Is Charles Mizrahi’s Super Stocks Project Legit?

Charles Mizrahi recently released a presentation with Corrina Sullivan on the Banyan Hill Publishing website dubbed the “Super Stocks Project.”

During the presentation, Mizrahi talked about his number one “super stock” and pitched a new advisory service dedicated to microcap stocks called Microcap Fortunes.

I was curious to know what a super stock actually was, what companies he’s bullish on, and how his new advisory service worked, so I decided to take a closer look.

In this post, I’ll show you everything I learned to help you figure out if what Mizrahi is pitching is legitimate and worth your time or not.

What Is the Super Stocks Project?

The Super Stocks Project is the name of a presentation on the Banyan Hill Publishing website where Charles Mizrahi discusses a group of stocks he calls “super stocks.”

Charles Mizrahi and Corrina Sullivan during the Super Stocks Project presentation on the Banyan Hill Publishing website.

According to the presentation, super stocks have beat the market 6-to-1 over (almost) the past century, and the reason they’re called “super” stocks is that the likelihood of them going up 1,000%, according to host Corrina Sullivan, is a “lot more common than you think.”

Furthermore, Charles Mizrahi claims that super stocks “knock the socks off” IPOs, SPACs, and “all that other stuff” because, with those investments, Wall Street gets in first.

What exactly is a super stock?

First and foremost, a super stock isn’t an actual type of stock (lol).

It’s essentially a microcap stock that Charles Mizrahi believes will outperform other microcap stocks and potentially deliver 1,000% gains or more. And according to the presentation, he finds these opportunities using a “proprietary blueprint.”

What’s a microcap stock?

A microcap stock is a publicly listed U.S. company with a market cap of between $50 million and $300 million. These stocks are typically more volatile than large-cap stocks and potentially riskier, but the upside potential can be high if you bet on the right company.

Charles Mizrahi points out that he doesn’t consider all microcap stocks super stocks, either. This is essentially the designation he gives to the microcap stocks he’s most bullish on.

Why’s he so interested in microcaps?

I can’t speak for Charles Mizrahi, but based on what he states in the Super Stocks Project presentation, it has to do with how explosive the upside can be.

Mizrahi points out that, given the small market cap, large investors and institutions tend to avoid these opportunities until the company has proven itself and its market cap has gone into the billions of dollars. At which point, the upside is limited for everyday investors.

So, he believes “super stocks” present the best potential to see 1,000% gains. And he shares the example of three popular companies to illustrate why: Amazon, Netflix, and Southwest Airlines.

Each of these companies were, at one point, microcap companies that Wall Street wasn’t paying much attention to, but now they’re multi-billion dollar corporations. And anyone who invested in these companies in the early days could have done incredibly well for themselves.

However, there’s also a significant amount of risk associated with these types of opportunities. So you need to find the right stocks and follow the right process if you want to be successful.

And that’s where Mizrahi claims his “blueprint” comes into play; he says this is what helps him choose the best microcap stocks to invest in and share with his followers.

How does it work?

The full details are laid out in a report called “Charles Mizrahi’s Super Stock Blueprint,” however, he goes over the main aspects of the blueprint during the presentation.

  • According to the Mizrahi, the first “stage” of the blueprint he uses to find super stocks has to do with the “number of votes a business gets.” He says sales are like votes, and that one of the key things he looks for when selecting a super stock is sales growth. He also points out that the smaller the company, the easier it is for it to double its revenue each year.
  • Second, Mizrahi looks for companies in fast-growing industries and some of the examples he gives are industries like biotech, 5G, and electric vehicles.
  • Third, he looks for companies with “great CEOs” that have a strong track record of success or who have skin in the game. In other words, CEOs who’ve invested their own money in the company.

To sum it up, Mizrahi says that the “secret sauce” behind his proprietary blueprint for finding super stocks is growing sales, a growing industry, and a “rockstar CEO.” And he says there’s one biotech company he’s particularly interested in.

What Is Charles Mizrahi’s No. 1 Super Stock?

During the Super Stocks Project presentation, Charles Mizrahi discussed one company, which he calls his “No. 1 Super Stock,” that he believes could see significant gains in the future.

What company is Mizrahi teasing?

He doesn’t reveal the company’s name in the presentation, but he does reveal that it’s in the biotech space and reveals a bunch of clues about it.

For example, according to Charles Mizrahi, his number one super stock “has created a new drug that does what no other pharmaceutical company has ever succeeded in doing.” And he believes it will “revolutionize the treatment of several ailments” including chronic pain.

He also suggests that it meets his three primary “blueprint” criteria of sales growth, industry growth, and having a good CEO.

  • First, Mizrahi claims that the company “has already signed retail agreements with Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aid and CVS.”
  • Second, he states that the “biotech industry is predicted to more than triple in size by 2028” as a result of things like genomics, personalized medicine, and robotics.
  • And third, he says that the CEO has 40 years of experience in the health care industry, successfully launched over-the-counter medicines including Mucinex and Delsym, and that he’s invested over $9 million in the company.

Aside from this, Mizrahi says that the company has developed a patent-protected, FDA-approved way to treat chronic pain and that the stock is up over 200% over the last year.

What could it be?

I looked into the clues Charles Mizrahi shares in the presentation, and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to crack this one. However, he does mention two other “super stocks” he’s bullish on.

And I think I may know what one of them is.

Mizrahi’s second super stock pick is a fintech (financial technology) company that he calls his “No. 1 Fintech Super Stock.” He also says it’s a “$9 fintech stock” that “helps fight fraud and identity theft” and shares the following clue about the service the company provides.

“It has a unique, 99% effective verification platform that is used by banks, any place that asks for verifiable ID, and is even used by law enforcement during traffic stops.”

Based on these clues, I believe Mizrahi’s fintech pick could be Intellicheck (IDN).

This company matches the description Charles Mizrahi provides, and according to the company website, their service is “more than 99% accurate” when it comes to ID validation.

The only caveat is that it’s currently trading at just under $5 per share. But it was trading at around $9 for most of 2021 and as recently as November. So that may have been when the video was first recorded.

The third company Charles Mizrahi talks about in the presentation is a tech stock in the cloud communications sector. According to Mizrahi, the company offers anti-fraud solutions to Fiserv, has a $50 million market cap, and trades at $2 per share.

That’s not a lot to go off, but I did some digging to see what I could find. And, while a few companies popped up, nothing stood out as a match on this one, either.

Nevertheless, those are Charles Mizrahi’s three super stocks, and he details each company in a report titled “Microcap Millionaires — 3 Stocks to Buy Right Now.”

How do you access the report? The only way to get your hands on that report and find out what Charles Mizrahi’s three super stock picks are is to join his new advisory, Microcap Fortunes.

What Is Microcap Fortunes?

Microcap Fortunes is a new stock advisory service edited by Charles Mizrahi of Banyan Hill Publishing focused on “super stock” opportunities.

With Microcap Fortunes, you’re getting access to what I like to call my “Super Stocks” — microcap stocks I identify that have the potential for massive returns.


According to the Banyan Hill website, before Mizrahi shares a stock pick with subscribers of Microcap Fortunes, it must be a public company with SEC-registered securities, be in a growing industry, have growing revenue, and its CEO must have experience and skin in the game.

So, pretty much the criteria we talked about earlier.

Mizrahi also states that he reaches out to the “many industry contacts” in his “Rolodex” to ensure the companies he recommends are “the real deal.”

What do you get if you join?

As a subscriber of Microcap Insider, the main thing you get access to is 12 months’ worth of microcap stock picks. Whenever Charles Mizrahi finds a new opportunity, he shares the company’s details with subscribers of the service via email, along with his analysis.

You also get weekly updates of any investments he’s recommended, the “Charles Mizrahi’s Super Stock Blueprint” which shows you how he finds these super stocks, and the bonus report I mentioned earlier called “Microcap Millionaires — 3 Stocks to Buy Right Now.”

How much does it cost to join?

Microcap Insider costs $2,950 per year to join as of writing. And according to the Banyan Hill website, this service doesn’t come with a cash refund. Instead, you can request a credit to use on another service if you’re not satisfied with the service within your first 90 days.

Who Is Charles Mizrahi?

Charles Mizrahi has around four decades of finance-related experience. According to his Banyan Hill profile, Mizrahi began his career as a trader at the New York Futures Exchange and has managed money for investment banks, including Goldman Sachs, Citi, and Credit Suisse.

At one point, the Banyan Hill website states that Charles Mizrahi was ranked the “No. 1 commodity trading adviser” by Barron’s.

These days, he provides stock tips in several Banyan Hill advisories, including his flagship advisory Alpha Investor, Lifetime Profits, and most recently, Microcap Fortunes.

He’s also been featured in countless investment presentations over the years, some of which I’ve written about.

For example, in October of last year, I wrote about his “Forever Battery” stock pick, and in that case, I was able to uncover his pick based on the clues he shared.

I also wrote about a 3D printing stock he teased in another presentation, which he referred to as his “No.1 Small-Cap Stock” for 2021.

And I uncovered his L5 Revolution stock pick, which centered around autonomous vehicles.

I go into detail on the companies I believe he’s interested in within each of the posts I linked to above, so I recommend checking these out if you want to learn more about the types of opportunities he’s shared in the past.

Aside from his paid services, Charles Mizrahi shares his investment insights in a free daily e-letter called Real Talk and wrote a book called Getting Started in Value Investing.

Bottom Line

Charles Mizrahi’s Super Stocks Project is a presentation where he talks about investing in “super stocks,” microcap stocks he selects using a “proprietary blueprint.”

It’s also a promotion he uses to sell his new advisory service, Microcap Fortunes, which is dedicated to helping subscribers find the types of “super stocks” he talks about during the presentation (i.e., small companies that he believes could see 1,000% gains).

For the most part, his picks include tech and biotech companies, but from what I understand, he researches any company with a market cap of under $500 million.

Is it legit?

As far as the Super Stocks Project goes, it’s essentially just a presentation where Charles Mizrahi talks about the types of opportunities he shares with subscribers of Microcap Fortunes. So, while I do suggest taking the marketing with a grain of salt, I don’t believe it’s a scam.

What about Microcap Fortunes? I haven’t joined the service myself, so I don’t know how worthwhile it is. And it’s a new service, so it doesn’t have an established track record yet.

What about Microcap Fortunes? I haven’t joined the service myself, so I don’t know how worthwhile it is. And it’s a new service, so it doesn’t have an established track record yet.

That said, I don’t believe Microcap Fortunes is a scam because Charles Mizrahi is a real investment expert, and Banyan Hill Publishing is a real financial publishing company. So I doubt they’d take your money and not deliver what they promised.

However, keep in mind that there’s no guarantee you’ll make money by following the recommendations Microcap Insider provides, let alone make 1,000% gains.

Anything is possible, I guess. But the stock market is unpredictable, so nobody knows for sure how Charles Mizrahi’s stock picks will perform in the future.

What’s more, microcap stocks can be highly volatile and potentially risky. So not everyone will be able to stomach the ups and downs these types of stocks bring.

What do you think? Are you excited about the types of microcap opportunities Charles Mizrahi recommends? Or do you prefer less speculative stocks? Let me know in the comments!

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