Everyday Income System Review (Strategic Trader Promo)

Today I’m reviewing John Jagerson’s “Everyday Income System.”

The InvestorPlace website says it’s a way to “make as much as $1,480 per day” in “guaranteed upfront cash payouts,” which is a fairly bold claim. And it’s similar to what John says in a presentation for his Options Masterclass Series, which I recently reviewed.

Anyway, I was curious about what his “income system” was all about, so I decided to take a look, and in this review, I’ll show you what I found to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Everyday Income System Review

John Jagerson describes The Everyday Income System as a “fun, simple trading method” that’s allowing everyday people to make instant cash each day.

He says you could use the system to make $1,480 per day, $4,440 per week, and $17,760 per month in “guaranteed upfront cash payouts” from the stock market, using your computer or smartphone.

How to trade your way to as much as $1,480 per day… $4,440 per week… and $17,760 per month in guaranteed upfront cash payouts from the stock market, using your home computer or smartphone

Source: investorplace.com

John also provides some testimonials as proof the system works. And one of the things that struck me was that he uses the same testimonial from “Keith N.” as he does in a different presentation about his Options Masterclass Series.

This note I received from Keith N. tells the whole story:

“I appreciate the good advice you have given. I dedicated myself to learning how this works… As such, I can say I’ve made about $80,000 in the last week or two trading.”

At first, I thought this was a red flag, but it actually does make sense to use the same testimonial for both presentations since The Options Masterclass Series, and The Everyday Income System are both used to promote the same Strategic Trader service.

What is The Everday Income System?

According to John Jagerson, The Everyday Income System is the main strategy he and his research partner Wade Hansen use in Strategic Trader, their paid research service. So, to get access to this system (AKA strategy), you need to join Strategic Trader.

What is Strategic Trader?

Strategic Trader is a weekly trading service that normally costs $99 per month to join, but as part of the presentation, you can sign up for $19.95 for a 30-day trial. And if you like what you see, you can let it automatically renew for $99 per month thereafter.

As a member, you learn all about John’s “Everday Income System” strategy for making money trading options. More specifically, it’s about selling options.

How Does The Everday Income System Work?

The Everday Income System is all about selling options to generate income.

If you’re new to options, this can be quite a learning curve, but once you start to learn how it works, it’s actually quite interesting, and selling options is a legit way to make money.

This article on lynalden.com does a brilliant job explaining how options selling works, so I highly recommend checking this out as part of your due diligence before joining. It’s the best article I’ve read to explain options thoroughly and in an easy-to-understand way.

But to give you a brief overview…

Options allow you to speculate on the underlying security price (like shares of a company) going up or down without actually owning the underlying asset.

They basically give you the “option,” but not the obligation, to buy or sell the underlying security at the agreed-upon price, on or before the agreed-upon date.

In this case, John shows you how to sell options to generate income from well-known companies without buying anything. And he says the income is “basically guaranteed.”

By selling options—not buying them—you can extract instant income from huge blue chip companies, virtually anytime you want…

This is the only realistic way you can make hundreds or thousands of dollars, instantly—without buying a single stock, option, ETF, or anything else—that’s basically guaranteed.

Given the way selling options works, what he is saying about “guaranteed income” is technically correct, but at the same time, it’s important to understand that there’s no guarantee you’ll actually make a profit. Which, at the end of the day, is all that matters.

So there are risks involved with John’s “Everyday Income” strategy.

Depending on how you go about it, selling options can be a great way to generate consistent income in a relatively low-risk manner.

Like anything, however, there are pros and cons. And the main drawback with John’s strategy, at least in my opinion, is that you need a decent bankroll to get started (John recommends $10,000), and options are more complicated than simply buying and holding shares.

So it really does depend on your individual circumstances and preference as to whether or not this strategy will suit you. But it does have potential.

What Do You Get If You Join Strategic Trader?

To access John Jagerson’s “Everyday Income System” strategy for selling options, you need to join his paid trading service called Strategic Trader.

Strategic Trader costs $99 per month to join, but as part of the Everyday Income System presentation, you can give it a try for $19.95 for 30 days.

The primary benefit of joining is getting access to the full details of John’s strategy and weekly trade recommendations that he says generate anywhere from $150 to $500 in income from each trade. However, keep in mind that this is just the income you receive as part of the options selling process, so he’s not guaranteeing you will make this much in profit from each trade.

In any case, the general idea is to sign up to Strategic Trader, learn everything you can, and tune into John and Wade’s weekly trade recommendations. From there, you can decide if you want to place one of their recommended trades using your own brokerage account.

Everything you get as a member of Strategic Trader is aimed at helping you become a successful options trader. You get training, updates, insights, and recommendations.

Here’s an overview of what you get as a member:

  • Weekly trade recommendations: As a subscriber of Strategic Trader, you receive one to three trade recommendations each week based on John Jagerson’s method of selling options. You also get regular updates on each active position that has been recommended.
  • Starter guide: To show you how the strategy itself works and walk you through the process of getting started, subscribers get access to a guide called “The Quick-Start Guide to Making $100s a Week With Income Trading.”
  • Strategic Trader Weekly Webinar: To help you stay updated on the latest opportunities John and his partner Wade are looking into, share insight into what’s happening in the market, and answer some of the most common questions they’ve been receiveing, Strategic Trader members get access to a weekly webinar that takes place every Wednesday.
  • Strategic Trader’s Library: To help educate you on how to be successful with the “Everyday Income” strategy, members get access to resources like options video courses, the full archive of special reports, and training within the members area.

Besides its strategy and comprehensiveness, one of the main things I like about this advisory service is that the membership is billed monthly.

Many other investment and trading advisories I’ve reviewed are billed in one lump sum. And most of the higher-cost memberships don’t come with a refund.

It’s not possible to get a refund on this system, but it does cost less than 20 dollars to try, and I prefer the monthly membership structure better.

I say this because not only does a monthly bill reduce the upfront costs associated with getting started, but it incentivizes John and Wade to give you as much value as possible over the long term to keep you paying each month. So it creates a “win-win” situation in that respect.

How Much Can You Make?

During the Everyday Income System presentation, John states that you can make up to “$17,760 per month in guaranteed upfront cash payouts,” which naturally made me skeptical.

What I learned, however, is that he’s not actually making this up. As part of selling options, depending on how you go about it, you can get an initial payment for the trade.

So, technically speaking, what he’s saying is accurate.

However… just because you can collect an initial sum of money for selling an options contract does not mean that you are guaranteed to make a profit. Because the trade can still go against you, and if it does, you can end up worse off than before you placed the trade.

So it’s not like you just “collect” risk-free money each month. There are risks involved, and you absolutely are not guaranteed to make any profit whatsoever.

That being said, it is possible to make the kind of money John talks about in the presentation, and his strategy does aim to reduce the risks involved.

How much you make depends on the trade itself and how much money you invest.

As for the first part, the trades, John says the service has a strong track record and provides numerous examples of trades that resulted in $100s or even $1,000s in upfront payments. He also says it has outperformed the S&P 500 by a factor of 4 to 1.

As for how much you invest in each of his recommendations, that depends entirely on you.

John recommends having an account of at least $10,000, which, with this strategy, is still modest if you’re looking to make the big bucks. But this is enough to get you started and could be enough to help you build up your trading account over the long term.

Is Everyday Income System Legit?

The Everyday Income System is essentially a strategy taught to subscribers of John Jagerson’s trading service, Strategic Trader. And it is a real, legitimate trading strategy.

Strategic Trader is published by InvestorPlace, a well-known financial publishing company, and it’s headed up by John Jagerson and Wade Hansen who are both trading experts with decades of experience between them.

I wouldn’t expect to make lots of money quickly, nor would I rush into this without understanding that it does involve risk, but it is a legitimate service.

One of the things that may put some people off is that you can’t get your money back if you’re not happy. But you can try it out for 30 days for $19.95, which does reduce some of the risks in getting started. And they’re not charging you a big chunk of money beyond the trial period.

What some higher-priced services do, like one options trading service I recently reviewed called One Trade, for example, is charge you a fairly large sum of money upfront to join and guarantee you the service will perform; otherwise, you get a second year for free.

Which, to me, isn’t much of a guarantee because if the service doesn’t perform during the first 12 months, why on earth would you want a second year?

In any case, my point being, there are pros and cons with anything. In this case, you may not be able to get a refund, but the monthly costs are low, and you can try it out for less than $20.

Who Is John Jagerson?

John Jagerson
John Jagerson

John Jagerson is the man in the “Everyday Income” presentation and the co-editor of Strategic Trader, the trading service you need to join to access his money-making strategy.

Before joining InvestorPlace, the company behind this service, John was a stockbroker, money manager, and private equity investor.

He’s worked with companies like TD Ameritrade and Nasdaq and co-founded a popular site called Learning Markets, which provides courses, reports, and webinars at no cost to help beginners learn how to trade.

John is also a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). And after reviewing hundreds of individual programs on this blog, I’ve only come across two people that hold the CMT designation, one person who’s a CFA, and none that hold both.

It’s not that these designations are super exclusive, but it does show that John Jagerson is a real expert, and I think it sets him apart from some other “investing gurus” in the space.

Also worth mentioning is that John provides a lot of free content. Mostly on his Learning Markets site, but he also shares some helpful insights on YouTube. So if you want to get more of a feel for who John is and how his strategies work, there’s lots of free content out there.

Who Is Wade Hansen?

Wade Hansen works closely with John Jagerson as the co-editor of Strategic Trader, and in other ventures, John has been, or still is, involved with.

For example, Wade co-authored a book with John called Profiting with Forex, and he’s the co-founder of Learning Markets, LLC.

According to his profile on the InvestorPlace website, Wade has also created some investment courses of his own for Yahoo Finance, Saxo Bank, and the thinkorswim Group revolving around things like forex, stock options, and futures.

He also holds an MBA from the University of Utah, and the website says he’s actively involved in managing his own portfolio of stocks, options, and forex.

Bottom Line

The Everyday Income System is an options selling strategy taught to members of Strategic Trader by John Jagerson and Wade Hansen of InvestorPlace.

For $19.95, you get 30 days to try out Strategic Trader to see if it’s for you. Including access to between one and three trade recommendations each, training, updates, and webinars.

Overall, I think the strategy of selling options could be a great way to make extra money, and even though options can be risky, this strategy does have the potential to be lower-risk.

Also, as a member, since you’re learning from experts who are sharing their strategy and recommendations with you every week, you may find this to be a simpler and more efficient path to mastering options selling than if you tried to figure everything out on your own.

The main thing I don’t like about this is the marketing behind it. I’m not a big fan of hype, and in my opinion, some of the claims in the presentation should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Particularly the part about “guaranteed upfront cash payouts.”

Because, while this may be technically true, it’s important to understand that these “cash payouts” do not equal “guaranteed profits.”

As with any type of trading, there are risks involved, and you can lose your money.

So I don’t recommend going into this under the assumption that you’re guaranteed to make a profit because that could lead you to disappointment.

In any case, provided you understand the risks and take a long-term view of things, overall, I think this strategy and service could be worthwhile, especially if you’re interested in learning about a faster-paced, more hands-on method of generating investment income.

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