the company, you need to sign up for Stansberry Venture Technology.

What Is Stansberry Venture Technology?

Stansberry Venture Technology is a monthly research advisory run by Dave Lashmet of Stansberry Research that recommends “venture capital-like opportunities” in the stock market.

According to the Stansberry Research website, Dave “scours the public markets for little-known, small-cap companies that are producing the next wonder drug or technology.”

A small-cap stock has a market cap of between $300 million and $2 billion, and as the website points out, these tend to be more speculative than large-cap stocks.

However, the service aims to help subscribers make 5X to 10X gains, so like anything, you need to weigh up the risk versus reward potential and decide if it’s right for you.

Basically, once you learn about Dave’s recommendations each month and through the archive of special reports, you can decide if you want to follow what he says with your own trading account.

Other than the risks with small-cap stocks, the main downside is the cost involved.

To get started, you need $2,500 (which is a discount you get if you join through the presentation), and the Stansberry Research website suggests you need a minimum of $50K to invest.

You don’t “have” to have that much, though, and even though it is a higher-priced service, there is a lot of value on offer, all things considered.

What do you get if you join?

As a member of Stansberry Venture Technology, the main thing you get is access to the monthly newsletters, which detail Dave’s latest “Venture Opportunity” for the month.

But you also get access to 43 other open recommendations Dave has made, regular updates on the recommendations, access to the video library, and the full archive of special reports.

Including the “Venture #73: The Pentagon’s Chipmaker” report.

Can you get a refund?

Stansberry Research does not provide a cash refund with Stansberry Venture Technology. Still, they do give you 30 days to try it out, and if you’re not happy with the service, you can get a credit to use on another service run by Stansberry Research.

Who’s Dave Lashmet?

Dave Lashmet is the editor of Stansberry Venture Technology. Unlike most of the finance gurus I come across in this space, his background seems less in finance and more rooted in the emerging technologies behind some of the companies he recommends.

According to his profile on the Stansbery Research website, Dave spent 25 years as an independent technology analyst and about a decade writing and teaching about technology and medicine at major universities in the U.S., including Harvard Medical School and MIT.

Dave is also an inventor with three software- and hardware-related U.S. patents, and he’s the co-inventor of three other pending patents.

Considering the types of opportunities Dave recommends (emerging tech companies), his background in technology could be a big strength.

Personally, I’d rather take advice from someone with hands-on experience and someone who’s actively involved in the space than a regular stock analyst.

That said, other than the following three examples provided on the Stansberry Research website, I’m not sure how well his recommendations have performed over the years.

  • ID Biomedical (331% gains)
  • Venture No. 12 (93% in 12 days)
  • Venture No. 59 (137% in 36 days)

You do get access to the archive of special reports as a member, though. So you could trawl through those to see how well his recommendations have performed on average.

Bottom Line

Dave Lashmet’s “Venture Opportunity No. 73” is a U.S. semiconductor chip manufacturer that, according to Stansberry Research, is a “chance to make five times your money or more.”

Based on my research, I believe the company is SkyWater Technology (SKYT).

However, to find out for certain and get all the details, you need to subscribe to Stansberry Venture Technology, Dave’s stock advisory service.

On the one hand, I found the presentation to be quite interesting. And if SkyWater Technology is the company he’s recommending, I guess it could be a great opportunity considering the potential future demand for semiconductor chips in the U.S.

On the other hand, speculating in the stock market is risky. So, even though Dave’s prediction might play out, and I do believe his service is legitimate, there are no guarantees you’ll make money, let alone see 5X or 10X gains. In fact, it’s even possible you could lose money.

Either way, I hope you found this helpful.

2 thoughts on “Is Dave Lashmet’s “Venture No. 73” a 5X Opportunity?”

  1. Great info Tim, thanks for your research!
    Also regarding Stansberry Venture Technology, would you look into Dave Lashmet’s latest $2500 pitch for 3 companies behind flash-radioimmunotherapy treatment for cancer?
    There is supposed to be some big announcement today 10/23/2022 at a conference.


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