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High-Yield Investing Review: Legit Nathan Slaughter Service?

I recently stumbled across a presentation on the StreetAuthority website where Nathan Slaughter talked about five income stocks he refers to as “Bulletproof Buys.” In it, he says it’s time to forget “meme stocks, crypto, and complicated trading strategies” and focus on “safe, high-yield stocks” that he believes could put you on the “path to solid riches.” According to Nathan, his “Bulletproof Buys” are a group of dividend-paying stocks that can be counted on, regardless of what takes place in

What Is J.R. Butts’ “Starlink’s Secret Partner” Stock?

Today I’m looking into a presentation from investment guru J.R. Butts about “Starlink’s Secret Partner.” In the presentation, J.R. Butts claims there have been “strange lights” spotted in the sky across America that are about to trigger a “$2.5 trillion tech disruption.” And according to J.R. Butts, it could “make early investors extremely rich.” What’s he talking about? What stock is he teasing? And is this a legit opportunity? In summary, J.R. Butts is talking about a company that makes