One Click Payday Review: Legit Money Maker or Scam System?

The One Click Payday system shows you how to siphon money into your bank account. All you need to do is buy the program, and the money will start pouring in. In just ONE click.

Since you’re reading this review, chances are you’re concerned that this is too good to be true. Well done- you’re one of the smart people!

Read on to see what this program is really about…

One Click Payday Review

I came across the One Click Payday system today, and immediately knew I was dealing with another low quality program, or scam. I’ve seen hundreds of these sites before, so it’s easy to spot them these days.

That being said, you don’t know me, and I don’t know you. So I did some digging and I’ll show you what I found to help you decide for yourself.

For starters, I tried to identify who’s behind this program. The website ( states that Kathy Evans created the system, but that’s about it.

There’s no way to figure out if she’s real or not because that’s a VERY common name, they don’t give any links to social profiles and the like.

Not to mention, the website has been registered anonymously.

What Is One Click Payday?

According to the website, the One Click Payday system shows you how to exploit a “weird hack to siphon money into your bank account”.

From the moment you start watching the video, they say they’re creating your “money making account” which you can begin profiting from right after buying.

In fact, the video states that commissions are funnelling into your account while your watching. All you need to do is keep watching to see how much you’ve made…

One Click Payday Scam

I’m sorry, but that’s a giant load of complete and utter bullshit if I’ve ever heard it. No one is paying you to watch that video. Period.

One last piece of nonsense I wanted to expose is this:

Just sit by the beach and relax, while someone else does all the work for you

WTF?! This is one of the most wildly ridiculous claims I’ve ever seen online.

Anyways, after watching the video, it still wasn’t clear what this system is actually about. It just rambles on, shows you a bunch of testimonials and says you’ll make $1,000 to $2,000 per day with just one single click.

The Truth About This Program

Given the sales video explains nothing useful, I decided to put my email into the box and move onto the next step. At which point I landed on a ClickBetter order screen where I could buy this system for $37.

Other than buying out of sheer desperation- it’s pretty hard to make an informed decision about buying at that point. I decided not to buy, and tried to click away. When I did this several times, the price dropped to $17.

As yourself- if there’s really “45 spots left” and you can make millions in one click per day, why do they have to drop the price, and why are they so desperate to get your measly $17!?

It makes no sense.

There is one reason they’re happy with such a low price, because each new buyer goes through a series of higher priced upsells immediately after buying. They are desperate to get your $17 because this is just the beginning of the funnel. These programs always pitch you higher ticket upsells right after buying, which is super annoying to say the least.

This is further evidenced by their terms and conditions:

Upon purchasing you will be directed through a series of steps to complete your order. You will then be directed to your custom The Easy Internet Plan Members Area where you will find all your purchased items.

The “series of steps to complete your order” is code for- you’re going to be put through a series of annoying upsells before we give you access to what you’ve paid for.

Anyways, it seems people are being directed to the Easy Internet Plan members area. I’ve actually researched this program. And in short, it’s a low-quality program full of upsells, that doesn’t help you make money. It’s not something I recommend.

Are Real People Making Real Money With This System? Nope.

Something that gets many people in with these programs, is the testimonials.

Surely if others are making money with the program, you can too, right? Yes, as long as the testimonials are real! In this case, they are ALL fake.

Take this guy for example:

Fake Testimonial

He claims to be making $20k per week with One Click Payday and thanks Kathy for introducing him to this life changing system.

Yet, he sells his acting services for cheap on a site called Fiverr:

Fiverr Actor

If the system really is that good, why use fake testimonials?


This system is absolutely not legitimate and the marketing behind it is nothing short of ridiculous. These people are clearly preying on beginners to internet marketing, who do not know any better.

It is possible to build a real online business, and make real money online. But it doesn’t happen by “sitting back and relaxing while other people do the work”. That, my friend, is what scammers say to sell you their crap and make themselves rich.

System like this do not teach you how to build an actual business.

13 thoughts on “One Click Payday Review: Legit Money Maker or Scam System?”

  1. Thank you for this.. i almost bought it. Decided to look at the reviews. Quick trax is the one that sent it ti me. Funny thong is i had quick trax for a whole. Got a refund. They said one clock as well in their info, but what actually is, you need website, hosting, domain. And a click bank account non of this ever mentioned until after purchase. And ohh real reason for refund. 25$ monthly re occurring fee. Then i get a call. From sone other company dude saying he is my coach. How much can you invest, how good is your credit. I’m like WTF

  2. Wow, I was debating it. I went to school for IT support and studied security nothing just didn’t sound right. I got on this site early morning and decided to get back on this site this evening. I know it was a lie. It sounds good and very tempting. Wish life was this simple. With one click you’re getting money.

  3. I recieved a link to this video through text message, and I honestly don’t know how these people got my phone number. I could tell it was absolute bolony because it told me I had an unclaimed check of “600 dollars”.. but from where?? I’m 16 and have only worked one job in my life. Very sketchy.

    • Hi Anon,

      Yeah the scammers who run sites like One Click Payday use all kinds of SPAM emails to lure people in. They don’t care what the email says or how misleading it is, as long as they get clicks to the sales page.

      Thanks for chiming in.

    • James, I removed your email for your own privacy’s sake. Not a good idea to publicly post your email is all, it can result in spam because these comments are open for the public to see.

  4. I have never in my life dealt with ruder people this is not a professional company, all I got was the runaround and no help what so ever. I wouldn’t recommend this program to anyone!

    • I recommend contacting ClickBetter support, they are the people that processed the sale and who handle refunds. At least, they were running through ClickBetter when I did this review so they still should be.

    • I agree with you . They drained my bank account and now I can’t get a refund for 595.77 I want my money back. U live paycheck to paycheck

    • Sorry to hear that Sherry, I recommend contacting ClickBetter as they are the company who facilitates the actual sale. I’ve requested refunds through them before, and they normally do process them. Except you probably won’t get refunded if you’ve given them money over the phone for some kind of ‘upgrade’ though. In that case, contact your financial institution and the FTC.

      All the best with it, hope you get your money back.


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