High-Yield Investing Review: Legit Nathan Slaughter Service?

I recently stumbled across a presentation on the StreetAuthority website where Nathan Slaughter talked about five income stocks he refers to as “Bulletproof Buys.”

In it, he says it’s time to forget “meme stocks, crypto, and complicated trading strategies” and focus on “safe, high-yield stocks” that he believes could put you on the “path to solid riches.”

According to Nathan, his “Bulletproof Buys” are a group of dividend-paying stocks that can be counted on, regardless of what takes place in the economy. And he details his top five picks in a report titled “Bulletproof Buys: 5 Income Stocks to Own Forever.”

To access that report, however, you need to subscribe to his advisory service, High-Yield Investing, so I decided to take a closer look at what the service is about and how it works. And in this review, I’ll show you exactly what I found to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Overview of the High-Yield Investing Service

According to the StreetAuthority website, Nathan Slaughter’s High-Yield Investing service is “dedicated to uncovering the world’s safest and most lucrative income investments.”

In other words, it’s a stock advisory focused on dividend-paying stocks.

The general idea is to signup, read the monthly newsletters and decide which investment recommendations you will follow using your own brokerage account.

As a member, you get everything you need to follow Nathan’s tips like research reports, a model portfolio, updates on the active positions, and more.

I’ll go into more detail about what you get as a subscriber in a moment, but first, let’s talk about the types of investments the service is focused on.

If you’re not familiar with dividends, these are periodic payments made to shareholders of certain publicly listed companies. The more shares you own, the greater the dividend amount the company pays per share, and the more often they pay, the more you can earn.

There’s a whole host of things to consider before investing in dividend stocks, but one of the main factors most people consider is the dividend yield.

What’s that? To work out the dividend yield, you simply divide the company’s dividend payment per share by the share price. So, for example, if the company pays a $3 dividend per share and their current share price is $100, the dividend yield would be 3%.

The average yield tends to be less than 5% for most companies, but Nathan Slaughter says that this is the minimum amount he will accept when selecting a company to recommend.

According to the StreetAuthority website, Nathan Slaughter’s primary focus is making sure the company has a track record of paying at least 5% dividends consistently.

If it has a long history of paying investors growing gobs of cash, month after month, quarter after quarter, year after year, you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll cover it in High-Yield Investing.

Source: https://www2.streetauthority.com/plp-sahyi-bulletproof

Aside from that, Nathan lists a set of five main criteria in the presentation that he says each company must have before he recommends it to subscribers:

  • A Proven Business Model
  • Surplus Cash Flow
  • An Expanding Bottom Line
  • A Conservative, Shareholder-Friendly Management
  • Weather-proof

In short, Nathan says he looks for established companies with cash to spare that are growing their business, running the company properly and can withstand market downturns.

According to Nathan Slaughter, if a stock fails to meet any of the above five standards, it won’t be included in the High-Yield Investing portfolio.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to make money as a subscriber. But it does appear that Mr. Slaughter follows a strict set of criteria before recommending something to make sure it gives you the best possible chance of seeing a good return over time.

Is Nathan Slaughter the Real Deal?

Nathan Slaughter is an investment guru with a background in financial planning.

According to the StreetAuthority website, he got his start working for AXA/Equitable Advisors before working for a wealth management firm called Raymond James Morgan Keegan.

In the presentation that led me to his High-Yield Investing advisory service, Nathan said he grew tired of Wall Street and left to help everyday investors. And he says he’s “been helping ordinary investors build massive wealth” for the last 16 years.

It’s unclear if Nathan Slaughter has worked for any other financial publishing companies over the years, but I did find some articles he published on Motley Fool in 2005, and from what I can tell, he mainly works with StreetAuthority as of writing.

StreetAuthority is a Virginia-based company founded in 2001 that publishes numerous stock advisories, including Nathan Slaughter’s High-Yield Investing, J.R. Butts Top Stock Advisor, and several others from different investment experts.

How have his stock picks performed over the years?

I don’t have a complete list of every stock Nathan Slaughter has recommended for the past 16-odd years, but based on what he says in the presentation, he does have a strong track record, especially when it comes to dividend-paying stocks.

For example, he says he’s helped his readers “lock in fantastic yields of 8.6%… 9.5%… 10%… 11.8%… 12.4%… 13%” and that some of his picks have gone up as much as 440%.

Of course, these are exceptional and most likely not the average returns you should expect as a member, but if what he says is true, he’s been helping his subscribers profit for years.

I also managed to find Nathan Slaughter’s profile on TipRanks, an independent site dedicated to tracking the performance of financial bloggers. And it shows that his recommendations have done pretty well overall over the past 12 months.

I don’t know Mr. Slaughter personally, nor do I have access to his past recommendations, but he seems like a real investment expert based on my research. And StreetAuthority is a legitimate, long-running financial publishing company.

What are his five “Bulletproof Buy” stocks?

In the presentation I went through, Nathan Slaughter doesn’t reveal his five “Bulletproof Buy” stocks. However, he does detail everything in a research report titled “Bulletproof Buys: 5 Income Stocks to Own Forever,” which you get as a member of High-Yield Investing.

The report contains a full breakdown of each stock and why Nathan is bullish. His picks include companies in the energy, infrastructure, and finance sectors, a pipeline play, and Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) – all of which pay dividends.

What Do You Get If You Join High-Yield Investing?

As with most advisory services I review, the central aspect of the service is the monthly newsletters. Each issue provides subscribers with Nathan Slaughter’s latest market insight and what he describes as “the safest and most generous income opportunities on the planet.”

Each recommendation is designed to meet the criteria I listed earlier and, according to Nathan, provide subscribers with both dividend income and capital growth potential.

Aside from the 12 monthly issues, you also receive mid-month updates and member-only alerts to keep you updated on the stocks Nathan has recommended.

And through the member’s area on the StreetAuthority website, you get access to the entire archive of research reports that Nathan Slaughter has released, StreetAuthority Insider (weekly newsletter), and the following bonus research reports:

  • Bulletproof Buys: 5 Income Stocks to Own Forever
  • Social Security Insurance: How to Generate $32,522 Per Year Starting Tomorrow
  • Easy Money: “Be the House” and Claim Your Share of Record Casino Riches

How Much Does It Cost?

There are two membership options with the High-Yield Investing service.

The first option allows you to subscribe for $39 per year, and the second option allows you to join for $78 for two years, and this option comes with some additional bonus reports.

There’s also a 90-day refund policy with this service, according to the StreetAuthority website.

Bottom Line

As the name suggests, the High-Yield Investing service caters to investors looking for high-yielding dividend opportunities. In other words, investors looking to generate passive income.

Nathan Slaughter comes across as a risk-averse investor who does not like the latest “hot stocks” being pushed by many newsletters. Instead, he seems to focus on more conservative opportunities that have the potential to create long-term wealth for his followers.

So, on the one hand, it’s probably not the ideal service if you’re looking to invest in emerging technology or if your primary goal is achieving capital growth (i.e., rising stock price).

However, the service could be worthwhile if you’re sole focus is generating consistent investment income since that’s what Nathan Slaughter’s High-Yield Investing newsletter is dedicated to.

That said, just because an investment appears “safe” doesn’t mean that it is.

There are always risks involved with investing. Many people consider established dividend-paying companies as safe, and that might be true in some cases. However, no company is immune to things like market downturns, increased competition, or emerging technology making their business model obsolete, for example. And that’s why I try to keep an open mind.

In any case, High-Yield Investing is a legitimate service, and Nathan Slaughter is a genuine expert, so depending on your goals and investing preference, you might find it worthwhile.

3 thoughts on “High-Yield Investing Review: Legit Nathan Slaughter Service?”

  1. Nathan:
    I tried to access the “wideworld of weed as you suggested, But
    I did not make it. Trying for John Persinos book.
    I am not the greatest on computers!!!

    I very much enjoy your”Streetauthority” newsletter !!!!

    • Hi John. You should be able to sign up by visiting the StreetAuthority website, but the presentation I’ve discussed in this post is located at www2.streetauthority.com/plp-sahyi-bulletproof so that might help.


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